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Serena; Gorman; Charles; Light - 3 Transcriptions - May 05, 09, 12, 2013 - North Idaho

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  • Transcript 1 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-05-05 - Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Serena - T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris
  • Transcript 2 - Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2013-05-09 - Teacher: Charles, Light - T/R: Mark Rogers
  • Transcript 3 - Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-05-12 - Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman - T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Transcript 1
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-05-05
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Serena
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is an opportunity to be here this morning amongst you and share a few words. God sees you as perfect, doing imperfect things. You see yourself as imperfect, doing perfect things. God sees a perfect world screwing up, you see an imperfect world trying to get better. God sees the wholeness of your soul. Learn to discern the wholeness of your own soul that you may begin to discern the wholeness within another's soul. It is tremendously difficult for one to see another, to feel for another, to understand another, to communicate with another and to love one another.

The human condition to be surmounted, to be overcome, are those very things that we think move us forward. The human life is tremendously beset with irony, but to develop momentum, you have to begin in the moment. You will never be able to ride a bike standing still, you must cause the motion. Either you push it or you start pedaling and then it is in momentum. It will bring you where you need to be, where you are trying to get to, from point a to b. The perfecting momentum of reality begins in perfecting the moment, it begins in the instant you can transform the thought of love into the power to love, to give love.

It is somewhat of a blind insight to say you live in a loving universe unless you are able to bring this love into the universe, into the universe of your heart and to touch the heart of another universe. In this sense, all of you are universes apart yet all you have discussed today are the imperfect conditions brought on by the inability of the countless souls inhabiting this planet to bring love into reality, to give the gift. The gift of God is His love, the result of God is life. All of the horrors and tragedies which presumably exist, at some point were born out of a loveless state, a loveless aspect of the mind. A mind that is quick to revenge, quick to retaliate, quick to bully, is the same mind that okays the heart to open to divine love, to become a repository of such love, that everything you say and everything you do is an aspect of love.

This is the imperfect human attempting to do perfect things, attempting to bring this divine resource into play on a resourceless planet, the one resource which is greater than all the power and all the gold in the world. Why aren't men fighting for love? Why aren't men hoarding love? Can the heart be filled to capacity with love and know of nothing else? Can the crying in your hearts be a loveless cry, a loveless desire, a loveless act? Is not the Spirit Within attempting to bring you to this understanding of love? Love is the one thing everyone needs more than any other need. It has the ability to comfort, to nurture, to sustain, to hold compassion, to grow faith and hope, to legislate beauty in the man made things which inhabit this world.

How many souls must come and spill their blood for more love to be brought into the world? You must ask yourself, why in the world would anyone want to stop love and peace from taking over? The greatest person who can ever live on this planet has the ability to show forth love in all of its forms and venues, to show love as the way of life and to give the gift of love as if  you know the maker of love, the great maker of all and everything, the Father of love, the Mother of love, the beak of love, the breath of love, the hands of love, the feet of love, the heart of love, the soul of love and finally, the mind of love. Love is the one thing that can never be made artificial. Love is always real. You want the world to be made more real, show it more love.

Thank you my friends for allowing me these few thoughts, it is I, Gorman.

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased to add a few thoughts to the discussion about ethics and reality on this planet. The rebellion has distorted our ideas of reality. Caligastia injected an error into the basic systems of social activity in the attempt to bring his ideas to fruition. The result is a reality that is not of God's design. The result is not one that will bring us into the condition of Light and Life. The correcting time was initiated to bring to the consciousness of the population, a better aligned view. The enhanced function of morality will occur as each individual begins to live in a way aligned with the Father's plan, God's will. As each person becomes spiritually fragrant and filled with the fruits of the spirit, the natural interaction between individuals will be loving and moral.

