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Conference - Oklahoma 2000 - Our Mission Difficulties Make Us Endure - Jun 23-26, 2000 - Fayetteville, OK

June 23, 24, 25, 26, 2000 Oklahoma Conference
Opening Message
June 23, 2000
Oklahoma Conference
Opening Session

I am Abraham. Greetings. I thank you for your invitation as do many of our unseen divine helpers. What a beautiful worship service. You my friends, have given us cause to worship. You have carried our Mission this far. Your faith and steadfast dedication has built a solid foundation for future generations.

We, as Michael’s helpers, have carried on in the face of what seems to be insurmountable obstacles. You are still here. We are still here. Our Mission difficulties have served us well for they have taught us each to endure and expand our trust in our heavenly caretakers. We have seen you through your many struggles and we are inspired by your determination to carry on. We have partaken of your joy at absorbing spiritual truths. We link arms with you in our brotherhood.

Allow this occasion to be a time of letting go. Letting go of what we think we know and believe. Letting go of how we may appear in the eyes of others; a letting go of past harsh feelings. Let this be a conference of new growth. Let us pour new wine into new wine skins. Allow the spirit to move among you, through you. Allow the spirit to refresh and cleanse your hearts and minds for receiving new understanding.

Allow the spirit to move among you. Where the spirit of the lord is, there, is liberty. Make this gathering a gathering of freedom. Freedom from old thinking. Freedom from social expectations. Freedom from life’s daily tension. Where the Spirit of the lord is, there, is liberty.

At this point in Michael’s Correcting Time, we are aligning many individuals to begin receiving universal broadcasts. With Urantia back into the fold of Nebadon, Urantia needs to be involved in universal happenings. Through your faith commitment and love for one another, you are opening the doors to reaping the benefits the rest of the universe receives.

To go forward in this mission you will need to be open to divine universal information. There are techniques to learn which will move you forward in light and Life. You my friends, are moving this world now. How humbled we are to see such a world from small beginnings climb out of dark and grow in light.

Where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. Allow this spirit to move among you. Allow it to enlarge your capacity to receive divine assistance. What you know to be your spirituality is in great need to be constantly moving, growing, evolving. To pour the new wine into old skins is to cause delay.

We have much work, children. The world awaits healing and new growth. Your love for one another promotes the stability and the foundations that is our brother/Father’s Mission. Be the small child who is open to wonder and curiosity, that helps in growth of character. Be that small child who looks upon his peers with nonjudgmental acceptance and love. Be that humble child who always looks to the Parent for guidance and a source of love.

We are honored to be among you, and look forward to our fellowship with you now and always. We are as determined as you to see Michael’s mission through, and we are devoted to you, our children, as well as this small planet.

Know that we have much work to do in this conference. In your fellowship there is rest in mind, energy for the body, and food for the soul. Know that with each passing day we are with greater love for you. Let us be about the Father’s business. Shalom.



TR: S. Kimsey
Teacher: Prince Machiventa
Topic:"Effortful Work, Restful Satisfaction, and Supportive Companionship"
TM 2000 National Conference, Lake Eufala, OK
June 23, 2000


This is Prince Machiventa who greets you now, my children. I sense a power growing in this room, as your associations with each other deepen. You are becoming bonded in a deep and very meaningful way. You are learning tolerance among yourselves. You are being given the greater spiritual perspective, which comes from acting upon your faith, and praying that God's Will be shown in your lives. This is the way, my children. This is, indeed, the path we ask you to follow.

Gird yourselves against those hardships which may inevitably come upon you in life. There are those times when you must show strength in your faith, in your beliefs, in those things in which you cherish in your hearts. And then there are those times when you can, indeed, ungird yourself and rest, and partake of the satisfaction of your work. We ask both aspects of this to be within your natures. You are to find effortful moments when you are, indeed, working for God. And you are to allow yourself those moments when you are bathed in His Spirit, and nourished by the joy of your faith.

This is, indeed, the same counsel I offer to my Teachers, who work now with me in this Campaign. They know how to apply themselves in effortful work, and they also seek those moments of rehabilitation, and a sense of joyous satisfaction in the efforts they have made. You are no less vulnerable than they are, in this work now, my dear ones, and I would encourage you to remember this model.

