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Gorman; Light; Nebadonia; Charles; Jonathon; Elyon; Unknown - Sep 29 Thru Oct 27, 2013 - Six (6) Transcriptions - Lightline, North Idaho

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  • Transcript 1 - Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-09-26 - Teacher: Gorman, Nebadonia - T/R: Henry Zeringue
  • Transcript 2 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-09-29 - Teacher: Unknown, Gorman, Light - T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers
  • Transcript 3 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-10-06 - Teacher: Light - T/R: Henry Zeringue
  • Transcript 4 - Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-10-10 - Teacher: Charles, Light - T/R: Mark Rogers
  • Transcript 5 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-10-13 - Teacher: Jonathan, Unknown, Elyon - T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
  • Transcript 6 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-10-27 - Teacher: Jonathan - T/R: Cathy Morris

Transcript 1
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-09-26
Teacher: Gorman, Nebadonia
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Father/Mother God, thank you for this connection to the presence of spirit, all of us here together intertwined to this eternal circle of love. We are thankful for the opportunity to be here and interface again with higher consciousness and always and ready and responsible to put your will first in our lives, thank you.

Teacher Gorman: Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman, taking this opportunity to come in and share a few thoughts and say a few words, in particular about the concerns this evening, again, the concerns about the mortal transition to the next phase of your ascendent career which is the mansion worlds. The mansion worlds are those worlds in your local systems administrative capitol of Jerusem which circle one of the larger satellite spheres of Jerusem. These mansions worlds are listed from one to seven and there are residents on the actual large administrative sphere of Jerusem after the mansion world career.

The transition itself, the mechanism by which one is transmuted has to do first with your soul connection with the Indwelt Adjuster. In some instances it is not necessary to separate the Adjuster from the individual. In other instances it is necessary to separate the Adjuster from the individual and reunite the surviving mortal candidate with the Adjuster of its previous incarnation. From a human standpoint there is presumably a tremendous amount of uncertainty, a certain amount of unknowingness which precedes and endures in this time when a natural transition would occur in ones life, a somewhat non-traumatic transition but a transition in which takes place the end of the life cycle of the vehicle thereby releasing the human personality.

For the most part, and in terms of the actual transition, all effort is made by the universe to ensure a very safe transition, a transition which not only supports the individual in transition but also supports the initial introduction of the individual onto the next worlds of time and space. There is a certain protocol but in the initial stages of your arrival on the next world there is a grace period, a period of adjustment for those suffering from trauma whether it is the pain and depression of a recent or lengthy illness, the trauma of a traumatic and severely tragic transition. There are, as you are well aware of, many instances of transition which bear no precedent.

For the most part, the personality individual in transition is treated with the utmost care and respect, thereby insuring a very safe arrival and a period of adjustment. You may even be greeted by familiar friends and relatives who have preceded you to these worlds. Sometimes, for certain personalities, these are grand transitions, transitions which are anticipated from one on the other side to establish a continuity and connection with people. So in this transition from the world of origin to the mansion worlds, the individual begins to become aware of certain characteristic differences, differences in time, differences in thinking, differences in agendas, differences in tasks, not to mention the familiarity but the physical difference of the actual worlds themselves, the sense of grandeur and beauty, a sense of permanence, a sense an established culture established for countless millennia. One gets a sense of order and justice, a sense of friendliness, comradeship, sort of an extended large family, necessarily a community feeling.

As you transition from the world of origin to the worlds of space not very much changes with the personality crossing over. Pretty much of what you are thinking and where you are at in your spiritual development, continues on the other side, that does not change. What changes is the understanding, the looking back on events which have taken place on the previous life, the spiritual content of your experience, the spiritual content of the decisions you made. The resulting spiritual consequences of your life are examined in minute detail so that there is no doubt on the surviving personality of the awareness of your previous life, an understanding in a way in which you come to accept responsibility to grow into a greater understanding to therefore pursue you life now in a progressive spiritual quality.

So there are aspects of human thinking, linear aspects as they relate to time. Humans tend to think this way. They tend to see now as equally important as the past or future when in reality the past and future do not actually exist in reality. They exist in your mental construct of time. You are cognizant of what has transpired in a linear sense, you can go back  and plot events in history, in your own events, in your own make up and you can project decisions made today into results in the future. But the actual reality takes place in the present, in the now and this time is non-linear in the sense of that it has a non-motion, almost static like permanence that all relationships in time can be experienced at once.

This is what time is like on Paradise. It is eternal. In the strictest sense it is non-linear and all personalities have their own personal reference to the meter of time when in all actuality, all references of time can be experienced at once. This [is] the circle of eternity and even here and now on the evolutionary worlds of time and space, one is able to tap into the eternal nature of time. This is what the nature of stillness achieves, not only a thoughtless but conscious present, timeless present, the presence of the Thought Adjuster in the soul, this conscious awareness expands the moment-ness of now into the expanse of now, the potential and the possibility, the actuality and the consequence of now. In this aspect it is forever possible to tap into this non-linear time space and in doing so, tap into a non-linear way of thinking, a thinking which empowers the possibility and probability of the moment.

