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Lake Almanor Conference, Chester, California Parts I and II - Teaching Transmitting and Receiving - Oct 03, 2013 - Conference Daniel Raphael
Celestial Conference Participants:

  1. Celisia
  2. Charles, Mighty Messenger and Officer of the Magisterial Mission Court
  3. Christ Michael
  4. Elysian
  5. Machiventa Melchizedek

PART II included below

Lake Almanor, Chester, California, Part 1 (Morning session)
Teachers:  Machiventa Melchizedek, Celisia, Elysian and Charles, a Mighty Messenger


  • Machiventa’s Welcoming Address
  • Susan’s Personal Teacher
  • How to Work with a Personal Teacher
  • Susan Asks for a Personal Assessment
  • Discussion of Susan’s Community Project
  • Christ Michael’s Plan to Bring People into Their Godselves
  • A Good Design Team Needs a Good Facilitator
  • Susan’s Project of Life Coaching
  • Jim’s Personal Teacher
  • The Advanced Preparation of Celestial Teachers
  • The Nature of Promptings by Celestials
  • Celestial Help with Inner Turmoil and Trauma
  • Discussion of Jim’s Writing Skills
  • Elysian’s Work with Jim’s Writing Project
  • Being Humble in Character but with Authority
  • Jim’s Discussion about His Church Experience
  • Feeding the Hungry Souls of Mankind
  • Making Space for God’s Work
  • Charles’ View of the Current State of the Christian Church
  • The Grassroots Efforts for Healing the Christian Churches
  • Waking the Slumbering Humanity
  • Writing Anonymously
  • What’s Missing in Churches Is Jesus’ Humanity
  • Examine Your Intentions
  • Requesting Help from Spirit
  • Invoking the Spirit of Truth
  • The Urantia Book as a Reference
  • The Conspiracy of Truth
  • Choosing an Ally
  • A Personal Experience with a Dear Friend

TR:  Daniel Raphael
October 3, 2013

Daniel:  Let’s take a moment and close our eyes and become centered, grounded and emotionally balanced.  We invoke the presence of the Creator to surround us and fill us with its light, and we ask our guests, our holy guests to reveal to us what we need to know and we ask our guardians and Thought Adjusters to participate in that revelation to us.  We give thanks for your presence, and so it is.

You are welcome to open your eyes when you want to.

[Note:  This is a personal session for two individuals that Machiventa requested be made public as it addresses how mortals can work co-creatively with spirit to accomplish Christ Michael’s plans for the Correcting Time.  These two individuals have been actively working on their own spiritual growth while also working on establishing the Melchizedek Schools, as well as other personal projects in their church and community for several years now.]

Machiventa’s welcoming address

MACHIVENTA:  Good Morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince or your Planetary Manager, however you want to see me, or however you want to title me.  But nonetheless, I am here, I am in charge and responsible and accountable for the progress of the civilizations and in many ways, the individuals of this planet.  I welcome you to our morning forum and am ready to address any questions you may have, and if you wish to address any questions to any specific teacher or being, other than myself, you are most welcome to.  Simply “raise your hand” and I will be glad to assist you, so welcome.  And yes, Jim, I know you well, as I know your sister and I know your family members.  There is, yes, something special about your lives—you have dedicated yourselves without condition to doing the Father’s Will, and you have released yourselves to grow in all capacities in response to that willing givingness of yourselves.  And so, we are now involved in using you, your capabilities, abilities and your skills and your determination, your perseverance, to the ends of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time, and we give you thanks.

Do you have questions, and when I say “questions” they can appear to be quite mundane to you, they can be quite ordinary—or extraordinary—we do not see a difference between them, other than the necessity of answering and responding to your curiosity.  Thank you.

Susan:  I want to say welcome, Machiventa, and thank you so much for being here.

MACHIVENTA:  It is a pleasure to be here.  I see through your eyes and this one’s eyes, the beauty and grandeur of where you live.  It is very pristine, very innocent and very full of God’s Grace and Love.

Jim:  I am a honored, and at the same time I’m a bit in awe of being in your presence.  So forgive me my excitement.

MACHIVENTA:  (Chuckling)  Your excitement is natural, as I have determined in you is your eagerness, your participation of biting into your life’s work.  Yes, you have been a good father, a good businessman, a partner and you have succeeded in many ways, which many other people would be quite envious, and now you are well prepared to begin the next journey of your life.

Susan:  I’ve got questions I could ask—I don’t know in which order.  I’m going to ask a personal one first, if I may?  Have you or others been with me for some time?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  If I may guide the discussion this morning, in response to your brother’s curiosity and how this is proceeding, I will give you very short responses and that will allow you and your curious minds to ask more questions along that line, so if the answer is one word, do not be taken up short by that, but accept that and know that it is time for you to respond and ask another question of greater depth.

Susan’s personal teacher

Susan:  Thank you.  Do I have a teacher?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, most certainly.

Susan:  May I ask who it is, or is that up to me to…

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, I’d be glad to respond.  It is someone who is from the same team, same family group, so to speak, as your brother’s.  Your teacher’s name is Celisia (or Celaesia for the Latin spelling, or you can do it with an “ah”, as in Celisiah as well.)

Susan:  That blew me away!

Jim:  May I ask is it a female?


Susan:  Thank you, Jim.  As a female teacher, what can I do better to participate with Celisia’s teachings for me?

How to work with a personal teacher

MACHIVENTA:  One, the first beginning is of course, awareness, which you now have.  You asked the question about your teacher and now you know your teacher, and your teacher is with you at all times.  There are occasions, however, when she is absent, and when you become more acutely attuned to her energy, you will know when she is absent from your presence, but she is never absent from your communication.  Now, to answer deeper levels of your question, after awareness comes the awareness of yourself in relationship to your spiritual teacher, and that you know that your teacher has come to you to assist you to develop your skills in application.  You are welcome to call upon the Mentors, the Mentori, to assist you in the growth of those skills and capabilities, but your spiritual teacher is the individual who is particularly interested in applying your skills in the areas where you can be most productive.  You must surely be aware that Celisia has been working with you in your work, in your community work.  This is your field of expertise; this is the field where you are getting experience.  I will stop with that, and please continue your questions.

Susan asks for a personal assessment

Susan:  Thank you.  I just have one more personal question.  What are my capabilities?  What are my strengths that can be lent to the Correcting Time?

MACHIVENTA:  Obviously, one of your key strengths is humility.  You have many skills and you have been expressing them in your life, here in this wonderful pristine area.  You are a community builder; and to be a community builder you must as well be a businessperson, one who is aware of many details, and can coordinate them and bring people together for higher outcomes.  There is perhaps no greater need for that than what you are expressing in your life.  If you look around you and what you have been doing, you will find what you have been doing well, particularly if you eliminate the factor of time.  Your skills are not dependant upon the accomplishment of certain goals within a particular time.  If you see where you are gaining results, whether it is in one week or one year, or in three years, then you know that you have a strength in this area.

You can ask Celisia to assist you in more coherently understanding the mind of the person you are dealing with, whether they are in front of you talking with you, or whether they are at the end of a telephone three thousand miles away.  This is a perception that will be desperately needed in the current times and times ahead.  Trust this, which you feel and sense about the other person, for it is something that will serve you very well.  You have only to ask your brother or this one about your skills, but I am sure they will echo the same things that I have said.  You are already doing what you are supposed to be doing with your life now.  Your placement here in Chester and by this lake was not by happenstance, but you were quite determined to be in a location as this, and so this becomes part of your life and your life’s course and its expression and its path.

Discussion of Susan’s community project

Susan:  Thank you.  Along these same lines, I have been drawing people together in our community, as you seem to know, and right now I have drawn them together into something they see as a “brain trust,” a brain-storming group, to discuss community needs.  My intent is that we evolve into a design team.  I’ve laid initial groundwork for that to happen.  It seems that our talks at this moment all keep leading to the economic crisis that our little rural community is in which reflects a similar economic crisis across all rural communities—at least in our area, if not on a broader scale.  It seems that we cannot get beyond the economic issue to get to the issues I would have liked us to take on, like family and individual growth and things like that.  So I’ve got several questions along this line.  Is this a good goal for our team, to simply envision what a stable economic rural community looks like, and, what we can do locally here?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, it is a worthwhile goal.  Remember, that you will have secondary goals, which may be primary in your mind, but you need to assist the individuals to feed their hope, their energies.  They might not see the course that you would like to develop as along their pathway, but you can do both.  Remember that in your brain trust team, you have tremendous capability, and you, as a group, have tremendous capability, and that you can accomplish more than one goal at a time.  You may set the goal outside themselves as a goal to hold their attention, but all along the way, good process managers or systems managers are developing systems and processes that assist their community to stay complete.  This one alluded to that yesterday, and this is a core emphasis of your work.

