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Whispers Session 13/14 - Michael of Nebadon - Ministry of The Experiential Deities  Feb 03, 2013 - Trenton, NJ,

Whispers in The Stillness Session  [13/14] . . .     Ministry of The Experiential Deities
Celestials:  Christ Michael, our Divine Parent, Father, brother, friend

T/R:  Mark Rogers
Moderator:  Paul Conklin

  • Is There a Simultaneous Ministry of God the Supreme?
  • Why Did God Create an Experiential God?
  • Does Expanded Consciousness Lead to Discovery of God the Ultimate?
  • Is There a Simultaneous Ministry of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate?
  • Does God the Absolute Have a Simultaneous Ministry with the Other Experiential Gods?
  • Are The Experiential Gods a Preparation For Our Own Children in the Outer Space Levels?
  • Christ Michael Invites us to Experience Life in This Moment.

Opening Prayer, Paul:  It is with hearts filled with love, that on such a world as this, the love of the Father triumphs.  How we marvel at the goodness of the Paradise Father.  It is our hope and our prayer that every man, every woman, and every child on Urantia awaken to their limitlessness, awaken to the freedom inside of them, awaken to the love that they are.  For here on a world once darkened, the love and the light of the Father is victorious.  So it is with our hearts filled with gratitude and love, that we send you back our own love with hearts that are close to bursting.  May all of those in our beloved home of Nebadon receive our love and our eternal thankfulness because you worked ceaselessly to awaken your little brothers and sisters to the only true reality.  To our Divine parents we send you back our own love eternally; and it is our hope and prayer that our Eternal Divine parents and our local universe parents will continue to lead and guide their precious children as we strive to uncover God the Supreme.

Well the first question that I would like to ask tonight has to do about the ongoing ministry through the efforts of our Spirit guardians.  We are very blessed to be guided and protected by our Seraphic guardians.  We know and have been alerted as to their existence, but we also know that there are many other orders of beings that we are unaware of.   For example, I have learned that there is an ongoing ministry by the children of the Supreme.  So what can you tell us about these ministers, these ministers of the Supreme?  Are we being ministered by them in simultaneity with the ministry of the Holy Seraphic angels?

Christ Michael:  Greetings!  I welcome the opportunity you provide this evening.  I am your brother.  I am your Father.  I am the Son as you are the son.  We have so very much in common.  After having lived a life in the flesh I can truly relate to where you are and what you are going through and the questions that you asked that burn in your heart.

There is a great difficulty in trying to translate the various dimensional realities into a cohesive thought form expressed by word symbols that you may understand regarding some of your burning desires and questions.  It is not as though I do not have the desire to bring you answers you seek.  For certainly all that you seek will be yours in due time.  I desire to withhold nothing from you and in fact I will make every effort to provide that which you are looking for in a form that you can relate to as a mortal of the realm.  But not only are you a mortal of the realm, you are Spirit endowed creatures.  It is through this spiritual endowment which I must endeavor to make real to you the workings and goings on behind the scenes that you inquire about.  Because there are no similar context in the mortal realm that may be used to properly point you to and identify that it is like this or like that.  For these things are unlike anything that you are familiar with and have reference to in the mortal realm.

But such is the spiritual experience.  You must go out beyond that which you know in order to seek and find these answers to your questions of how all these things work together.  It is quite literally not possible for me to provide you with the grand picture all at one time.  It would be an overload to your circuits of understanding and overwhelming to your sense of boundaries because you are encumbered by a time space experience, and therefore see all aspects of your being through this lens of time and space, of limitation.  Therefore it is not possible to clearly glimpse those aspects which transcend the time space experience.  We must rely, at this juncture,  rely on the tone that is present behind the word symbols which are chosen in the moment to express these things.

