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NEC #3 - Charles, New Era Conversations - End of Monjoronson Conversations Series - Jun 28, 2013 - Daniel Raphael, Colorado

New Era Conversations (NEC) – End of CWM; Beginning of New Era – June 28, 2013
Charles and staff, speaking for the Triumvirate

[Editor's Note:  The "Triumvirate"  referred to in the title represents the three high administrative spirit personalities that will work on Urantia to reclaim it for the Universal Father.  The Triumvirate is Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek assigned as Viceroy to the Planetary Prince of Urantia who is Michael, and Serara (Monjoronson) as the Avonal Son of record as the Magisterial Son on Urantia.  We also note to the reader that the staff of Serara (Monjoronson) will sometimes speak on behalf of the principals composing the Triumvirate.  Filing of these lessons which are said to begin in formality in September 2013 will be under the word "Triumvirate."  ]


  • The “Conversations with Monjoronson” Sessions Are Complete
  • In the New Era, Our Work must Be Co-creative
  • Celestials Will Be Available for Direct Assistance on Projects and Actions
  • The Cwm Format Will Continue under a New Name
  • Renaming this Format for the New Era
  • Spirituality Completely Engaged on a Conscious, Continual Basis, Co-creatively
  • What Will the New Era Entail?
  • The Pragmatics of Spiritual Existence
  • New Projects Will Require Thousands of Individuals’ Participation
  • The Pragmatic Realm of Living Faith
  • Being Directly Involved with Social Sustainability
  • Internet and Network Connections Are Essential
  • Begin with Dissemination of Educational Materials
  • The Empowerment of Individuals to Make Choices
  • The Competence or Incompetence of Citizens to Live Peacefully
  • There must Be a Sense of Hope for Societies
  • The Morality Code Needs to Change
  • The Universe Code of Morality
  • Questions for the New Era
  • These Programs Will Be Secular
  • Teams Working Without T/r’s
  • Do We Have Faith in the Celestials?

TR:  Daniel Raphael
Moderator:  Michael McCray

 June 28, 2013

Prayer:  Dearest Heavenly Father, we gather once again to bask in your love and your light, ever grateful for this opportunity to work with your Paradise beings, Monjoronson and Charles.  We thank them profusely for their patience with us as we try to assist in Urantia’s Correcting Time.  We invoke the presence of our loving local universe parents, Christ Michael and Nebadonia, to be ever with us during this session and in our daily lives, to lead us in the paths of our life plans toward perfection.  Amen.

CHARLES:  Good morning, this is Charles.  I have been looking forward to our session today.

Roxie:  We have too, Charles.

CHARLES:  Yes, it is a “new day,” as you might say.

MMc:  Yes, it is, so the $64,000 question is… are the Conversations with Monjoronson sessions at a close?

The Conversations with Monjoronson sessions are complete

CHARLES:  Yes.  There has been unanimous voice from the Triumvirate regarding that.  These sessions have fulfilled their mission and their intention.  This point, back in time, marks the separation of training and preparation for that which follows at this point.  If you look back from the time that this mission was initiated in New Zealand, to its introduction to the United States, and to its development throughout the United States and the two-year curriculum that was provided to many local teams, and then the introduction of social sustainability, through the lessons that preceded Monjoronson’s arrival, through his term, the introduction of the cataclysms and the necessity of preparing for the reconstruction of your Urantian civilization and societies, this era is complete.

In the new era, our work must be co-creative

We have offered ourselves thoroughly and completely to answer any questions from almost any source, about almost any topic that was within the parameters of our work, that had to do with immediate, prompt and present tense involvement from us and from the mortals.  Always the emphasis on all of these projects, whether in the Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission or other is the co-creative aspect of our work together.  The total summation of the new era is that it must be co-creatively engaged and developed and fulfilled.  To make that more succinct, we have offered our co-creative work to be almost on demand, by mortals who are engaged with us, who thoroughly understand their desire to work for Christ Michael for the betterment of Urantia that would presage the days of light and life.