I anticipate your next question, and that is how do you pursue this?  And this is where the mentors and your teacher can be of tremendous assistance. You simply ask them co-creatively, as this one has instructed you to do, to proceed with that process of completing things that you cannot, and then asking and requesting that spirit move ahead to complete those things.  Of course, you must agree as though you are hiring some man to rake your yard:  You hire him to rake your yard.  He has a rake and a truck and trash bins.  He shows up and you see him and his equipment and you realize that he is only 4’8”.  You ask him, “Do you want to proceed with this?  Are you capable of doing this?  Would you like to work with me on cleaning up the yard?”  He says, “Yes.”  And then, what do you say?  “Please proceed.”

So, we are looking for an assent—not just a cordial assent, but an agreement, a coming together of minds, of energies, to do this work together.  Our goal is to fulfill the Correcting Time, but we have the sub-systems and sub-processes that assist mature individuals.  We are totally transparent about this, and for yourself to do this, you must come into the authority of your Christhood, your Godhood, to complete this as was alluded to by this one earlier this morning.  This is truly the case, that you must see yourself as God in expression for the goodness of your personal life and the good of your community, without any egotism or self-aggrandizement, or need to fulfill power, authority and control.  This exemplifies the Christ’s nature, and so, you learn a tremendous amount.  You learn not to be shy, to accept the Godhood within you to authorize and give authority for actions that you agree on with spirit.

Christ Michael’s plan to bring people into their Godselves

Christ Michael has designed this Correcting Time to do that, to bring people into their Godselves, which is so vitally important for you and for your brother and for all societies who want to follow in Christ Michael’s footsteps.  Your brother is doing a wonderful work and we will speak about that soon.  His work is to introduce the personal Jesus to everyone, the personal Master to everyone.  This is vital to knowing that you, as a son, if your brother had a son who wanted to take up the business, he would want to learn that from his father, and so if he learned the skills of managing this business and the father would say, “Go ahead!”  And so, the father grants the son authority to make these things happen in concert with his other workers, and so it is with the Father, with Jesus, with Christ Michael.  He has authorized this to come into existence in the Correcting Time, through this new era that we are discussing with you and with Roxanne and with Michael McCray—those people.  And so, you must feel comfortable with that.  How do you feel about that, dear one?

Susan:  I have questions about my ability and my skills to do specific work, but to be the Christ presence for others in my life; I have no question about that.  I feel it; I feel the joy, feel the absolute joy and I know that when by experiencing it in real time, others feel it too and they are attracted to me, but they really aren’t attracted to me.  I don’t know how to build on that other than just to be it.

MACHIVENTA:  That’s how you do it!  There is the responsibility beyond just being the Christ presence, and that is being the Christ authority, to grant authority, to give authority, to command agreement to get work done.  This is all about traction in your world, getting things done now.

A good design team needs a good facilitator

Susan:  Okay, then that leads to my question in a small way; a good design team needs a good facilitator, (Machiventa:  Yes.) and I’m questioning… will my ability, or have I just not come into my authority in order to be a good one.  I wonder should I find a new facilitator?

MACHIVENTA:  I would say yes, yes and yes to your three questions.

Susan:  (Laughter; words unintelligible.)  Do I have the potential to be a good facilitator?

MACHIVENTA:  Oh, most certainly!  But remember, it is a discipline; it is a skill set.

Susan:  So, in saying that, I don’t necessarily need to look for a better facilitator?

MACHIVENTA: Correct; you should only hone your own skills and be very aware of yourself acting them out, being the self-observer that I heard you all speaking about yesterday, to be the self-observer—not as a critical presence and not as a self-aggrandizing presence, but as simply the objective observer of what is going on and what is effective and what is not effective.  And then, as the observer-self, after the meeting of the team, you can come away with yourself and discuss this with Celisia, the observations.  This is the place of sharing wisdom, of getting understanding and interpretations of your actions, so that you become more effective, and this is the core work of your teacher.

Susan:  That’s wonderful!  That’s wonderful!  Thank you.  The final question is… I’m looking for the paper….  I want Jim to have plenty of time, and I don’t want Daniel to get tired.  (Machiventa:  We have all morning.)  Okay, and I don’t want you to get tired either.  (Machiventa:  You have 90 minutes!)  (Laughing.)

Susan’s project of life coaching

Along these same lines, but on a more personal project…today, as a life coach, and in the past, when I worked as a school psychologist, and as I raised my own my family and observed the people around me and the families of my children’s friends, I saw a tremendous need to train parents in the simplest parts of parenting and raising a family. Parent training on a very basic level. There are some good programs out there that are successful.  One of them is called the “STEP Program,” (Systematic Program for Effective Parenting) which I shared with Daniel earlier. The reason that STEP is so successful is it utilizes sound psychological and behavioral theory and research and teaches parents how to raise their children with mutual respect and equal human worth and dignity and with a discipline that uses natural and logical consequences for behavior. It is sound and has a simple, easy to understand presentation.

The second aspect of the program that makes it so powerful, is that it then empowers those parents to become facilitators and start STEP parenting teams in their own neighborhood.  (Machiventa:  Exactly!) And it can snowball.  So, I’m dreaming about doing that here.  But, I have a problem—and I do believe that Celisia may be the one that’s been talking to me about this problem—I tend to spread my energies very thin.  So I am thinking about how to approach this. I, of course, could do one group, then I would want that group to go out and form and teach another group and I could remain the master teacher for those leaders of those groups when they have questions.  That is my dream.

MACHIVENTA:  It is a worthy dream.  (Susan:  It is?)  Most certainly.  You can trust that we totally support this work.

Susan:  Do you have some thoughts on how I could proceed?

MACHIVENTA:  Improve your own skills of facilitation, teach others to do what you do, and then you would need to—not necessarily monitor—but continue on as a consultant to those new teachers to ensure that they are completing their own facilitation to the best degree they can.  It is not quantity of teachers that is necessary, but the quality.  If you always strive for quality of completion of your work in yourself and in others—and in those they teach— and you have processes to ensure that quality standard then you will have gone far to increasing the numbers of capable parents.  You see, if they are not facilitating or teaching the parents to be, or parents who exist correctly, then those individuals think that they have a full, correct set of skills when they actually do not, and so they will be misguiding themselves.  Do you understand?

Susan:  Yes, I do.  Thank you.

MACHIVENTA:  As a note to our conversations this morning, I see that your questions are very wonderful, and though they may seem personal, they also need to be shared with others.  We ask that you share this recording with Roxanne Andrews so she can transcribe it.  It is very meaningful work and you begin to understand why we wish you to fully express your comments, even though we know in our minds what you are going to say, we wish to have it on the recording for others to read and be guided as well.

Susan:  More questions later, if I might just steep a little bit.  Unless you have more to say to me, I will turn this over to my brother.

MACHIVENTA:  The forum is open when you want; this one is not leaving on the train until late tomorrow night.  We wish to engage you with quality discussions while the facilitator, this one, is here to assist us.

Jim’s personal teacher

Jim:  I want to have a conversation—and Susie, this is one you can jump in on as you know me as well as anyone.  Machiventa, you said that my teacher, Elysian and Celisia are of the same family?  Could you tell me more about that—I’m very curious.

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  They are close and we can share this with you; they are siblings.  They are from the same “family,” in that they have originations that are very, very similar, and we find that in this pairing they are highly complemental to each of you, and that you are as complemental with each other, and so we get to enjoy a high synergistic result due to the four of you working together.  It is as though you are getting a product of not just four or eight, but of sixteen—the square of your combined energies.  You will find one of the reasons why you are so social as this one described about you two, is that you enjoy this synergism that goes on between you socially, that you have something far more magnificent than simply the sibling relationship of brother and sister.  You feel this between you, and this is the essence of your presence when you join your forces together.  This is what you miss so much when you are geographically apart.

Jim:  Were they assigned to us, or did they choose us?


Susan:  Should we be geographically closer?

MACHIVENTA:  It is not necessary.

Susan:  Okay, but I do miss him!

Jim:  So, they had information about us before they came here?

The advanced preparation of celestial teachers

MACHIVENTA:  Long before you were aware of them.  Yes, they have been in training for you, just as your Thought Adjusters were aware of you coming into existence long before your birth.  They have prepared for your life, they know your mannerisms, they know your characteristics, strengths, behavior patterns and your weaknesses, and they know your skills and how to work with you to improve your skill sets.  In doing so, this is a magnificent journey for them as well, where they learn to develop their own skill sets and call upon their supervisors to assist them in their work with you.

Susan:  May I interject a question?  A long time ago, I went through a period of time when I was having what I thought were dissociative dreams. I often would wake frightened, feeling like I was being pulled out of the room.  During this time I often would see the time 1:11 am on my digital clock.  I wasn’t getting 11:11 prompts; I was getting 111 prompts. Was that Celisia trying to contact me?

The nature of promptings by celestials

MACHIVENTA:   Yes, you were being contacted to become aware and present.  These prompts, whatever they may be—license plates, 11:11 on your digital clocks, or whether they are just partial 222, or 111, just three of them—the significance is that you become aware and you say, “Oh, that’s a prompt!” and what is the response?”  The appropriate response is, “Oh, I am surrounded with celestial assistance; I can call upon them to be here—not only ‘be here,’ as they are here—but they can be with me as I go through this and I need to call upon them for their assistance.”  Does this make sense to you?