The mind is an interesting mechanism. The mind will focus on whatever you command it or intend for it to focus on. Many people choose not to live in the actual present moment, they choose to live somewhere past the moment and there is no value judgement attached to this, it is just obvious that people who live in a greater reference of the past will be those who hold on to a greater tradition of the past; the challenge is to move forward with a respect for the past and helping to mold the present in growing into the future. It is not possible for you to escape the linear-ness of time on the worlds of time and space. It is part of who you are but in those moments of controlling the mind, bringing it under a scrutiny of presence, it is possible to transcend momentarily from the linear reference of time to the expansive moment of time because in true stillness you are moving into the expansive moment of time. This is why some can sit indefinitely within the space of stillness because they are caught up in the expansion of the moment that solitude and quietness prepares the mind to experience.

It is when you leave the superuniverse in your full fledged spiritual selves and spirit self, when you enter upon the worlds of Havona do the thinking patterns of humanism lend themselves to the divine techniques of thought preparing the finaliter for the permanent reward of the finaliter which is Paradise attainment. And to make sure there is a quantum shift from the human thought apparatus to the quantum technique of divine thought, the finaliter passes through one billion worlds, thereby saturating the young spirit personality with the age old wisdom and knowledge of Paradise and perfected thought.

So the wisdom of the universe in preparing mortals for the perfect attainment of Paradise precedes in a way which insures that no shortcuts will be taken, that by the time you reach Havona you will begin to understand the reasons why things and relationships and negotiation precede in a certain correct and time tested fashion. The universe allows you to go all the way through your ascension career to the point of leaving the superuniverse before you are required to begin the progressive transition between the worlds of time and space and the perfect worlds surrounding eternity and Paradise. In retrospect, the first transition of a mortal human from the world of origin to the mansion worlds is as eventful as the transition from the perfect worlds of eternity to the shore of Paradise domain. One is at the beginning and one is at the end and in the life of a finaliter, both are as eventful, more eventful than the hundreds and hundreds of transitions a personality must endure to go from one end of the universe to the other end.

So the work of this universe age in the universe in which you live and the world of time and space upon which you live now, has to do with the initial spiritualizing of the animal mind and its consequential animal behavior and having the human come to a greater understanding of bringing this mortal animal creature into the rigors of spiritual consciousness, spiritual awareness to adoptive behavior which is not only not familiar on your world but has very little precedent in terms of the organized group of beings which exhibit such a spiritual reality on your world. In this respect you are truly the world of agondonters, those who must believe without seeing, those who are required to exercise their use of faith to approach such ideals as quality, happiness, lovingness.

It takes generations of pursuing these qualities, of being aware of their existence of the gradual nature in which man begins to adapt to this new found behavior, this behavior of consciousness. So what may begin in your own lifetimes continues in the lifetimes of others and will continue as the progressive momentum of the spiritual life begins to take a firm stronghold within the hearts and minds, the souls of the personalities of Urantia. It is certainly a surety that at one point in time it will reach a quorum, a critical mass if you will, in which the identity within consciousness will be just as normal as the language of mathematics or the language of words. In spirituality you move into the language of thought.

I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts this evening. Go in peace. I move forward to allow others who may care to join in this evening, thank you.

Nebadonia: Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Nebadonia, the representative of the Infinite Spirit in the universe of Nebadon in which you are a part of. I am here to share in the expressive joy in which my spiritual children, the angels, the sanobim, the cherabim, the seraphim, the guardian seraphim, respect in their beauty to the children of time and space, the hands of respect and care going into facilitating the transition of mortals from the world of their origin to the next worlds of time and space, the mansion worlds. My daughters work with the express purpose of insuring a most comfortable and transitional ease as human and spiritually possible. The only elements of fear and doubt and conflict reside within the human mind.

The functioning of my daughters, for the most part, work with enabling the humans to access a fearless transition, a transition in which they can relax and trust that they are being taken care of, that they will be brought to the exact place where they will arrive and awake from their transition and if need be, to recuperate, make transitional adjustments as necessary, all the while being facilitated by other spirit personalities whose express purpose is to attend to the arrival of the children of time and space. There will be a surprising joy upon the familiar recognitions of your life in the next world. You will sense with certainty a continuity which is the quality of mind to sense this urgent connection to what was on one side familiar into the other side which is increasingly revealing itself of its own present reality in which you will be a part of at that point.

And even in times where beings have to be held in such repose until the termination of an age and the resurrection in mass, even then all is insured that the personality does not endure the time consciousness of being held until being reconnected and reassembled on the worlds on high. There is no trauma nor stigma attached to the worlds of time and space when you arrive on those worlds beyond time and space and there will be an undertaking and understanding acquired to prepare you through the transition, the transition of adjustment between your previous life and its details and your current life on the other side which will take on an increasingly precedent in your future life.