Celestials will be available for direct assistance on projects and actions

We have further offered ourselves to be of direct assistance, concerning specific projects or actions that mortals would like to take in their lives, personally, or elsewhere, simply by asking us to participate co-creatively with the mortals in resolving these problems, issues or development of topics.  As you can see, it is not a totally carte blanche relationship; it is specific, it is designed for individuals’ spiritual upliftment and emotional development, and for family development, and for the development of social stability and social sustainability in your societies.  There is some specificity concerning co-creative requests:  It is not an open field for any option that may cross an individual’s mind.  It must be for the improved quality of life for the individual, family or society; it must be for their growth, and it must not show disparagement, deference or preference for individuals, but rather be of equal application to everyone.

Do you see that there are other aspects of the preceding twenty-five years that needs to be mentioned?  (Pause.)  Hearing none, then let us proceed with the new era.  Do you have questions concerning this?

The CWM format will continue under a new name

MMc:  The question that I have at this point in time is when we close the Conversations with Monjoronson is spirit willing to work with us in a similar capacity?  Do we disband these weekly or biweekly meetings with you, or do we carry them on with a look to a new set of questions on a new topic that provides us to look into the new era?

CHARLES:  The latter.  “Conversations with Monjoronson” has come to a close, but the process remains intact.

Renaming this format for the new era

MMc:  Okay.  Do you wish us to rename the Conversations?  And what would you suggest as the name?

CHARLES:  You may want to re-title it as “Conversations with Monjoronson Regarding the New Era.”  (CWM-NE)

[Note:  Since this title is awfully long for the archives to deal with, Daniel suggested, “New Era Conversations.” (NEC)]

We do not wish to cease our conversations with you; we do not wish to cease the dialog that we have—communication is everything; relationship is everything for your morontial, spiritual and eternal existence.  These are paramount to your universe existence for all time—this communication and relationship.  This is how we teach you this process now.  We do not wish to make you dependent upon us, but we wish to make you co-creatively engaged with us.  You must be able to participate effectively in the development and evolution of your own personal spiritual, emotional and social life, as well as participate similarly in the morontial realm.  This begins now.

Spirituality completely engaged on a conscious, continual basis, co-creatively

It is unfortunate that in your world, individuals feel that their spiritual existence is adjunctive to their personal life, and is an option.  Yes, of course, it is an option to have none, or to have it as an adjunct to their personal life, or to have it completely engaged with us on a conscious, intentional basis, as ongoing and co-creative, without dependence or overt excessive independence.  It is a process of engaging yourself with the rest of the universe.  Do you wish to be a part of that?

These conversations historically have been to engage you to become a conscious and intentional participant in the development of the universe.  Your participation is significant and necessary for the completion of this stage of development of the universe.  If you wish to opt out of this universe progression, that is your choice—your ultimate eternal choice—but we wish to try to convince you otherwise.  Therefore, this new era brings in a much more highly conscious era of participation.  Do you have questions at this point?

What will the new era entail?

MMc:  Yes.  Looking back over your last private conversation with us, I can see that there is something that you mentioned, but I’ll leave the question open to you.  What is the new era going to entail?

CHARLES:  This new era of our conversations will entail a much more conscious, deliberate and intentional participation with you in overt ways.  This will still require faith, belief and trust on your part, and hopefully, some of you will even know that it is us who is participating or leading you in these projects.  The work that we will be doing with you will be much more hands-on, and will be much more overt, and will be something you can participate in and implement in your life and your community.

The pragmatics of spiritual existence

MMc:  You mentioned the pragmatics of spirituality or the pragmatics of spiritual existence for us, living in this material world.  I get the impression that what you want to do is discuss that situation and perhaps I’ll use the expression “to ramp it up” for individuals, so that they understand it more completely.

