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Frank; Nebadonia; Machiventa; ABC22 - Progress on Urantia - Dec 27, 2012 - George Gordon, Lightline
TEACHERS:   Nebadonia, Frank, Machiventa Melchizedek and Bzutu
TOPICS:  “Progress on Urantia and Fulfilling Hopes of Many”
LOCATION:   Light Line
T/R:   George Gordon
DATE:   December 27, 2012

George:  Welcome everyone; this is Light Line, Thursday, December 27, 2012. Obviously! This will be the last one for the year. We have had a very interesting year, being 2012 and all. We have a good number here tonight.

I am your host, my name is George; this is my second time doing solo. Gerdean is here as well; she is my able mentor; she has been very good in letting me get my feet wet, so to speak.

Usually I start with a prayer to get myself situated and maybe that will also get us situated. So let us proceed, based on custom.

Prayer: Dear Michael and Nebadonia, Sovereign rulers of our local universe. We are here on this little planet small but not forgotten, called Urantia. We are pausing in our day on this very last Thursday in December in the year 2012 to acknowledge you both as our Sovereign rulers and express our appreciation for all that has gone in to getting our planet to this state of awareness, even though we have had some stormy upheavals in the past that almost derailed things so to speak. We are thankful for this here Correcting Times that have been instituted and to an extent this here Teaching Mission, where Celestial friends and associates can interact with us, even though we are always doubtful as to how the process works. We appreciate the fact that you have helped us stick to the guns, so to speak. We are asking you Nebadonia tonight to be so kind to expand our capacity for receptions that we will be able to be in sync and with the circuits aligned, we will be able to receive whatever messages are in store for us from the other side of the curtain.

In this season where most of the planet acknowledges and recognize the birth of Michael-Christ Jesus [even though we know otherwise], it is our custom on this planet and in keeping with that custom we acknowledge that this planet was in fact blessed to have the Sovereign ruler sojourning as a male of the species. Thank you so much for all the help that we have been given from the celestials and we hope tonight will be a blessing for everyone who are here and for the wider audience that will in due course listen or read about what took place tonight. Thank you very much….

FRANK: Good evening my brothers and sisters; my name is Frank and I am very frank. I am the Celestial teacher/companion for this my mortal subject. We have been associated now for a few years and just observing things and the way things are done on this planet is very intriguing! Very interesting! And somewhat challenging. I come from a planet that was more advanced than yours and have never suffered rebellion or a default; so you can imagine it is much education for me to observe the way things are done on this planet.

We have a special guest here tonight who is interested in addressing you and I will facilitate this communication. I will basically step aside now and allow someone from a higher realm to take the podium.

NEBADONIA:  Dearly beloved, my children; this is your Spirit Mother – Nebadonia/Mother Spirit. It would be quite unkind for me not to step in, this being the last session for the year, to embrace you as one family. As a mother, we are seldom concerned about technical issues, what makes what work, we are more concerned about your psychological wellbeing, your emotional state. Nothing sooth to a child more than the embrace from their parents, that reassurance that they are loved, that they are cared for and that they are watched with a protective eye always.

I need not tell you that through the work of the Holy Spirit that I am always here, through the work of the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits my influence is widely spread across the entire planet and the far reaching effect to all life form on the planet. Hence, this is like my rose garden and each of you my dear ones are “Treasured Petals” that are cuddled wrapped around so tightly in each rows. That being said; all the parts/components have their purpose and you here on Urantia as individuals are forging new experience for the Supreme, you are encountering trials and tribulations so to speak in these trying times but count those things as stepping stones. Stepping stones that will help you to ascend to a higher plane of understanding, to exercise more tolerance, to be more compassionate to those who are less fortunate. It is through these difficulties that indeed that pure character, that stable temperament are forged. It is quite unusual for you to understand this principle but it is the most effective method; while we do not plan for upheaval, my Seraphic agencies do use these situations to foster growth and development within each of you to rise to a higher state of consciousness. To embrace a spiritual stand point to look at things from a more refined perspective. The work of your Thought Adjusters no doubt is also very much in play to help you to see things through the Adjuster’s eye.