It is indeed impossible for a person living in the light to plan harm or deceit against another person. We are all one in the Father. This is our mission in the coming dispensation, to bring the Father's mercy and compassion into the consciousness of all inhabitants on this world. The Father's mercy is available for all. It is indeed a state of grace that need only be accepted. The perspective of the planet at this time is close to the concept of forgiveness for past slights and transgressions. As individuals become able to accept the Father's mercy, they will act as a conduit bringing mercy and love to all they encounter, a flood of mercy and forgiveness if you will, coming from a compassionate recognition of the experience and view of their neighbor. As we unite in the Father's will, an alignment will follow to bring us all to the same path of loving service to each other. This is our path to Light and Life.


Transcript 2
Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2013-05-09
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer on Mother's Day: Divine Parents, Divine maternal parents, at this time I would like to express special appreciation for the effects that we all have felt in our lives of your presence, not only your presence Divine Mother, but your sustaining nurturing qualities which has not only brought us life but has supplied us with everything we have had need of in this life. All that is required to sustain us in this mortal experience has been provided in your womb. You have encompassed us with your love and just as the newborn, we are slow to recognize the distinction between us and you for we have been surrounded by you, we are surrounded by you. Every breath we take is a gift that you give us, every sustenance we take in has been provided by you. We are so very grateful for this comfortable womb that you have given us in this life, for all that you have made possible by virtue of your guardianship over us. May we grow in appreciation of the relationship we have with you in this process. May we come to understand the relationship you have bestowed upon us throughout this process and may we always show our appreciation and love in return for all you have given us and made possible for us in this life. May we be a tribute to your love, may we be a manifestation of your grace, may we be an example of your peace, the peace that we feel in our quiet, in our feeling of being connected to you. You are our Mother, you have given us life and nurtured us to a point of awareness where we may be on our own and start out on our eternal journey apart and separate from you. But let us never forget this relationship. Let us always take you with us to journey wherever we will go. Let us remember to give you a part, a place in our experience so that you may enjoy this life that you have provided and nurtured [us in]. Let it be so in consciousness and awareness, now and forever as we . ..Thank you are very small words but our appreciation is so very great. Let us show you this in the course of our lives and our journey, thank you.

Charles: Good evening friends, I am most honored to join this lively discussion here this evening, I am Charles. It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to be humbled by this tribute to such a presence as has been with you since your very beginning. Indeed, this gesture you make to bring recognition and appreciation to your Divine Parent is touching and heartwarming because it embodies all that is good and great about the relationship of parent and child, of the adult to the beginning child. There is something extraordinary which happens in such a relationship, a bond which is enduring beyond time or space; it is truly one of the things you will take with you always.

One never forgets their parent. One always has a certain appreciation for the role of the parent in their lives who has ushered them into this life and nurtured them to the point of maturity and prepared this life for such joyous encounters. Indeed, you could not ask for a more loving parent, one who is willing to give more of themselves, for this parent has given you all that you are, all that you have and has sent you out on this journey to become all that you can become with such great blessings. I understand that from the mortal perspective there are many times when you feel isolated, you feel challenged, you feel defeated, you feel in a state of unawareness or uncertainty. Trust me when I say that this is part of the experience by design, part of the ride that you are enjoying at this point so that you may bring to yourself these challenges and face these experiences and come to reconcile for yourselves how all these things fit together in the end.

Yes, there is frustration, yes there is disappointment, yes there is sadness, but side by side with these things there is joy, there is gratitude, there is success, there is peace. But as part of the mortal condition I observe, it is so easy to be overwhelmed with the things which don't appear to reconcile themselves in your equation, which don't appear to fit in the grand scheme of your awareness. These are great challenges to you because having settled on a perspective and a viewpoint, one would like to believe that others would share it, acknowledge it and join it with you. But, you have had, each one, an individual taste of what reality is, of what is true, good and beautiful. Each one of you have defined it in your own terms and have structured your understanding around this awareness so that when other views and manifestations are different from yours, there is great cause for unsettling in your thought patterns.

