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Seth Speaks - Who I Am and Where I Am Now - Sep 01, 2013 - RB, York, PA
Setting the Record Straight, Who I am and Where I am Now
York, PA
September 01, 2013

Seth Speaks: I am a Secondary Midwayer released from Urantia shortly after I completed my series of books with Jane Roberts and several other analysts of the psychological schools I also lectured in through other trance mediums.

When I say “released”,  that happened on the Passover of 1985 by Michael of Nebadon so that I could humanize on the mansion worlds, there received a Thought Adjuster, and I then fused in about five of your earth years from then and now reside on Mansion World Number Four.  Here I study psychology and other mind thinking to understand the way humans think and how they gain control of their lives enough to have a Thought Adjuster speak to them.

I have a particular interest in those who read my books in the 1970;s when I was “hot” and sold millions of copies of books of my teachings.  In those books I often mentioned reincarnation, but I now understand I was barking up the wrong tree.  It is far more complicated than that and I have been asked to cease my work for now with you, Ron.  It is a tricky time on Urantia right now and I am happy to have heard you think, “why do they not look at the archives for the questions they ask about spirit and spirit teachings?”  I wholeheartedly agree and wish you all well.  I am not allowed to speak much for now since the world you live on is ready to go “bust”, and I must refrain any further speculation.  Good night.

Seth of Jane Roberts who transmitted for many a book.