So if it is at all possible to convey in words that a tremendously loving nature will embrace you in the transition, hopefully will help to insure you to trust in its presence and its reality and know that there is nothing outside of safety that exists in your transition. There will be not desperate rebels, no negatively aggressive alien race, no negligent or otherwise evil spirits to snatch your soul. The crude superstition of your world serves to stigmatize the otherwise normal and necessary transition from one realm to the next. Because there is not a tremendous understanding of this transition, yet on your world it does not necessarily bring the actual transition into question.

So, it is hoped that we have helped to give some peace of mind and some comfort to the human consciousness, the human mind as one considers this inevitable event as a reality in their lives. Go in peace my friends, may the circle of love embrace you, embrace you now in your worlds of time and space and into the eternity of your soul. Go in peace my friends and thank you.


Transcript 2
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-09-29
Teacher: Unknown, Gorman, Light
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Unknown: [Cathy] I am pleased to add to this discussion of the relation of body to spirit. The vehicle you have been provided is indeed complex and capable of many chemical reactions and variations in bio-chemical reactions and cellular activities. In your attempt to enhance function at cellular levels by providing the components needed for physical activity,  the combination of all elements in the diet is likely to provide a good result. Your physical bodies have developed to function on many levels and using many fuels in combination. Your scientists have experimented with mixed results in the area of food development. The original design for food on the planet has changed as can be expected on an experimental world.

Your task is to maintain your vehicle in a way that you can perform spiritual activities. Any component that separates you from the action of spirit is to be evaluated and considered as in need of elimination. You are the one with the awareness to accomplish this assessment. In the earlier discussion of physiology in the body, the mention was made of body cells creating compounds that can be detrimental to the whole organism. It would be to your benefit to eliminate all negative actions within your body. Spirit can function at all physical levels but it functions best in a clean, clear body. [The tone of this was from a scientist preceded by a chinese symbol.]

Gorman: [Henry] Greetings this morning, it is I, Gorman here to honor this platform you have presented. Thank you for the discussion this morning. There is a tremendous amount of material, which to digest, would maybe bring us a little closer to understanding. It is always good to have a base reference for the will of God. What I mean by this is that when you come to an ideological dilemma, a conflict in ideation, it is often best to refer to the will of God for this is the nudge in the appropriate direction, this is what will sway the decision.

There is not always a black and white resolution in issues in this time and space universe and even on your world. What may be in vogue and proper, legislation in one generation may be heinous to another generation and incorrect politically, all the while you are having a sense that something really matters here, something is really important because you get to decide the fate of someone who does not act in your stead. It is interesting to note that when a situation arises and you need guidance and inspiration, it is always good to have a working understanding of the Father's will in your tool-bag.

As it is and as it works itself out, there is no singular decision or explanation to explain the Father's will. The Father's will is like love and truth, it depends upon the individual to express it. Just [as] in your mental conflict of ideology, this is an individual thing and questions of ideology may arise as one face in one generation and may arise as another face in a different generation. Aren't there egregious and wise men who in your own generation said that laws should only be enacted for several generations, that the principles by which you live by may not be the principles that someone else is to live by? In the ideology, differentiation of your political boundaries on the planet, this makes it much more difficult to come to some global ideology about how everyone should live. So what you start doing is, you start out on the outer edge curtailing activities which are globally detrimental.

The other part of this argument is the part and the whole of which we have had numerous transmissions reflecting the nature of the part and the whole and how much sway the whole has in breaking down a part to become consistent with the whole; then, how certain parts impart flavor, impart character and impart decision to the whole. So, at every turn there are always at least two ways to look at something. Herein is the conflict of ideology and the conflict of indecision. In your ability to love everything you love what is not good. You love what is not good because on some level you have a sense, a spiritual sense of the value and necessity of each soul in their own right no matter how they live their lives as humans.

But in the human social arena, your ideology yearns for a consistency, an easement in which everyone is allowed full and complete expression of themselves as long as this expression does not inflict upon the rights of another individual. The spiritual universe is not here to tell you what you can and cannot do for it is not necessarily the choice of the spiritual universe to even instruct on such information. This is purely a social planetary issue upon which intelligence has been rendered the fore-bearer of your personality for the whole of the planet. The universe will live with whatever choice, in what every generation decides upon, as a guiding principle, as a working model of the Father's will. This is the best I can offer you this morning.

There is no correct ideology, there is only the one that works for everyone. You live in a society where some people are flexible and some people are not flexible. Whatever proportion of society come to any understanding, you have an equal and opposite portion of society that is going to take you to task. This is just the way it is on your world. To weld these two separate metals is the challenge. What do you use to weld or meld two completely different substances? Well, look at what spirit does to meld the human personality and consciousness into some divine presentation; the human must undergo a transformation of substance. You must become less animal substance and more spiritual substance.

As you are now restraining some on the planet that have taken a negative path, you may be called upon to determine if all will allowed to continue in the case of increasingly limited resources. The planet itself may be a deciding factor in this deliberation. Your task is to remain in love and connection with your Inner Guide and act with compassion. It will indeed be a great challenge in the times ahead.