CHARLES:  Yes, we do.  In the work that will follow in the weeks, months and years ahead, it will require individuals to be highly pragmatic in their spirituality.  This was explained to you by Monjoronson in previous sessions.  The pragmatics of a spiritualized engaged life is the following:  You see a series of opportunities come into your life and you say “Yes” to them, and they then lead you in a way to be of service, also while growing emotionally, socially and spiritually, and that you continue to say “yes” to this.  And as you say, “Yes,” and you engage this opportunity with the living minutes and hours of your life, and your actions of your life, there comes another opportunity and you continue this process of following these breadcrumbs of faith from the darkness of your spiritual living, into the light of God’s love, out of the cave of ignorance, as Plato might say, so that you become more fully engaged in your life, and spiritually, as a walk of faith, pragmatically, in the development of your spirituality.  Are you with me so far?  (MMc:  Yes, I am; Roxie:  Yes.)

New projects will require thousands of individuals’ participation

The projects we are proposing are of such magnitude that it will require not just one or ten or a hundred, but many thousands of individuals around the world to participate in the opening of these developments.  In these developments will be aspects of your current everyday life that you are engaged in, or not.  It means social action projects; it means economic developments; it perhaps may mean political engagement, but not on a party basis, as you have historically been involved, but to engage political topics from the perspective of social evolution, that in order for your world to evolve the social institutions of your world must also develop, progress and evolve.  When we say “social,” that means all activities of humankind, whether it is business, politics of a political nature, social or economic or non-profit, anything… anything where people are involved.  We do not consider militarism or other instruments of aggression as social.  Those are in many ways asocial or antisocial, as they cause in the long term, separation and social desperation in their use.  So, are you with me again, so far in this realm of engagement by yourselves?  (MMc:  So far, I am with you.  Roxie:  Yes, very much so.)

The pragmatic realm of living faith

So we move out of the realm far, far, far away from religions, into the pragmatic realm of living faith, belief, trust and knowing that you are on the right path.  The test of whether you are going in the right direction is of course, the application of the three core values of social sustainability.  If the actions you are taking do not violate one or all of those, then you are heading in the right direction.  And remember, that some actions are neutral to that, actions which do not offend or violate any one or all three of the core values, is something that we can work with and is not a difficulty to us.

Being directly involved with social sustainability

We are moving out of the ritualism of religious activities, into the pragmatic operation of spirituality in an evolving society.  This requires a change of attitude; it requires a change of intention; it requires a change of direction, involvement in your personal lives.  We are not asking you to independently, voluntarily participate in some non-profit or charity option.  You will know that spirit is working in your life when these involvements come to you, where you must make a decision to participate or not.  Some of this work will be directly involved with social sustainability, whether it involves an organization that sponsors this, or whether it is in an adjunctive organization, a local community design team, a moral validation team, or social sustainability implementation team.  These could be directly involved with you in your locale, your local community.

We anticipate that there will not be one, ten, or a hundred, but thousands of these teams throughout the world.  You will be particularly aware that they will be occurring overtly within democratically developed countries, nations, whereas you will find that the principles of social sustainability are not in keeping with totalitarian or other centrally dominated and controlled societies and nations.  Democratic nations offer the opportunity for the participation of not just one mind, but millions of minds, so that they can participate in the development of their society, the evolution of their society, by going through the developmental evolution that all societies must go through that presage the days of light and life, which means that eventually, these societies will come into an era of social stability and sustainable peace, which is not available on your planet at this time.  And when we say “social stability and sustainable peace,” we mean for eras longer than twenty-five or fifty years, eras beginning with 50 years and upwards to higher numbers of years.

That development will mean that your participation is necessary.  In a society that is developing, going through developmental steps to evolve, it requires the collective intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of citizens.  It is simply not possible for a centrally dominated nation to evolve socially or spiritually, politically or economically.  The interests of a few would dominate the masses, and they would be used for the benefit of only an oligarchic society.  This is not sustainable.

Internet and network connections are essential

You now live in a knowledge-based society that is connected by the Internet and many web sites that network millions of you together on various bases.  There now exists social media as FaceBook, Twitter and several others, some of which are business-based, but nonetheless use the same process.  Soon, there will be what we call “public media” web sites, which will bring people into working networks and the focus of association for the resolution of social topics, which may be economic, which may be political, which will in the beginning be social.  There must be social evolution in order for economic evolution and political evolution to take place.