Yes, it may very well be at times you feel you need to disassociate, to withdraw, and this is normal and natural to restructure your own awareness and to reconcile all the vast differences and distinctions that surround you. In the end you will most certainly find that the only true reconciliation is to hold fast to your faith and be willing to extend faith into the areas which seem in discord or disharmony, realizing that something there exists for a reason, something there has attributes of truth, beauty and goodness in it which may be hard to identify, which may be difficult to accept, which may be challenging to embrace but nevertheless, in this life, as a mortal of the realm, there will be all manner and degrees and shades and representations of imperfection for this is an imperfect life. No one in this life is a perfected being, has all the answers and is right, true, good and beautiful at all times.

This life is not designed for such an existence. This life is a life of contrasts, a life of choosing, a life of determining for yourselves what truth, beauty and goodness look like, act like and feel like. This is actually your privilege if not your pleasure. You get to decide amongst all the aspects represented before you, which ones you will embrace, which ones you will adopt, which ones you will reject and which ones resonate with you. In this way you get to gather to yourself your version of the most true, beautiful and good aspects that you can assemble.

This defines you, it does not define all those things around you that you judge. It defines who you are by virtue of what you accept, what you reject, what you embrace and what you recoil from. This is your opportunity in this life to assemble those things you think are closest to true, beautiful and good. But to those who are truly wise and aware, they will understand that all other aspects out there, all aspects, are representations, are fragments of the whole. Some may be judged as further away from divine aspects and some closer, but these calls are for you to make in this life, for you to exercise in this existence.

That is why you have so many different versions of individual convictions, each one believing that they are true, that they are right, that they are correct. There is not one overarching truth that may be argued and defended beyond reproach. There are varying degrees of truth in all aspects and none among you may claim to have the one source of truth, but all among you have the path to truth, have the road to truth. All of you have an onboard partner who may help you bridge the gap, who may help steer you in a more divine direction at each turn. This is also yours as a gift of grace from your Divine Parents.

And so it is that you live this life as a mortal, struggling to define yourself by your choices and struggling to have connections to higher truth and higher values which then redefine your choices, which then propel you to seek for divine truth. This is the plan in motion, the whole design, set and purpose. When you are seeking for the truth, you do find it, and when you find it there is a greater desire to seek. In this way you are propelled from this life of limitation and circumstance and observation into a life of spiritual awareness where values may be attained in the most common of circumstances.

I understand that the struggle of mortal life is not an easy one. It was not designed to be easy, rather, it was designed to be fulfilling and challenging and all of you have risen to this challenge, have stared opportunity in the face, have accepted this challenge and embraced the opportunity that is inherent in these challenges. I call you all to witness that as a result, you have all benefitted and grown and become more. So while this life may seem hard and challenging, you will see it one day as one of your greatest gifts, as one of your most magnificent opportunities before you.

I pray that to all those with ears to hear, that they may hear, and all those with faith to follow the path may be emboldened to strike out and move forward with conviction and purpose knowing that to do so is to bring your Parents such great reward to see their children move forward in faith and with conviction in the goodness of the plan, even if the definition of the plan remains so uncertain. Trust in the goodness, trust in the purpose and trust in your relationship to all of this and you cannot go wrong, you do not go wrong. Everything that you may judge has a shortcoming or a failure. These are your lessons, these are what you are here to garnish to yourselves, how you would do it better, what you would do next time, what you learned from the experience, these can only be had by undergoing these experiences.

And so these jewels that you gather to yourself of experience, will all be seen for what they are, as shining glorious jewels, not as failures, shortcomings or misunderstandings. They were the fulcrum, they are the tools that are used to bring you to the awareness towards perfection and will unerringly bring you to success if you simply will engage with the process and trust that this process is bringing you in the direction of divinity.

I cherish the opportunity to bring you these words of encouragement. I wish they could nurture you as your Divine Parents nurture you. I wish they could provide for you the peace and the comfort that you seek on your journey just as your Divine Parents are always there to bring these attributes to you, and so I offer these for that purpose; I pray you can accept them with that intention. Now, I would open up the floor for others to access this glorious forum. I thank you for your attention. Be in peace, farewell.