If you find yourself at any point feeling a sense of frustration or trepidation, perhaps, about your role in association with us, then that is the point when I expect you, as one of my own, to take your rest. Allow yourself to be nourished, allow yourself to recover that more potent sense of peaceful, committed, and trusting application in your attitudes and your approach to this Mission.

You are to serve as a valiant soldier, yes. But even my soldiers need those moments of rest and rehabilitation. Therefore, I would encourage each of you to comfort each other, support each other, be there in those moments when one or the other of you feels a sense of dismay, depression, or in any way, a sense of exhaustion, from whatever efforts they have made. Be each other's support. Be each other's companion; each other's compatriot.

Remember to take the time to acknowledge the efforts made by your brothers and sisters. Let them know those things that you have seen them do, and have seen them accomplish, and let them know that you are proud of their efforts. It is not enough to know in their hearts that we Teachers care. They will also flourish from knowing that their mortal brothers and sisters are full of appreciation for the efforts that they have made in this work.

That then, is my admonition to all of you now. Apply yourselves in effortful work. Take rest and relaxation, and a sense of satisfaction, as needed. Show support, and a sense of companionship, to all those you come in contact with now, in this Mission. Do these three things with a sense of humble trust and faith in the Father's Ability to take your best intentions, and use them well, and you will not only thrive in this work, my dear ones. The mission as a whole will continue to grow, and gather strength, and reach out and touch the hearts and minds of many, many more on this planet.

I wish any others, now, who feel the call, the desire, to please come forward, and work now with your Teachers, and offer our words to this gathering. My blessings to all in this room.

TM 2000 National Conference, Lake Eufala, OK.



JUNE 25, 2000

Greetings. I am with you and I would like to speak a few personal words, my children. I am MICHAEL, your Brother\Father\Friend and Spirit-mover. As long as I have known you I have loved you and become more alive through you. I would give to you my gratitude for your persistence in carrying out this Mission project.

As you leave this gathering there will be decisions to make. There will be life transformations. There will be questions you must answer. Our Mission must be based on the firm foundation of reality, reality not as you know now, but reality that is always in a state of becoming. Whom do you serve? As you go about your daily living could your fellows see the answer to that question in you?

I also have lived in two worlds at once, the mortal and the spiritual. I also had decisions to make, life transformations and goals to complete. As a boy I had the faith of a boy. As I grew I attained the faith of a man. Through experience I came to realize the reality of the divinity within me. The experience brought me to that reality, good or bad experience, it was the path. And while I was a child, I hesitated to drink the Father's cup, but as an adult, I was committed to whatever cup Father put before me. As an adult I had to release childish thinking, for my divine intake was making me grow and I could not go back to the old ways of childish thinking.

My children, this Mission has caused you to grow and your thinking is maturing of course. You cannot return to those ways of thinking as a child just beginning. As you abide within this Mission you are committed to growing come what may. There needs to be that dedication to drinking whatever cup Father puts before you. You will all experience growing pains and this is to be expected.

Through commitment to staying the course our Mission foundation is strengthened. Let each child realize the small purpose they have within the Mission. Let each group across the land realize its responsibility to the overall Mission purpose. While you may face difficulties with personality differences within the Mission, know that each child is loved for who they are now and allowed to grow into who they are becoming.

Whom do you serve? How can you live a divine life in the flesh? How can you stay committed to the Brotherhood even when you feel separated, or somehow left out, or ridiculed, or not accepted? Each of you has personality characters which brings balance and stability to this Mission. It was meant to be that way.

Do not think you are not known, for I have loved you upon knowledge of your existence. I have been among you as water among the rocks in the river. I have found it a complete joy to carry you when you would allow me to. I would have you know my dedication and strength is one with yours. I am so that you may be made more.

Make those decisions, children. Whom will you serve? As you return to your everyday living make a decision as to which life you will live. Is the spiritual life only practiced at Conference time or weekly group meetings? I have mastered the mortal life so that you can do the same. I would have you know I am among you whether you are together or not. I would oversee that the foundation we make today is strong enough for future generations. We must embrace spiritual reality with practical arms.