Suffice it to say, that there are innumerable assistants involved in your very well being who care for you on a number of levels.  In fact, you have no conception of how many ministering spirits there are in attendance and on how many levels they exist.  It was a grand leap for mortals in my time to embrace the truth of angels and this to them required a great extension of faith to even embrace the truth that there are beings unseen to them, who minister to them and attend to their needs.  But eventually, with enough repetition, the angelic order of beings became embraced and expected as being truth in the absence of their presence.  Likewise, at this stage of your spiritual experience, it is required of you that you exercise your faith and that your experience of beings beyond your dimension be undertaken, utilizing your spiritual component.  In this way, you can traverse the limitations.  You can go beyond the limits of time and space.  You can explore out in the greater dimension and find for yourself that these presences exist.  Indeed, they are everywhere.  Just because mortals of the realms are unaware of their existence, is irrelevant to the truth of their existence.

The more capacity you gain in the building of your faith and the preparation of your spiritual vehicle for the journey the more you will be able to encompass and embrace these many and myriad individuals, all of whom have purpose and function and have a life, just like yours.  They have an existence.  They desire to please the Father.  They will one day be a part of the Supreme, just as you will.  In all these ways they, and we, are all so very similar having these aspects in common.  Yet, from your mortal view that appears to not exist.  This is the challenge that is before you, to grow in the eyes of Spirit.  That they may be known and perceived with your greater self.  So, I would say, in conclusion, trust in this regard as in all regards that your condition and those who tend to you have been well prepared, that all is in readiness and merely awaits, in your case, as mortals of the realm, time to transpire and spiritual development to occur.  All of these various administrators and assistants and fellows on the journey, all will be illuminated to you as you come in contact with them in their dimension.  I hope that suffices at this point for that question.

Paul:  Well, thank you very much Michael.  I do understand what you are talking about because it did take quite a while for mankind to have any faith to even believe in the Holy angels and they certainly have reached that point. Certainly for us to develop our faith a little further to envision even other persons in other dimensions will take even greater faith.  So, I appreciate that answer.

I have also heard that the Paradise Father created God the Supreme with his own thought.   All of the positive fruits of the Spirit are accumulating in God The Supreme and we are certainly contributing our experiences to her.  God the Supreme grows as we grow  in experiential wisdom, knowledge and love.  I would like to know why God created an experiential God?  Is it because His infinity is so great that we would fail to understand, lest there was a God that would be created in which we would understand at least an aspect of the Eternal Father?

Christ Michael:  As above, so below.  The Father has created a vast array of experiential beings to gather to themselves every experience that may be had in the paradigm provided.  That is, rather than simply knowing from the start, all that there was to know, God has chosen to fragment Himself in all the different avenues and venues and ways in which mortals may traverse the experience.  In this way He and the Supreme are benefitted by every single experience being unique and different  as a result of the choice of the individuals.  In this way He has also chosen to partner His creative prerogative with the individuals in the realm.  It was not dictated how everything would turn out.  Rather, it was left up to choice and chance.  Each individual in making their choices and in taking their chances provide a unique view, a unique part of the whole that could only be had by that juncture of time, space, and the individual choice.  In this way, all possibilities may be made real by those who would choose them.  All potentials may be activated.  Activated in the uniqueness that time and space provide and that choosing makes possible.

Today, on your world, many are disheartened with many of the choices that have been made by their brothers and sisters, because they are witnessing a less than satisfactory result.  They are witnessing these results and noticing that they are not coming closer to truth, beauty, and goodness.  This provides the necessary contrast for the individuals to use to make further choices and decisions.  More informed choices based upon observing the others around them and the choices that they have made.  This is part of the creation of all that is.  All these choices being made in relationship to each other create the whole of all that is.  All of this is what is desired by the Father, the First Source and Center, and the Supreme.  All of these vast individual encounters are brought under one jurisdiction in the Supreme, and as such represent every decision, every choice, every action, every encounter, every experience that has been had by those who have been created.

Any parent would relish and delight in being able to share the experience of their children.  The Father is no different.  He delights in us having experiences and gathering these to ourselves so that we may bring them home and contribute them to the Supreme.  That is a design of the plan in a nutshell.  I hope this helps.

Paul:  Yes, it does very much Michael.  I realize that the Father wants us to have  that free will, those choices, have those experiences that become our own; and as well that we can contribute to the Supreme.  I appreciate that answer very much.   