Light: I would bring my greetings to all of you as well, I am Light, here to offer a few more words on light. There is a common phrase on your world that this is a world in darkness, a world somehow shrouded in the dark, that is awaiting the light, is awaiting divine intervention to somehow illuminate all things. When the inhabitants of your world become troubled, it is said that there is a cloud that resides over them and shadows them from the light and when they are freed from this cloud of depression, anxiety and uncertainty it is said that they see the light. This light represents the connection that individuals feel to the greater purpose beyond. That light is a life giving force bestowed upon them which freely shines down upon all.

And yet, as a mortal of the realm, there are many times when the light is obstructed, when there are clouds interfering, when there are moods interfering, when there are circumstances interfering and it appears as though things fall into shadows and darkness. In shadow and darkness there is uncertainty, there is fear, there is the feeling of being disconnected from the life force, from the light force. This is ingrained deep within the human psyche. Your ancestors worshipped the sun and feared the night. This is resident deep within all mortals on this planet because it is such a graphic illustration of the life giving force that is so appreciated when it is felt, so uplifting when it is observed, that it changes moods, it dispels clouds and it brings individuals into another state of being simply with the recognition of this connection, that there is a gigantic life force which is emanating from afar and penetrating through the universe, even finding its way to you each one as an individual. You can feel it, you can register the change in your own being when the light shines upon you and you are in awareness that above all there is a great force and this great force is providing life and is nurturing you even as it shines down upon you.

So it is with the love of your Divine Parents. It is as the light, it shines upon you, it changes your mood, it lifts you up, it dispels the darkness, the doubt and the uncertainty and brings you to a place of appreciation and connection with the greater power that is out there and around you, so much so that you can feel it, see it and embrace it in your lives. Always remember that your Divine Parent's love is as the sun, predictable, steady, certain and that at all times you may rely on this grace, you may count on this peace. You may rest assured that with each new day there will be another dose for you, another reality check that you are connected to this great power that nurtures you and provides for you in so many ways.

I just offer this illustration for you today, another take on light and its illustration in your lives. May your awareness of spirit be as conscious as your awareness of the life giving force of light. They are one and the same, part of the great picture working together to nurture you and provide for you in this life and as you move forward. They have been instrumental to you, so much so that you can't imagine a life without them, and so you shouldn't. Take them with you as you go through your journey as sources of strength and peace and love. Always remember that these things were there for you. You need not have asked or petitioned the universe [for this] light. It was created for you. Likewise, you need not ask or petition for the love of your Divine Parents, it has been created for you, it exists only for you to come into greater awareness of.

So be it, another exercise in awareness for you to undertake. Thank you for the opportunity to address you this evening. You all are so dearly loved by your universal family and by your Divine Parents. May you feel the warm embrace of this love in your lives and may you embody this love as part of your being throughout your eternal journey. Let it be so, even now. In gratitude I withdraw, thank you for the opportunity, good day.


Transcript 3
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-05-12
Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles here to avail myself of the opportunity to join you in your celebration of your association, your relationship with your Divine Parents. I particularly enjoyed the thought pattern expressed earlier that this life is about growing your relationships and associations with all things around you, all things that you are in awareness of and have contact with in this life in the flesh. You are ever correct in that this life in the flesh provides you with such a unique opportunity for gathering to yourselves these formed relationships that you do by virtue of your choosing throughout the process.

Such choosing brings you around this circle at this moment; such choosing has aided and assisted you in coming together in the creation of your portal energy; such choosing brings you fellowship to each other wherein you may share each others journeys almost as if they were your own. This deciding and choosing who you will have relationship with and to what degree is the sacred gift of this, your first incarnation and your only one so conditioned by the material and time and space. From the time you arrive here in this dimension you are taking in about all else that is outside of you, all things in your environment which you are in relationship to and from your earliest possible memory you are choosing between all those aspects outside of you as to which ones you desire to be close to and which ones you desire to be distanced from.