I thank you for your invitation to bring me here to your gathering and to your individual personal lives. Know that with each year, month, week, day, hour, minute, I am with you. I grow every moment more in love with you. Children, carry on.


Oklahoma, TEAM 2000 Conference
From: Jim Foster
Hi Folks!


Prayer Offering

Here is the first part of Friday night's session, with Rebecca and Susan transmitting Althena and Olfana in an opening prayer and Stella transmitting Correli and Michael. Olfana: "We are in combined spirituality now; we seek you with our hearts, we seek you in our minds, we seek you with our souls, hear us Father , as we pray now"...

- - - - -
Althena: " Greetings children, I am Althena, and I am attempting to bring my words forth at this time. My sister Olfana showers her love forth, and draws to her all of you who have come to hear her prayer, her supplication of joy and peace to be spread onward".

Olfana: " (May we all now bow our heads and pray)

Father, You rise with us as we seek love in our lives, You rise with us as we walk in faith, hold to the light, humble ourselves in your guidance and open our hearts to hear your words".

Althena: " Words that start as unmade thoughts, words that have unrealized power, words that come in tiny, tinkling bells of sound".

Olfana: " These sounds bring us joy, these sounds cheer our hearts, these sounds comfort our souls, these sounds are the voice of Christ Michael within us, along with God the father who draws us near to Him always".

Althena: " Father Michael, pull from me the words that will be pleasing to You, so that I can form within myself the will and the desire to follow your leading".

Olfana: "Let me be an expression of you now God, let me be an expression of your love, let me be a comfort to others who hear my words, and may I, as I feel the joy in my heart, bring this joy to others". Amen.

Olfana: "We thank you for your cooperation in this effort, we are again pleased that you are opening your minds and hearts to many ways in which to communicate with us. We wish to be with you in your conversations, we wish to be with you in your meetings, we wish to be with you in your moments of solitude and contemplation of this experience of the Teaching Mission. Remember us my dear ones. Remember us as your companions, even more often then you may now do. We are with you so many moments of your lives, and in this way, we hope that you will welcome us as your dear and loyal companions. Thank you for this opportunity and any other TR's that feel moved to join us in a cooperative message, we encourage you to attempt this and see what comes"                        

Correli: " We wish to greet you this lovely day in Oklahoma, we are Correli, (?), Solonia, and Michael, to give your personal greeting. we greet you beloved friends, we are happy your Teaching Mission is such a success in your area, but this is also true throughout the country, and now throughout the world. We have teachers in Mozambique, in Kenya, and in Australia"

Michael: " I, as your Father - Son am very pleased with this mission that was planned so long ago. We see great prospects in view for the ultimate realization for Light and Life on this planet. There have been many doubts, many skeptics and misinformation throughout the ages. As you know Stella, you have been one of the instruments to bring light to this world with your secret revelation now to be revealed. We are glad you took on this arduous task, and commend you. But there will be others who will be called upon to rewrite spiritual writings that have been brought forth inaccurately in past centuries.

As we have told you, there will be no Armageddon, no end of time. I as your Creator, would never allow this to occur. This world is quivering on the brink of a new age, a new light, a new adventure and new inventions. A new spiritual awareness is sweeping throughout the world, you will see changes that you cannot imagine. All of you will not live to see these changes, but you will have the pleasure of seeing what you have sown when you arrive on the mansion worlds. Be not dismayed at what you think is great chaos, this is a cleansing period, and all of this trouble will disappear in centuries to come.

Yes, there will be wars, earthquakes and natural disasters, but this has been true in the millenniums of the past. Eventually your planet [will be] settled in Light and Life. So I greet you, we all greet you and send great love to you. You are beyond your understanding. You are guarded and despite problems that will arise, these too will pass and you will all be greeted personally when you arrive on the Mansion worlds. Again, greetings and love from all of us, as we watch very happily to see how your convention is progressing. Your Father - Son, Michael"