Susan:  Yes, thank you.  I’m processing; it was just a difficult time until I embraced it as a beautiful thing and not a scary thing.

Celestial help with inner turmoil and trauma

MACHIVENTA:  May I continue with that?  This one also, as you know, had an era last year in the summer time where he was in discussions with you and was going through a very similar experience of tremendous inner turmoil and trauma, you might say.  And so, we pulled the plug on several of his activities so he could collapse and recover and then launch off into his next plateau of growth.  When you leave one juncture and engage another juncture of growth in your life, it is not that this is a wonderful joyous time sometimes, but it can be filled with turmoil and dissociation, as you experienced, so that you are shocked into becoming more aware of yourself and your present situation, and not liking that, you call upon assistance to grow, and that gives tremendous opportunity for the assistance you need to leap into your next plateau of service.

Susan:  That fills in, yes, thank you!  (Jim:  I love your smile.)

Discussion of Jim’s writing skills

Jim:  Okay, I am excited.  So there is not just a bond between Susie and me, but there is a familial bond between our teachers.  That’s exciting!  Now, the question is, I’ve always hated writing—I didn’t even particularly like communicating—but since 1993 I’ve found a deep interest in writing and expression and communication.  Is Elysian my muse?  Has he been involved in stimulating my writing?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes.  Your celestial teacher and your Thought Adjuster are both involved in that process.  And yes, you were held at abeyance from writing earlier in your life as some new novice writers try to take on the style of some famous writer—whether Steinbeck, or anyone else—so that you could come into your own.  You needed to bond and come into a much deeper “inner muse poise” within yourself and express that, rather than taking on the persona of some famous writer before.  (Susan:  Wow, that was wise!)

Jim:  Yes, no kidding.  Is Elysian a writer?


Jim:  I knew it!  Thank you; that was important.

MACHIVENTA:  He also writes music.

Jim:  Oh, really!  Wow.  Then maybe just a few words to understanding how maybe Elysian can give me a little progress report on how I’m doing?  Are there areas I should work on?  Or try to improve?

ELYSIAN:  This is Elysian.  Thank you for the invitation to speak with you.

Susan:  Oh, I could…! (showing much excitement.)  I’m sorry.

Jim:  I feel like a little kid at this.

Elysian’s work with Jim’s writing project

ELYSIAN:  Your writing is progressing well.  We do not want you—and when I say “we”, I work somewhat with your mentors, who are writing advocates as well—we do not wish you to strive to improve, but simply strive to be clear, to be succinct, to be very simple.  You do not need to take on anyone’s style; you truly do not need to strive to improve what you are doing.  You are doing very well, and as this is an intellectual cognitive process, we will be involved with you in your mind with your permission, to improve your writing skills that way, rather than from external styles or from external instruction or attending a class, or something like that.  Do you agree to allow us to do that?  I am not trying to put your arm behind your back, but if we do not have your permission, we will not proceed.

Jim and Susan:  Will you please proceed?

ELYSIAN:  Thank you, we will.

Jim:  Writing is one of the things that feeds my spirit.  I feel I can express myself—and not just myself—I feel I can express my Father Fragment in a way that I can’t do any other way.  Is my ability to speak connected with my ability to write?  Should I be more focused on writing than speaking?

ELYSIAN:  Right now, you should focus on your writing, and do not concern yourself about your speaking.  You have a disjointed speaking style, which in some ways does not serve your audience well, though individuals do enjoy tapping into your intelligence.  I hope my candidness is not an affront to you.  You ask and we respond; it is not meant in any pejorative way—it is simply an evaluation.  Concern yourself with your writing at this time and realize that once you come away from the authority and responsibilities of your employment, your business, your speaking style will change almost automatically.  We are quite aware of this and we will be guiding this through the weeks and months and years ahead as you gain more skill and understanding of what you are and who you are, and how you can present this to others.  Your speaking styles come from being a father, a sibling, from a husband, from being a company owner, an employer/supervisor/manager, a part of that as an authority figure within the church, and so there is a mixed bag.  You will eventually find your voice, as they say about speakers and famous speakers and singers, and this is what we seek for you.  It is not an instantaneous development, but one that is a process and an evolution, which accompanies your growth in your personality, which you should be very glad about.

Jim:  Wow.  Thank you.  Okay.  Charles, a couple of years ago now, told me that he was concerned a bit about my humility, that it will prevent me from engaging.  He also said that my work with you, Elysian, has been wonderful but now it’s time to go deeper and engage the Father.  So, I would ask for a report card; am I making any progress in that area?

ELYSIAN:  Let me have you speak with the one who gave you those directions.  One moment.

Being humble in character but with authority

CHARLES:  Good morning, Jim.  This is Charles.  It’s good to be with you.  Yes, you have grown, and yes, your humility has come to the side.  You want to remain humble in character, but you do not want your humility to weaken your authority, meaning as your sister, the authority to bring things into existence, because that will make you incapable.  We are striving to bring you [two] into maturity to become incredibly capable figures of authority to authorize the co-creative work that needs to be done, that you see so clearly that needs to be done, and we so clearly can arrange the supportive infrastructure to get those things done.  And so, yes, you are making progress.  Out of the ten points from having been at zero—relatively speaking, not that you had no skill, but zero from where you were, until where you are now—you are at about a 7.23.  You are making good progress.  This is not a flat curve, an arithmetic curve, but rather an exponential curve that as you improve your skills, your skills will improve more greatly.  You have made tremendous progress, but the progress ahead is many times greater than what you have achieved.

Jim:  Like the spiritual Richter Scale?

CHARLES:  Yes—not logarithmic though.  You will find that your need to express your service will draw upon all the skill sets that you have learned in the last 40-50 years, and that they will come to bear and that your need to express them, because you will have no contemporary outlets at that time [that] will cause you to expand within yourself and pull your service into things that you can do and do well.  You will see your writing develop tremendously.  You will eventually come to be an anonymous “author unknown,” manager of many sites and places where these writings will take hold.  This must cause your curiosity to ask another question.

Jim’s discussion about his church experience

Jim:  Yes, it seems my launching platform that has been provided is my church, and I have this love/hate relationship with my church experience, and I guess my question is, is the church still fertile ground or a good platform for launching this spirit platform of writing and communication?

CHARLES:  Yes, but remember, use the correct metaphor.  What happens when you launch from the launching pad? …you leave it behind.  And you could not launch in the trajectory where you can be most productive without having left the correct launching pad, with the right and correct infrastructure and services that the launching pad provided.  You have seen the stanchion with the umbilical cord to the rocket and as it drops away, the rocket is free to proceed on its own.  Both the controllers and the rocket determine together when that umbilical cord leaves, and it leaves without regret; it leaves with thanksgiving for where it has come from, for it could not accomplish what it is to do without having that in the beginning.

Feeding the hungry souls of mankind

You, too, must—and will—leave this launching pad of your church, to engage many other launching pads around the world as similar situations for millions of other people.  Remember that the souls of humankind are hungry for Jesus in their life; they are hungry for a personal relationship with this God Son; they are hungry to know what he knew and to live as he lived—he lived simply without worry and concern, but with dedication and commitment and a true mission and service in his mind and in his heart and his life.  This is you all over again; this is the message that you are giving others through these wonderful little messages that you are writing.  You need not point out or make it obvious what that is that Jesus did.  The best message is the message that is not complete.

Jim:  Amen!  How true.  Let them finish the story in their own way.  (Charles:  Exactly!)

Susan:  Through their own experience and their needs.

Jim:  Well, thank you for that.

Making space for God’s work

CHARLES:  You are most welcome.  We are very proud of you; we are very pleased with your work and the dedication and continuation.  It is important that you come away from your business soon, so that you are not distracted by this business.  It is important that it support you and have a fair business plan for all your partners, and that this be completed with everyone in satisfaction so that you can leave it and come back to it as you need to execute your continued responsibilities, but not be distracted day-by-day.  Is that clear?

Jim:  Yes.  And you see that as a possibility?

CHARLES:  It is most likely in probability and possibility, yes.

Susan:  Charles, has the plans that have been laid before Jim in the last month, are they good plans?  I don’t know what they are, but are they a good, solid plans for his exit from this distraction?

CHARLES:  Yes.  They were formulated by an individual who knows Jim very well, he knows his business very well, he knows the partnered responsibilities of the company very well and these only need to be agreed upon by all members and everyone concerned so the transfer and capital and other portions that need to be cared for are done correctly, so it empowers the continuation of the business.  Also, furthermore, [it] empowers the new manager/owner to enter into this without distractions from the prior owner, meaning Jim.  Meaning, he can carry this forward with his advisement and guidance and into the sustainable future.  Growth is not necessary, but maintenance and continued excellence of service, of course, is.

Jim:  Wow, that’s really insightful.  Sue, you won’t know how much until we talk.  That’s very good.