Charles: [Cathy] I would enter the discussion of interacting on this planet with persons exhibiting aberrant behavior. This is indeed a decimal planet, a broader range of development both on the physical level and in social and spiritual action. The reason we include this experimentation is to develop new action of spirit. Included in this process is the possibility of freewill action of a not so spiritual nature. The Father has allowed for this in His plan. You are presented with a seeming contradiction between love and proper social action. It is only your limited perspective that creates this great tension. All growth works for the good and God is the Ultimate Source. You may be called upon to assess if good is being brought forth by individuals and if it is beneficial to the one for them to remain in capability of free action.

Light: [Cathy] I have participated with many members of the group recently in playing with light. It is encouraging that you have all made small attempts in this project. Your very awareness that there is the possibility for manipulating light is a huge step in the process. We have just begun this journey and each step leads to new possibilities. I encourage you to continue to take a step as it presents itself to your mind. We are surrounded with opportunities. I love you all in your openness to the possibility.

Charles: [Mark] Hello friends, I arrive today in response to a heartfelt question and concern that was put on the table and I would not turn away from an opportunity such as this, leaving such a petition unaddressed. I will restate the question for the record and that was: How is it that one groups transmissions and messages are not mirrored so distinctly by another group? I would attempt to make an analogy to demonstrate some of the principles involved.

You all have some vague knowledge of how atoms react and form in your chemical world and that some particles may have a certain charge to them which then attracts to them certain other particles which are inextricably combined and bound by virtue of the charge held by the individual particle. If you expand this concept, it applies individually and directly to each one of you, to each group, to each religion, to each culture and sect and various individual distinctions you may apply. Each one of you are as your own individual particle, again, a part of the whole and each one of you maintains a certain charge which attracts to itself those items which are responsive to that charge. You literally clothe yourselves, each and everyone, from all the potential aspects out there, those which are cohesive and will readily bond with your idealism, your awareness, your perceptions. Each one of you draws to yourself that which is compatible and in this way you assemble to yourself the uniqueness of your particle, your individual self by how all these different other attributes are drawn to you and attached to you and in the end become part of you.

So in this way, each individual, each group, each nation draw to themselves those things which they would identify with, relate to and somehow combine with in the process. This is the normal and natural state of evolution, things growing, attaching themselves to other things, combining to make unique individual structures throughout. When considering why it is that one group may be delving in one direction while another group is delving in another, consider that there are these interactive particles. I submit to you that the curriculum for the group is largely driven by the group. Those individuals therein are charged with a certain charge which attracts to them certain corresponding frequencies.

I submit to you all that you are the ones in the drivers seat largely when it comes to the lesson plans, the interests that are pursued, the questions that are tendered. The direction of the learning has always been allowed to be guided by those individuals willing to do the learning. You are the ones with the charge attracting to yourselves those elements which will come and bind with you. However, I submit to you as further proof of this, that even though lessons may be delivered to different arenas through different sources, by different means, over different time periods, nevertheless I call you to witness that those of you who are inclined to be attracted to such teachings have found them, that there is no real distinction in the lessons being delivered, rather the distinction is in the student.

The lessons are all out there for your pleasure, all out there for you to consider, for you to decide whether or not you will bring them in and make them part of your individual particle of the whole. It is not that they are kept from you or directed in any way so that some may have and some may have not; all who desire may have to the limit of their capacities. It is not that we on our side are structuring that this group shall be holders of this information and that group shall be custodians of that. Our information is provided free to all who may come, is willing to be poured into any cup that is offered. Therefore it is up to you as the individual students to pursue that which you will, to attract to yourselves that which you will and understand that it is all provided for you, it is all there for you as an individual to choose, or not. None of it is required absolutely 100% as a result of your freewill volunteer effort.

And so, consider that it is not about lines and divisions as your mind is apt to see of Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, this group or that group and other distinctions that you would delight in making. The only real distinctions valid are to be made on an individual basis by those individuals and what they are ready to embrace, what they are willing to embrace, what energy they have to devote to the process and what capacities they have developed in the process. These individual factors are the deciding factors in who gets what and where this information may go. You see certain groups who come together who are charged similarly and who bond together for this very purpose, that they are in a similar place with similar capacities, with similar interests and similar awarenesses.

All this is good and well and there is much support to be garnered from support groups that you join along the way but in the end, mistake not, no group, no larger portion of the whole will decide for you what you embrace, what you learn, what you deny, what you perceive and what you are willing to embrace in the process throughout. They may only offer you some structure that has worked for others within the group but it will be up to you to adopt and embrace such a structure and to utilize it for your own individual purposes. In the end, you largely do get out in proportion to what you put into the process and anything that your heart desires has been made available for you, if not through this forum then through others but it exists and if the charge on your being is so strong, you will no doubt attract that aspect to yourself because you are ready to assimilate it and bring it in and take it on.