Begin with dissemination of educational materials

If the social foundations of a society are not evolved, then neither will be those other loci of activity.  Therefore, we will begin with the social topics through the dissemination of educational materials through the Internet to millions of individuals through easy access on their handheld Internet connected smart phones and through their laptops and other computer devices that are connected to the Internet.  In order to bring a whole world, or a nation of many millions of people into a future that is sustainable, everybody, everyone, the vast majority must move together.  And in order for a society to move together, a very large majority if its citizens must be “on the same page.”  Everybody—meaning the vast majority of people—must be similarly informed; they must be similarly trained; and must similarly have the capacity to empower their participation in the collection of their wisdom for the satisfaction and resolution of social problems, great and small.

The empowerment of individuals to make choices

Further, in the second part of this process there must be a means of empowerment of those individuals to make choices of the many options that will exist, that will come into being, for their future.  And then, they must be able to be empowered to select the best option, and then move that option into their democratic process, so that there is institutionalized agreement to move forward with these innovative social developments.  Let us rest for a moment and ask whether this is too convoluted for you to follow, so far?

MMc:  No, it’s not too convoluted, but it’s still blowing my mind, if that makes any sense.  (Charles chuckling in the background.)

CHARLES:  And you, Roxanne?  Please comment.

Roxie:  Yes, I agree with what you’re saying.  I have doubts about how well mankind will adapt themselves to this program, seeing how difficult it is in our country with its present political system being so diametrically opposed from each other on every social topic.

CHARLES:  And you, personally, do you understand this?

Roxie:  Oh yes, personally, I do—and I agree.

The competence or incompetence of citizens to live peacefully

CHARLES:  Thank you.  What has not been presented to your societies and your democratic nation is the awareness of whether the populace has the competence (or incompetence) to engage itself in the future in which it will have to live.  These two processes we have just described are paramount for citizens in a society to live peaceably in agreement, even in times of social chaos and disintegration — that they agree upon what they must do.  Living though difficult times will be extremely hard on individuals and families and whole communities and societies.  What must precede this social disintegration and chaos is “HOPE” for individuals to help bring them into the future.  These processes that we are giving you, that we will develop with you co-creatively to empower you, will give you the hope that you—as a collective society—have the intelligence, capability, competence and “means” to bring about the reconstruction of your societies, and have a model to do it, that inaugurates increasing the developmental social stability and social sustainability.

There must be a sense of hope for societies

If there is not hope, and there is no means, then the competence of a society is squandered in the chaos, and as a world that is an experimental, decimal planet as it is, and one that is going through tremendous chaos, to enter into the future without any means of hope would be disastrous, which is not in keeping with the compassionate, loving grace of Christ Michael, as your creator.  He will not leave you in ignorance and darkness, but give you the means to enlighten yourselves and empower yourselves to make wise decisions.  Whether individuals participate or not is totally up to them.  These projects that we will inaugurate very soon will give you—those skeptics of you—the opportunity to engage the system, our system, of increasing social stability and social sustainability.

It is our belief—we have belief in you, the collective you—that you do want to participate.  You, perhaps, are correct, Roxanne, when you are skeptical in your opinion of the competence and capability and willingness of your fellow brother and sister citizens to participate.  This situation will change as your societies and nations enter into a burgeoning era of social “dis-ease,” or social angst, wondering whether they will exist in the near future, or not.  People must become uncomfortable before they can make decisions concerning their survival, existence, stability and social sustainability.  That era has only entered into the minds and hearts of a few—those who have suffered the disasters of rampant wildfires, those who have been inundated by the floods of natural disasters, and those who have suffered greatly from wind, hurricanes and tornadoes.  All of these things will continue to bear upon your world, and when the economic stability of your world crashes around everyone’s ears, then everyone’s attention will be on “what is the hope of the future?”  Then they will listen.  Then they will look for options and they will seek means of empowerment to approach the incompetence of their leaders.

