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Charles, Mighty Messenger and Manager Magisterial Mission' Jonathan; Thea Harding - Michael - Continuing with This Process - Jun 23, 2013 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-06-23
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Michael, Thea
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles. I would like to seize on a thought concept to work with this morning, that being the one of attempting to strive for divine pattern because this phrase so succinctly lends itself to describing your  journey, the mission before you, your purpose here and even your destination. It can be said that throughout your ascension career you will be constantly striving to find divine pattern, to emulate divine pattern, and in the process, to become divine pattern. So this notion of striving to look for and find and become the highest of your ideals, what the most divine perception may be, this truly constitutes the goal of eternity, the ascension career before you wrapped up into a few words.

Along this journey, along this eternal path you will be continuing to perfect this process of striving for divine pattern, of seeking for it with each step, with each choice, at every turn and of finding it surely and certainly as you seek it. This should build your faith, should build your strength and resolve in the process, that you do in fact continually and unceasingly find that which you seek in this process. If you search for divine pattern it is certainly presented to you to be chosen as one of your options. I just wanted to utilize this thought pattern because it is so short and sweet and to the point of what can be considered the purpose you are here, the mission you are on. The focus to undertake the process and the destination all can be derived and referred to by this simple statement.

Thank you for your interactions before these sessions. They provide much content from which we may draw and present thought concepts that are in the flow with your thought concepts. I now make allowance for others in this forum. I bid you all have a good day, farewell.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Jonathan here by virtue of the thought being entertained that I might. What a beautiful morning to be associated with the likes of all of you again. I would pick up the topic of conflicts and the challenges they are and whether or not they are preparation for future conflicts. I would say simply that all experiences are preparations for future ones. This is the process of learning. You encounter something, you navigate your way through and as a result, next time you are better prepared, better trained to encounter the obstacle and the smoother and easier it gets to overcome it each time.

So this continuing process applies to all manner of life and living; all circumstances and experiences are part of this great learning process of storing up the information one derives from having encountered an experience and feeling better prepared and trained for the next time around. All this is good and true and right, but I invite you to consider remaining in the posture of the student throughout the process even though you all are in training and becoming accomplished students, nevertheless, to remain with the eager desire of the student is what is to be cherished and fostered throughout the experience because it is quite normal and natural, that after having several repeated similar experiences, the experience grows dull, one grows weary of the repeated experience and therefore one precludes the opportunity for new and different results. In this way one can entirely miss the experience at hand, thinking that they have already encountered it a number of times before, and, it will turn out exactly the same. Why then devote any energy to it or look at it through a new lens?

But this is one of the keys to maintaining a positive learning stature, to realize that simply because you are once again engaged with a similar circumstance that this time it is in the moment of now, this time there are opportunities and chances which are unique to this circumstance, this moment of time. Therefore does one, by remaining the eager student, glean the most out of all these life experiences. Whether they are more routine or whether they are unusual and different, they could all be treated the same as the unique opportunities that they are for learning and growth.

So while you are on the one hand becoming well trained and seasoned veterans in life's experiences and how to approach them, I bid you all consider at each juncture, looking again and afresh with new eyes into the circumstance and seeing what that moment in time brings as its gift of grace to you. Make every attempt to not simply go through life on playback, over and over again with the same responses and the same encounters with reality but attempt to see life as being freshly recorded as a first time live take and allow yourself to be creative in that moment, perhaps as you have never been before and I assure you, that moment will be a unique start, not a repeat of a past performance, but a unique live encounter.

It brings me such intense pleasure to be allowed this opportunity, this gift of grace, my being here with you in this form. I am honored and touched to be considered and to be allowed to approach you in this way. It means a great deal to me and I am grateful to all of you for embracing me. Enjoy this new day with a fresh start and perhaps even for a little while, see all things through the eyes of the eager student, that you can remember who you were and know who you are. Recall the sensation of newness and beginnings and have a fresh perspective and your day simply cannot be ordinary but would move into the extraordinary. Let it be so. My love to you all. I bid you all be in peace, good day.

Michael: [Cathy] I wish to join you in the effort to focus light on situations of darkness. My children, you are designed to live in light and love. You have been brought to this higher awareness through your own efforts of growth. You have reached out for a new expansion of your understanding and capacity. Your Mother and I have watched the development and growth every step along the way. It is indeed your purpose to find divine pattern and become more divine. It is often a stretch at this point of your journey to see the divinity you are becoming. On this world, focus has been on the basic animal needs and ways of thinking. I challenge you to see beyond this level of existence. I challenge you to expand your expectations, to search for the divine pattern as it is presented for your choosing. As you make the choice to become more divine, the next choice will be easier to discern. The next choice will seem more an aspect of reality. The next choice of divine pattern will be what is called a 'no-brainer'. You will encounter less resistance and move freely to the will of the Divine Father. Let this be your path in this life. Let this be your path to follow on your future path. I am always available to help you my children at each step. Let me help you and together we will live the Father's will, together we will change the world around us. It will be my greatest joy.

Thea: [Cathy] I am most pleased to be given the opportunity to join this circle of love and light. I realize that conflict has arisen over this communication. As I look from this side, I revel in this form and process. It is heartening to know that our efforts follow into the next level from these humble beginnings. Please take all opportunities in your first life. I love and cherish you all.