Charles’ view of the current state of the Christian Church

Jim:  How do you view the current state of the Christian Church?

CHARLES:  We see the Christian Church as a global institution, with divisions according to different sects, but that the whole of the Christian Church is in tremendous disarray and it is, so to speak, a barn that is fallen apart from neglect, and that it needs to be built up again.  The choice of Pope Francis to come into his own through the process of selection was guided by us and the Melchizedeks, and he is our choice for this position. We almost see it as unfortunate that other church institutions do not have such a formalized and public expression of selection, though you know from the centuries of history in the Catholic institution where there were selections that were highly political and Machiavellian.  In this case, because of the times and circumstances, the selection of Pope Francis was a direct result of our influence to bring this into being.  We needed a friendly personality, a friendly face, so to speak, in the presence of this very, very large institution.  It has a global network, just as your Presbyterian faith has as well.  This one, as you know, has made an initial contact with a member of the LDS, Latter Day Saints Mormon Church.  All three of these institutions are huge, they are global, and they have magnificent networks of communication.

To answer your question succinctly, in terms of the “Fourth Turning,” as you are acquainted with, the Christian Church has completed its “unraveling”, and is in “crisis,” and it is the Christian Church globally [that] has been deep in crisis for the last decade.  We anticipate that the events and developments which we are bringing about, without usurping any self-will of anyone, will have a very highly positive influence on the reconstruction of the Christian Church globally.  What you are doing personally through these little vignettes is bringing about the commonality of understanding of who Jesus is.  We care nothing for the Christian Church as organizations; they are simply cars taking people in wrong directions.

Now there must be a reorientation of these organizations to the personal Jesus.  This is not an easy process, nor a slow one, but one which requires a complete change of culture of all the Christian Churches.  The work that this one is doing with the three core values, [quality of life, growth, and equality] are endemic and innate and inherent to all human individuals — common to your whole species.  These values and the concepts of social sustainability will infuse the culture of the Christian Church as a positive influence that will bring about what we desire as well.  So, you see that we are working in many, many large areas to bring about the health of the Christian Church.

The Christian Church may, or may not, of itself become more positive and contributory to the Correcting Time.  However, if we can bend it from a culture which is despotic in some ways, and which is over-bearing in many, and authoritarian in almost nefarious ways to thwart the progress of many souls, then we will have made good progress.  As you remember, Jesus said, “Those who are not against us are for us” or “with us.”  Only those who are adamantly opposed to us will have chosen to be left behind.  They will not be supported as we support others now.  We are objectively, formally, intentionally influencing many individuals around the world for positive outcome.  Those people who see this and follow us will come along; those who do not, or who refuse, or work against us will not be supported.  There will be nothing done to cause any harm to them, but harm will come to them through their own works and their own decisions.

The grassroots efforts for healing the Christian Churches

Jim:  So, if I am hearing then, a grassroots effort at this time now, could get some traction that could affect the direction and the leadership from the bottom up, rather than from the top down?  Am I hearing that correctly?

CHARLES:  Yes, you are!  I am incredulous that you think these large organizations can heal themselves.  The hopes for large, centralized authority/hierarchies are incapable of healing themselves:  That works against their own power, authority and control.

Jim:  Jesus said, “A house divided will not stand.”  Is vision so entrenched that… I’ve always had the sense that the Church is like the Titanic having already left port, and there’s nothing that’s going to change its direction.  Am I being pessimistic, or do you sense hope?

CHARLES:  Your metaphor is correct; your analogy is correct, and that these organizations are incapable of healing themselves or changing the direction of the course that they have gone.  We are hopeful that Pope Francis can do this within the Church.  In olden times he would be eventually assassinated, but in these times, he will not.  He is a Savior to the people, and for those Church authority figures who wish to retain their control and authority, they must be in agreement and be satisfied with what crumbs of authority that remain for them.

Yes, a house divided will fall in upon itself, and so this is the case.  The Church is not feeding the souls, as was explained that there are people who believe in God but have no faith that God or Jesus will do anything personal in their life.  This is the division.

Waking the slumbering humanity

Jim:  Many more times than I can even count or remember, I have heard in my meditations, “Blow the Shofar, I want you to wake them up.  They slumber in the spirit and they do not know they are asleep.”  Is this a grassroots thing of awakening of the people… it’s not a top down wake up, it’s a bottom up?

CHARLES:  No, it is not a top down wake up.

Jim:  Do you have that same sense that people are slumbering?

CHARLES:  Oh, yes!

Jim:  Do you see them asleep?  And they need to be woken up?

CHARLES:  Yes.  They need to be woken up to make a conscious decision.

Susan:  May I interject a question here?  Does the bottom up process that you are talking about involve very much what Jim is doing with his writing, and I heard Elysian saying, “Wait on your oratory skills; you are not quite there yet.”  Jim has a fear of being ostracized from his Church, and then not being able to be effective for you.  I’m not seeing this writing as being something that will get him ostracized, but perhaps his speaking will.  Am I making the right connection?

CHARLES:  Yes, your insight is perfectly correct.

Jim:  That would solve the fear elements if I just left it to my writing, which is focused.

Writing anonymously

CHARLES:  And you will be “author unknown.”  The scenario is perfect for you.  It answers many questions, and yes, we do not want you to be a vocalized source of opinion in your Church, as this would work against our eventual outcomes.  You would definitely be ostracized and in doing so, the hearts and minds of many people who are on the edge, who are capable of being awoken would be kept asleep.  There is a time to write and a time to speak.

Jim:  Yes, for all things there is a season, and my season is writing.  You said my disjointed speaking style, so at what point can I begin to work on that?  Do I need a mentor, someone that can help me as a speaker?

CHARLES:  Have it not be of concern to you at this time; pay it no attention.

Jim:  Well, that’s a relief!

Susan:  You’ve just been given a safety net!  You’ve been afraid of the wrong things.

Jim:  Yeah, I have a gut fear of falling off the cliff, and I have that sense when I’m speaking that I will say something [that] will alienate the people that I’m trying to reach.  But my writing, apparently doesn’t do that.  Yes!  I’m making some headway here; I’ve got my sails up and the wind is blowing.

What’s missing in churches is Jesus’ humanity

Recently I had a revelation in my Urantia Book study group about how we, as evangelists can get our sails up and help get the church moving again, and that what they were missing was “Jesus’ humanity.”  The church revels in his Divinity, but has lost connection with Christ’s humanity.  I have a strong sense that the starting point is that point of the needle where we can inject some life back into the marrow of the church, and I am excited about doing that.  What prompted the revelation was when Pilate said, “Behold the man.”  The Urantia Book says that the most effective presentation of Jesus is to “Behold the man.”   Am I hearing right?

Examine your intentions

CHARLES:  Yes, you are hearing right.  Now, [as for] the reasons for doing your work, you need to examine your intentions.  [If] you are doing this to reconstruct the Church; you will be ineffectual with that.  Accept that.  Can you accept that?   

Jim:  If you say so, then I know it’s okay…

CHARLES:  Whose soul are you concerned about?  The Church has no soul.  Organizations have no soul.  They will never, ever arrive in the morontial realm.  Only the souls of mankind will make the transition from humanity to the morontial.  We would wish that your intentions and concerns were for the souls of individuals, not the heartless, soulless organization of your Church.

Jim:  Okay, I stand corrected.  You’re absolutely right.  It’s just [that] the institution looms so large in the lives of the people.  They gather at the Church and sit in the pews to be fed by the pastor, not Jesus, and I don’t know how to work within that framework sometimes, but it’s some structure…

CHARLES:  As your sister said, you have a way out, and you have a parachute.

Susan:  You have been given a gift!  I’m seeing it from my perspective.  My perspective is that should answer [with] your writing, those vignettes that you are going to be allowed, perhaps, to put in the bulletin.  If you ask Charles to proceed, they are going to make way for you to put those in the bulletin and it will be a beginning.  It will be the launching pad, but you’re not going to be able to save the Presbyterian Church; you’re going to be saving souls.  I mean, this is beautiful!

Requesting help from spirit

Jim:  Then let me ask, Charles, can I ask spirit to go before me at this point and to grease the skids, so that Elysian and I can formulate these vignettes and get this snowball rolling?

          [This is Daniel:  You’re trying him!]

CHARLES:  Did you learn nothing from my discussion of your situation?

Jim:  No, I did… I just need constant encouragement.  My humility still gets in my way; I can’t help it.

CHARLES:  Of course we will!  We will most definitely “grease the skids,” as you say.  We can influence the minds of men; we do that daily; we do that without abrogating their will or overturning their decisions.  We give them options.  What do you think happened with the Curia in the Catholic Church?  How they chose Francis?  …through the influence of their minds of this option of this man from Argentina.  That was our work.  You can trust that we will be invested in the work of Christ Michael.  Your only chore is to ask whether your plans are in agreement with Christ Michael’s plans for this work.  And if we say, “yes,” and then you discuss the plans that you want to do, and then you ask us, “Will you assist in this process, co-creatively with me?”  And we will say, “Yes.”  And then you will say, with authority, “Please proceed.”

