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Gorman; Michael - Mental Conditions Do Transfer to The Other Side but Physical Conditions Do Not - Feb 24, 2013 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-02-24
Teacher: Gorman, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, lively discussion today, thank you. There was one interesting topic I will comment on and this is the notion of what is taken to the other side when one passes through the portal of death. A person that has a terminal disease, a pathology, the pathology does not transfer to the other side. The physical aspects of life's condition are not transferred to the other side, yet, the mental conditions that surround and are a part of the conditioning which produces pathology on the other hand, does cross over to the other side so that even though you are given a different type of body with different types of materials which is impervious to pathology, then it becomes necessary that the student, the budding morontia personality go through therapy to correct the mental condition which produced negative results in their previous life which transferred itself into a pathological condition.

This is true of any conditions in the mind which are not in synch with universe fact and reality, that the student necessarily is brought up to par. There are countless and numerous groups which are attended with the purpose of understanding what went wrong, why things turned out the way they did and what can be done to correct the condition. In this sense, many of you first time morontia students will be dealing with exactly these same things and what is really interesting is that it becomes just as difficult on the other side to look at these things and to deal with them, just as it is on this side.

So there is a choice, that choice being that you don't have to wait till you get to the other side to begin to change the way that you think and see things, that you can begin to change the condition within your mind and consciousness as we speak. This is just food for thought. On this side, it is true, you don't have much time. On the other side, the truth is you have all the time in the world, the choice is yours. There is no stigma attached to anything that a human thinks or that a human has had to endure or the resulting conditions which have presented themselves. These conditions are dealt with in a logistical sense. A person remembers things and a person is able to access the mind in a way in which it is not accessed on this side.

Once a person has crossed over, the situation has changed, you are not suffering a pathology. You are not in tremendous pain, you are not necessarily in some frenzied chemical condition, you are not comatose or lethargic or depressed necessarily, at least not in a feeling sense, but what is in the mind that you take to the other side truly begins to reveal its true nature to you and though many people, once they cross over are in tremendous denial about things, the ones that are able to overcome this deniability, do for the most part, grow out of these conditions and go on to complete the program of Adjuster fusion and becoming high spiritual beings themselves.

The interesting thing about healing on this side is that healing truly does come from within and healing has to do with the ability of the individual to desire healing, to want and desire such and to have the patience to do what it takes to facilitate conditions of healing within the body. So many times when you are praying or focusing on the health of a person, even though you are focusing on the pathology where the hurt and the pain is, it is much better to focus on their mind where the condition lies because you see, the resulting condition can only result in some kind of 'stuffing' this condition somewhere in the body and it's usually stuffed in the weakest part of the body, this is what the body does.

Let's say for example  your kidneys are weak or your heart is weak or any number of the glands of your glandular system are not fully up to par, these are classic areas that the body stores trauma, stores confusion, stores angst, anger, hatred, any number of dis-easing situations which arise within the mind. For the most part it is a clever mechanism for if you have a tremendously healthy mind that is not holding on to all of this stuff, your ability to experience tremendous health is a lot greater. Just a thought that in your focusing light and directing energy to the healing of an individual, to see them whole and complete in their soul, in their soul mind, is a lot more accurate than the immediate, stopping the bleeding or stopping the pain or stopping the hurt or correcting the condition that has been brought out within the body.

Remember, when you are dealing with the human body, everything is connected. It is really interesting in what you term allopathic medicine, that all of a sudden the body is segregated into little pieces and the Dr. will treat one little segment of the body and disregard the rest of the pieces. Many people think the same way; this is why allopathic medicine has arisen because it doesn't look at the whole picture, it only looks at a part. It is kind of like judgement, judgement reduces you to the part because if you were observing the whole you would see how futile it is to judge something that is constantly changing.

So one must have the ability to see the whole, how the whole works. No matter what part serves as an entrance to the whole, you cannot stumble on the part, you must proceed to the whole and observe the whole because many times, what the body does is it takes an accounting of all these different parts everyday and when you first wake up, this is how you feel. The body has given its account. So if four or five things are happening in the body and are conflicting with each other you may wake up not feeling very good or you may be feeling lethargic or you may not be feeling totally up to par as opposed to waking up feeling tremendously wonderful, energetic, ready to change the world, at least tackle your play in it.

So the body is a really good indicator of the mind. It is true that at this present time, given the adult life span of humans on Urantia, the body is an indicator of the part of the mind that has not been able to transform itself into a willing understanding of its intricate parts and the relationship of all these parts. Take for example, in the body you are feeling pain somewhere and you assume rightly so, that the problems in the body are where the pain is but this may not necessarily be so. There is what is called a transference within the body where a condition, lets say, a vertebrae in your lumbar section is slightly out for example. Well, they are connected directly to the rib and it puts pressure on a rib in the ribcage but this morning you had to sleep for two and one half hours.