In this way you form your pattern of life, your routine that exists wherein you have well determined relationships and those that serve you, you support and draw your support from, and those you are opposed to you deny life energy and you distance yourself from. In this way through this conscious act you are determining what you are made of, what your associations in this life say about you, how you are conditioned in this experience by those things you keep around you, those things you feed and those things you simply walk away from.

This power of choice is so crucial and instrumental in this life in the flesh and yet at some point, having established such safe and secure routines, individuals tend to forget they are not finished with the job, that there is more to do ahead, every day, every hour, even every moment. As you continue to position yourselves, you continue to embrace some aspects and reject others. Such is the opportunity that you have mentioned before you and yet, an opportunity is only just that, a chance, an environment in which this chance might be taken and if these factors line up, it falls to you, the last and critical aspect in the equation, to take advantage of this lining up of opportunity and circumstance and to seize the moment when these things collide, and to act.

As a result of this acting and choosing, there is growth, there is further opportunity presented, and in this way, the steps to your ascension arise before you to be taken. But many times it is required that you open yourself up to the opportunities and potentials that are before you. If you are recycling an old trend, an old pattern, too many times you are bound to miss the new opportunities and the junctures of time and space that make these possible. It's easy to glide by when you are in a rut and not stopped to embrace the miracle of chance and the magic of the moment in which a new choice may be made and a new direction set out upon and a certainty of a new destination as having changed course and altered pattern.

Such is the gift of grace that you are immersed in in this life and yet so few see it as that, rather they suffer from the burden and hardship of agonizing over choices and resisting change. Those who are in greater awareness, sense when change is evident and even pursue it in an attempt to embrace the opportunity and seize the moment at hand. This is the miracle that your Divine Parents have provided for you. The stage has been set, the opportunity is present, the moment is yours and yours alone. Only you can seize it, take it, direct it and pursue it. This is your gift, as magnificent as the gift of your very existence, your birth into this dimension which was so monumental. Likewise, every moment thereafter can be monumental, can be a magic moment if you will stop in awareness and be prepared for the opportunities present in that moment, then your entire destiny may be directed differently, your every moment thereafter may be enhanced, your individual journey will certainly be magnified.

So on this Mother's day that we find ourselves together, let us be thankful for the nurturing characteristics of the parent who is so mindful and watchful over the child as they develop, as they grow to a point where they are no longer needful of such assistance in life. Such are your Divine Parents, even now, mindful over you, watchful over your evolution and your growth and in awareness that you are more and more standing on your own two spiritual feet as it were, that you are more and more in awareness of your position in the grand scheme of the family, that you are a part of. It is ever pleasing to the parent to observe the child as they grow and develop, even as they grow in their independence and even as they embark on their own individual journeys. This is fulfillment of divine destiny, this is the plan in action and I call you all to witness, the plan has embraced you with a loving devotion.

I pray with you for enhanced capacity to feel your Divine Parent's influence and presence with you as you undergo your journeys. May this be a source of great comfort and assurance to you as you move forward in the process. Let it be so Divine Parents. Your children desire to maintain a connection with you, to maintain the relationship to you, to grow in their proximity to you in this relationship, to choose you at every turn. Let it be manifested in their journeys, their choices and the results thereof.

Thank you all for hearing my words. I would now make room for others to utilize this platform, good day to you all.

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, those of you who have come together in this circle of friendship. All of life should be a circle of friendship. The Father respects that life just happens. The Father puts no conditions on life, never, not a one. Life is allowed to express itself however it expresses itself, through whatever individual is born and becomes conscious to express itself, the Father allows this. The Father does not judge it, He merely supports life and all of its attributes. What the Father intends for this life is separate from the life itself. You are so unlike the Father as individuals. You cannot just accept life. You feel that you have to define it for yourself and in doing so you feel that others need to define it as you see it. Then you need to put conditions on it. Then all of a sudden, life becomes compromised, sort of like what you have on your planet today, a life which is not full of happiness, loving brotherhood and a situation in which everyone is searching for ways to help everyone else.