Jim:  I got it!  I think I finally got it.

CHARLES:  We will always grease the skids!  Not for you, but we will assist you to do Christ Michael’s work, as you can do it.

Invoking the Spirit of Truth

Jim:  And then, in writing these little vignettes… I’m jumping ahead… I can invoke the mind of Christ to assist me in the writing?  It’s such an unbelievable connection with humanity that I need his global perspective, which I don’t have.

CHARLES:  That is the Spirit of Truth.  You have Elysian to assist you; you have your Thought Adjuster to assist you, and you have the Spirit of Truth to check your work.

Jim:  I think that’s enough, don’t you?

Susan:  This is so awesome!  May I just say…Charles and I are both going to wring your neck!

Jim:  I just need validation.  I don’t want to wander off the path; I don’t want to squander anymore of my life down dead-end streets.  I want to get on the straight and narrow and stay there where I can be most effective.

CHARLES:  All you need to do is look over your shoulder and ask, “Is anybody still behind me?”  If you don’t hear an answer, then there’s nobody behind you and you are going in the wrong direction.  It’s that simple; this is not complicated.

Jim:  I know.  I’ve been told I complicate things.  Okay, then, let me ask—I asked this once before, but I still need help.  This is too hard of work to do alone.  I mean, Jesus had his disciples, though he went to death on the cross alone, and I hope that’s not where I’m going… I need some help; I need some friends or associates that I can work with, like my sister, Susan, where we can work together.  There’s a palpable energy that comes—almost a synergy energy that feeds and motivates and empowers…

CHARLES:  I have a question.  Then as Kierkegaard said, “A man who cannot seduce his fellow brothers, cannot save them either.”  So this means for you that through your writing, you will attract someone who will try to find that “author unknown,” and emulate what they are doing, and this begins your teaching; this begins your Urantia group of your own.

Jim:  So my writing is the bait on my hook?  That’s beautiful!

CHARLES:  Yes!  And you will only attract those people who are hungry.

Susan:  You speak of “a Urantia group of your own.”  Could you explain?

The Urantia Book as a reference

CHARLES:  The Urantia Book is a reference; it is not a “be all, end all” component of its own.  It is a reference to be used; it supports itself through its truths—truth, beauty and goodness—and when people see the product that comes out of it, they are attracted to it.  Just as the bicycle story, The Road of Life, [See attached.], attracts people, so too will your vignettes.  You will attract people almost immediately to these.  People will be curious:  “Where did they come from?  Who writes them?”  And here is what you must do, is you must provide a confidential conduit by which those people are guided to you, so they too, become part of your conspiracy.

Susan:  What would that look like, Charles?  A confidential conduit?

CHARLES:  This would be his Pastor.

Jim:  He’s the one person I can trust.  He can screen people for whether they are truth seekers or not.

CHARLES:  And it may be that he would direct such an inquiry to go to such-and-such a coffee shop, at 8:00 in the morning, or 2:00 in the afternoon, and they will find the person.  And so, you enter that coffee shop and they say, “It’s you!”

The conspiracy of truth

Jim:  (Laughing)  I like that.  In my mind I call it a “conspiracy of truth.”

CHARLES:  This is really well said on your part that it is a conspiracy of truth, because the truth when it is known, and as it is written as an organization, has always been stomped on and squashed.  So, we wish this to be a conspiracy of truth until it gains enough inertial guidance, enough mass of velocity so that it cannot be overturned or hidden or destroyed.  There will be an eventual time when all is revealed and then it will be productive to make that revelation.

A few last questions, please.

Choosing an ally

Jim:  My last question has to do with my dear friend, ____.  He has two sides: his professional side and his personal side, which I relate to so much more.  I have a difficult time with his professional side.  I want him to be an ally in this conspiracy of truth.  Is he a bridge or a stumbling block, do you think?

CHARLES:  You will soon find out; we need to know that too.  You think your friend is resilient enough to last, but he is not.  He, too, is entering into an existential crisis of sorts, and he will need to reinvent himself eventually.  He will either become the concubine of the Church, or he will become an independent slave of the Church.  He will become numb if he becomes one, and he will become alive if he becomes the other.  He has not made a clear decision about this.  He, too, is as confused as you have been about his relationship to the Church.  He does not have the belief in the process that we are using this morning to disclose these truths to you.  He knows that revelations exist; he has revelation, but he is always reticent to accept the truth that would require him to move on.  You, in this case, and this is our advice to you, is to continue doing what you are doing; continue to write these vignettes; continue to be his friend—do not try to convince him to do anything, but let him see the truth.  He is a hugely intelligent individual and borders on great wisdom, but still lacks courage.  Your truths will assist him into growing in the ways he needs to grow, or succumb to his profession.  You must be willing to release him to his own decisions and his own course of life and his spiritual destiny without causing confusion to your friendship.

Susan:  Thank you for being here.  I will have questions later if I may reserve your presence to come back—all of you!

CHARLES:  Yes, we have a choir behind us as well.  You have only to set a time when you wish to speak with us to coordinate with this one, so he is free to do so, and not encumbered with too much to eat or drink.

A personal experience with a dear friend

Jim:  Can I leave you with a question that we can resume with later?  (Charles:  Of course.)  A couple years ago I had an experience with my friend, ____, during a memorial service for a dear friend that committed suicide, and I would like to understand what happened that morning.  I have been unable to get my arms around it.  So maybe at a later time we can discuss that.

CHARLES:  One moment.  The resolution of this conundrum is tied up in your friendship with him and his own charisma, his own charismatic experiences.  This will not be clear to you until some months from now when his own commitment is made clear.  We said he is a man who is divided—we truly meant that.  He suffers no mental illness but his allegiances will need to be made clear.  Do not be surprised eventually if he chooses to go with the Church [and] that he disavows many of the experiences that you have had.  This would be a worst case scenario; we only mention this so you will be prepared and will not be rocked off of your foundation if that occurs in the future.  However, if he does make the decision to join us and join you, you will experience an epiphany of tremendous power which will make clear all things and you both will know the answers to your question.

Jim:  So my experience was a revelation for him?  And that’s why he keeps bringing it up.

CHARLES:  You were able to cause a repercussion in him, a reverberation.  Your nearness to one another causes tremendous resonance within another person.  This is why when someone is in tragedy in your family or unhappiness in your family who is simply going to call you, you know ahead of time.  Your epiphanal experience repercussed in him and he felt that through his whole being, as though he had experienced it himself.  You, in this case, were an instrument of your Thought Adjuster and his Thought Adjuster.  This was an intentional development, which was arranged and which came into existence because you let it and you agreed with it.


As Told to Me by a Good Friend

At first I saw God as my observer, my judge, keeping track of the things I did wrong -- so as to know whether I merited heaven or hell when I died.  He was out there sort of like a president.  I recognized His picture when I saw it.  But I really didn't know him.

         But later when I met Christ it seemed that life was like a bike ride.  But it was a tandem bike and I noticed that Christ was in the back helping me peddle.

         I don't remember when it was that He suggested that we change places but life has not been the same since.

         When I had control, I knew the way.  It was rather boring.  But predictable.  It was the shortest distance between two points.  But when He took the lead, He knew delightful long cuts.  Up mountains.  Through rocky places.  At breakneck speeds.  It was all that I could do to hang on.  Even though it looked like madness, He said, "Peddle."

         I worried and was anxious and asked, "Where are you taking me?"  He laughed and didn't answer.  And I started to learn to trust.  I forgot my boring life and entered into the adventure.  When I would say, "I'm scared," He'd lean back and touch my hand and say, "Peddle."

         He took me to people with gifts that I needed.  Gifts of healing, acceptance and joy.  They gave me gifts to take on my journey.  And we were off again.  He said, "Give the gifts away.  They are extra baggage.  Too much weight."  So I did, to the people that we met.  And I found that in giving I received and still my burden was light.

         I didn't trust Him at first to control my life.  I thought that He'd wreck it.  But He knows bike secrets.  He knows how to make it bend to go around sharp corners.  He knows how to jump to clear high rocks.  He knows how to fly to shorten scary passages.  And I'm learning to shut up and just peddle in the strangest places.

         I'm beginning to enjoy the view and the cool breeze on my face with my delightful constant companion, Jesus Christ.  And when I'm sure that I can't do it more, He just smiles and says, "Peddle!"  (Author Unknown)




Lake Almanor, Chester, California Part 2 (Afternoon Session)
Teachers:  Monjoronson, Celisia, Charles, Christ Michael


  • Monjoronson’s Opening Comments
  • The Importance of Team Goals
  • Developing a Community That Can Survive
  • The Role of Head of Family
  • Personal Need for Having a Spiritual Community
  • Asking for a Spiritual Teacher for a Group
  • The Skills of Artful Inquiry and Discernment
  • The Role of Tr as a Facilitator
  • Working with a Personal Teacher Is of Value
  • Being a Fair and Objective Observer of Self and Others
  • How to Work with Your Spiritual Teacher
  • The Status of Those Passed
  • Mates on Different Spiritual Paths
  • Starting a Spiritual Group Opportunity
  • A Question on Courage of Convictions
  • The Mortal Life Is Experiential
  • Christ Michael’s Commitment to His Children of Light in Earthly Form

TR:  Daniel Raphael
October 3, 2013

Daniel:  Let us once again invoke the presence of the Father, the Creator, the presence of Christ Michael and ask their support and assistance to us.  We ask our teachers and guardians to be with us to assist so we understand in far greater depth than we would by just simply listening to the answers.  And we give thanks for this opportunity.