So a muscle may give you a tremendous pain in your shoulder and you are thinking you have shoulder problems. But the fact is, that is not the problem, that is the transference of the problem, a resulting condition of the original problem which is a vertebrae being out in a part of the body connected to the ribcage. A lot of life is the same way. Things will happen in one generation and be transferred fifty generations down the line and by the fiftieth generation they have lost sight of the original condition which they are still carrying. All of these things are expertly viewed on the mansion worlds by the mansion world teachers, by those in charge of your mental health.

These are a few thoughts for you to ponder today. Thank you for allowing me to express them to you. I take my leave now. Go in peace, it is I, Gorman.

Michael: [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, I am Michael here to join in your conversation. I would like to have a little discussion around the concept of beginnings and endings for as you know, each ending is actually the beginning of something new. When you were conceived you had a beginning and you enjoyed the experience of developing in the womb and then at some point there was an ending to that experience. Perhaps observing and participating, one could say there was a certain amount of trauma involved in the ending stages of that particular course but instantly attendant upon this was the great deliverance and the great joy that was to follow as a result of having passed through an ending and immediately into a beginning. The magnitude of the change is so great that the passing of trauma involved in being born was easily eclipsed by the magnitude of the new life and the new beginning starts and runs for a longer duration this time. The life of a mortal is of the flesh and blood and as you know, I have some experience wherein I can talk with certainty.

This life in the flesh like the life in the womb, is designed to have a cycle and run its course, is designed to be the next womb in which you grow and become aware and have opportunities for unique experiences. All the while this has been prearranged, this has been designed just as the womb was designed to accommodate you, this second experience of mortal life. This womb that your greater Mother provides for you has a duration, a cycle end and at this end, once again we are confronted with the unknown associated trauma that one must encounter or one sees as trauma that one must encounter, upon the natural arrival at the cycles end and the point of transition, the portal through which you must pass.

It is normal and natural of course, just as the fetus and infant have no idea what to expect, and this trauma is simply thrust upon them at some point that they must endure this radical shift and change. So it must be I guess, with the mortals of the realm as well, that is this unknown experience ahead, but I tell you it is far more glorious than was your earlier transition from a water borne creature into a human of the realm. This transition is an absolute gift of grace. These transitions which you will encounter are the most definitive absolute and overwhelming gifts of grace you will encounter in your passage through as a developing spirit.

As I have told you, I have mansions on high that await your arrival. Sometimes a shift in attitude may ease this struggle and this burden upon you thinking about why it is that some individuals live and some die and some move on and some stay for a while. If you could only consider, that to those who you consider to be the unfortunate ones who have had to be birthed into the new and better reality, as being the graced ones, certainly that have experienced the grace that you will all experience. And so I pray that all of you who hear these words have more peace and more acceptance that as with every beginning there is an immediate and wonderful experience to be had and it must come at the end of another experience. An ending followed by a beginning is the pattern you will experience throughout. The difference will be, you will be more aware of the cycle and the certainty and the grace and the goodness that await each and every time. To those who are bound in chains to a deteriorating vehicle or an unmanageable life, there is immediate healing, there is immediate grace bestowed.

Speaking of healing, I would like to remind you all that there are so very very many aspects of healing, some of which you have touched on here today. The many levels that are involved are all just and good causes to devote your energy to, that is,  if you consider where should your life go, it should go everywhere all the time, always with a willful intention and as you say, the consequences are God's, and this is well and good, but the beginnings start can with you, the launched intentions may be yours to contribute and doubt not for one moment that any act of love and service is ever fruitless, it is simply not true. Every act of kindness and of love yields a greater goodness, contributes directly to the overall equation which you are all discerning that we are all tied to.

So act in faith and with trust that all of your efforts at ministry, service, kindness, love, are all received on high with gratitude and add to the grace that may be had by all. I have said follow me, and I now repeat my request that you follow me, each and everyone as I have traversed these portals, so shall you. I have gone before you and I have shown you the way. I have called to you and beckoned that you follow me. And so, I will receive you as you do, I will be there awaiting your arrival at each stage. I will welcome you to all my mansions on high where I have all provisions in readiness for your arrival. This I do for you because I love you.

Let this be your guiding light and as I have said, follow me and I will receive you. All is truly well my dear ones, it is only a matter of perception, only a matter of experience, it is only a matter of the journey before you transpiring and so I pray it is with as much joy that you are capable of taking with you and with as much love as you are capable of receiving and spreading. These things will ease your journey, will make your transitions smoother and will make your arrival in my direction more intentional as you execute your willful intention.

Be at peace always and be in my love always and know that I am never far from you but rather crave your invitation to be with you throughout. Let it be so. Thank you Father for these dear ones, farewell.