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Bertram and Malcom Collection- Oct,01, 1998 - Oct-Dec1998 - Cambridge, Canada

Collection from Cambridge,Ontario, Canada



T/R: Tara Logan

October 20 - December 29, 1998



First Transmission Received from Teacher Bertram/tr. Tara - October 20, 1998


Q. Can I hear and write truth? Will it be the truth and how can I know? What is happening in the TEACHING MISSION on Urantia today? Am I to play a part in all of this? 


A. “Fruits of the Spirit,” my child! I am Bertram, your teacher. Welcome, child of God! You are blessed and called. Do not fear, we are with you now and always. There is a work to do for all of us. You are already a part, now.


Little one, know that we will guide and help you, as you so desire to do and to follow the Father’s will. Christ Michael has set in action, in motion, a plan to bring Light and Life to Urantia in the days, in the years, in the eons of time ahead.


You need not fear, we are here. Urantia is in good hands. The Teaching Mission is going forward. Many are being called and if you so desire, you can be of service to your new found group. Many hands make light work. The service we do will be a blessing to all. You can serve right where you are, in your own arena on Urantia.


Little one, keep an open heart and your eyes focussed on Christ Michael, His life, His teachings, His work. Your answer to truth is found in your search, in the teachings you have been taught. Trust in your heart, the pearl of great price you have found.


Be strong, little one, in the truths you have found, in the goodness of God, in the beauty of all His creations, for this, my child, is your reality and in truth your destiny.


Welcome, my little one, into the family of God, of which we are all a part, each one called to do our part in the service of the Father, in the service of Christ Michael, in service to your brothers and sisters on Urantia.



October 21, 1998


Oh little ones, hear our plea. You must make ready for the times to come. We are with you and will guide you always and ever more. Trust and have faith, for you will not fail. Be humble and know that you are loved and guided in all that you now set your heart to do. We are with you and will not let you stumble.


Dire Correcting Times are approaching Urantia. Be ready, be faithful, be full of good cheer. Love and support those you love in the truth, your brothers and sisters in the light. Be forgiving and loving in all your words and deeds.


The Father looks graciously upon the souls of those who love and desire to serve their fellow humankind. The Father of all, loves each and every one of you. Take His hand now, and be comforted in the knowledge and in the understanding of who He is and what He desires of you, His children. Bertram.


“Little ones, be not afraid of what you have been called, what you have been prepared to do. Go forth and labour in my fields, for the harvest is ripe and the time is near. I am gathering my chosen, who hear my voice and will do my will. A mighty work is set in motion. None can stop, nor stay what will be, what will come to pass, just as surely as the new dawn is now beginning to shine upon my beloved Urantia.


This is a new time, a Correcting Time, for all the nations and their people. Watch and you shall see a mighty work unfold. This, you have been called to be a part. In your own way, will your light shine in dark places. Together, will we all bring forth the dawn of a new and glorious era upon the earth. Great will be the blessings I shall pour forth, new hope, new life, new understandings of my truth and ways.


Give ear, little one, in the silence. I am here within you, beside you, above you, surrounding you, upholding you, always loving you, comforting you, guiding you, blessing you. Then will you know, I am is here.


Be strong and of good cheer and countenance. Shine forth with love and joy and peace in your heart. And so the fruits of my spirit in you will grow into a bountiful harvest, sweet and nourishing to all those I shall send along your path. Then shall they ask of you, “What way? What path do you follow that brings you such peace and joy?” Then will they know that it is I, the I am, that is and was and ever shall be, your Father, your parent, your creator, that loves you, each and every child of mine. For they are mine. I have loved them, I have brought them forth, I have created them, I have placed them in my family, I have fed and nourished and raised them, to be with me, now and forever, in the eternal creation I have prepared for them. Creature upon creature, on world upon world, universe upon universe; I have created. They are all mine! I am to them, their creator Father, they are all to me, my dearly beloved children, my little ones. You are all of you, brothers and sisters, cosmic brothers and sisters, sharing my vast domains, my spheres of learning, learning and growing, ever ascending, upward, onward, inward, to my eternal isle.


Oh, little ones, here is your destiny of service, out there is your destiny of service. In choosing me, you have chosen life. That life is eternal life in love, in joy, in freedom, in service. Come my beloved, little ones. Rest in my arms and dwell in peace.“




October 22, 1998


Q. Please explain - Mota # 19? “Anxiety must be abandoned. The disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come.”


A. Anxiety, you see, is a draining to the soul. You are called to live higher, above the disappointments of life. Life experiences are for your edification, your growth, your maturing. You need not fear what may or may not come upon you, for you are surely in God’s hands. His love and nurturance is for your soul’s growth.


True, calamities do come forth upon each and every one of you, often times not of your own making, and in spite of your fears and worries. The rain falls upon all as the sun shines upon all, the good and the bad. Your worrying, your anxiety cannot stay for one moment the earthquake, the storm, the flood, the drought, whatever may befall the children of men. Does it prosper you, make you well, if you worry and fret what may or may not happen?


Often times, you see, you do bring upon you what you fear most, in your anxiety, setting in motion events and circumstances that, that so feared, does in fact transpire to your own chagrin and sorrow, for sorrow and pain, yes even ill health will result, leading to disease, when you yourself cause blockages that impede the flow of energies within the body. Then do the fruits of your anxiety lead to results, hard to bear in one’s own person, even when the thing feared did not happen. God your Father, does not want his children to suffer so. Therefore abandon anxiety. Trust and have faith in your Father, who loves you all equally and is not a respecter of persons. Follow in all his ways and in all his understandings and avoid the suffering of needless worries and anxieties and the fruits of it.


There will always be disappointments, trials and life circumstances, sometimes very hard to bear and overcome. So don’t worry. Leave all in the Father’s hands, for he directs your life. He sends his angels, his guides, his teachers to support and uphold you. Father wants you to be free of anxiety and the stress thereof; rather be assured of his love and his care, and indeed your place in his family, in his kingdom of peace.



October 26, 1998


Be prepared for the higher “highway of life.” Learn to avoid the detours that direct you into ways unbecoming a child of God. You must steer your life upon the higher road that leads to joy, peace, and the sweet tasting fruits of the spirit. No longer are you in the mainstream of life which the majority still travel today often to their great sorrow.


You have, little one, now found the better way. That way, which you searched for, as you travelled the broad way of life. You are on the right way, the true way, the way that leads home. Never doubt and never fear that you are alone in your journey homeward. You are daily ascending as you are transformed and made anew also during this Correction Time. We are all here to guide, to help you, to support you in your journey. Do not be surprised that Father would send you helpers, for he, himself is also with you, within you to guide and adjust your way, your thoughts concerning the paths to take. We are here to teach and guide, to prompt and assist but your choices, your decisions are always yours. You are on the path you have chosen and we are delighted and pleased that you have chosen Michael’s way!


Little one, rest assured, you are travelling the right way; the true path, indeed, that leads to eternal life. Don’t worry. Don’t fret when you stumble. We won’t let you fall, nor let you fail. You are in the care of the very family of God, the Kingdom of God.


We are teaching you, in this Teaching Mission, how to travel the higher “highway of life” that never ends. Here to teach you to be a “way shower” for your brothers and sisters who will also travel this “highway of life” with you.


Abandon anxiety and any fears or doubts as you begin to travel upon this new stretch of highway before you. It’s not a wayward path, nor a path untrod or unproven, that lies out before you.

Indeed, little one, it feels new, but it will become more familiar to you, more comfortable and easier, with more life experiences. You will, indeed, come to enjoy this new way of life as you try your new skills and continue to learn and follow the way home.


Is it so strange to now begin to meet and become aware of the presence of those with whom you have been travelling all along? Even those you will sometime meet face to face on that next phase of your journey? No, my little one, think it not strange or mysterious, or mystical at all that this new phase is opening to you now. It is only for you to will and to do the Father’s will, to choose the higher way, the true and right way of life, lived and revealed to you by Christ Michael himself. By your fruits will you be known, and by that light and example, you show to the world his way. So be that light, not hid away, but out on the “ highways of life,” leading and showing the way home.



October 27, 1998


Father, I feel so unworthy, so inadequate. Much do I mumble and yes, there is fear. Yet I do desire, only, to do your will. Help me to see clearly and to have the right attitude of heart in service to you.


Little one, do not fear. We understand, and we will not let you fail. This we have told you before. So be of good cheer, humble and sincere and contrite in heart. You are our workers in the fields, for it is through each of you that healing to Urantia will continue, if you but continue to maintain a pure and loving heart attitude. We realize your struggle and sense of imperfection.


Little one, the path home, the journey home, does not happen in the twinkling of an eye as once you were taught. You know that you are called to become perfect, and that takes time in your material existence, your morontia existence, even in your spiritual existence. Your sense of inadequacy is quite understandable. It is for you to understand that you are on the right and true path to ultimate perfection desired by the Father. His divine plan, in it’s course, will ultimately bring you into perfection. For now you are developing righteous character and essence as is possible in your material realm.