My next question concerns the fact that Christ Michael leads the way from the material level of self consciousness to the spiritual level of God consciousness.  Our understanding increases as the layers are removed and we begin to see as Spirit sees.  We discover God through the Christ; that we are potentially and eventually God.  Are there similarities when it comes to God the Supreme.  When we discover God the Supreme will that lead us, in our expanded consciousness, to the doorstep of God The Ultimate?

Christ Michael:  The divine plan, as I just mentioned, leads ever and onward toward the ultimate goal of the First Source and Center, reuniting all the parts with the whole.  So, the short  answer  to your question is yes, everything leads to everything else, which leads to everything else, and all roads lead to the final destination.  The coming together of all aspects. Returning to the point from which they have been issued and reassembling as one.  So, there are many routes along the way.  Many opportunities to tangent off and have innumerable experiences.  But in the end the river flows in one direction, and in the end always returns to the sea from which it is born through evaporation and rain and condensation.

So, the plan certainly encompasses every drop in that example.  Every molecule of water is part of the whole and is channeled to return to the Source.  It is not really possible, short of choosing annihilation, for one to be too astray of the path.  It may be likened to the possibility of catching an eddy in the river,   may stall you for some period of time, may divert you, but eventually all is caught back up with the main stream and ends up at the same place.  Even the waterfall, which fragments into innumerable drops on its way, reassembles in the pool below and moves on as one.  I hope these examples offer to provide you the security that we are all in this together and do not go too far astray at any time.

Paul:  I appreciate that again Michael in that illustration that you gave because it does make a light bulb go off in my head, so to speak, to understand that we are returning to that which we are.  That illustration really highlighted that.  Thank you.

In addition to the simultaneity of ministry being performed by God the Supreme and that one’s children, and even though we will not discover God the Ultimate until a future universe age, is there also, unseen by us, a ministry being done by God the Ultimate in simultaneity with God the Supreme?

Christ Michael:  I return back to the statement that all things work together and in unison, harmony, and devotion to each another.  So, at some point, it may be difficult to discern all the various influences involved in the equation.  For I tell you that while I lived a life in the flesh, as you do now.   I nevertheless shared a connection with God the Father simultaneously, if you will.  Side by side.  One experience next to the other.  Actually, one experience encompassed in the other.  So that it is possible that you can be in several dimensional states overlapping.   Your mortal existence may be contained within your spiritual experience; and your spiritual experience is certainly contained in the vast journey before you.  Which, in its strictest definition knows no time or space difference.

There have been cases of individuals transcending great distances of their ascension career by simple transformation of their state of being.  You have been aware of individuals who have shown great acceleration in their ascension career and you marvel at how they can be what is apparently ahead of some.   This is a simple matter of mastering the condition you are in and realizing that it is part of a greater condition and stepping outside of the limitations of the smaller state to accept your status in the larger state.  This is transcendence.  This is going beyond where you appear to be and placing yourself down the line of your ascension.

So, this phenomenon of moving forward and leaping from place to place is invariably possible to anyone who seeks to engage in that.  However, it is also well known that there are great lessons and unique opportunities provided in the journey immediately before you, and that these opportunities may only be gathered in the circumstances of your immediate proximity.  Therefore, many individuals choose to cling on to the opportunities that are present and make the most of the experience.  While some venture out ahead  and decide to forgo the mortal time space experience in favor of the next aspect of their experience and move more clearly into the spiritual dimension.   In the end, all will traverse this trail.  The difference will only be what the individuals have gathered to themselves in terms of experience and the value these experiences contain.  I hope this was helpful.

Paul:  Yes, it was.  Thank you again Michael.  These explanations are awesome and I appreciate that.  It definitely helped me see things in a different light.

This next question is really going along with the other ones.  I am going to ask it because it certainly connects.  I know in the far distant future we shall discover God the Absolute, the third God of the experiential Gods.  Does this experiential, existential God, also have a simultaneous ministry that is performed in liaison or in simultaneity with God the Supreme and God the Ultimate?