We do not say this disparagingly about the competence of your leaders—there are many highly intelligent individuals who have chosen to run for office.  What you are finding is that the process of governance that has become ingrained in many Western democratic nations is one that seduces them into corruption.  If a little power is bad, then total power is destructive, to paraphrase one of your historians.

I will stop at this point and ask if you have probing questions concerning the material I have given you, or new questions?

The morality code needs to change

Roxie:  Charles, I see the value of the cross training and the simulation models and the huge library and archive systems (referring to last private session with Charles.)  What I don’t understand is how you can change the morality code.  As I see it, our current morality is based on religious texts, which are believed by many to be “the word of God.”  And the only way to supplant the morality that the mainstream people believe in is to give them a new definition of the Will of God, by a celestial emissary like Monjoronson or Christ Michael.  Can you speak to this question in my mind about people wanting to follow the new direction without having an understanding of the new morality?

CHARLES:  If I understand your question right, part of the educational training process will be to train individuals in the morality of social sustainability.  It will never be presented as forcing people make a choice between the old morality or the new morality.  It is one of those situations that will become self-evident when societies begin to move toward social sustainability.  They must have a “mechanistic” decision-making process to aid them in making moral decisions that are supported by the principles of social sustainability.  Again, the old morality supports the economic model of “winner takes all,” and that it supports the Solomaic code, (the code of Solomon,) [as] a means of making wise decisions for the benefit of all.

This [new] morality will become an ingrained part of social sustainability almost surreptitiously as individuals begin to work with the core values of social sustainability.  They will be making ethical decisions concerning the conduct and development of socially sustainable social policies, institutions, organizations and processes, which would also involve family dynamics and personal living.  It will only become a topic of conversation when people who have been working with these three core values eventually see the mainstream of their decision-making, and what it leads to.  The moral code will become something that dawns on them, that is obvious and necessary, even self-evident, but one, [in] which you have not approached overtly, as a frontal approach to discussing the morality of social sustainability.  It would be rejected outright as being highly contrary to the current ancient traditional moral code that began in the nation of Ur, and was later accepted by Hammurabi and then internalized into the Mosaic code and applied in religious context.

The universe code of morality

The code of morality of the universe is one that is dependent upon the social sustainability of whole worlds.  What you are seeing in this morality is a code of the universe.  Unfortunately, before a world enters into the days of light and life, where immoral behavior is a rarity, your world is entering into a transition between the traditional ancient morality of survival and existence, of fighting and clawing tooth and nail against your enemies, and how to validate and justify killing them.  However, social sustainability requires a global morality that allows the existence of everyone, with the exception of those who choose to violate that equal treatment of others, meaning that they wish to survive at the expense of others.  It will be a slow process.  We do not anticipate that whole nations will turn overnight into a highly moral socially sustainable society.

Bending a culture takes many years, minimally 20 years, as you are seeing with the Internet and email and fax machines and so on, on a technological basis, which now has become part of your social milieu, where individuals are driving, working, conferencing and texting at the same time, and where social graces are abridged by having to take a call on your cell phone.  To change a world towards social sustainability requires anywhere between 20 and 200 years, depending on the investment in the old archaic traditional morality and the selfishness of its people.  I know I have gone far astray from the fundamentals of your question, but this, I hope, explains the development of a socially sustainable morality.

Roxie:  Yes, that is a wonderful answer to my question, Charles.  I was just not thinking far enough into the future of this process.  I think I am in too big of a hurry to see changes immediately, during my lifetime.  Thank you very much for your answer.

CHARLES:  You are most welcome.  We would say at this point that we have fairly thorough developmental plans and probable futures planned out or at hand for the next 200-300 years, and some will approach 450 and 500 years.  We see the beginnings of our programs now, which we are going to invest in measurable, implementable programs.  Once we begin, we will have a much greater assurance of which probable futures will occur and which will not.

Questions for the new era

MMc:  Charles, I’m wondering what kind of questions are you going to be looking for?