Now on Urantia, you are being prepared to be a “demonstration of righteousness” in this age. You are called to aid in that aspect of the mission. You are truly never, never alone. We will be with you until the end of this age and far beyond. We will continue to teach you, prepare you, and help you. Only must you will to do what the Father wills, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, no matter what avenues of life you may travel.


We take leave of you now, committing you into the Father’s loving embrace. A busy day you have had and now be at peace, little one. Rest assured you are needed and loved and we here are committed to nurture, and guide all, called into the service of the Father. May the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart be open and acceptable of his ways that lead to peace and harmony and life everlasting. May the Spirit of Truth be with you and comfort you in your contemplations of your concerns regarding your call, giving you peace and comfort and rest this night.



October 30, 1998


Gerdean said in Boise, Id. in the 1995 Mission gathering, that we could talk to our teachers at any time. I am overwhelmed to tears at the thought of this possibility.


Why should you be so overwhelmed, my child, my little one? Have you not known all along, that you can talk to the Father and his son Jesus, Christ Michael, at any time? Has that been so hard for you to believe? Really believe?


We are here, the circuits are opening. The “Correcting Time” is under way! Become now a true and loyal “faither.”


We know that you want to be open and clear, and have only right and pure thoughts and ideals come through, that you want to be absolutely sure that we, who are talking with you, mind to mind, are also of pure mind and intent. So much darkness and sadness has already descended upon Urantia.


Little one, we understand and commend you for your desire to see the new dawn of Light and Life on Urantia, to see right knowledge, truth and living flood across your world. We understand the depth of your desire that only truth, beauty and goodness transpire mind to mind, heart to heart from us through you, to those you love.


Yes, it is a grave responsibility entrusted to all of us. Christ Michael, Himself is trusting us, yet remember, is also directing us through Machiventa Melchizedek, His assigned head of his Teaching Mission. Never fear, we are never alone. We will never leave you to do your part alone. All that is asked of you is a willing attitude of heart. Have faith in the true reality of this mission.


Daily grow in the “fruits of the spirit” and continue to be that “demonstration of righteousness” in this Correcting Time. Read and learn your text and it’s application in your life, for it is in the application that you change and the world will change also.



Little one, can you see, are you seeing, that as each one changes in love towards their brother, their neighbours, near and far, at home and globally, the world changes also?


Realize, this is an emergency mission. It is not too late. So great has been the damage upon Urantia, that she still reels under the weight of the rebellions and defaults! Well does Machiventa know his work set out before him, to enliven and teach truth and light upon Urantia. As before, he is preparing and training his Mission Teachers. You are not the only ones in school, little ones! We are all ever growing in spiritual maturity.


Remember that it is only through directed and direct human efforts that changes will come. Only since your text, has the concept of active universal administration been understood! The understanding that the whole cosmos is in good hands, that love and righteousness flows all the way from Paradise through to you on lowly Urantia, so far out on the very edge of the great seventh superuniverse of Orvonton, in the local universe of Nebadon, where is your arena in the scheme of things. The least shall be among the greatest, indeed.


We are here with you all to forward Michael’s Mission, so never again doubt our presence, even in your arena! Have we not been with you and prompted you and guided you in your journey? Think it not strange that we can now talk with you also, when you are open and willing in your desire to do the Father’s will? Have we not shown you our guiding hand in your life? How we have guided you to this very moment in your life?


We embrace you now and rejoice in your growth in the spirit, so now in your growing maturity, understand that it is not so strange to be called into further service of the Father, as you choose His will in your life. We say, in close, little one, continue to grow in the “fruits of the spirit” and come to be known as a “true faither,” demonstrating righteousness upon the earth right where you are.



Received - Nov. 1, l998


I am feeling somewhat confused after talking to Judy this evening. Could you clarify her concerns, and help me to re-examine myself?


Little one, we have told you not to doubt. All come from different experiences in life.


We realize this is all so new to you and you at moments are overwhelmed. You need not fear or be overly concerned what others may say. They only speak to warn you from the goodness of their hearts and out of their concern for you. You are all, each of you, on the right path.


You learn, especially you my child, from repetition. As you have read tonight, you are just now in the beginning stages of learning the steps to the “dance.” We do not expect that you be proficient at your first attempts. Just in learning to be an accomplished dancer, you must learn the steps and the beat of the music you hear within. Let your adjuster and guide lead you in the dance! You are not alone in the dance. Many more are learning “the steps” as new phases in the Mission are opening up.



 November 2, 1998



Am I really called? Isn’t it just enough to be a reader of the blue book?

Show me, tell me what you want of me?



Be patient, little one. We are here beside you. Do not fear or be sad of heart. You are struggling with belief in the Mission. We will show you the truth of this Correction Time.


The dance has begun.


It is only for you to be in sync so to speak. We see into your heart, your mind, your thoughts. You truly do desire to do the Father’s will.


Don’t be so hard on yourself, little one. We are not task masters. You are in the process of learning, step by step. All is yet so new to you. But be assured, we have been teaching you all along and guiding you to this place in your life to choose, to make your decision of apostleship.


Are you willing to drink of the Master’s cup?


You have come to an understanding of what it means to be on this path. The understanding of what this revelation means to this world.


Little one, little one, wipe away your tears. You are lovingly supported and needed. Go about your life learning to walk in the spirit, incorporating the “fruits of the spirit” into your life, so as to be an example. That is your lesson for now. Be assured we will guide you daily as you call upon us. You are all individuals and we work with you individually.


Trust that we can and are communicating with you. Do not let it bother you that we teach you by repetition. That is the way you learn best. You can be of service where you are.


Activities are in progress you know not of as yet. All will be made known in due time.

You are each experiencing your own correcting time period.


As we have told you before, as you, each one change for the better, the world changes also!


So, little one, rest assured, you are called and chosen. How are you to serve? You will know and understand clearly in time.


I bid you farewell this evening. Your teacher Bertram.



Nov. 12, l998, 12:30 A.M.


Arise, we have a message for you. We sorrow to see you feeling so blue this evening. There is so much for you to do.


Come now, little one, and you shall soon know what the Father has in store for you. So, doubt no more. So long we have guided you and trained you. We know that you want to know, but you resist, not trusting your own abilities to fulfil your calling.


Listen, little one, you are very much loved. The Father knows your every need, your every need, indeed.


Do you hear us? We are communicating with you! Trust and you shall understand. It is not so hard or so difficult what is asked of you. Just be a clear and open channel for God’s love and truth to pour through you. We will do the rest. It is our words and our thoughts that will flow into your conscious mind. Trust!


Practice the stillness every day. Practice, practice, practice.


Don’t despair, tonight you did fine, short but fine, sincere effort, yes sincere. Sincerity of heart is of primary importance. A meek and humble, simple and trusting childlike attitude, the Father searches for, as Christ Michael taught. We will commune with you and guide you daily. Through your devotion, we are devoted to you.


Return to your rest and be at peace. You are called and chosen and needed in this Mission work. Your God-consciousness and understanding are deepening and growing day by day. Learn your typing and computer skills, but remember, balance! You cannot be a light to the world hid in a corner of your room! Remember that, little one. Remember that!


Go out into the world and be that light! Be an example to your friends, your co-workers, your family, neighbours and even strangers that you meet along your daily path. Have a happy and joyful countenance that they may know that the Father abides in you and is with you, and that He is your life and your guiding light. And when you are asked the “way of your life,” the words needed will be given you, the words they need to further them along their own paths to light and understanding. As Christ Michael taught, ”be a light on a light stand, not hid under a bushel!” Remember your lessons in childhood, the song you sang?

“Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”.


Little one, you are just beginning, really now beginning, the ascension path you have so longed and searched for. So now, go forth on that path and with you, those you love in the flesh, for they are many. The way home is open before you. Seek to do and to be His will here on earth in all your ways and in your ascending career until you become one with Him, an immortal child of God, beloved and glorified! Now, in this Correcting Time, be a “way shower” all the while humbly learning and teaching as you go. Our blessing and peace we share with you.

Now sweet rest in your Father’s arms.



Nov. 16, 1998 12:45 A.M.


Q. What can I do, what can I say to help my youngest son? Please help me


A. Your desire, as a loving mother, is understandable. You love your son, dearly.


We understand your sense of failure regarding your family because of your own past mistakes.

It pains you to see your son suffering as you did so many years ago. The dilemma -- two family efforts, one failed, one failing. One was ultra religious, the other irreligious. Both were unsuccessful. Why? What is the middle, sane, logical and truly right way of successful family life, with love, and support that we should all strive for?


Your daughter-in-law, Susan, phrased it perfectly, teamwork! Teamwork, yes, combined with love! All working together for the success of the family unit.


As you read tonight, just as the overall human family on a planet goes through stages of development to spiritual maturity, so does the individual human family go through its stages of growth also.


   First -- it has it’s physical needs of nourishment - food attainment, working for, buying or growing and preparation thereof.


   Second -- it needs the security of housing - a home, a safe environment in which to grow and nurture and raise a family within that safety, rental of, or purchase of, a home.