So fear not that there appear to be these distinctions between messengers, between messages, between geographic zones, between times and places. All that has transpired has all been presented for your benefit in whatever time you may happen to experience it, in whatever capacity you may be at that time. When you are ready, all that you have want of will flow to you as easily and effortlessly as you have witnessed many things flow to you.

I believe that concludes my remarks today. It is always a pleasure to see the charge worked up in this group as discussion fosters curiosity and the desire to know and to learn and even to be. It is always a great pleasure to work with individuals who are charged because in a very real sense you are in motion and easily directed. All this is as a result of your desire and your freewill choice to make it so which is the sacred thing you bring to the equation and I offer you my gratitude for the offering of your sacred choice to be here now. I wish you all a good day and will join you again, thank you.

Nebadonia: [Cathy] My children I embrace you in love as you ponder these possibilities.  You are aware that we have a plan for bringing the planet back into proper relation with our Universe.You have been given the challenge of bringing yourselves into alignment with the Father's Will. Your Father and I uphold you and encourage you in this activity.  It all begins with you, bringing yourself into alignment and lighting a path back to the original intention for a world of love and light.  We will hold your hand as you take these first steps.  We will be with you as you begin to run, it is a parent's joy.


Transcript 3
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-10-06
Teacher: Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Light: Greetings this morning, it is I, Light, showing my presence in the request for more light, better light, optimum light, clear white light, here I am, my pleasure to be with you here this morning. I particularly was interested in the analogy brought forth about seeing things in a certain light or more specifically, to be able to see things in the light, when the light has singled something out, not necessarily out of the darkness but singled something out which you are not quite conscious of, to bring it to bear in your consciousness and thinking.

Light is a tremendous phenomenon. Light contains elements which can alter and shift and transform. Light can bring things into view. This is one of the physical aspects of light and on a human level, spiritual analogies to light are quite similar to this physical analogy of light. Light can also shine upon things which are kind of in the background of your consciousness, bringing them forward for your perusal, for your edification. All the while light is intending to bring your awareness to bear upon your present situation, that light may be able to show you a way to deal more effectively and efficiently in a spiritual sense with human situations because this is the intention and purpose of light. It not only illuminates but it heals, it brings everything unto its frequency, its resonance. Light brings things to its command. As a human you can become a light bearer or an anchor for light, a beacon of light.

We have spent many discussions dealing with the healing abilities of light, the expressed intentions of individuals and especially the person being treated, that they are completely conscious and aware of what is going on to express as was expressed today, that they clear the path and come to a place in their own thinking, in their mind, in their willful decision to allow light to proceed forward where humans cannot tread, to take the place of the repetitive ambiguity of the mind to the preciseness, the all encompassing clarity of the moment in which light coalesce in aligning all of the elements properly that they may now move into healing.

In a certain sense, physical abnormalities are sort of like a congestion. Things get slowed down and then they stop and start bumping into each other and you get kind of clogged up. Light realigns the elements that are not moving and it helps them to move forward or to move, not in any one particular direction but just move, to change, to shift. In all of the scenarios, the consistency about aligning your will, about allowing this to happen, about grounding yourself in the belief that these things are truly possible, it is tremendously difficult from your end to understand that all things begin as light and as light extends itself and turns into energy and energy turns into form and matter and form and gets down to the level where you are, you are locked into a physical psychosomatic condition as a human. You don't understand the clarifying principles of light necessarily. It's not on your everyday agenda. You feel things, you think about things that you feel and many of you actually make them worse by your thinking about them and the way that you think about them, your worrying and the way that you hold them.

But light is an intention from the divine universe which is pure and unadulterated. One day you will wake up and have become a fully fledged being of light. This will not happen automatically. It is something that is earned step by step, beginning where you are now, being aware of what light is. There is a certain amount of heat involved with light at your level. It is the practical nature of light, it comes from your sun which is a glowing burning orb. You can feel it when you go outside when it is light. But the light that is in your mind, the light that enlightens is not the same light. Similar qualities, I would say it is my sister, yet divine light is pure reality of God's presence, presence of the Divine, the Divine mandate of perfection and when something is perfect as Divine light is, it is incorruptible. This is why the qualities of Divine light are the same in Paradise as they are on Urantia.

The amount of light is different but your world is growing into the light more and more every day and it is tremendously helpful to have groups such as yours who are intent and willful to accommodate and utilize the light in creative ways for you to begin to understand the nature of light, its qualities. I could say, do not underestimate light but I would rather say, experience the full potential of light. There is no situation whether it is physical, internal, whether it is group related, social, that cannot be affected by light. Light will affect everything it encounters.

In this respect, light is very much like its divine counterpart, love. True love is also incorruptible and there is no situation that love cannot affect and you start combining these divine elements of love and light and pretty soon you will begin to comprehend the divine dimension of Paradise. The thing about both light and love is that their affect and their result are both immediate. It is in this immediacy that they can be more fully understood.

So continue your projects with light. Continue to support its application and continue to experience the effects, the results of the applications of light and love. This is all I have to say this morning. I thank you for allowing me these few thoughts, go in peace.