Then, if you know for sure that your eternal life is secured, why then would you worry about these simple upheaval? Why then do you spend so much time to concern yourselves about the material aspect of things when you are told that Light and Life is the destiny of all planets? When you have now in written form instant replay so to speak of Michael’s life as Jesus, where you can delve and dig down little deeper, relive the moment by moment experiences that He explained while He traverse His life as a mortal. Draw from those experiences the strength you need to strengthen you and get you over your upheaval. He did achieve Light and Life as an individual; so why worry about Light and Life as a planet? You have no direct control over when that will happen but you do have some degree of control as it pertains to when you achieve light and life as an individual. Hence, why not make that your priority?


Why not unplug from the simple things of this earth, things that were created for pure economic purposes, selfish egotistical pursuits, why not unplug your emotions from those things and re-engage yourself more in things that are of a more enduring nature.You are told quite clearly that your adjuster union with yourself fosters the soul and the soul is the focus of which will survive this life and the more expanded or the more growth you have experienced in the soul, the more aware you will be when you are re-assembled on the Mansion World, so like the old saying: “Lay up treasures in heaven” it is quite a practical pursuit. You just need to focus more now on things that are praise worthy, things that are in helping; of a helping nature, assisting those who are in need assistance, helping those who are struggling. Even with the various predictions that are floating around, people are terrified, people are unsure, why do you concern yourself so much about knowing what will happen?


I am telling you now that what you need to be concerned about is what needs to happen in your personal life. Since you have no control over the events, why occupy yourself so much time and anxiety with these various predictions? As you know, lot of human beings have undertaken predictions over the years and it is not the nature or the customs for us to reveal too much about the future, it will leave you in a state of anxiety, a state of adjustment, you will constantly be adjusting yourself for this eventuality, so take a deep breath and realize that you live in a universe that is being operated efficiently and effectively.


We are now reclaiming Urantia into the fold. The other planets that went astray with the rebellion are being re-embraced into the fold. Turmoil and tribulations will no doubt accompany this change but eventually things will calm down and flow as was the original plan.

I take my leave off you now and wish for you, your families and your friends all the best for the year and spread love and cheer, even your very countenance; portray a persona of confidence and fearlessness, that too is contagious, it will help to freshen and brighten up a person’s day. Go forth in this new era with confidence, no more doubting your status or standing. Michael sends His greetings and we wish for you all the best for the rest of the night as I return you now to Frank who is the one in charge of tonight’s proceedings, thank you and good evening.

FRANK: This is Frank here again we are indeed blessed and privilege to have had our local universe Mother Spirit addressing us tonight. I am not sure what I could add or can add to such lofty admonition. What I will simply do is let you pause for a moment just to focus your energies and intent on “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men and women and children”. Let us just focus our energy now for two minutes asking now as united group in thoughts and desires for peace on earth goodwill to all. Let’s just focus on that for maybe two minutes…[short pause]..

This moment of united intent have attracted the attention of someone of great importance, this person seldom addresses or should I say seldom comes through this T/R, but we will try to facilitate in bringing greetings to those gathered here.

MACHIVENTA: Good evening my friends, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. As you know I have been honored to be given charge of the planet, as replacement to the Prince who was in default, so I bring you greetings as one who now serves in this capacity. I bring you affirmation that you are indeed on the right track. I compliment the effort that you put in to holding onto this course. As you know I embark on this planet as an Ambassador back in the times of Abraham.


Quite a different planet it was back then, there were no technology, no telephone, this sought of communication was not even dreamt of by those who I associated with in back in those times. We are now in a great change since those distant times of living with animals. Our planet is being managed effectively, we are reclaiming lost grounds now and to get to our destination speedily, but we will never sacrifice safety for speed.It is very difficult to unplug far distant motion, crystalized theologies. It is very difficult to unplug someone who believes that the earth was created in six days and not give them something greater to hold onto, these are some of the inertias that hold back the pace at which things move as it is pertains to progressive evolution and things of spiritual nature.Slowly and steadily are the recommended ways of achieving effective change, changes that will last for all time. Remember it took the message of Christianity 300 years or so to take a strong hold in the Roman Empire.