   Third -- the need of education, mental maturity, cultural advancement, trade and work habits -

              family chores and schooling, establishing a good means and source of income.


   Fourth -- pleasure and comfort, needs to be addressed - leisure and play time together at home or vacation times.


   Fifth -- development of the sense of family and brotherhood, of love and belonging, of mutual bonding and trust within the family.


   Sixth -- the ongoing development of moral values, the understanding of truth,

              - resulting in enlightenment, ethics and wisdom

              - resulting in family harmony and community citizenship.


   Seventh -- finally validation of self

              - self realization and gradual spiritual attainment as a growing, moral child of God

              - a virtual cosmic realization of life and its purpose to encompass love and appreciation of the Heavenly Father and the brotherhood of all human beings.


Truly, stable human family life, is the building blocks, each one, of a civilized society.



You personally suffer when you fail to fulfill your duties and responsibilities in the area of family. In your failures at family and home life, you collectively hinder the progress of civilization itself!


In your successes you surely contribute to the advancement of your world into peace and harmony by raising loving, moral human beings who further raise stable families, worthy contributors, to a world growing towards peace.


How does a young man, such as your son, turn things around?


First and foremost, by changing the self. You cannot change another. That is their decision and their responsibility and their work to do. Always remember that. Learn to love the self, respect the self, forgive the self.


Your son must be willing to forgive; to forgive his parents for their own human errors in their own lives, their own methods and rules of family conduct that he feels affected his life so adversely and severely when he was growing up. Only with forgiveness, can come understanding.


His parents were young and made their mistakes too, which lead to their own divorce, and the unfortunate destruction of their own family for which he especially suffers to this day.

In learning to love, forgive and accept himself and others, he can start anew with himself, his wife, his family.


Can this marriage and family be saved?


With forgiveness, love and effort applied by both. The children also must be worked with, by showing unconditional love, patience, consideration and trust. Their worthwhileness must also be validated. Doing what is best for the whole family unit and all working together, it is possible. But all must remember that it cannot be done alone. Each must learn to take responsibility for self, for their own thoughts, words and actions.


Having a positive attitude is most important. Being aware of negative reactions and by choosing not to go there! Been there, done that, and it doesn’t work!


Love will turn it around. Yes, but both must work at it. Both must want the survival of their marriage for the sake of self, mate and family. They must have extended family support and encouragement. Give him a base to start from. Help him to trust again in you, your love in your heart for him and your steadfast support, that you will be there for him now.


All must realize that the past mistakes cannot be changed. Present acts can. Present attitudes regarding the past can be changed, now. With that change in attitude, a change in understanding can become a turning point towards the healing of the pains of the past that still haunts and hurts him. This you well understand, when you experienced your own healing of the past regarding your own relationship with your mother before her death.


Have faith and hope that he will see early and overcome his pains and scars of the past, for they chain him and blind him from going forward in life and being the loving father and husband he so longs to be. He tries so hard and yet “spins his wheels” in the ruts of life!


Now finds he is ever sinking into the depths of dark depression, frustration and hopelessness, feeling unloved by his family until death seems the only way out.


Though he says he hates religion, the truth, he has not known. But he is very intelligent and a hard worker and loyal provider. With the right tools of right knowledge of a trade or higher education, he could have a brighter future and he could do very well.


Whether he holds his marriage and family together; only time and will power will tell.

Regardless, the lessons learned will be valuable ones for him.


The gall of bitterness eats away at his soul. This has to stop. A new feeling of worthiness and purpose and love will bring a brighter and peaceful world into his life, at least in the way he perceives it.


Be thankful that he loved and trusted enough to come home to you, right now, in this period of greatest darkness for him. He loves his wife dearly and with a renewed and better perspective, he will try again.


Remember though, it is teamwork and love that they need, to get on track in their marriage.

In truly loving one another, they will find forgiveness in their hearts and together work at letting go of the past and its mistakes.


Then they must work together at letting their children know that they too are loved and valued and precious in their sight and that they are all part of one family that wants to work at changing the unhappiness they have all created.


Love is the answer. Love in action. Loving thoughts, loving words, loving deeds.

Then will healing take place and peace will come to their home.


May the Father’s love and blessing come to this family, as they struggle, in each their own way to find and to do what is right in their lives, which is simply to love one another!


 (This message came from teacher Bertram)



November 19, 1998


Q. My beloved friend wants to understand the great feeling of void she has in her life and how she can overcome this. Do you have a message for her?



A. Little one, be assured and tell her so, that she is much loved and cherished by her cosmic family. Reassure her that she is not alone in her daily walk through life, especially in this seemingly dark period in her life. Her journey has been a hard one, a hard one indeed! So many losses she too has suffered, many not so unlike your own. Her mother -- so young; her marriage and loss of family unity again; and now the most recent estrangement from her twin sister, who has always been so very close to her. All these add to her since of loss and void. And then no matter how hard she tries, she finds it hard and difficult to be near and helpful to her sons, that she feels so desperately need her, at this time in their lives.


We have entered the Correcting Time on earth. Do keep this in mind, for it is a powerful and motivating force on Urantia today.


Your friend feels this prompting, wanting to correct the past, wanting to be there for her sons, wanting to be the mother she feels she failed to be. A mother’s instinct is strong yet gentle.

She longs to hold her sons to her breast and wipe away all the pain they suffer this day. Yes she feels, as you understand, the loss of these little ones in the family embrace of yesterday and longs so desperately to have them with her in their times of need, in the home environment that she now shares with her new husband. She feels deeply frustrated, not being able to fill that void, not being able to be there for them in the way she feels would help them most, but mostly out of guilt, realized or unrealized, for leaving them in the care of their father. She must forgive, even self, for these past errors and rise above them.


She must understand now, that her sons are now young adults themselves, making their own way, no matter how inadequate, how unstable, how unproductive that seems to be. We are all on our own paths leading home, having our own lessons to learn along the way.


Rest assured, they are not forgotten by the Father. Each has that precious fragment of the Father within them which is gently leading, though they may not hear or realize it, like the average mortal on Urantia today.


Sometimes there are such hard lessons to learn and sometimes the “pain in the butt” for these, doesn’t hurt enough yet, for them to try to put out effort to change. Your and their lives are far from over yet, as you are just beginning to understand more fully, to be aware of, as you become more and more God conscious. Material mortal death is not to be feared. The sting of death is gone with understanding.


The Correcting Time has begun here on earth in the lives of all God’s children and with some it takes a very long time and may not be completed in this present physical life in the flesh.

Mankind as a whole continues to evolve and grow out of his bestial traits here and in the mansonian worlds after this life in the flesh. So do not fear, all will have their true and full and complete chance at change for self betterment. You are just beginning your soul development and ascension.


Contemplate the life cycle of a giant and mighty oak tree: That little acorn reveals absolutely nothing of its great and magnificent potential and destiny. Even so, you are like this little acorn, for you will also, one day, grow into a new and glorious, magnificent life and destiny of a true and perfectly manifested child of God in every way! It is an ongoing process, an ever advancing process, an eternal process.


Our dear little one, our little one here, strives to correct the pain of the past. Strives to put things right so her sons will suffer no more. Her love is so great for them; the void of them in her life is quite overwhelming for her at times!


Her circumstances, her financial situation hinders her from doing the physical things she would like to do for them. But these are only physical, yes, present needs, dire needs, and yes they do need addressing, but the responsibility for this is not entirely on her shoulders. These young men are adults, struggling yes, but by their own choices, their unwise choices bring these difficulties upon themselves. Though it is a bad situation and keeps being so, you cannot forever keep “bailing out” their lives when they keep filling up those lives up with more problems, costly problems.


They need to be helped with life changing attitudes of self love, self respect, self esteem resulting in self help. Only then, will they begin to walk on the finer path of life.


Of course, her deep and compassionate motherly love for her children will always be there but it is for her to also understand her husbands love as well. He wills that her sons be strong and change and grow into responsible manhood. When he sees some positive change and effort then he will be more inclined to assist to a greater degree. “Tough love” do they call it?

He genuinely wants to see them become strong and manly, men with purpose and goals in life, responsible.


Life isn’t always kind and gentle in its lessons, nor is it always as you would want it to be while living on this lowly planet of past rebellion and default.


But the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission are here to help change all this, to bring this planet up to its lost, or better put, delayed potential. Both are here to teach and to show the better way, the higher path of life; life worth living in true service and love to others starting right where you are. We are here now to help you, to revitalize you and show you the way, to enlarge upon the truths set aside, forgotten or unknown by most of this world’s religious communities.


What a different world this could have been, even now, had a religion activating the teachings of Jesus into daily life been taught instead of a religion about the life of Jesus. This world needed and still needs the gospel He taught, the message of the Kingdom of God, the family of God.

We are all truly God’s children and the Father is apart of us and within us to help us become more Godlike, to lessen our bestial nature over time. There should have been no vice, nor such vices and abuses as we see today so rampant on this world, destroying the very lives of our children. So many children are caught up in this decedent life style, to the pain and worry and sorrow of their parents.


