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Light; Gorman; Serena - Sentimental Views Not Available in Spirit - Feb 17, 2013 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2013-02-17
Teacher: Light, Gorman, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Light: [Mark] Greeting my friends, I am Light here to join with you in your discussion about bathing the planet in positive, loving, healing light. Let's consider for a moment, the earth as a being just as yourselves, containing consciousness just as yourself. Consciousness can inhabit any shape or form from your human form to the form of a planet and every aspect in between, in fact the sum total of your consciousness could easily be contained in the size of an insect on your world because it is not about the body that the consciousness has, consciousness is what life is and bodies are traded and used while they are serviceable, but in due time, all of this consciousness which now has form may not need form because in the course of evolution, you as humans for instance, will transcend the need for a physical vehicle to inhabit and one day the essence of who you are will be the space that you occupy as a consciousness.

That is who you truly are in the equation and the rest of these steps in between are merely phases through which you transition, stepping stones which you traverse in the process. So keep in mind, with this imagery, that nothing is too big, nothing is too small to be brought into the portal of light and bathed in light. All can be contained because it is the essence of those that you would bring into the light that is bathed in the light. It need not be the form, just as you fellows that you bring into the light, you know it is not necessary for them to personally with their vehicle attend any given location, rather you are taking the liberty of transporting the essence of that person into the perimeters of the light and likewise you are able to issue the light from where you are via this technique to surround and bathe them and their essence where they are.

It is always such a great pleasure to join your conversation and to try to shed a little light on deeper understanding of these truths about who you are, what you are capable of, what you can engage in through the spiritual aspect of your being. I understand that there are others today who would access this forum. I am most pleased to have left you with traces of my energy signature to co-mingle with your group. My love is with you, farewell.

Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is interesting to watch human sentiment being expressed; being acknowledged though human sentiment is an indication that humans are awake and conscious. From a spiritual standpoint, human sentiment is completely useless, stands in the way of people making decisions. Making decisions and changing the mind is the most important part of this aspect, not that the world is in shambles and in some digressive element but that human consciousness elevated is the only thing that is going to move mankind out of the social chaos that exists today.

Much that exists on your world is the result of bad decisions, miscommunications, it is not a result of concentrated effort to bring things to a greater sense of reality and presence to bear upon the human and social conditions on your planet. Yet, it is interesting to watch humans when social conditions alert to certain problems; the individual begins to contemplate the awkward position that the individual is in. Well you hate to see so many people dying at once but you can't really do anything about it personally. So should you be concerned about it? Well if your concern helps to change the way that you see things and the way that you act upon them, this is a good thing, it is positive, but you don't need tragedy to bring you to that understanding and that reality.

Why should the world be any better than you are? You can't expect things to be better than you are, you have to expect that you are better than things, that within yourself you will find a way to lift yourself from the chaos. You will find a way in yourself to come to let your true light shine within yourself because truly, if individuals are really grasping for answers and willing to make the sacrifice and be responsible for what it takes to change ones life to help direct and legislate the systems of mankind into a greater functioning, mankind ultimately has to have some greater spiritual understanding and things will gradually, slowly change as they have been for the last hundreds of thousands of years.

But what is important is not that you didn't make the world a better place for mankind, but that you made your life a better place for yourself to live in. This is truly important in a spiritual sense; to have lived on this planet knowing that you did the best you can do, you acted upon the way you saw things and interpreted things, you were honest and true to yourself. These are good things, these are things that truly do form a true sense of character.

So what is it that you truly want in this moment? To be able to feel true and completely one with a greater sense of self, a greater sense of purpose, a greater sense of meaning and value, you really have to ask yourself these questions because until everybody wants the same thing, the gradual change will seem like nothing is moving at all, until everyone is able to dream the same dream, to want the same things, to demand nothing less. Yet again, it is very interesting to observe from a human standpoint what it is that brings an individual to the point that the individual really desires to change, really desires to become responsible and conscious.

LIfe is designed to be incomplete, life is designed to live with pathology, life is designed to exist in the most adverse situations and conditions, life is designed to be rugged, to wrap itself around any situation or condition. It doesn't mean that the situations and conditions offer the optimum that life has to offer. The world is going to give you a certain quality of life. If you want something different you are going to have to create it, you are going to have to want it, desire it, demand it, you are going to have to do something about it because that's not the responsibility of the world. Life has no responsibility, life just exists. Your personality is not life, your personality is something much greater than life itself. It is the essence of life, it is the creator of life, the manipulator of life. So don't place your human sentiment on the conditions of life or the circumstances of life or what it has become. Become conscious of what life truly is, what it truly can be, everyone that desires the sense to take it to the next level, and you have been adequately shown how to take it to the next level.