Transcript 4
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2013-10-10
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for this meeting place of all these beings of light who come together as moths to the flame and there are spiritual lessons to be offered, taken in and brought into our own individual selves to increase our awareness because that is the goal Divine Parents, the increasing of our awareness, the discovery of what is. That's all we are here to do, simply uncover and discover those aspects that we know not at this time. Thank you for help in this process as we come to you in times like this and petition your assistance. We have been so greatly rewarded for such efforts. We understand that you are there to support us and help us. This has become part of our awareness as a result of our experience with you. We would activate that portal once again and come to you now, return to the well with you where we might drink deeply of the cup that you would offer us to further understanding and perhaps greater awareness as a result. Let it be so, even now.

Charles: Hello my friends, fellow sojourners on the spiritual path, I am Charles and I delight in an opportunity once again to mingle with you and to join in with you in the flow of your thought patterns, the flow of your thinking as you have so generously offered of these currents. I would attempt to ride them now with you. There was but one question really tendered among all of you, one deeper question from which all other questions spring and that is: Born of expectation, born of inspiration, the question always is and forever more, what is next and how can I be a part of it? What is about to happen, are all things occurring as they should? Am I in the right place at the right time? Are my efforts being directed properly? Am I gaining perspective and awareness throughout this process? The same question takes many different paths and tangents. Are we in training? What is before us as a result of such training? May we ask others for assistance and advice and help? Are the plans for the betterment of the universe throughout these various missions that are unfolding still unfolding? And how will we know them, how will we interface with them, what will they be like?

This is such an admirable part of human nature, this desire to seek for what is out there beyond your realms of perception on the other side of your boundaries of observation. And so it is you come to meetings such as this over and over again, seeking what is next, what is next for you individually and what is next for the collective, for the whole because you sense that there is great change afoot. Not only have you been told plainly by those who you have sought counsel from in the spiritual realm, but you feel it inside, internally, because you are a part of it. You are a part of the whole which is changing and moving continually. And so it is normal and natural for you to feel unsettled as a part of this gigantic movement which is happening.

But side by side with that, it is quite possible for you to as well, feel connected to the gigantic movement as a whole, to feel part of the entirety of it all and in this way take great comfort and solace for when you truly embrace this truth, that is, bring it in and make it part of your awareness and activate this truth in your lives with faith, then you are truly enveloped in all that is changing around you. As the part, as the fragment, you also have personal responsibility for individual growth and progression and movement in the direction of the Divine. So as a part, there is still a role that you must play individually. The guiding of the fragment towards perfection, back towards the whole, this is your job and responsibility. If this one responsibility were mastered, then all these other questions about the what if, the when and the how would all fall into place quite normally and naturally as they do when you arrive at a greater place of awareness.

You see much of the tension that you may sense about impending change may be a reflection to you that none shall escape this change, that everyone must navigate their own craft through it and be responsible for their own passage. This does not represent a fearful challenge to the believer. This only represents a joyous journey to one who has sufficient awareness and demonstrates sufficient faith. To these seekers, the upcoming changes will be used as catapults to propel you further and further. To those who have sufficient awareness to realize that this is the movement of the Divine, the motion that is sacred in moving you forward is change. The sooner you are able to embrace this for what it is, the easier your journey will become, the more rewarding, the more satisfying, the more peaceful.

You see, another mortal trait that you grapple with in your evolution is thinking that you have things figured out, that things are settled in your awareness, you've got it down and you don't need any more help. Those thought patterns are indeed an obstacle to any openminded consideration of what change has to bring for you. So I encourage you all to follow the Master's suggestion and look at life as if through the eyes of a trusting child, not one who is silly but one who is trusting in the unfolding of what their Divine Parents has in store for them, as one who has the faith and trust in a family that is the whole and realizes that they are a part of such a family and having such trust, it enables them to rest comfortably in the journey, to be at peace with the process which very often involves what we refer to as change here today.

So I invite you all to be at peace with the questions of your heart about change, about what's coming, about help that may be offered, about the unfolding of the future and to look at it and see it with the eyes of a trusting child, to see what their Divine Parents would unfold for them in this process and be ever-willing to see change as the energy needed to move forward, out beyond what is already embraced to a new level where you may embrace more. This is the only way for you to get there, is to allow that you may do it, to allow that it is normal and part of the process of change, that you should embrace greater and greater awareness, that you will and change is how it comes to you. Be not afraid to let go of those things which seem so constant in your life in favor of those things which can catapult you into new awarenesses. In the swinging through a forest, one must let go of one vine and grab another to make any progress through the forest. You must constantly be willing to let go of life's lessons that brought you thus far in order to grab on to the new ones which can propel you even further.

I will take this opportunity to say yes and yes and yes to all your questions. Yes, you may feel free to petition help from any beings that you may be aware of. Yes, plans which are underway are progressing quite well. Yes, you are being trained and there is a mission at hand for which you are being trained and yes, all of these fascinating nuances that you encounter of spiritual expression are all related, are all part of the same whole. There is nothing that you can contact which is outside of this whole. All things are reflections and fragments and parts of this gigantic continuum.