If we could but love one another, truly love one another, as Jesus, Christ Michael taught, you would not harm one another at all. If you loved yourselves, you would not harm yourselves with your self abuse, which so many of the young ones do today.


Why doesn’t the Father stop all this? He is and He will through us all working collectively for a better world based on love of self, love for our brother, love for our world and most important love for God. In loving the Father, we seek to do His will of our own free will.


Therein lies the heart of the matter, where to fill the void in life. When we are filled with the Father’s love and living according to His will in our life then we find true peace and true happiness and true joy and love in our lives.


Your friend must continue to build a strong and happy married home life with her beloved now.

To show an example to her sons of real home and hearth and family strength and loyalty.

Another failed marriage is not the answer nor the right example. The void would not be filled by making a larger one. They are still family though her children are not with her in this stage of their lives.


She must remain steadfast as she grows and progresses in greater understanding of the truth. They must work together as best they can with full confidence all will work out in time. Be supportive and loving but encourage change and growth. They, her children must first desire to change themselves, for themselves. She cannot live their lives for them or choose their path of learning for them. That is their job and their responsibility.


For her -”Listen to the wisdom of your husband, of your teachers, of Sai Baba, of the Blue Book. All can teach you and guide you on your chosen path. Be a light and an example to all you love and the Father will most certainly send you, and be for you, a continual daily guide. You need not fear. He is with you. He will help you and uphold you, and lift you up in his arms in your sorrow and in your pain, and in your despair. He will fill that void as you seek to do His will in your life.


Remember, love is always the answer, always. He is love and you are becoming that love expressed to all His children everywhere on Urantia. His love, His presence, His guidance is here for you. Reach out, grasp the hand that reaches out to you, my child.”


It is our pleasure to be of service to you all, beloved children of God.



November 29, 1998


Please give me right and higher spiritual perspective on the Melaleuca business? Thankyou.


 Little one, be not concerned with the actions of others whether they be right or wrong.

You are called to serve one Master, your Father in heaven and Him only should you serve wholeheartedly.


You are concerned with unjust and unethical business practices of others, but that should not be your major concern. Ill gotten gain never brings true and lasting happiness or prosperity, and you well know, “you can’t take it with you.” The Father knows all your needs even before you ask and supplies all to all, even though few fully realize it. You have no need to worry or fret over this kind of situation as you are learning and have learned.


You cannot change others attitudes or actions but can only be a light of the right way to them.

The right way will prosper , yes even into eternity. The lessons learned, day by day, is the important thing.


See how you were enriched yesterday when you stepped out into the world in service? Think about it, really think about it.

-- tolerance and understanding gained of another religious philosophy.

-- compassion and love towards your new friend in her recent personal loss of a loved one.

-- serving in time of need making burdens lighter for someone else.

-- a sense of satisfaction for your own soul through service to your fellow man.


And rightly were you rewarded materially also. See!


Challenges that you are facing in your Melaleuca business are there for your growth in the “fruits of the spirit.” You are aware of that, we know.


You and Cheryl have nothing to fear. Ill gained prosperity can be very bitter, indeed, and that kind you do not want to partake of. Stand firm in your business ethics. Long lasting lessons that edify your soul can be learned here.


In any endeavour, corruption and trickery can enter in no matter what the human endeavour, even religion as history has shown, when imperfect humans are involved. Mis-guidance and deceit often enter in and, of course, lead to greed. Don’t be drawn in or ever do that for which you would be ashamed or that would harm the progress of others in their climb of success both physically and spiritually..


This company is pioneering a new way, a new concept of business for the 21st century which is in keeping with the challenges of the coming age. The ascending concept of learning and teaching is in sync with the Eternal’s divine ascension plan. As you learn and bend back to teach you enhance and lead lives upward. You are blessed to see and understand this concept as it relates to your eternal purpose.


Consider also good and effective products for the environment of the body, home and the earth.

A win, win concept for all.


For some the money gained quickly, could begin to corrupt, especially if the driving force for success is greed. On the surface it appears as success but ultimately the truth of it will come to fruitation as moth and rust decay.


Ever keep in mind the right reasons for your personal desire for success, and even encourage your group in the right and wholesome way. Success in anything of this nature is dependent upon a stable and growing economy. Should all success and riches be stripped away, what will one have left to show? Hopefully never a bankrupt soul!


Soul growth is ever the important thing. In faith and as a growing child of God, you are ever in His keeping and care no matter what befalls you.


We are only a “step” away. Even death does not end your progress of life! Isn’t that comforting?


Trickery and deceit may or may not be found around you, but remember, that is not your concern and not for you to judge, or to sit in judgment upon someone else.


Only be an example. You want a loyal and honest and loving group, which helps and supports one another and works as a team, desiring for and working for the enhancement and success and prosperity of everyone.


Money or prosperity is not evil. Your Father “owns” and possesses the entire master universe!

It is the love of it that leads one into wrong thoughts and actions. It is not the Father’s will to see you suffer or to be in want. He wants you to love and serve others now and with any future prosperity. We know your reasons for this endeavour and the Father is proud.


Keep on the loving and upward path to home and all your worries and concerns will cease!

You can be at any stage of success in life that you desire; it’s up to you and your free will choice always.


Don’t forget your true calling.


Balance your life with work and play and worship in all your service of doing the Father’s will, teaching the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Realizing that we all belong to one great cosmic family puts all into perspective and in truth teaches us humbleness, appreciation and love for such a true and great and magnificent loving parent on Paradise, and our Christ Michael here in Nebadon.


Little one, go about you day now and be at peace and don’t forget the stillness with the Father within you. He will prosper you and give you peace as you continue living your life according to His will, ever serving this one and only true and loving master!




Dec. 1, 1998


Q. What can I do to help the immediate situation with my son and his wife?


A. Deep are your concerns and your fears that something tragic will happen in this family.

It is understandable that you have anxiety regarding this situation. But remember the lessons learned in Mota # 19, which we have explained to you. Your own anxiety and worry will not help. Only through your love can you be of service.


You had hoped for a new beginning for them. With renewed attitudes of heart and deep committed love, there could be change.


The present harsh reality of this situation is not good. Sometimes, if even the smallest flicker of love is still there, true love, that little ember of love might be fanned into a blaze once more. But if that spark has died and gone out, is there any hope and what is the solution?


All are suffering here! It is NOT the Father’s will that any should suffer in this way, especially the little ones. You can see how your own children suffer to this day from your past errors in judgment and childrearing. It is regrettable and these young adults need help. It will be a long and difficult road for them. If it can’t be worked out together, it must be worked out separately or the pattern will be perpetuated. That no one wants. Already the children have learned this pattern and unless something is done, they will carry on what they have learned.


Stay firm and rooted in your love and understanding. Be a light and an example of the higher path of life, which at the present, they totally reject because it appears “religious” to them.


You realize that all will be made right in this Correcting Time, begun here on earth. This very situation must be corrected! The route taken may be completely out of your hands.


You know, and most clearly understand that this life in the flesh is not the end of life. Perhaps it will take the mansion world teachers to help your son and his family with these problems, where these passions can be dealt with in their entirety. That, you say, does not help this very moment, now in this time on earth for this family, when so much pain and anguish is manifest.


Habit and attitudes have to change or begin to change before they can find any relief.


Blame has to be set aside and mistakes by all, forgiven.


Self-restraint, self-control, self-respect and self-love have to take hold somehow.


Who they listen to, and if they will listen to anyone, is entirely in their hands and in their own free will choice. We cannot and you cannot take charge, live and orchestrate their lives for them. Their free will must never be violated. Their lessons are theirs to learn and theirs only.


We all reap what we sow consciously or unconsciously. All will understand this in the future and then will we have a better and enriched life, an environment of peace for all humanity.

Until that time, correction and adjustment will continue, until humanity evolves upward and inward on the long journey towards perfection.


Now you most certainly live in an imperfect world. This world needs to know the way to peace and harmony and that way has to start in your homes and in your relationships with each other and with youselves, but most important, in your relationship with the Father.


This is the very gospel that Jesus taught, God’s fatherhood and the brotherhood of mankind. This concept can barely be understood in our fragmented and suffering homes on Urantia today.


First - there must be love for God.


Then - love and self-respect for ourselves; then we will be able to love our brothers as we should.


In rejecting the Father’s love or His very existence, all else is built on sand.


If the relationship with the self is distorted or non existent, then it is difficult to love either God or others in your life.


In learning to truly love others through God’s love with in, does his very presence becomes more real in your lives.


When you come to realize you are part of only one small planet of inhabitants among many thousands in this local universe alone, then do you just begin to understand the magnitude of God the Father, the great csomic first source and center of all things. So now realize that we are all apart of this one great cosmic family. It truly puts things in a true perspective, and truth can begin to flow out to all.


We do live in a friendly universe regardless of what is portrayed on television, in the movies, or on video games children play today. All is truly going according to plan.


More help is arriving now that the system circuits have been opened and the Lucifer Rebellion adjudicated. The next century will see great change both good and bad, yet the Correcting Time will continue.