Christ Michael:  I appreciate your endeavor to categorize and individualize these different aspects.  I have some difficulty in transferring appropriate concepts into human thought patterns because mortals tends to see things as this or that, here or there, up or down, side or this side.  Everything has such a clear definition to it because it is so observable and therefore can be categorized so easily and  definitively.  All these aspects that you are asking me about have no definite boundaries.  They contain no limitations of distinction.  Rather, they are so as one that it is not really appropriate to consider distinguishing the one from another.  This is another concept mortals have great difficulty in embracing.  That things can be different and the same.  That there is a oneness involved and there is also subtle individuality and distinction.  This carries through even onto you and I as individuals in the realm.  Surely, we have individual traits and may be set apart and distinct as we see ourselves or as other s can see us.

But the more spiritualized we become, the more towards the First Source and Center we move, the less separation there is, the less distinction that is noticeable.  The less relevance any of that contains.  So that it becomes  merely a mortal intellectual exercise to attempt to make such definitions.  I know that this is a difficult step to take for most mortals crave definition and circumstances which define what things are and what they are not.  After all, you thrive on contrasts in this life as a way to make your way through.  As a way to formulate your choices.  But contrast is eroded and diminished as your choices reflect more and more truth, beauty, and goodness, the less differences there are.  The less contrast is necessary.  Until, having traversed your eternal career and standing before God the Father, there is a great realization that you have been a part of the whole the whole time.  That this distinction of difference, this separation that you have felt in your journey has been the experience.  When you return to the Source from which you have been issued it is the drop rejoining the ocean and the separation is as if it never was and the unification is total and Supreme.

So, this is part of the steps that you are working through in this process.  Trying to lay down your good, bad, true, false, here or  there.  Through your series of choices choosing truth, beauty and goodness, repeatedly.  Narrowing your field of contrasts and becoming once again, embraced by the whole.  So, in that case, these definitions of distinction no longer apply at some point.  While these aspects are distinct and distinguishable, they become known as only  aspects of the whole, parts of the being.  So that it is not this being or that being, this presence or that presence, this Spirit or that Spirit, in the end they are all of the same thing.  They are all manifestations of grace.  I hope this serves to address your question without appearing to rearrange it.     

Paul:  No, that was definitely an excellent explanation Michael.  I understand how, in our human minds, we continue to try to make distinctions between one another when we’re all one with one another .   I realize that is part of the next step of my journey to come to that realization.  Thank you again.

One more question then I would like to ask for concluding comments.  That is, in view of this oneness, I understand that now, but I would like to ask that anyway; are these experiential Gods preparing us for a time when we go forth to create children of our own in one of the outer space levels?  Is that why we are undergoing a very involved and detailed training session over eons of time?

Christ Michael:  It is quite true that the Creator of all desires to share His creativity with all of His children.  That is why you are free to make your choices and to take your actions and to do as you see fit.  You are even granted the opportunity to create life of your own here on this world.  You are created with the same creative powers that your ancestors have had and that your children will have.  In this way the divine parents truly wish to share the abundance, the goodness, the truth, the beauty.  It is then a matter of choice how the children will grow up and if they will choose to resemble their parents.  If they desire to follow their parents and choose the way of truth, beauty, and goodness, then they will invariably come to discover that they are endowed with these creative aspects, just as those who created them.

When I walked among my brethren in the flesh, there were many times when those I walked with side by side, were taken in  amazement that something would happen.  Something in their eyes spectacular.  Something miraculous.  They were side by side with me.  They were unable to embrace the fact that they too had such powers, such abilities, such endowments from on high.  The difference between them and myself was that I was aware and they were not.  That is the sole difference which enables one to activate their co-creative prerogative.  It is not as though you aren’t endowed with the potential .   But it is as though you have to find that potential.  You have to embrace that truth and you have to activate and choose that reality.  It is not a foregone conclusion that anyone will choose to do so.  Rather, it is an opportunity.  A privilege really.

