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Elyon; Serena; Gorman - A Directed Meditation - Mar 17, 2013 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-03-17
Teacher: Elyon, Serena, Gorman
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, please join us in our circle here today and feel the joy the we share at being together and coming together to find you in each other and in those experiences you provide for us, this wonderful life, this wonderful playground full of toys. It is with joy that we enter this playground that you provide and we invite you to share this joy with us this morning. As you know, as part of our discussion it has been noted that at time, Divine Parents, we feel surrounded, we feel challenged by our environment having been polluted or mistreated in some way. We are saddened at the degree that our brothers and sisters have abused the environment and their womb of life. We would choose to intervene in some way at this time. Work with us if you will, devote your energies as we devote ours to complying with natural law and being in harmony with what we may do to assist to bring things into a more godly and divine state as we see it. Help us as we move forward in this process, thank you.

Mark: I have been asked to offer a form of guided direction or meditation which I will do at this time. In consideration of the many challenges we have before us and feeling surrounded at times by the negative influences of mistakes made, it has come into my consciousness that the one overriding effect we might have in this equation is the direct focus and intention of our spiritual nature in its attempt to surround our immediate environment, those things which come in contact with us, with a glowing bubble of light, this light which surrounds the entire equation and illuminates our environment as a power of purification, a power of righteousness.

This illumination makes clean and restores to original pattern, all that is encompassed within. By seeing this bubble of light encompass us, it is our desire to bring divinity into this environment, to influence this environment with all that we know to be good, pure and true so that anything approaching us must come through this prism of goodness of love and light. Coming through this prism, it reflects on us after having [been] altered and redirected by the forces of such a lens as we would create. Divine Parents, help us to envision this light that enfolds us, your light, your love, your peace. Help us to rest assured and be comforted in its strength and help us as we so desire to help others. Help us as we so desire to help others, help us to direct this light to include others, to include our world, our universe which is in such need of healing, forgiveness and love. Help us to be the generators of this light, the facilitators of the shining of this light, the demonstration of this light in action.

It is our desire to be of service as you know and so let this be our service, to ourselves and to our brethren, as we anchor this light, as we take comfort in this light and as we focus and direct and shine this light out to areas in need. With your love and your assistance Divine Parents, help us to believe that all things are possible, help us to act in faith that it is so and help us to place one foot before the other in uncertainty of the entire path but in faith that you have provided the path for us. Let it be so, even now in our hearts and in our lives and in our connection with you our Divine Parents. May we all now breathe deeply and receive this gift of grace.

Elyon: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I accept this opportunity to join you this morning. I am Elyon and it is my pleasure to visit this group again. In consideration of the words offered here this morning I would attempt to further the discussion with a few observations. I think the discussion is always right on track when there is the awareness that while you may not be able to change factors which are outside your control and yet which invariably will affect you, the only real course of effect that one might have in some circumstances is their relationship to the reality that exists, their spiritual positioning if you will, because it is true that the nature of things can and is altered when viewed through a spiritual perspective.

It has been discussed about this before in relationship to truth and facts and how truth and even facts may be interpreted differently through different lenses and different levels of awareness and very valid conclusions may be drawn which are in contrast to each other based upon the perspective used to look at the truth and the facts. Similarly, it is how you choose to position yourself as to how much impact some of the other factors will have on your lives. Will you bring it into your lives and foster it in your awareness and give it a place to be and thereby invite it into your circle of awareness to influence in its own way, your circle, or will you reject giving it a place in your sacred sphere of awareness? Will you choose not its ways? Will you embrace its truth and allow its truth to modify your behavior, to bring you fear, to keep you awake at night or will you choose to choose it not?

As was offered here before, there is always the opportunity to choose again. If your choice does not serve you, if you are internalizing outward evil in your lives, then consider choosing again. Be wary about how much of all the evil that exists out there in the world you decide to adopt and take in simply because it exists. They do not require to be chosen by you, to be fostered and entertained by you, your consciousness should not be a junkyard. Rather, it should be a garden filled with beautiful flowering growth tended by you and manicured to your level of divine perfection awareness.

I also heartily approve of the next step you offered in your discussion, of gracing or altering your immediate environment, those things in your close proximity by your directed prayerful intention. It is quite true that you are able in your own ways, to modify your internal and to some degree your external environment so why not take advantage of this and activate this potential? To those with ears to hear, I pray that they hear. This is all within the scope of your power, within the parameters of your co-creative capacities, merely more toys for you to play with in your environment, more opportunities to be accessed.