Be thankful for your part now and continue in your own preparation and lessons learned this day.

(Message from teacher Bertram)


December 4, 1998

Practice meeting


You may start your transmission if you feel the urge to do so.


“Our little ones, we are so pleased to be with you this evening, to see you gathered here in the quiet of this night, in this peace, in this comfort.


We are here to guide and direct you. To stand by you, to lead you ever onward and forward in this teaching mission. Truly this is a truth. Christ Michael has commissioned it to be so. You have nothing to fear.


We all have a mighty work to do, and together we will do it. We need more workers in the field and through you, through you, little ones, the work will go forward, through you we will call many into the harvest.


It is our desire that you be lights, true lights of the true way, and so being lights of what you have been taught, what you have learned, truth will go forth into all the earth and we will come to a time of Light and Life, as it has long ago been planned. We will show you the way and we will show you what you must do.


But for now be patient, be loyal, be true, loving and ever tender hearted. Clear your minds of negative thoughts. Be strong in what you have learned, for in learning these truths and living these truths, you incorporate them into your mind and into your spirit, and then in doing so, go forward to show forth those fruits to those around you and you will be a light, and they will know that we have sent, we have come, we are here and we are sending you to show them the way, to show them the way to peace and happiness here on earth.


But you know the journey does not end here. The true purpose is to go onward and forward and upward, for you are on your way home. There is a glorious future for all of you, each and every one.


So never doubt, never fear, for we are here, close at hand. We will guide and direct you. You have all of our support and love. Be strong. The forces of darkness cannot harm you and cannot come near you, for we are here around you, supporting you, protecting you, shielding you. We are a mighty army, a mighty host and we are here. We will succeed. The mission will not fail. God’s plan will not fail.


We know that you have so many questions. You want to know --- when, how, where? How will we be doing it? What will be our part? How can we serve? It will all be made clear.

As we have said so many times before, now is your preparation time, your own correction time without all those wrong and evil thoughts that you may have, thoughts of insecurity, thoughts of distrust. You are all in safe hands. The world may seem upset, backward, going downward. We hear of war and rumours of war around us in the Middle East. But you need not fear.

For we are bringing peace to this world and a new dispensation is opening up. A new era is before us.


Listen little ones, go forward, teach. So that in your teaching, others will be taught and it will go onward and onward, until there will be a mighty host of true believers on this earth and correction will take place in all.


We do thank you now for having come this evening. We send our peace and our love. Know that you are comforted, supported and loved. We are here, we stand beside you day by day, hour by hour. All you have to do is call upon us and we will answer, we will respond and we will be here.


We bid you good evening. Our blessing upon you all.”



Closing prayer by Lorne Archer --


“Our Father, our Father/Brother Michael,  We thank you for this attunement. We thank you for your comforting words and we do ask how we can serve, as we are willing to serve. And we are glad you will teach us how we can serve.  We ask that we can leave here tonight and go forth now and show forth the fruits of the spirit in all of our contacts with your other children.

In the name of Michael, we thank thee.”

Attending --- Judy, Tara, and Lorne -- in Hamilton, Ont., at Judy Nylands



December 5, 1998


Do you have a message for the Hamilton Study Group?


Little one, we know that you are concerned with the purity of content when we are in contact with you, both from our minds to your mind in it’s transmission. Be assured that all is well and the circuits are functioning properly. With that said, let us begin.


We wish to welcome you all and we send our regards through this willing channel. Our love we extend to you all, our love and support in your spiritual journey during this Correcting Time.


Christ Michael sends His love and His blessing upon you all. He is pleased with your faithfulness ans steadfastness in your study of His truth, in your desire to follow Him and to be a light to His beloved children on Urantia. Be strong and steadfast in all you set your hands and minds and hearts to do in the furtherance of His gospel to His children in your area of influence.

Be a daily light, a daily example, of His way of love and truth, of beauty and goodness and thereby show forth ripe, and worthy, and sweet tasting fruits of the spirit.


“By your fruits will all know that you are my disciples, called to be a demonstration of my righteousness on the earth.”


Urantia is going through a time of correction and it will most certainly affect your lives, for each of you must face your own correction of attitudes and habits, misconceptions of the truth as they have been taught to you. So be aware of the true; aware of the false, and correct the direction of your lives in these times of not only personal correction but also globally. Be at peace and comforted knowing you are not alone in your daily walk before Him. Take comfort knowing that we are closer to you than even your hands and feet!


“The Father’s spirit dwells within you. My spirit of truth dwells within you, surrounds and comforts and shields you. You are all my children and I have sent you my teachers to guide and direct and to expand my truth for your deeper understanding. As you learn, so shall you teach and the message of my kingdom will spread over all the earth, then will the age of Light and Life come nearer to you. You are called to do your part now in this new beginning, this new era, this new dispensation coming upon Urantia. I am most pleased with your desire for truth and the progress you have all made in your lives. My peace be with you all.”


Christ Michael, Himself has sent you this message, much to the surprise of this channel!


We call you now and teach you to be that light, and example of truth, beauty and goodness, beginning right where you are, by being what you are becoming. It is a process, a progression of change day by day, so be loving, and forgiving, and understanding in your daily interactions with others and with yourself. We will teach you in more structured lessons in the future if you so desire. We are Bertram and Muriel, your teachers.




December 8,1998 6:50 A.M. Teacher Malcom arrives


Arise, little one. We have much to say to you. As you requested in the stillness last evening, your personal teacher, Malcom, is here! Listen, he wishes to speak with you.


Good morning, newly begotten Child of God. It is my delight to be assigned to you as your personal teacher, to help you and guide you, to further you in your growth in the spirit. Your request for me in the stillness was heard and is a sign to us of your deepest sincerity and desire to continue to know and to do the Father’s will.


Christ Michael, our Lord and King, our Master, our very Father/Brother, Creator. Parent of all Nebadon welcomes you along with Nebadonia, our Mother Spirit.


I, Malcom will also ever be beside you now, to guide, love and support you in preparation of the times ahead, to assist in your personal correction and changes. You have done well and we are pleased with your progress, thus far, upon this most difficult plane and planet.


As it has been told you so often, that you have been called to assist in the “showing of the way,” by your own growth in the “fruits of the spirit.” We will study these fruits, my child, for they truly are your outward display of the Spirit of Truth in your life, your outward “demonstration of righteousness” to the world of Urantia, your birthplace of body and soul.


Your soul growth, your blooming into God-like character, even in this flesh, is most important, and this we shall be working on, for this is our purpose, our call of service to you.


How can the world know of the life changing, life saving truths and ways of God unless they see with their eyes, hear with their ears and come to know in their hearts, that all things are possible with God. With the change in the spiritual upliftment of man, will come the spiritual upliftment of the planet, eventually into Light and Life. Here, you will even now begin to experience the Morontian life of which you have only read in your text. You are both, in preparation and service, in this world and the next.


Can you see why this mission, the Teaching Mission is so important at this time? The world, all the world, needs this demonstration of the right way of life and living, the righteous way that leads to peace and life, and life everlasting, for all.


With a willing and sincere and humble heart, I will guide you, in all avenues of truth sufficient for your life here, now on Urantia. It will not always be easy. Correction can sometimes be hard to bear and some deep-seated ideas, ideals and concepts must be rooted out and replaced with new ones. This rendering, of such precious habits, will be difficult for you to achieve at times.


I will be requiring of you more consistent times in the stillness, a daily time set aside for your quiet communing with the Father, the meeting with your Thought Adjuster, your personal gift from on high. This is most important for your growth and progress in the spirit.


We will study the “fruits of the spirit” throughly so that you can completely understand their meaning and eternal values here, in all Nebadon and beyond. We will incorporate these truths into your mind and spirit daily, so that they will truly become a very part of you and your expression to the world of God’s truth, beauty and goodness.


So let us begin:


First we want to assure you, once more, of the Father’s steadfast love and over care, that we are all in His service, in the furthering of His divine plan for all His children, mortal, morontial, and spiritual, in their spiritual growth and progression.


As He wills, as you will, we will teach you and guide you day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. It is a sacred trust between us all, which will not be violated. His will and your will are paramount and supreme.


Understand this completely and throughly. You and we, are not infallible. We are all on this journey together. As we have been taught, we reach back to teach, just as you will by your words but more so by the life with its fruits that you will show and live. So we will start with each fruit, one at a time, eat of and digest them throughly, taking them into our life and essence, making them a very part of us in thought and action.


Here is your serving for today, LOVING SERVICE. I will return later and we will discuss the concepts here and what you have learned and how to apply this fruit in your daily life.


I thank you for calling, for asking for me to come, as it has been my desire to be in contact with you and to be of more service to you. I thank the Father for this opportunity of service to you, a mortal babe in this world of time and space, this beloved Urantia, truly a jewel, precious in the hands of the Master. Indeed you are all of very special interest to Him, and very much loved, indeed.


