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Spokane Group



Universe On Your Shoulders

April 22, 1997

Rantarason (Sheila): I am Rantarason and I send greetings. I am most proud to be with a group that feels great closeness, companionship, and love for one another. I admire the great courage that has been displayed through this group, for you have all taken one step beyond the norm and have not feared but feel the great love that surrounds you with each step that you take. This is what is truly real.

 I would think, little sister, that trying to carry the universe upon your shoulders would feel heavy. Let me assist you in removing this burden of what to do, what not to do. As you walk in the Father's path such a burden would not be put upon you. There is much for the world to know and understand and each person is only able to digest that which would be their next step on their path. You have not been placed here to give them total understanding of the universe, but merely to perhaps guide them toward their next step of understanding, love, compassion, joy. This you do with ease. Allow each one of your brothers and sisters to take responsibility for their own understanding. You are only responsible for your own. Let this ease your mind. Your fellowship, your concern, is honorable, but there is little to do other than love one another throughout your time here. Be at peace, be of joy, stick with that which you have experienced. Set your example. Be true to yourself and the Father.

 We are always here to assist. A deep breath, a moment of silence, this is our cue for adding assistance. It is our joy to be a part of your great ideals. We partake of this joyfully just as you can. Each one of you has your own individual gift to share in your own individual way. This is the blessing; this is the gift. Be of your own greatness. Do this with joy. All will be well. I look forward to great gatherings to share the great light which is the fruit you produce. I bid you farewell.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): One purpose we teachers share in being among you and teaching you is the goal to transform what you on this world call faith. Much of the teaching on this world involves faith as an element of trust, as a hope that what is believed is true, some of which contains the elements of mystery; some beliefs contain the elements of fact. This is desirable, for this is the faith that draws one toward experience.

Our work with you is to cultivate the faith that is conviction, assurance, and certainty, one that is derived from actual contact with the realities that belief attempts to describe. In a sense our effort is to train you to be the very presence which stimulates the faith of another, which encourages hope and trust, which draws another into assurance.

 As you observe the world around you, many have their island of faith that they dwell upon; all sincerely expect the support this faith rests upon. Again I say that this is good, but let me likewise encourage you to be ministers who expand the expectation of support into the experience of this support. It is a transformed faith much like the traveler who embarks upon his journey of discovery. That traveler has faith in expectation. Upon return this faith has been transformed. This is what we hope to instill within your being.

 I am Lantarnek.

 Such a transformed faith is one that can forgive. You know that the Father forgives before you think to ask. It is a "fore", beforehand giving. It is one that knows ahead of time. Your certitude is the wellspring from which such forgiveness emerges. It isn't a setting aside of events; it is a conviction of the reality of truth and a willingness to act in that light, knowing full well that correction will inevitably bring harmony, restoration, and understanding.

 Many of the character traits you aspire to are brought to flower through the simple changeover of faith into the life of which I have spoken this evening. I have observed great progress in each of you in this manner. It is wonderful to note the transformations that have transpired in just two years. Your retrospective of this time can be projected into the uncertainty of the future. If you have grown, as you have, certainly you will continue to do so with equal success. The nature of growth is that this success becomes more expedient. Growth is of the nature and pattern of your monetary formula of compounded interest. You do not slow in growth the higher you climb; you accelerate.

 I will now relinquish the podium, and I do thank you.

Elyon: Greetings, friends. This is Elyon, and I have a short reflection for you.

 You understand the dual nature of spirit work, that is, the inner work and the service ministry. I would illustrate that this is much like your practice at a musical instrument; much of your drills involve what is the inner work. It is in the recital that you come to know your attained abilities. This is the service ministry. It is of benefit to your fellows to receive, and it is a witness to your own being of your accomplishments.

 This is all I care to share, and I hope to inspire you to continue both these efforts as they are one in harmony, each contributing to the success and furtherance of the other.