Daniel:  This is definitely Monjoronson!

Monjoronson’s opening comments

MONJORONSON:  Good afternoon, this is Monjoronson.  I thank you for being here today and you may address questions to me or to some other teacher, if you wish.  You need only to designate; there are many of us here with you, and those who are not are on what you might call a “conference call,” so that they can respond to you directly.

You, Jim, asked about questions; what questions we might have of you.  I have at least one for you, and perhaps more.  The question is this:  What is it that you seek to pursue?  What is it in you that seeks to be fulfilled?  What is it in you that yearns for completion?  These would be essential questions for you to chew on, to think about as you engage the work that you have begun, which has been revealed by your Thought Adjuster, by your Guardian, and by the developments of your life.  All things are not developed as a master concert conductor would do, but many times the circumstances of life offer you opportunities for growth, for imitation in and with us to assist you in interpreting and making the most out of these situations.

You are all in a highly developmental evolutionary era in your personal lives, and the resources that you have gathered over the years are now being tested and used.  It is not so much tested as whether you pass or fail, but tested to evaluate the experience that you have received and the quality of your instruction, and to evaluate what you need yet to achieve to fulfill your work, doing what you have chosen to do.  You can accept that the work that each of you are doing is instrumental to the Correcting Time in the largest scale, and on the smallest scale, so that you are serving while being served; you are learning while being taught what you teach.  And so, you have many opportunities for growth and service at the same time.  If you see this combination of learning and teaching at the same time, you will remain humble as your expertise increases, which is quite sublime in many ways.  I will step aside now and I will wait with the others as you develop your questions, and each of us will step forward as is necessary to answer your questions.  You are welcome to specify a teacher to answer your questions, if you wish.

Jim:  Thank you; it’s an honor.

The importance of team goals

Susan:  Monjoronson, thank you for being here.  I have a question that extends from our previous session together this morning.  I talked about my design team and I believe it was Machiventa, who said—and Daniel, as well—said that the process of my team may be as important as the product we pursue.  In regards to the goal that my team has set up, the economic stability for our town, I think I had an Epiphany and I would like affirmation.  I realize that we are also talking in a broader sense about a crisis coming upon our world, and our world’s population.   For us to work on economic stability in our tiny little community, it almost seems like a moot point in view of what might be coming.  Is that why you were saying that the process may be as important as, or more important, than the product?

Developing a community that can survive

MONJORONSON:  Yes.  Hooray!  You have seen the underlying depth of the answer that was given, that you are seeing how to develop community and association that will yield tremendous results during times of great need.  The economic goal that your team has is only a venue—not a façade, but a venue for achieving answers to that end—but the more important end of how to develop community that can survive.  It will be through the combined efforts, shared efforts of each of you in community that will aid whole communities to survive.  You will see, during these times of great stress, where individuals will not join, and will not share, that oftentimes these individuals, who have marginalized themselves will succumb to the difficulties of the times.  It is important that your community realize that there is a cost for independence, and it may be their very mortal lives, and that it would be foolish for others to venture out to save them, because their own lives would be put in jeopardy as well.

You will begin to see through this answer that there are priorities within the process of developing community, and the ultimate goal is survival, and that the community must survive in order for future generations to survive.  Just as a nation, a civilization, exists that culture exists as a means of enculturating future generations, giving future generations a safe place to live and to grow.  What is required to develop that is thorough-going enculturation for survival skills for existence, for maintenance, for social stability and social sustainability.  This cannot be done apart from other people.  These are family and community efforts that will help your national cultures survive.  In some cases, it requires the sacrifice of individuals of their lives for this to occur.  The individual understands that contract, that relationship they have with the larger society.  At times of great need, there must be sacrifice for future generations to live safely.

The role of head of family

Susan:  Thank you—much to chew on.  This may segue a bit into my next question.  I feel I have a place in this community, and we just talked about what some of my work is.  I’m getting affirmation that this is important work.  I also am the literal head of my family of four children, who now are married and have children, my grandchildren.  In the past, that was my primary role; that was my most important role.  I am very torn between the need, as the head of my family, to nurture my family and my grandkids as they grow, and also to serve my community.  I am at a loss as to how to do both, because it seems that being close to my grandchildren geographically, is important.  I’m looking for direction.

MONJORONSON:  Let us take the first one, regarding your family.  Yes, you are the head of this family; you are the mother and grandmother of a number of individuals.  It is wonderful that you have such a clear identification of your role with them.  You gave them wonderful advantages for entering and engaging the responsibilities of adult life, and now your role as mother and grandmother is to continue in that role, but it does not necessarily have to be immediate.  It is important to your function and your fulfillment as a mother and grandmother to continue to uphold those standards and values and folkways of your family with them.

You can do that best by reminding them—each of them and all of them, separately or all together—of the family that has been built from what you came from, and that they are part of this heritage.  By saying those words to them, they will remember the enculturation that you gave them, and that their grandparents gave them.  You will remind them that they have a responsibility to their children and their grandchildren to carry on—not just these traditions, but this culture of family, of survival of existence of happiness, of joy, of shared communion in family dynamics.

Your role now is as a facilitator of an extended family, for your role in this way will go far beyond your immediate family, your children and grandchildren, but it will also affect the in-laws as well.  There will be a need for some of them, particularly those who come into your family from outside, who are now a son-in-law or daughter-in-law, for instance, that they are to be reminded of the things that they value highly in their partners, now must be enculturated into their own families and shared with their children and their grandchildren.  You are, in many ways, facilitating the development of a greater culture.

You would be proud to know that after you have gone, you will be the proud and rightful recipient of much gratitude by well over 200 people who can directly attribute their own familial happiness to you!  This does not require your physical presence, but your presence which may come through telephone calls, through Skypes, through emails—but it is good to have that voice, that vibration that they hear in their ear that reminds them, “Oh, this is grandmother” or “This is my mother,” and then they get a flood of memories coming to mind as they hear about these reflections, these advisements, this facilitating advice that you are giving them.

The utmost message that you must convey to them is not to take this wonderful family dynamics for granted, that this is intentional, it is conscious and it is deliberate, and you can share it with others, and they can share it with others to spread the word to their families to their neighbors in their communities.  It was mentioned this morning that if somehow the fundamentals of this family could be formulated or written down on two pages, perhaps, that would give these future generations guidance as to how to develop and maintain family.  A family of this wholeness, this integrity, social, psychological, emotional, and spiritual, does not come into existence by happenstance; it is not coincidence; it is part of your genetic makeup, it is part of your energetic structure that is passed on from one person to another.

To take these wonderful attributes for granted is to squander the assets of your social life, much as a company would squander its profits and dividends on frivolous purchases, and so on.  This is something that is to be held and cherished tightly to your heart, and that you are able to recognize it, and that the children and grandchildren when they experience it, can recognize it.  This must be brought to them almost in a formal way, but it is part of the passage of enculturation from one generation to another.  I thank you so definitely for your wonderful question.

Susan:  Wow!  Thank you.

Jim:  That was a good question.

Susan:  I know.  I would like to pause and process the answer, but I’m going to keep going.  I am so going to want to read this answer again, thank you.  I got chills, I was inspired, I heard and felt the truth of your words.  Thank you!

MONJORONSON:  You are welcome.

Jim:  So did I as I have a family as well.

Personal need for having a spiritual community

Susan:  It was for you too, Jim.  I am all over the map here, so forgive me.  This will be addressing a need of my own, a need for spiritual community.  It is something that I have always struggled with and especially when I began to read The Urantia Book so long ago.  My need, my desire is for a place, for community, for people to worship with, to explore my spiritual life with, people who are like-minded, people who will share with me and with whom I can share.  That’s what I mean by a spiritual community, and the church setting is not a comfortable one for me—the existing churches.  A friend, with similar needs, and I have put together a couple of spiritual groups.  One of them is called, “Exploring spiritual living.”  We started off with a 6-week structure and it was very nice.  As it went on, it devolved into more of a social group.  So, for me, for my needs, it fell apart because we didn’t have a vision and both of us were reluctant to lead through the second phase.  Without a leader, a group doesn’t work. It just sort of flounders and people come together and nothing with intention happens.

Question:  I need this in my life—everyone does—and the church isn’t fulfilling it.  Do I have to be a leader of a group in order to get fulfilled by this?  Can you help me see what I’m not seeing?