What a marvellous journey we all have set before us, as pioneers into a new world, a new age and we, have been called to be a part of this magnificent plan in the heart of the Father, in the heart of Christ Michael and Nebadonia! Are we committed to do our part now? Devoted to setting in place the building blocks of a new society, a new civilization leading to Light and Life?


I am now dedicated to working with you, my child, my student, to guide you in the ways of the Master. We only ask for your willingness, your trust, your dedication to change and correction, to growth in the spirit. Realize all is done in love for you and for your beloved Urantia, for Christ Michael and Nebadonia and our beloved parents on Paradise. We will not fail you. You will not fail to become that true light, that example of His truth in dark places. I leave you now to your study this day. Your companion, guide and teacher, Malcom.



December 13, l998


TARA: Malcom, do you have further information regarding the lesson on Loving Service?


MALCOM: My child, thankyou for your desire for further instruction. What have you learned these last few days?


TARA: To serve with joy and inner satisfaction without thought of reward or re-embursement. I loved serving my family and my duties in volunteering at St. Vincents. This coming week has further opportunity for service to Michael my son and also to his wife’s mother at her nursery school Christmas Party. I look forward to that, only wishing my health is much improved by that time.


MALCOM: You were watched over and the fall was most unfortunate. Sometimes we do trip over things we absolutely do not see or perceive. This is also true in our spiritual lives and growth as well. Watch for these and don’t be deceived into darkness and stumble.


We see your gratefulness, that it was not worse for you, the fall that you had, for we saw your first concern was the thought of not being able to serve fully, the plans you have set before you in these days before the holidays and that you are needed in these services.


See, you are certainly learning loving service. You love to serve and the thought of not being able to serve because of a severe aftermath of your fall, caused anxiety within you. You are most fortunate a break did not occur, as the force of the fall, it could have been so. You are naturally feeling soreness and stiffness, which even a healthy person would have felt after such a mishap.


But now to go on with our lesson of loving service.


Duty to serve comes upon us all. When duty becomes monotonous and full of drudgery, it is hard to do such service in love. One must then work on attitude, an attitude of love.


We can look at any thing we do in life and question why we do this particular thing. Most often it is service to self, others or to God. Showing love in that service towards self, others or God is what we are striving for.


Remember to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul and your neighbour as yourself.” On this hangs the law of service.


When you come to more clearly understand your service, first your loving service to yourself, then loving service to your neighbour and then loving service to God, you come into a higher sense of happiness, joy and ecstasy. Living in a more cared for body and environment leads to soul enrichment, for yourself and for all those who will come in contact with you. Being healthier and coming from a safe environment leads to more loving service outwards to others, your family, your extended family neighbourhood, and the world.


Because we are a part of one greater whole, our service leads upwards in appreciation and love and service for our Creator God, as we see in His children and in His creations, His loving service to us!


In love has He created us and in love does he uphold us and maintain all of His creations. We truly do “live and move and have our being in Him” and because He loves us, this is His eternal, loving service to us. Should we do no less towards our brothers and sisters now and through all eternity?


In our loving service, no matter how small the deed may seem to us, even a smile to a “stranger” in our midst, we are doing this service to Him. Look around you and see how you can extend the Father’s love towards others in loving service. Consider food banks, donations, charities especially now in this special season of the year. You can think of many more.


The Father is perfect in His loving service. Strive in your loving service to exemplify His ideal of selfless loving service, not seeking reward but that in your unconditional loving service, others are enriched and blessed because of your service which in reality is your expression of love to your brother because he is your brother in the family of God.


I leave you now, back to your daily life lessons, until next time.


                                                   In loving service to you, your teacher and companion, Malcom.



December 14, 1998


TARA: Again, I feel so unworthy of this calling, humbled and ashamed at my resistance and fear, yet truly desiring to serve and to do God’s will, no matter what He calls me to do. Why this turmoil, this feeling of being overwhelmed of the responsibility of it all?


BERTRAM: Little one, again we say, fear not, we are here beside you. You need but relax and be calm and still. Our words will flow into your thought circuits and outward in your word concepts and phraseology. Each transmitter/receiver is different and has their own style, as do we. You will do well. We will not let you fail. You have been called and prepared for this service. Look upon it as your loving service to your brothers and sisters in the light.


We have need of teaching you all, guiding you all, into a deeper understanding of the concepts of truth, beauty and goodness, so that you will each one become a “demonstration of righteousness,” so that you will teach others to be the same also. You are the forerunners, the pioneers, if you will, of this new stage of establishing the Kingdom of God and Heaven on earth.


We have come down to you to teach you, now that the circuits have been opened, the Lucifer Rebellion abjudicated and executed. You have nothing to fear. Many will reject the truth that you bear, but that is their choice and decision for now, and not your responsibility. But many more are ripe in the harvest fields, ready to hear and respond and join us in our mission. There are also other fields, and other workers also, which are a delight to Christ Michael.


Do not doubt that it is Christ Michael who is in charge of this Teaching Mission. Machiventa Melchizedek and Abraham are under His direct authority, as are we and each of you.


This mission is needed, needed now! All is going according to plan. Each must do their part as called. Reassure others in the group that they too, can hear us and respond as you do now, if they so desire. We can only reassure you by our presence and through your faith and steadfastness in the truth.


Melchizedek has returned with His staff of teachers. Now you also have your teacher, Malcom, to aide you and assist you. You have the support of your brother and sister, Lorne and Judy. They will be beside you in support, and of course we are all ever present with you at times of transmission. Your Thought Adjuster is ever with you, even the Spirit of Truth.


We do understand your feeling of the weight of this responsibility, but this responsibility is also ours, we share it with you. You do not carry it alone, little one. The words you will speak, the words you will write, are our words and our thoughts; teachings necessary for your spiritual growth, for the spiritual growth of those who will hear and listen and act upon these messages.


So fear not, little one, the words are our responsibility, the response is the responsibility of those who hear. Your responsibility is be a clear and pure channel as you are able and this you will be, as you give this loving service for your Father, to your brothers and sisters.


So be at peace in your thoughts, abandon anxiety. It is because you are willing that you are chosen for this service.


Continue in your lessons of the “fruits of the spirt.” Understand them well. Make them a part of your daily life. A great adventure awaits each and every one of you.


So be loyal, be true, be loving, faithful, now in this flesh.


Take your rest now. Malcom will speak with you tomorrow to continue your lessons.


                                                                                          Your teacher Bertram.



December 15, 1998


TEACHERS: Good morning, little one!


We know you are questioning what you overheard this morning. We let you listen to our conversations in the twilight of your sleep. We did this deliberately so that you would, fully and more deeply, realize we are here with you even in your unconscious hours of rest. You overheard us discussing the Mission and our part in it, all of us. Its purpose and destiny and why our mission is different from other works, projects and endeavours on the earth.


You, who are readers of the Fifth Epochal Revelation are most blessed, more able to understand, more fitted for service, for loving service to your world. This is what you were hearing. Malcom is here and this was the topic of discussion that you overheard. He will continue this lesson for you now. Malcom.


MALCOM: Good morning, my child. I am here to further your lesson once more on

loving service, as regards to the Teaching Mission.


As you heard, and I will bring it back to your remembrance, we have been entrusted with a mission for Christ Michael, here on His beloved Urantia, the birthplace of His final bestowal in the flesh. This was truly His replete and complete act of unconditional loving service to your world, but not to yours only but to His entire realm and to His Father, the great and magnificent First Cause and Centre. With this, His seventh and final bestowal, He completely fulfilled the requirements of sovereignty and secured His Kingdom as supreme ruler of His local universe of Nebadon. Now He is the most glorious ruler of His domain and the works of rebellion could and have been finally adjudicated. Now that the evil ones are no more, the system circuits are being reopened and your world is once again receiving more open contact with the spiritual realm.


It is our pleasure to serve you in love, because in love we are sent to you, to serve you and to aide you in your spiritual growth.


There is a great work begun; begun as you realize and have read, many hundreds of thousands of years ago when the very first teaching mission began with Calagastia. This great being was sent to your world with his staff of one hundred, to teach and uplift the skills and knowledge of the arts of living successfully to the evolving humankind of that time. Even though he rebelled and joined forces with Lucifer and Satan and lead many astray, others did stand loyal and didn’t go astray. In their loving service, faithfulness and loyalty to the work begun, it continued, though at a slower pace, of course, and many dark eras ensued.


But again in love Michael sent a material son and daughter to you, Adam and Eve. They had lovingly volunteered for this most difficult assignment. Unfortunately they were serving under the most unusual and dire circumstances on this isolated, dark and backward planet. They went into error and defaulted in their mission of upliftment of the races in trying in their efforts to speed things up, veered from the plan assigned to them. Yet all was not lost. There was a definite upliftment of mankind at the time through the loving service of their progeny and their descendants, though later the source and reasons became vague and lost.


Macheventa Melchizedek later came and kept alive the truth, being once more sent by Christ Michael to this world in material flesh to teach and train teachers to go forth and bring light to a very dark world. This he did for almost one hundred years, in loving service to your world and it’s inhabitants for Christ Michael.