It is my great pleasure to join you once again. I have an unending fondness for this classroom which I will treasure forever. Thank you for the chance. Have a good day, farewell.

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased to join your group as intention is focused on irregularities in the physical environment. This is inclusive of your entire surroundings in the physical world. It is indeed God's will that the physical world on your planet be pure and good, in support of human experience on this plane. Much on the physical level is in constant flux. Creation is constantly combined with the breaking down and decomposition of physical elements. As one of your scientist observed, things are constantly degenerating and becoming elemental to be reused in the creation process.

You can indeed actively participate in this cycle through the addition of energy and intention with the aid of spirit. The historic pattern on your world has been discovery of resources, invention of ways to use the basic elements of the planet and the results, both favorable and unexpected. As in all experimental learning experiences, there can be unexpected consequences. This is part of the process of growth and discovery. This planet being an experimental decimal world, is open to such results both pleasant and in need of correction.

A path to this correction has been provided. You are indeed able to add spirit to the equation to positively affect efforts of correction. In our mission this is a facet of bringing God's will to the planet. We work to enhance positive results and welcome your participation in bringing intent and light to the process. God's will prevails always, good is the eventual result. As was mentioned in your conversation, if all seems bad and chaos surrounds you, the process is not finished yet. Hold fast to your intention. Hold the picture of the desired results. Bring energy to the process. As in all progress, it is one action at a time, one step on the journey. Let us proceed together in love.

Gorman: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is good to be here in this circle of friendship connected with spirit to hear of your thoughts, the clarity of your consciousness. But, I have to tell you, you can't buy a ticket to Paradise, no matter if she is buying the stairway to heaven. It just doesn't exist. There are no shortcuts. There are no shortcuts in the spiritual universe and there are actually no shortcuts on the world in which you know it and live it. Many of you think otherwise and this may be so but eventually in time you will find that so called shortcuts are neither short and neither bring the results intended.

The journey to Paradise is a tedious one with incremental minute adjustments all the way there, hundreds and thousands of them. They cannot be short-circuited, they cannot be circumvented. The greatness of the moment can never exceed the greatness of the journey for it is a great journey. It is one in which the learning process unfolds each and every step of the way. Such a situation which exists on your world today requires a greater number in consciousness to eventually bring about permanent change. You are correct in your initial musing, your awareness and consciousness which connects you with the heart of spirit and the mind of courageousness, to begin to discover ways in which you can circumvent the travesty which has been reaped and tweaked upon your homeland planet.

In the spirit world each of you are held in a tremendous regard and respect, even if you yourselves cannot quite comprehend it that way. The amazing ability which resides within the consciousness of mind and spirit will at some point in the future, result in a great understanding which will result in a great need for brotherhood. A tremendous weight cannot be moved by a small effort, it takes a great effort and great numbers. Also pray for numbers, pray for the effort to expand and grow in consciousness.

It is likely possible that situations brought to the light of consciousness with the aid of spirit can be shifted. Even a small effort will result in this but no small effort can surmount the travesty which is upon you. In all and many situations on your planet, bad decisions rule the outcome of things. Spirit is of the same consciousness you are. How can you as humans surmount these seemingly destructive situations and conditions on an otherwise benevolent, useful and living planet? Know that you are not alone. You are not alone in your ability to see this and to feel helpless in your ability to do something about it. Spirit feels just as helpless as you do for we rely upon your hands, your eyes and the will decisions within your mind to act in a concerted effort and truly it is this concerted effort which will eventually win out.

This is not a shortcut, this is tedious. This may go on for countless generations, incrementally the consciousness slowly building to the crescendo it will take to react with the quality of life on your planet. You understand this simple notion, this simple notion to intend to love one another, to respect life on your planet, to grow in a collective consciousness, to build a growing momentum, to react with the existing threat to the quality of life on your planet. This area of consciousness is tremendously attractive to those of us who are not here but who are conscious.

In all of your efforts to promote spiritual awareness on your planet, know that you are part and parcel of a great universe intention, that life and its enduring qualities on this planet will prevail no matter how hard some of you try to destroy it, maybe not consciously but in the consequence of bad decisions, erroneous plans and selfish intentions. Know that these are nothing more than shortcuts to disaster. Continue to live in peace, continue to bring forth peace and love and in all things know that you are not alone. Thank you, this is I, Gorman.