MONJORONSON:  It is a great statement of conflict, where you are frustrated by your own spiritual growth and development, and that you have no peers who can share in the responsibility of the co-development of a group of individuals who are self-maintaining.  This is the difficulty of being a mystic.  It oftentimes puts you apart, far apart, from anyone else, leaving your existence as quite lonely.  This is unfortunately a typical historic development, which we are working on now.  What your group needs is a spiritual teacher to lead the group, someone you can point to, an alter ego, who can bring cohesion and coherence to your group; someone who can give you homework to do when you leave the group; someone who will give you notice to come back in a week or so, to discuss and to share once again.

Your needs are very timely to your own personal development and evolution, and also to the spiritual needs of this community.  We offer a caution, and that is when you initiate a group, you need to state quite clearly what it is that you are doing, and what is the venue, and what is the lexicology, the use of words that orient concepts for this group.  The reason we say to state these things is that it is quite easy for other people to be interested in spirituality, but “their method of spirituality;” “their orientation of spirituality” is what they want to impose upon others in the group.  We have seen highly evolved groups of spiritually develop and dynamic people dissolve into Wicca groups.  There is nothing wrong with that, but it is un-evolved.  The need for you is to improve the quality of your spiritual life through growing, in that you want to grow to become God’s equal, meaning “perfect as God.”  Therefore, to fulfill that, you need a community that is supportive of those standards and those values, and that you have an orientation to working with the Administration of the Universe, rather than a subgroup that has their own goals and their own agenda.

You already have a structure of that hierarchy, which is the hierarchy of God’s light, which is part of our Planetary Management and the spiritual management of Urantia.  The Urantia Book provides that wonderful lexicology that you can use, that you can restate terms [such as] Havona as heaven, and Paradise is Paradise, of course.  And so, in order to maintain the integrity of your mystical group, your spiritual group as interested in growth, you must have some guidelines by which it is not admission, [but] those criteria by which you operate.  Does this make sense to you?

Susan:  I’m struggling with it, just a bit.  A question:  You said, “You need a spiritual teacher.”  Were you talking about a physical teacher, or a spiritual teacher?

Asking for a spiritual teacher for a group

MONJORONSON:  Your group can request a celestial teacher.  It could even be a visiting Melchizedek, if you wish.  The teacher that will come to your group would be a group teacher, which would be brought through some individual who is TRing.  It may be that this becomes an activity within the group to practice your TRing skills.  One thing is definite that must be maintained is that this is not a competition.  Just because an individual may TR for five minutes, doesn’t mean it is more important than the individual who TRs for maybe fifty seconds.  It is not that quality or quantity of contact that signifies TRing; it is the ability to be humble, to release themselves and to bring through the voice of one who wants to speak through them.  This is the main element that we have seen missing in this geographic area.  There is not one centralized group teacher—celestial teacher—to address the needs for spiritual growth.

Susan:  Because he hasn’t been called upon?

The skills of artful inquiry and discernment

MONJORONSON:  Exactly.  There must be a willingness among those who join your group to seek the direction and teaching the lessons from this celestial teacher.  It will also be necessary for your group to learn the rules of discernment and of artful inquiry—how to ask questions, how to discern answers.  Without these two skills, then you have a group of mindless dumb individuals sitting around waiting for a spiritual high.  These are the wrong goals.

Susan:  In that we ask for this teacher, the structure of the questions will guide us, and he will be our leader?

MONJORONSON:  Yes.  You may be the TR, which would put you in a subordinate role immediately.  Do you understand?

Susan:  I do understand; [however,] I never see myself as a TR.

The role of TR as a facilitator

MONJORONSON:  Well, think of a TR as a facilitator.

Susan:  Okay, thank you.

Jim:  You want to ask about your teacher.

Susan:  I do, but now it is coming down to a much, much more personal level.  May I speak to Celisia?  (Monjoronson:  But of course!  She is here.)

Working with a personal teacher is of value

CELISIA:  This is Celisia.  It is good to finally meet you, to acknowledge you in my life, and for you to acknowledge me in your life.  We have begun a touching, heartfelt, heart connected relationship that is far more complete than just the intellectual knowing of your understanding.  It is important that your work with me and my work with you is one of value, that we feel the presence, we feel the wholeness of the answer, rather than just a minded concept that comes through that you understand.  Are you with me so far?  (Susan:  Yes.)  And so that we are able to develop the qualities of relationship, just as your brother is working on the qualities of a personal relationship with Jesus for other people to understand through the words without directly saying them, so too, you and I will develop a deep, deep relationship in time.  And though I have been with you for a good many years, this is in many ways our first start, is it not?

Susan:  Yes, it feels like it is.

Being a fair and objective observer of self and others

CELISIA:  And so my work with you is different from your Guardian’s, and it is different from your Thought Adjuster’s.  I am here to help you work with the pragmatic difficulties of your life so that you grow through your skill development, working with others and working with yourself.  This requires you to be a fair and objective observer of yourself, and a fair and objective observer of others—and yourself working with others.  One of the reasons why you are doing what you are doing in your community is because you are a good observer; you are fair, you are objective.  We see very few biases and prejudices in your life, and absolutely no bigotries, even for those who are adamantly different from yourself, which is quite remarkable.  You are well placed and you are well developed, and you are ready for the work of your life.  I am privileged to be here with you, as our energies are so synchronous, in harmony, in sync, that we will work well together.

You will find that the harmonic of our relationship will resonate between your brother and his teacher, that there will be almost an immediate understanding of what the other is going through in their situation, though you do not speak about it.  You will find these things out when you call each other and go through the conversation reflecting on past days and past weeks work and in your lives.  In many ways, I am a crew of one of the mentors.  I am not a mentor; I am not nameless; I am not one of many in the “we of Mentori,” but I am your celestial teacher and I will work with you in all facets of your life that you allow me to, and if there is a special need where your skills need a particular development for your personality and for your ascendant journey through this mortal lifetime, the Mentori would be more than happy to assist.  I will call upon them to assist when I see that it is necessary, though this does not limit you in any way to call upon them.

Susan:  You addressed so many of my questions.  Celisia, is it you who is with me and answers my questions in the morning?

CELISIA:  I sometime do, but it is usually your Thought Adjuster who does.

Susan:  Okay.  This is a silly question:  If I want to speak to you, I simply address you?

CELISIA:  Exactly.  “Good morning, Celisia!  How are you today?”

Susan:  It sounds so simple.

CELISIA:  It is.  What would you say to your children?

Susan:  I understand what you are saying about the work that we will do together.  Is there anything you can say to me at this point that will help me know how to work with you better, how to facilitate our being together?

How to work with your spiritual teacher

CELISIA:  Yes.  If you have a particular mindset and a program that you are approaching or are invested in, then you would want to discuss with me whether this is an agreement or something that we could co-creatively work on together.  And if I say, yes, then that means that it is already a part of our skill sets in the program that we are developing.  Another instance may be that you come into a situation of either/or, or multiples of options, and you want to know the best option to take.  You would then, of course, in order to evaluate them, ask what each option offers you, and I will be more than happy to give you feedback on each option, whether there is one option, two options or twenty.  We should go through those together and choose the best, or the best three of all the options and we should also discuss what would repercuss, or what would be developed if one of these were chosen.  And so, in doing this with me, you refine your own thinking and see if our greater dynamics evolve in a relationship and your own activities in your mind as you work with the programs in your community and with yourself.

Susan:  Will I hear you or sense you?

CELISIA:  Yes, you will both hear me and sense me.  When you ask me a question in the morning, I will answer you.  “Celisia, are you here?” and the answer will be clear.  And then you accept that in faith, belief and knowing that I am there with you, you can proceed with your next question.  And so, this is how we enter into dialog.  It begins as an uncertainty on your part, and a certainty on my part that I am here with you, and so is your experiential development that helps you know when I am here and what I am saying. So, we begin with small questions and proceed from there.  Soon my presence and the questions you can ask me will be a part of your every day, at any time.  You will soon discover that you have the same facility with your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian—or with the Mentori.  Won’t that be wonderful?

Susan:  Yes.  With my Guardian too?  (Celisia:  Of course!)  Wow!  How blessed we are.

CELISIA:  You are entering into the sphere of the third circle and onward to the second.

Susan:  This is beautiful!  Thank you for being here.

CELISIA:  You are most welcome; I am glad to facilitate, to assist you in the facilitation of the growth of yourself, achievement of the life plan that you have and any unexpected development of those wonderful things that neither one of us anticipates.

Susan:  I look forward to getting to know you.  I won’t take up any more of our time—our threesome time here—but I will look forward to getting to know you.

CELISIA:  Thank you, and I as well.

Jim:  Remember, she’s your friend.

Susan:  I really think it’s beautiful!  I have no more questions.

Jim:  I’d like to talk to Charles and there’s a reason.

CHARLES:  Good afternoon, this is Charles.