And so, it is quite true that this great cosmic plan which is in play is indeed a preparatory environment allowing those who have been created from on high to embrace their relationship to the Creator.  To embrace the truth and reality that they are a part of this grand family and as such they are endowed with similar characteristics.  But just as children must develop and mature before they can truly become who their potential will become.  This plan that is in motion takes quite some time.  Beginning with the time and space experience and transcending into the spiritual experience.  All of which are designed to bring the individual into consciousness that they too are creators.  They too are children of divine parents.  They too will grow up, if they so choose, to resemble their parents.  They too, as children of divine parents, have characteristics and traits as part of this endowment.

Paul:  That was a beautiful explanation Michael.  I feel very much enlightened this evening with all of the answers you’ve given.  I know many that read this will feel the same way when they read over these transcripts.  

Well, and in conclusion Michael, if you would like to offer any concluding comments I would love to hear them.   

Christ Michael:  Based upon the questions submitted here this evening, I  would have a thought to offer.  That is, there is a sort of catch-22 which exists with those mortals of the realm who would undergo this process of learning and seeking and searching for spiritual truths.  Because there has been information provided which can bring a long range perspective somewhat into view.  This long range perspective can either inspire an individual to seek that they have been made aware of, or it can debilitate an individual by feeling that the plan is so vast, the distance to travel is so far, that one will have some difficulty in traversing the entire way.  This of course is perceived through the perception of the time space mortal which encounters a life in the flesh that starts, continues for some, a short time, and then ends.

I would invite you all who are seekers and who are gathering to yourselves all this vast accumulation of information and trying to assimilate it into your fabric of understanding, that you bite off only as much as you can chew at any given time.  To avoid being overwhelmed at the possible implications of the grand picture.  That is, I invite you to take my life, once again, as an example, wherein although I was aware of some of these grand aspects which you ask about and are curious about and wonder as to their relationship to each another and to you.  I was, in my day on your world, focused on those aspects immediately before me, because those are the things that bridge the gap, which enable you to cross the distance from where you are, wondering about the grandness of it all, to where you will eventually be if you maintain your course heading.  That is, immediately before us are great opportunities and challenges.  Great exercises that may be used one step at a time or as we pass by, or in the moment.  I would invite you to revel in the moment.  To be in the time that you are.  It will only happen once for a very short time.  Your spiritual experience will go on and on.  You will gather to yourselves many, many aspects of  experience that you can then share with the Supreme.  All of this is yours in due course and in due time.

So, I think it is a significant thing to remind yourself that all of that hinges, all that is before you awaits the decision of the moment.  The opportunity immediately before you.  This is the greatest thing that you can do.  It is one thing to know about where you think you’re going and to have this information out there ahead of you, to strive for, and to think that you have some understanding and context of it may provide you with some sense of security.  But all of that is out there awaiting your arrival. Every step of it you must take one at a time.  Therefore, I invite you to be in the moment.  To live fully this experience.  It will be over in the blink of an eye.  All that your efforts get you in trying to understand where you are going will fall by the wayside as you go there and as you have the experiences.  Much like someone who sends you  postcards of a trip that they have taken.   It’s an image which teases you and suggests that you have some grasp, but when you actually go there that is the real experience.  That is irreplaceable.  That is the gift that you give to the Supreme.

So, will we make the most out of these gifts?  Will we have the greatest experience possible to give to the Supreme?  Will we not miss any opportunities provided?  Will we be ready?  Will we accept these opportunities and challenges?  That is my little pep talk for the day.  I appreciate very much the thoughtful consideration that you give to this process and your being motivated and activated by your internal drive.  That is the surest sign that it is working.  That you are on the path and that the plan itself is effective.   This brings great pleasure to the Creator of the plan and I thank you deeply for your participation and your engagement in the process.  If that is all I will take my leave.

Paul:  Yes.  Thank you so much again Michael.  It was a wonderful session.  So much enlightenment was brought out this evening.  I know all the friends that read these transcripts as well will receive so much from what we went over this evening.  So, thank you so much once again.                  

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