Two thousand years ago, our beloved Michael came Himself to teach us and show the way and to be a living example of loving service to all mankind, to complete here on this lonely and backward little Urantia His final and triumphant bestowal. How blessed you are of all evolving planets of time and space to be chosen for this spectacular event!


Yet, your world, nor even His chosen disciples, could grasp the great significance of this event, what was actually happening at that time, due to their limited knowledge of even their own world, much less the greater cosmos beyond. But their loving service did much to aide mankind in its spiritual growth and enlightenment of truth into this present age.


Now, my child, you can, during this age of the twentieth and twenty-first century, understand and grasp to a greater degree the concepts of truth that they could not. Now the Fifth Epochal Revelation has been revealed to your world for deeper understanding and for the acceleration of spiritual growth for its inhabitants over the next dispensation of time.


Christ Michael, your Ruler, King, Master, Father/Brother and Nebadonia and all their multiple staff, aides and helpers, and those in high authority have conspired to bring you this revelation and have also now sent you teachers to aide you in your understanding of it, to aide in your spiritual upliftment, in your soul growth, to teach your world how to rise out of and above the influence of error, evil, sin and rebellion still rampant in may parts of the world. To show your world the way to peace, harmony, light and life. It may take thousands of years for the whole world to reach this peaceful destiny.


But for now, you the readers of the Urantia text have a broader overview of what is transpiring in your world. You have what is needful to help your world ascend into a greater and more peaceful age ahead, than what you are experiencing and have suffered during the past two thousand years. Yet as you look back, you can see the progress, that loving service has brought to the earth. Out of adversity, lessons are learned and mankind does strive for better conditions, a better life for all.


Now in loving service to this world, we have a mission to perform, a mission to complete.

This teaching mission is a planned part of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, even form the beginning. We too have been prepared to bring this loving service to you, prepared, taught and guided. Melchizedek, Abraham and their staff are here to teach and expand upon the truths revealed. Of this we are all a part. Here to do our part, yes, you too little one, have been called along with many thousands of others, called to do their part also. No matter what the service is, we all have our part to play, a duty to perform.


The Master searches for loving hearts and loving attitudes, a child-like faith and trust in Him and His work here on earth. Yes, He died here, while in the flesh at the hands of wicked and misguided humankind but He is now alive, glorious and magnificent! Words cannot and will not ever express His magnitude and glory. For He is our King and Ruler in our hearts and minds and His loving service is our loving service to you. And that same love will ever guide and sustain you also in your loving service to your brothers and sisters where you are.


You are all part of the whole, all of you, who endeavour to serve and will to serve the Master now in this age, your moment in time upon the earth.


Michael’s Teaching Mission will not fail. It will accomplish its divine mission as a part, as a compliment, to His Fifth Epochal Revelation to mankind, as planned.


I know you are speculating, will there be a sixth and a seventh revelation? There is much speculation of that and if so, be assured that it is already planned and will be presented in what ever form needful for the races, for Urantia, when the time is ready and ripe for their further upliftment and growth. Rest assured that loving service will also be given for the continued spiritual growth of humankind at that time, just as before and now..


For now, let us faithfully go forward in our own lives learning, growing, and reaching back and teaching as we go. Your dedicated and loving service is needful now.


We are here. I am here daily to lead and guide you along the way in your loving service.




TEACHERS: Now do not doubt or fear your calling. You will do well, little one. You are in good hands.  Your teachers, in loving service to you all.



December 18, 1998


TARA: Is there a message for us regarding the present Mid-East crisis?


TEACHERS: This is indeed a crisis and we are most aware of it! It is a crisis of the spirit, of the heart, of personal and national resolve, and a question of methods and means, values of right vs. wrong.


TARA: Is greater conflict and crisis ahead in worldwide reaction?


TEACHERS: You must remember, we are in the Correcting Time for all the world. Some corrections are going to be grave and dire indeed. But you need not fear. Though things look dark, light will come. We will not impute motive, or blame, or fault, or point fingers here.


But listen to us, little ones. You have the greater overview and insight over your brothers of the world at large, due to your studies of the Urantia Book and your understanding of the way to peace and light and life. This does not place you higher or better than your brother, so do not judge another, for with this greater understanding, comes also greater responsibility.


Long have we told you to be an example , a light of the higher way of life. Only when the world rises above the evil of rebellion and warring, the animal way, will peace begin to be realized.


In inequality, comes division and strife among nations. The “third world” as you call it, seeks to rise up to your level of material gain, wealth and advancement. The ”have nations” desire to keep, and protect what they have. Sharing of world resources must advance, and better ways, more efficient ways, of using those resources and different ways must be found, see?


Progress is being made. Violence is not the way; must not be taught or practised in your world. With your advanced technology, it’s destructive powers must be contained and never used upon mankind. In having such technology comes responsibility, and that is what this is all about.


The reaction to last night, Thursday, Dec. 17, 1998, will be critical to peace worldwide.


Never has this world needed strong, moral leadership, wise leadership as now at the close of this age, but it is not, we say, NOT the end of the world. Michael’s Urantia will go on into the age of light and life. Correction has begun. The Teaching Mission is in place and going forward. The leaders and the teachers of tomorrow are being taught and nurtured and raised up now.


Your world is a very different world from that of the Master while he was here. Indeed, in His day there was also wars and rumours of war, but not to the global degree you have today with it’s global consequences.


Can you now see why this mission is called an “emergency mission?”



The Father’s awakened children, must take responsibility of their calling to be that “demonstration of righteousness” in the earth. You must come to a more deep and full understanding of the way to peace and real life, strifeless living and living standards of conduct that establish and secure peace on the earth.


This is why Christ Michael came, to forever eliminate the forces of evil rampant in His kingdom, that war against His ways of light and life. Truth, beauty and goodness will be triumphant on Urantia, the birthplace of our most magnificent King, now the King of Peace and Lord of Lords.


Though not the true date of His birth, the world honours the coming of this wondrous Paradise Son of God to your world, who came to be the “way shower” to peace and light and life. Together we will continue to show this world His way, expand upon it and make it clear for you.


Enjoy your holiday season in peaceful mind, knowing you are loved and cared for from above. Peace will someday prevail throughout the world.


Correction is never easy. The ways to destruction and death must be changed and be forever rooted out of the earth. This is the time of the end of an age, not an end of the world, as so many believe, so be not deceived. Urantia is in good hands, loving hands and will be directed into peace and the enlightenment of all nations. We send our love and support to you all.


May Christ Michael’s love surround you and comfort you and give you peace.  He sends His blessing upon you all.


Your teachers, Malcom, Bertram and Muriel.



December 19, 1998


BERTRAM: Arise little one, we have a further message for you regarding the Mid-East which concerns you. Also regarding your style of transmission/receiving.


Be not dismayed that your style may be different from others. It is most certainly the message that is the important aspect. You receive quickly in “thought forms” rather than individual words “heard,” one at a time. As with your perception of the conversation over heard. It flows quickly for you so you must slow down for accuracy in the total concept presented. We are teaching you, little one, day by day, in this method of contact with us.


Malcom is here to teach and guide you personally along the way. We woke you this morning, knowing these are your best hours and most clear time for transmission.


This morning we are trying something different. Typing this transmission as you “hear” it. This will speed the process for you and yet slow you down. Do you understand?


TARA: Yes, I sincerely desire to be that clear channel of the messages to be delivered through me, for the service of my brothers and sisters who may someday read them.


BERTRAM: Stay sincere and child-like in your response. Have faith in Christ Michael and His mission, of which you are now apart. You now realize that you do also have the loving support of your brother and sister there in Hamilton, Lorne and Judy. They too, will guide and direct you in what is needful for your growth. They are being guided in their nurturance of you by serving what is needful in your growth also.


Learn from the previous transmissions of other teachers, but do not be judgmental nor make comparisons of style. Content is the important thing, the messages of truth that expand and enlarge upon truths revealed in the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Together we are all teaching you.


Now with that said, Malcom has much to say this morning. Malcom.


MALCOM: How are you enjoying this new method this morning?


TARA: Just fine Malcom, so far, so good. Do you have more for us regarding the Mid- East? Can you make clear to us the implications of these recent events and what it is going to mean to us in the future just ahead?


MALCOM: First, my child, you must not be anxious or fearful. Second it is not for us to make predictions. Always the freewill of man is supreme.


Forces are at work and we can only assure you, that the earth will not be destroyed. By forces, I mean good forces. We could look at this as one of the great last displays of Caligastia/Lucifer type rebellion. We cannot sit in personal judgment of any one or any nation, only that goodness and righteousness will prevail in the end.


Our concern, and your immediate concern is to continue in your studies of truth and in the higher way, so that when the time comes for this knowledge, so desperately needed by mankind, will be in place and ready to be taught. For surely the Kingdom of God will be made manifest on the earth in all it’s power and glory. Peace is coming to the earth. God’s will and way will prevail.


Now do not doubt the need for this mission, and the part that each of you are called to play. It is your decision to serve and to respond to your calling.