The status of those passed

Jim:  Hi Charles, and welcome back to this conversation.  I have asked for you because you lived a life—I understand you had a family, and I assume you had a wife.  Is that correct?  (Charles:  A mate, yes.)  And you died, you left that life and moved on.  So your experience is the same as the path we have stepped along.  (Charles:  Yes.)  I have to put this question to rest.  I ask you because you will know the importance of my questions.  My mom and dad and Susie’s husband left this world together in a horrific accident.  I just need to know if they’re okay?

CHARLES:  Oh, most certainly!  Their leaving was truly an accident; it rent the fabric of your family horribly for so long, and it is time to put all this to rest and see the fabric woven back together as it originally was.  Yes, your family members are well cared for; they are in mansonia; they have progressed rapidly in these times, in these years.

Jim:  Can you send them our love?

CHARLES:  You already have and it is well received.  They have access to the registry—what you might call an “active archival registry,” which registers the thoughts and impulses of those who were part of their kinship, their energy origins and that it is a bit like your email, where they can pick up the message once they contact their registry address box.  It is nothing like that, of course, but it is something that they can tune into.  You can be assured that your sincere thoughts and appreciation and love for them are registered there.

We have found, though, that sometimes those who leave unexpectedly are criticized and even castigated by those who are left behind, for their feelings of being abandoned.  These do not serve anyone well, and simply indicate the emotional and spiritual development of that individual.  We know that you are far past that, but we remind others who may read these notes where that evolutionary and developmental step is necessary in the lives of everyone.  You can be assured that your love and thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated, and the words that I am sharing to you are grossly inadequate to convey the depth of appreciation by them.

Susan:  Thank you for that question, Jim.

Mates on different spiritual paths

Jim:  Okay, a little closer to home, I’d like to ask about my wife.  We have shared a life together; we’ve raised four beautiful children together, but we don’t walk the same spiritual path.  Is that possible, and if so, what could I be doing better to help her?

CHARLES:  Oh, my friend, you have had a wonderful life together and you have maximized the assets of yourself and the assets of your spouse in this relationship, but truly, in many ways, her spiritual journey is none of your business.  We do not mean that meanly; we do not mean that as uncaring or indifferent, but really her path is her path, and perhaps your insistence that she follow yours or bend to it by assent, or agreement, or regret is unfortunate and we urge you not to require that of her.  Your job is to—”job” is not a very good descriptor of the work and the chore that you have as you enter into your mastership of understanding, an appreciation of others where they are—truly you can appreciate her many talents and abilities, and the caring affection which she cares for you and the household and the children.  This is your bond into your life.  You can see then, through her presence in your life, the work that you have to do with yourself.  Do not be condemning or berating or belittling, but to appreciate her as the master would appreciate their student, as Jesus would appreciate you, too.  Christ Michael appreciates you in spite of your shortcomings, because of who you are now, and who you are to become.  I hope these words are not too harsh, but give you guidance for your self in relationship to this woman.

Jim:  Thank you; no, they are not harsh.  I want to be there for her in the way that she needs me, and I don’t know how to do that.

CHARLES:  Simply ask her.

Jim:  Well, that makes it sound easy….

CHARLES:  I didn’t say it was easy.

Susan:  May I share that in asking her, you are teaching her because I know this woman very well.  Those aren’t easy questions for her, so continue to ask because she needs that.

Starting a spiritual group opportunity

Jim:  Thank you—that is very important.  I’m going to move along.  The Urantia Book study group, that I feel I was led to in some way, is a powerful opportunity for me and I don’t want to squander it or wreck it.  I want to know what value, or what I can contribute to this group?  It seems like we are moving in the direction of possibly a spiritual teacher—maybe I’m reading too much into it—but is that possible?  And if so, how can I assist in this process?

CHARLES:  This, too, is easy.  You have already planted the seed.  Now you need to nurture the seed that you have planted.  You simply continue to produce this product, this “author unknown” product, and to continue to do that.  As was told to you earlier, you need to have a conduit by which curious individuals can come to you.  What we wish you to do concerning this “Urantia Book group” is to write down your intentions.  Your intentions are important to clarify your projected personal intentions—you may have intentions for the group that are not in agreement with our own, or they may not be in alignment or agreement with the newcomers who come into it, and it may not be the good intention for all concerned.

We will guide you in your intention by saying we wish to nurture that in-house mystic group, who are seeking greater validation for their church’s authority and wisdom than simply by what is in their books and by the authority of their own organizational hierarchy.  This is not a revolutionary group; this is not an outspoken group; this is not a contrarian group.  This is simply addressing the needs of growing souls, who are not being fed and nurtured by the organization of the church.  You need not identify these things; you need not even state what I am saying, but simply let it come into existence and do so, so it is emotionally and socially safe for yourself, for your minister and for these visitors—I would not call them members, but visitors who begin to form your Urantia Book group.

We are offering you cautious optimism for this development.  We have seen great difficulty and great spiritual destruction come about through the fundamentalism of various religious belief groups.  We do not wish this to occur here, as this is the small, small development that is coming into existence in the global Christian Church.  We wish this to be nurtured and cared for, carefully, without your own personal wishes and agenda.  We know this is your intention and your will as well, because we hear that through your words.  We know that you want to protect the group against yourself, as well as feed you so you can feed the group.  We understand that and we will guide you.  Continue to minister with your Thought Adjuster in the mornings, concerning this issue.

Jim:  Thank you; that was very helpful.

CHARLES:  Please proceed.

A question on courage of convictions

Jim:  This has to do with courage.  (Pause)

CHARLES:  I would be glad to engage your question on courage.

Jim:  I have heard in my morning meditation, and it’s now become a reoccurring theme, that I need to have the courage of my convictions.  And I believe that I have been convicted by certain truths in my life that have been revealed to me, and I want to pursue those truths, but it seems that sometimes the task is a bit of a minefield.  So, how do you venture out into what you perceive as a minefield with courage?  I guess I’m saying that I don’t understand having the courage of my convictions.  What does that mean?

CHARLES:  It is very clear to us, what is involved.  You have spiritually revealed convictions, correct?  (Jim:  Yes.)  And they conflict with your commitments, your mortal organizational commitments.  You need to clarify this conflict in order to be free of the conflict, to move ahead constructively, positively and productively.  You spoke to me circumspectly, and so I answer you in like terms, but do you understand?

Jim:  I’m trying it on for size.  So, the minefield is the conflict that I have created?  (Charles:  Yes.)  So, to navigate the minefield, maybe I should just go around it?

CHARLES:  Your conflict is not much different than your friend’s.  He is deeply conflicted as well between his heart and his head.  You speak of the convictions from your heart; this is synonymous with his convictions of his heart, and your conflict is with the commitments of your mind that your mind has made with an earthly hierarchy and earthly organization—and earthly authority.  This is not to decide and die, but decide and conquer time.

Jim:  What can I do to increase my courage?

CHARLES:  Act on your convictions.

Jim:  (Laughing.)  I knew you were going to say that.  Okay.  I’m hearing that from all quadrants.

The mortal life is experiential

CHARLES:  This requires you to experientially proceed with your convictions—experientially.  You are a mortal living in material terms, and you live in a society where you perform materially in a social realm experientially.  The experiential success of your convictions, though in deep conflict, will give you courage and confidence to proceed even more.  As this one’s son told him concerning running, the greatest difficulty about running is getting out the front door.

Jim:  (Laughing.)  Or getting out of bed.  Okay, so then to act on your convictions—that goes along with The Urantia Book statement, “The act is yours; the consequences God’s.”  So for me, my courage comes from not concerning myself with the consequences but just simply the action?

CHARLES:  Yes.  There will be no progress on Urantia unless individuals do exactly that; not just one or two, but billions.

Jim:  Wow.  The consequences are God’s.  Okay, that’s my lesson for this year.  You know I could ask more, but I am so satisfied.  Susan, do you have any more questions?

Susan:  I don’t; I’m full and can’t wait to reread everything.

Jim:  Thank you so much; this is such a powerful day for us.  I can’t tell you how much I am pleased with the opportunity this day has afforded us.  Give our love to all of you guys; we are just so pleased to know you.

Susan:  Is there anybody else here that would like to say something?

CHARLES:  Yes, there is one who would like to speak to you.

Christ Michael’s commitment to his children of light in earthly form

CHRIST MICHAEL:  This is Christ Michael.  My light shines upon you, dear ones.  You are truly my children of light in earthly form.  I love you deeply and my commitment to you is unequivocal and unceasing.  My support of you is as generous and more so.  Know and realize that when you co-creatively engage us, I will provide all the resources of Nebadon to assist you for the completion of your goals that you set for these co-creative activities, no matter how minor or how great.  I will provide those resources to complete this fully.  You only simply need to ask for it and call it into being with the assistance of my hierarchy of light.  Do you understand this commitment I have made with you?

Jim:  Absolutely.

Susan:  Yes.

CHRIST MICHAEL:  Then let it be.  Rest in your heart and rest in your minds and in all of the morontial records of your life, that I have made this commitment to you.  Good day.