The evidence that the Father cares about life is the fact that the Thought Adjusters indwell each and every one of you so that the Father can share in each unique and individual life and personality on the planet. If God was only interested in having everyone conform to some idea of life He would have just indwelt one person on the planet and made that person the most important person. But such is not the case. He has allowed for all of these myriads of individuals to be here at the same time to express the dynamic of life. The biggest mistake that humans make is trying to interpret the will of God. Ironic isn't it, the will of God is portrayed in the life of Michael of Nebadon as He lived on Urantia, to love each of you as I have loved you and to know the Father.

But that is too difficult for humans who are so politically correct, have so much money and are so full of themselves. Your minds and arrogance justifies like a lawyer why you should not love one another, why you should not help one another and why it is necessary to segregate everything politically, economically and as many ways as you can. So what gives here? Does anyone really care to search for the Father? Is everyone just satisfied knowing that God exists and being told that you can't access God in your lifetime, don't even try because you can't have a personal relationship with the Father? Is that what people want to believe? Is that what you want to believe?

Who are you? Who do you think you are? Why don't you separate yourself from God and then tell me who you are, because you are nothing without God, not a thing. You can't make it to the mansion worlds without God. You could never ascend without God. You could never even know that you are an individual with a personality, without God. You'd just as soon be one of the dog pack. So if you are interested in evaluating society, begin by evaluating yourself, seeing yourself as that son or daughter of God, the individual who is attempting to become more God-like. The more God-like you are the less of a person you will be in the sense that you will find that it is not so important that everyone thinks like you think, dresses like you dress, smells the same as you do or even speaks the same language.

God is interested in your soul; and what is your soul? What are the little components that make up you? What your brother and sister are doing is not so important as what you are doing. Who cares if your brothers or sisters are erring? Who amongst you have never erred? Who amongst you has never been guilty of the things that you charge others with? Not the Father, the Father's only charge is that you love each other and you seek more to become like Him or Her, however you choose to see God. God is a macro concept, God is huge, God is everything, yet to access God, you must approach Him from a microscopic level. You must see God as this little tiny part which is inside of you that has this tremendous dynamic, not to take over your mind but to adjust the thoughts in your mind, to adjust who you think you are and are becoming into who you must be like and become for it is this small yet significant part of God that has chosen to indwell each and every one of you, to give you a priority over the animal world, over the vegetable world, in a sense to make you into gods yourselves. It is unfortunate that some of you think you are already gods.

God chooses to be a part of all life. God does not direct life, again, He does not control it or condition it, He just sustains life and you who have this tremendous power of choice attached to an intelligence system, can change who you are, can become even great in the eyes of other humans by your choices, by how you do the things you do with each other. The Teaching Mission was never intended to teach you how to deal with each other and solve society's problems. The intention of the Teaching Mission was to help you become aware of this tremendous potential you possess as a human carrying around an aspect of the Divine within you, that you could have a personal relationship with God and thereby grow a personal religious experience. It is this shared personal religious experience which becomes part of a great brotherhood of mankind. Though there are rarely any institutions that support these things in your society, everyone seems to be manipulated by institutions, corporations, other groups of things rather than being informed by your own natural intelligence and your own thought adjustments.

So my friends, in your quiet time, sit in the presence of God and feel who you are, feel who you are becoming and understand that everyone becomes an opportunity for you to express the Father Within, the Father you have discovered, the Father you are trying to imitate. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express these thoughts, I am Gorman.

Unknown: [Cathy] This world is in great need of compassion and mercy. The structures of organization [that] have been in place on the planet have been corrupted from their original purpose and design. In the process, a connection has been broken between one individual and another. The process of relationship has become corrupted into a competition for the valued things of this life. This competition has led to greed and hostile action. This hostility has brought disconnection, isolation and  discontent. The materialization of the concept of value has diminished the goal of relationship and loving service. The original pattern is pushed aside as the planet focuses on the superficial and the sensational. The true goal of love and brotherhood has been obscured by a tornado of powerful media images and false values. It is part of our Correcting Time to bring individuals back into the loving relation with our Creator. Only the strong love and relationship will bring us on a path to Life and Light.