Again it is interesting to observe the ongoing human drama, earth passion play. So greetings to you my friends and spend more time in the quietness and stillness within your mind. Step out of the whirlwind of life and the seemingly unresolvable situation you may find yourself in. Find that deep well of water within. Go in peace, thank you.

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased to join you in the bathing of the earth in light and love. At this moment the races of Urantia are awakening to the possibility of forgiveness and compassion. This of course is the focus of our Magisterial Mission. In many places this concept has just begun to send the first shoots of becoming the reality that will eventually blossom. It is indeed the springtime for the inhabitants of Urantia. We are pleased with the forward motion of our mission. Most of this momentum is building within each individuals consciousness. As each awakens to the possibility of peace and forgiveness, the collective groups will embrace the possibilities also. You are able to enhance all efforts by sending your light out into the collective consciousness. On our side, all effort is concentrated on bringing the Father's love to the people of this world. We encourage your participation with us. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to this activity.

Question: The statement was made that sentiment was worthless or practically worthless. I wonder if you could explain that a little further because it seems like it is something that gets us springing into action, an emotion of some sort which according to our text, has value.

Gorman: [Henry] There is a distinction with spirit in terms of human sentiment. There is no sentiment in spirit, not as you would classify human sentiment and it is true that the double edged sword of human sentiment, on one hand, can prompt individuals to a level of consciousness and action. For the most part though, human sentiment does not engender that reaction and condition in people. Human sentiment becomes lethargic, it becomes unproductive, it becomes an attitude, it becomes something useless.

If mankind was more concerned with changing the individual life and the quality of the mental state of the individual, there would be less need for human sentiment altogether and man would become much more directed. But then again, you have to ask yourself, is this a condition or is this a learned response? Is this something that will change when you change? What I am not saying is that it is important that you are concerned, that you are aware of what's going on, that you are making better decisions, better choices with what you are given. Given the time that you were born in, the time that you live upon this planet and the conditions which exist, you may be making the most of what life has given you. I would probably have to say that if such were the case you are probably spending less time in human sentiment than you are doing something about it.

This is a tremendously fine line. You have to understand that the angels on your planet have been watching you kill each other for hundreds of thousands of years, they have been watching you rape and steal from one another for hundreds and thousands of years, they have been watching you being deceptive, lying, taking advantage of situations. So if spirit had sentiment, what use would it be? Spirit is useless to do anything about it, spirit just observes. Spirit doesn't make a judgement, spirit just observes and does its job and moves on. This is what you should be doing, observing, doing your job  and moving on. Sentiment is like fuzz, you get tangled up in things and maybe that's where you are at, maybe that's what is important for you at this moment.

But as spiritual beings we cannot get involved in any type of sentiment because there is no release for our sentiment. We are not allowed to act as individuals, the angels are coordinated. They are by their purpose and their function and their mandates organized in a different way of life. If you want an example of how the angelic world is organized look at a beehive. That's how the angelic world is organized. You don't find much sentiment in a beehive; get close enough and they will sting you, they don't care who you are. The spiritual world is not like the human world. At some point the human world will rein in its behavior to reflect a greater understanding and reality that certainly exists in the spiritual world. Until that time comes, things will be pretty much like they are right now on your world, everybody acting as individuals, nobody consulting with anybody else. I mean, why did the intelligence of the universe create a specific adjutant for counsel if no one is using it?

So there are things within yourself, within your mind that have yet to be truly exercised for the purposes in which they were intended. Truly you have been given many more resources than you are using. As humans, this greater resource truly lies within all of you. There is a tremendous amount of wonderful things on your world which have derived their existence from human sentiment. There is a tremendous amount in your culture and [in] the way you are as families and the way you are as people. This cannot be denied, these are good things. It is important that humans establish and create good traditions, good habits, good ways of being.

What is not so important is this idea that things are good so that you can make it good for a few of yourselves and not the whole of yourselves. This is what is wrong with the human sentiment. In the greater picture maybe human sentiment is just [in] first gear so it's time to press the clutch of consciousness and shift into the higher gear of will, choice and decision motivation. It is true that some of the most beautiful things on Urantia come from a tremendously difficult process to reveal their beauty. So does truth, beauty and goodness exist intrinsically or is truth, beauty and goodness something that is created from the pieces of chaos that are being thrown around? Is truth, beauty and goodness an ideal that is meant to be aspired towards or is truth, beauty and goodness something that mankind takes for granted?

Do you need further clarification?

Questioner: No that was very edifying. As a human being, I don't see sentiment as being worthless. I've always sort of thought of it as the fuzz or scaffolding wrapped around compassion and something has to ignite that compassion and I think of sentiment as having that role.

Gorman: [Henry] Well, this is certainly true. One must be able to define what it is that works for the individual, that charges and motivates and inspires. These are different things for different people.

Questioner: Thank you, I appreciate your counsel.