CHARLES:  We will be looking for questions, yes, that are involved in the new era that we are engaging.  Right now, I would anticipate that you would have few questions, but the questions will become more apparent to you as we become much more pragmatically engaged in your world and in the social development of your world through these projects and programs.  You may sense and even come to the conclusion in this minute that we will have a hiatus for a few weeks until we have these projects initiated.  It may avoid a lot of conjecture, supposition and speculation on your part about things that have not occurred, but perhaps will.  We find that those discussions are of little or no value and do not adequately prepare you for the actual developments of events that will come into play and into being.

We do not want to suggest lines of questions to you, but that your training in the art of inquiry would become of assistance to you now, and that you would formulate some questions, which would be of help to you, and helpful to us, to disclose how this new era will look.  We have used a very broad paintbrush during our discussion, at this point, to describe to you how we will be involved with you in the future.  What you perhaps may already know in the preconscious formation of a question is that you will be much more pragmatically involved in these programs and will have much more pragmatic questions about how to participate constructively.

As we look across the consciousness of the audience who is reading these transcripts, and eventually listening to them, we see that many are scratching their heads, trying to understand how they will be involved, but nonetheless, the individuals who are reading these transcripts will be some of the principle individuals who can participate.  You may not even be the ones who initiate and organize a team in your locality or your community.  You may be simply one who participates in a team, and you will have almost a prescient understanding of how to participate effectively.

These programs will be secular

We have not mentioned this, but we will be using these programs as secular programs.  It is our hope that perhaps at least 3%, if not 5% of all individuals involved in these programs would be spiritually evolved, so that they can foresee the evolution of your world into the days of light and life.  Urantia Book readers will find, across the board, that these programs will be something that they can easily accept and participate in, as there is no channeling involved in these programs at all, but that the individual who is spiritually evolved and developed would willingly participate and contribute the insights they receive from their own Thought Adjuster and from celestial guidance, whether they believe in channeling or not.

It is important that these programs be supported by the vast majority of your societies.  If we relied solely upon Magisterial Mission, Teaching Mission and Urantia Book readers, these programs would fall on their faces, as there would be no popular support for them.  These programs must be seen as logical, rational and almost intuitively guided to assist individuals and networks of people to help their societies survive, exist and move into social stability, [then] the eventuality of social sustainability.  The vast majority of this nation and most nations are secularly oriented.  They can accept the technologies that will be involved in their evolution and development that will allow them to participate in these programs.

Yes, there will be some teams, those avant-garde teams, that will be looking into the future through the guidance of the Melchizedeks and channels, who bring them through in select teams, which want to participate in this manner.  This, however, is not a requirement that we put upon the teams.  Teams in the vast majority will be secularly oriented.  It is hoped from us that spiritually evolved individuals, whether they are Buddhists, or Taoists, or Hindus, or Christians, or others, would participate, as there is a need to work with them through the midwayers, whether they believe in midwayers or not.

There will be ah-ha moments for everyone in their participation in these teams, and through the networks that will develop.  These networks will evolve through the web sites of public media, to which individuals will subscribe in a similar manner as they subscribe to Twitter and FaceBook and others.  Individuals can form networks that are interested in collaborating, concerning some specific social issue they have in common, or some specific social action movement, which they want to participate in and contribute to.

MMc:  You mentioned that you’d like to take a hiatus, or that you’d like us to take a hiatus.  How long would that be?

CHARLES:  We do not foresee this going past the first of September of 2013.

MMc:  So you’d like us to get together after the 1st of September?

CHARLES:  My friend, we do not want to dictate to you when we meet and when we do not.  You must use your own intelligence when it is reasonable to call for a meeting.  You will become aware of developments from your friends and associates as the programs that we want to bring forward are initiated and blossom and bloom.  If that occurs before September then we would anticipate that you would voluntarily call for another meeting with us.  We do not dictate to you how and when we meet; we simply proffered to co-create with you in these meetings to bring about awareness and capable involvement.  Do not think that this is a scolding, my friend, but simply awareness to bring you into a responsible relationship with us.  This is, as we say, totally co-creative.  We have made the offer to participate even in the most minute issues and developments of your personal lives, let alone your social and community and national and global plans.