What we ask you to do regarding this situation is to pray for peace and for the safety of your brothers and sisters living in Iraq, the innocents in this war. Pray for an end to the turmoil in Washington at this time. Strong and moral leadership is needed not only there but in all nations. Out of the present turmoil, may lessons learned, lead to a better world of peace and prosperity for all.


Remember that the work will be done by you. You will be a demonstration of His righteousness in the earth by the fruits of the spirit you possess. You will be examples of God’s children living in the flesh upon the earth. You will be the visible teachers and showers of the way to peace, and peaceful living.


-- Establish peace and harmony in your own lives now.

-- Continue in your loving service to one another.

-- Be tolerant of others.

-- Do not be judgmental nor narrow minded.

-- Be courageous and ever loyal to the Father and Christ Michael.

-- Be honest and trustworthy in all you endeavours.


Never lose hope and trust in the plan of God for His evolving children of time and space.

Be ever watchful and alert to what is happening, but do not let it discourage or depress you.


You are ever in the Father’s watchful care and keeping. Truth will prevail. The era of Light and Life will come to Urantia. This period of correction must take place during this time.

Correction will take time, so be not dismayed when such trials of national proportion come upon you.


We send you our steadfast love and devotion. Don’t forget your quiet times with the Father, for in that stillness you grow closer to Him and become more perceptive to His leading and love, and guidance in your life.  I bid you good morning and a productive day. Malcom.


December 27, 1998


TARA: Is there a message tonight?


BERTRAM: Little one, we have missed you? So busy you have been with your holiday festivities! Though you are feeling that we have been far from you, know that it is not so.

We are ever near to you and here to serve and protect, love and support, even when you are not aware of our presence. Malcom is here and wishes to speak with you now. Malcom


MALCOM: Greetings, little one. It is so pleasant to be in this contact with you once more.


How have your lessons been coming along in the practical application of loving service?

Seems you are feeling you went over board in your gift giving. We can never give too much love and in your giving you were showing your love. You do not have to feel you must make up for all those lost years in one season! You now realize that you have an eternity to spend, and many corrections will be made in due time. That is the wonder of the supreme plan of God. All will be made right and corrected in this life and the next. God’s love and your love go on and on for eternity and you will meet all those of your past and your present and your future, and all will be made right in the light of God’s truth and way and love. Do you grasp this?


You need not worry or fret, only do what you can in your service to your brothers and sisters here on earth now. Do the best you are able, for the Father knows your heart and your soul intent. For now continue in your studies and in their practical application in your life.


My, we do get right down to business don’t we? One moment please, Bertram has a further word for you.


BERTRAM: Little one, do not forget the lessons taught to you these last few months. We are all here to help you in your growth so that you will be able to be of service to your fellow brothers and sisters in the light.


Many are being called now and are awakening to the truth of the Fatherhood of God the Father and the brotherhood of all mankind.


Your world was recently on the very brink of war and it yet remains what will be the outcome of the recent hostilities. It is a difficult world on which you live. The way to peace must be taught worldwide. That way was taught and shown by Christ Michael himself, when He was here in the flesh, in His revelations to this world and now being enlarged upon and taught in this His Teaching Mission.


Listen well and learn and apply those lessons in your daily lives. You are all to be His “demonstration of righteousness” to your mortal brothers and sisters who share your beautiful Urantia.


Pray for the coming of Light and Life and its ensuing peace upon all humankind. Desire this coming age with all your heart and mind, that there will no more be war, and strife and hostility and violence on the earth. The ways of peace must be taught.


The children of this earth are taught violence through their entertainment, their daily exposure to it in their movies, video games, television programs, arcades. The greatest shame is that they are taught this in their very homes, by example. We realize this is of great concern to you.

In your heart you wish you could do something to help those little ones so near and dear to your own heart. Only by the positive loving example you set, can they begin to see the love of God in action. As you each one influence your own surroundings and each awaken to a better way of peace and love and harmony will the world change. We will teach you and guide you in the ways Christ Michael has directed us in doing the Father’s will on earth.


Remember always to pray, “Our Fathers’ will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” Then will we bring heaven on earth, the glorious age of Light and Life in all its fullness!


I leave you now and encourage you to continue on with your lessons of the “fruits of the spirit.”


A new year is approaching and may you look back one year from now with the new millennium on your doorstep, so to speak, and see this coming year as a year of astounding growth for your study group, in love and understanding, perseverance, and soul growth, in each and every one of you.


May Michael reign supreme in your hearts and may love flow out to all in your service of the Father. I bid you good evening. Malcom will continue your lessons as you open to them, day by day.


Farewell, Bertram.



December 29, 1998


TARA: I was so encouraged by Lorne’s phone call tonight. We spoke of the genuineness of the Teaching Mission and the truth of the messages of the teachers. Is there further that you would like to add?


MALCOM: My child, our little one, thank you for asking our thoughts on this most important Mission. You may rest assured and be filled with confidence that this is indeed a true and honourable mission trust that has been given to our keeping and administration.


We are indeed here to teach you, you who desire of your own free will to be a part. It is your own willingness that sets you apart to be partakers, no matter what that role may be. Many are needed and many are being called and answering that call each day. Each is being prepared for their own loving service to their brothers and sisters. Each goes through their many reactions to the mission both negative and positive in their awakening awareness of this new phase of the kingdom’s establishment on earth.


As it has been explained that the circuits are now being reopened and the rebellion now finally adjudicated and the rebels are no more. You have nothing to be so afraid of now, as you will come to fully realize soon. You do have your being in a friendly universe. We are all here to serve you and teach you in the ways of Michael, in His truths and His teachings and in His spirit of love. We will not see His mission fail. He will not let it fail.


Your beloved Urantia has suffered enormously for thousands of years, yet never has there been such strong and loyal faithers, as from Michael’s bestowal planet! Blessed indeed are you to have had your nativity here! Blessed indeed to be called now, at the close of this twentieth century, poised on the dawn of a new millennial dispensation, called to be a part of this Teaching Mission inaugurated and commissioned by Christ Michael and administered by His most loyal and dependable staff under the direction of Machiventa Melchizedek, himself.


We have, his teaching staff, volunteered to come here and be of service to the Father, to Christ Michael, under this most trustworthy and loving administration which is now on Urantia.


We are never far from your. We hear you when you call, when you open yourself to hear us and to listen to our instruction. We only ask that you be willing, that you apply what you have learned in your daily lives, in your loving service to those you serve. Learn, practice, teach.

Listen and learn and apply the lessons taught not only by us but also of course from your text.


It is the message that is important. We will never infringe upon your own free will at any time. It is of your own will, to believe, obey and serve your Master as you believe in your own heart and soul. The Father has only, this commanded of you “to become perfect as He is perfect.”


To fulfill this commandment, it is needful for you to learn what His will is for you and to know and to understand how to achieve this transcendent goal of perfection.


The Father does not expect you to achieve this perfection as if by magic, no. It is a life long, indeed an eternal life long, achievement!


The Father desires the development of your souls through experiences in the multitude of creations He has prepared for you.


This life is just the beginning of your long ascension home. Your text clearly describes this magnificent adventure for you. Read it carefully, with joy and anticipation. What a loving gift this present revelation is to your world. Now in your technological and scientific and “space

age” advancements, most mortals of the advanced races can understand this Fifth Epochal Revelation to mankind. Don’t over look the blessing of having the fourth part of the Book. Here we have a true and comprehensive enlargement of the life and teachings of Christ Michael, almost a day by day study of the Fourth Epochal Revelation as it was occurring, for your study and understanding! This precious knowledge was and is so needed now on Urantia.


Do you not see, do you not understand why Michael has sent you this Teaching Mission? We are here to teach and lead you into an understanding of this truth, to ground you firmly and solidly, to be His future teachers, in the flesh, in whatever way you choose to serve, with these concepts as your guide and light.


Christ Michael, most certainly came, to light the way to truth, beauty and goodness on this darkened world. You will most surely become His ambassadors of love, and so light the way to peace and prosperity for all his beloved children everywhere. This is a beginning. The golden age we desire and strive for will not come “overnight.” The future may look dark right now, with wars and rumours of wars, but the “end” is not yet, nor ever shall be.


Christ’s Spirit of Love and Truth has come, and His will, will be done on earth, His beloved Urantia. We are here to aide in the spread of that light and truth and love over all the earth.


This is just the beginning of a new, and coming age of renewed light and life. We are all pioneers, opening up the way! You have a work to do as the builders of the basic blocks of a new society that will fully flower in the ages to come. You are the peacemakers, who will aide in bringing about the new heaven and a new earth of peace and love for generations to come!


Be joyful, be happy, be thankful always for your calling now, for you present stage of intellectual development that we can communicate with you, teach you and share with you this Mission so lovingly commissioned by Christ Michael.


In service and in love I thank you for this opportunity to bring this message to you tonight.

May you find peace and contentment as you rest surrounded and comforted in the Father’s love.

Michael extends His love and over care upon you all. Malcom

END 1998 Bertram Series