So trust that you too are part of this and you will be led and guided and it will be up to you to extend your faith, to move forward in trust and to gather to yourself greater and greater awarenesses that you may then personalize and realize in your life for this is the process and you are in it up to your necks, surrounded by it. So do not consider that it can go on without you, that somehow you will be forsaken for such is not possible.

Thank you for the opportunity to weave some threads in with yours, bring some more thought patterns in to coincide with yours. It is a pleasure to be given this opportunity and I delight in it each time I am granted it. I now will relinquish this space in honor of others and I thank you once again for your attention, good day.

Light: Hello friends, Light here. It is my pleasure to come among you and seize on one of the details mentioned this evening and that instance is the instance of acting as a light anchor. I bring this up in your presence tonight because each and every one of you are such a light anchor and the more you bring this into your awareness, the more you expand your faith to encompass this truth, the more effective you will be in the process. Each one of you knows that where you are, there exists a core of energy and that around you, things happen. This is a demonstration of your core of light that you bring to the equation. Wherever you are, whenever you are, there is a conduit, a portal you might call it, that is channeled to you and runs through you on its way to distribution out beyond you. This is what it is in real terms to be a light anchor. The focal point that is used to direct energies from on high, to funnel them through your being and channel them as your will so desires.

This is where you come into play as the reflective lens and where you can direct the energies. To those who are in greater awareness, there is a purpose around such an existence, and not only are you there in ability to tap into divine light but you are also there with the ability to tap into the mortal framework, the mortal consciousness, the mortal and material reality becomes directly influenced and infused with energy through conduits such as yourselves. In this way, there are those who become healers, there are those who become great artists, many become ministers, many act in service in response to this sacred ability that you are given to be a conduit for such divine energy into such a material existence. Truly, many are turned to ministry of many forms when they realize the sacred nature of such a connection and a sacred opportunity provided by your very existence on such a plane as you inhabit.

So if it is true, and it is, that you have access to divine energies flowing right to you and if it is true that you have the ability to direct these energies, to focus them, to harness them and to employ them for the benefit of moving the mortal dimension towards the divine, then that is your sacred mission, that is your privilege, your honor, to be able to act in such a position and what makes this position truly effective is the awareness of you the participant for I can tell you of the truth of this: You can even know the truth of this but until you decide to execute your freewill choice, to harness your faith and to make it so, nothing can happen.

You truly are the switch that allows this divine light that is coming to you, to move through you and your freewill choice is the finger on that switch. This is the gift that you can give back for being part of such a magnificent circuit. This is your opportunity to employ the measures at hand over which you have jurisdiction in gratitude for those who have given you these opportunities. In honor of who you are and towards the cause of your divine parents, you can execute your choice and move in that direction, infuse the circumstance with divine love. This is a sacred gift that you have to give, a gift which no one else but you may give and so I honor your choices, each one, your being here tonight, your desire to be the best you can be, do the most you can do. These are sacred intentions and are cherished by your Divine Parents.

It is always a great pleasure of mine to stop by and remind you that you are beings of light, focal points of light, directors of light. Light is your stock and trade, you generate it, you direct it, you receive it, you employ it, you infuse it into your surroundings and I tell you this and you must take it on faith and you do, another sacred gift you give to your Divine Parents. So know that you are honored and loved and cherished for the fragment that you are, the part of the whole. Without you we are not complete. Go out and act in joy that you are aware of this association you have with light and play with it, give it away, bathe others in it, demonstrate it in your daily lives, offer it to your fellows and become known as a purveyor of light, one who deals in light for this is who you are and it is only up to you to have awareness that this is so
but I delight in telling you it is so nevertheless.

Thank you all for assembling around this pillar of light created. I now relinquish the platform unless there would be any dialog or questions. . ..pause...I trust there is much for you to consider this evening. I thank you all for joining and would bid you all have a safe journey as you move forward in anticipation of change, of growth, of expansion of awareness and of a peace throughout the process since you are coming to fully understand and be aware of your association of the part that you are of the whole. Go in peace and in love, farewell.

Transcript 5
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-10-13
Teacher: Jonathan, Unknown, Elyon
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello to all my friends, I would honor your request and join you in this gathering of light. Truly it is a gathering of light beings and you are all shining so brightly today, generating your own light from within. It is not just about directing the light from on high, it is also about what can be generated from within, spontaneous generation of light. You are all little incubators of light of your own which you may use to donate to the cause, the cause of your choosing.

I have enjoyed this mornings discussion about various aids to the process of achieving more spiritual latitude and it is true, there are many who have come up with many methods and techniques that all may seem to tickle you or entice you because they are all strumming a certain string that is involved in the entire instrument, they touch on an aspect of the greater instrument and so it is that they feel as though they vibrate in harmony with the universe because they are a part of the whole, an aspect of the entirety and they can be found in tones and they can be found in words, they can be found in sincere demonstrations of faith throughout. They are what, those who have come before you have discovered, touches on an aspect in the great harmony that is the whole.