MMc:  I understand.  But you said that you needed time to initiate these programs.

CHARLES:  Yes.  If you do not see these programs initiated before the 1st of September, then you should call for a meeting.

MMc:  Very good.

CHARLES:  Anything further to ask about?  Yes, and you are most welcome to schedule new meetings as questions come up in your minds concerning what we have shared with you today.  We are not removing ourselves from your presence; we simply see that our work must proceed, but we are available to you to provide clarification to any questions, which may come to your mind as the days and weeks proceed.

Teams working without TRs

MMc:  I have one question for you, and I believe that you have answered this question in the past, or Sondjah has, many of the design teams will be working without TRs.  (Charles:  Correct.)  I was hoping that you might give us how that might work, or what you suggest for the people within that design team that doesn’t have a TR.  What would you suggest for them to do when they have questions?

CHARLES:  They will have to ask their mortal consultant and we would hope that they would have the insight and wisdom to see that they are at an impasse—not an impasse in competitive terms, but an impasse in proceeding—and that they would go apart into a time of reflection.  That may mean that they adjourn, and that individual members of the team would go apart until their next meeting and reflect upon the progress they have made and sit in repose and contemplation and perhaps receive an ah-ha.  Even those individuals who are atheistic and agnostic have ah-ha’s and it is important that they bring those sudden episodes of awareness and clarity back to the team to share with other members.

Roxie:  In your opening statement to us today, it seemed to me to be very appropriate for giving to our reading audience to prepare them a little for the end of the old sessions and the beginning of the new era.  Would you suggest that we publish that part, or would you rather we wait so you and Monjoronson can prepare a new beginning dialog for them?

CHARLES:  We are of the opinion that you can publish this whole transmission today.  We would like to disclose as much as possible concerning this new era of our engagement with you in these pragmatic areas of implementation.  Does this help, or confuse further?

Roxie:  No, it helps a great deal.  I just don’t want to stop giving our audience information over the summer, and risk losing their interest.

CHARLES:  No, it is important that you prepare them for these developments.

Roxie:  Okay.  Thank you.

CHARLES:  You are welcome.  Michael do you have anything in closing?

MMc:  No.  I’m going to miss you, Charles.

CHARLES:  (Chuckling.)  You need not miss us; we can have our own private tête-â-tête.  You wish to continue?

MMc:  No, I don’t have anything for you at this point.

CHARLES:  Certainly, we would not consider it selfish of you to ask to meet with us in another two weeks to see how developments are going.  Many of us, too, are quite curious about the evolutional development and unfoldment of these events in the near future.  I know that many of our subordinates who are not deeply involved in the core observation of what is occurring have much speculation going on among themselves as well.  This is a time of immense uncertainty in the minds of some, but tremendous hope for others and a time of great speculation for everyone.

Do we have faith in the celestials?

Your closing statement, then, would be this:  That we have faith in you; do you have faith in us?  We trust you to make decisions, which even when made selfishly would be of benefit to yourselves and for many others, and that through your faith and knowing in the higher workings of God and Christ Michael in your lives that the best outcome will eventually develop.  Know that you have the best interests of yourself in mind, and that this even spills over generously to the lives of many others, even those who are distant from you, and who are impersonal and unknown to you.  To you, we appreciate your projection of a healing consciousness onto the world that you live on, that there would eventually become a oneness of mind and spirit and of humanity, that the race consciousness of your humanity would evolve to a point that everyone would support everyone else through the best outcomes that they would have in mind for themselves, for all others as well.  It truly would become an evolved world very rapidly, were this the case in the current era.  Thank you so very much for this opportunity to provide these very personal conversations with you in the preceding months.  I wish to engage you to invite Monjoronson to speak to you personally in the next two weeks or so, about what is transpiring, to lend authority of the Triumvirate to be its transition and to the inauguration of this new era.  We wish you well and good day.

Roxie:  Thank you very much, Charles, and Daniel too.

MMc:  Yes, thank you.