And so it is always intriguing and fun to go out and see what your brothers and sisters have discovered, what works for them, what tweaks their fancy, what peaks their interest when they have been searching for spiritual aspects and components and see if you can as well, identify or relate to what others have sensed about these different tools, these different avenues of approach that you discover for if there is some validity in all these methods and all these approaches, they have been discovered by those before you and you may resonate with any individual aspect as you may so choose.

But likewise, one should never dismiss the magnitude of importance that an approach or a method or an avenue may bring to another because all these different avenues of approach are various fragments of the whole that may be grasped by any individual. Therefore should one grow to appreciate the distinctions and the differences that come before you as you make your way through these many many opportunities.

I sincerely appreciate always your thinking of me. Know please that I think of you as well. I consider you my closest associates and I appreciate your extension of such love in my direction. I honor the platform here today and would now withdraw to allow the presence of others. It is indeed my greatest pleasure to be here with you. Thank you all.

Unknown: [Cathy] [I have a contribution in the form of an unknown Chinese symbol.] I am returning to add a thought to your discussion. In my meditations at your mortal level, I found the energy created is a tool to be manipulated and expanded for healing and spiritual expansion. I was a solitary mortal for much of my experience. The ability to focus on energy and the component of light is a skill that is capable of refinement and enrichment. The action of intention is an ability to increase the intensity and [amount of light] that you are capable of allowing in and focusing out of your being. You are the tool that is to be developed and used with light.

Elyon: [Mark] Good morning friends, I come to visit once again to who I consider some very old friends, I am Elyon and my heart is warmed by such a gathering, true comrades who have been in pursuit of spirit for some time. I know this as I was there from the beginning. It was my distinct privilege and pleasure to work with this group in its very beginning stages, to open so many doors and to go down so many paths and to go up so many peaks together. Truly we will all remember this relationship as being so influential and informative for all of us. It is the unique gift one gets when they invest themselves in relationship.

I must say that my heart is indeed warmed to witness the extension of your faith you provide to allow for your continued relationship with Jonathan. It is a supreme demonstration of faith and one that is looked upon with some awe as are many demonstrations offered by mortals of the realm. It is most impressive when it is most sincere and heartfelt and that is what we witness in a case such as this. I call you all to witness the rewards for such an offering of faith are immense, that you are all able to count in your lives the significance and magnitude that you have received as a result of your venturing out in spirit.

And so, the universe awaits your requests, awaits your desires to be made known so that it can move to facilitate and focus to generate that which you would direct. It is an honor and a privilege to be still a part of such a group who are still in such sincere pursuit of higher truths that it simply cannot be denied them. That is what happens when you bring the deepest of your faith to the table. It simply can't be denied of you, your heart's desire to know and learn and be, rather all manner of assistance may be channeled and funneled in your direction and you may choose to focus and utilize this energy as you so desire.

It is with great respect that I honor the occasion of a meeting such as this. It is my pleasure to bring my energy signature in once again and rub spiritual elbows with you. And now, I would allow this space to be used for others but I leave my love and a print of my affection for you all. I am deeply fond of this group. Thank you for that relationship, I bid you all farewell.

Transcript 6
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-10-27
Teacher: Jonathan
T/R: Cathy Morris

Jonathan: I am pleased to affirm that your "knowing" is correct about the exercise to increase your use of light and your personal frequency. We have known that light and love are from our Source. We have felt the connection with all of life. We are moving to a new use of our skills to project this light and love into the field around us, overlapping and filling the world with a blanket of light. This is the way of the Father, this is His will. This will bring correction to this planet. I am involved in helping other personalities on this side make the connection with mortals as they reach out for guidance and support. We are involved in a very exciting process. Please continue to practice with light and develop your skills. The challenges have just begun. Know that I am with you all and cherish our connection.

The following is the aforementioned excerpt from a book by Penney Peirce in her book, Leap of Perception:

Find Your Center, Feel Your Field

1. Close your eyes and quiet yourself.  Breathe in and out easily, with a regular rhythm.

2. Focus your attention on the geometric center of your head.  Imagine a small opening of diamond light there in the exact center, about as big as a pea.  It is radiating light in all directions. Keep your attention focused on the light as it expands spherically through your brain and into the space around you.

3. Focus your attention on the center of your chest in your heart chakra, or in the exact center,about as big as a pea.  It is radiating light in all directions.  Keep your attention focused on the light as it expands spherically through your whole body and into the space around you.

4. Focus your attention at the tip of your tailbone, in your first or root chakra, about as big as a pea.  It is radiating light in all directions.  Keep your attention focused on the light as it expands spherically through your whole body and into the the space around you.

5. Let the three spheres of light and energy merge into one.  Feel your body as the center of this aura, or personal field of consciousness-and-energy.  Let the spherical field expand through space as far as feels comfortable.  Let yourself experience how everything you are aware of is inside your field.