These changes are meant to last a life time do take slow process. Many generations have to go out of existence before the young people who are taught to value these changes can come into play, come into power to enact these changes or live these changes. Very seldom does the change occur with those who were raised in a time or brought up in a time when different values were taught, so the changes seldom happen within one generation. However, with the information age and everyone having access to internet able… news and information are being disbursed and disseminated so quickly, you are moving at a pace that was inconceivable maybe even ten years ago. Thus the children now most of them under the age of ten are at the pace that you at that age could not even conceive, so is the method to enact effective change. Thirty to frothy years from now when these children are in seats of power, in position of great influence, so will the changes that they are embracing now be spread out and become more global. Not much more to add to that message, just be patient as the changes are unfold. They are unfolding a little quicker than normal, but we are trying not to make them too quick that will cause a displacement in the moral fabric of society.

You are in good hands and the Celestials Agents are here now in numbers to help reclaim, help you reclaim, or should I say help us reclaim our rightful place in the universe of Nebadon and even within the whole system of Satania. Have a good evening and know that great things are in store for next year and beyond. Do not frustrate yourself too much with things that are negative, things that stress you out. Hold onto the assurance that I am here now governing and countless Celestial Beings are here also who represent progress, who strives to enact changes, slow as it maybe but definitely effective changes.As you heard earlier focus more on your individual Light and Life epiphany of moment, work towards that when we will see a time when more individuals are fused with their thought adjusters. However, you have to put in the work to get to that state of deep connection where you are becoming more adjuster minded and less economic, less materialistically minded. It is a change that you can enact on your own and we endorse the message earlier that you do try to get to that state.  Have a good evening and I will return you now to your qualified host.

STUDENTS:  Thank you, thank you.

FRANK: Well this is frank again and I don’t know what more I can say, but to express our thanks to my dear brother of superior rank for addressing us as a gathering. Hopefully his message will continue to reign in your minds long after this evening’s session. I am going to just pause to see if someone else wishes to say hello or will someone jump forward now that I am going to open the mic. Let’s see who else come through, there are so many; let’s see who will get the nod to step forward.

BZUTU:  I am here, chief of my kind, Secondary Midwayer, ABC-22, some also call me Bzutu. This as you know is our planet as much as it is yours. Owing to the fact that humans don’t tend to live beyond ninety (90) years; and the fact that our lifetime goes back thousands of years it maybe more fitting to say that this is the Midwayers’ planet. As you know we will not be released from this planet anytime soon; until things have changed and improve drastically, so we too labor for the advancement of the planet, we remember the days when Machiventa was here as Melchizedek, we remember the days when Michael was here as Jesus; and we look at this planet now and we have seen tremendous improvements, tremendous strides have been made in technology, advancement in medicine, but we regret that so little strides have been made in spiritual centering, spiritual connection.


We wonder if there are too many things distracting people, absorbing your gaze and your thought that you are losing grounds to focus spiritually, that you are losing ground in your spiritual growth. Even with information as profound as the Urantia papers, we still find individuals not ascending or transcending their circles as they should and we wonder if this trend will continue for long and we have great hope in the next generation that they will be less fearful, less perturb by anxiety and upheavals, that they will devote more time for spiritual centering. We implore you to try and make a little more effort in the new year to focus less on trivial things. Project yourselves into the future; project yourselves fifty years from now when profit will no longer be the main motive but service. Try to psych yourself out so to speak to a point where you can also be more about service that profit and slowly that change will be made where you are more spiritual in your thinking and less conscious about the material world. “What does it matter” as Michael said “to a spirit born child if everything crash”.     


If your Eternal Life is secure and your Mansion World re-awaking will be a reality that will happen in the future. Why would you be concerned if your mortal existence should be terminated abruptly?  What does it matter if you know, you should in fact be maybe grateful or happy that have moved on or will be moving on to a better state of existence. Those things should no longer perturb you because you know that there are seven Mansion Worlds, you have in print information pertaining to this reality and you should live as if you are already there, [since] your eternal lives are guaranteed hence, there should be no anxiety pertaining to anything of a colossal nature.I take my leave of you and implore you to focus more on spiritual growth, soul growth. Morontial existence awaits you, have a good evening. Thank you.

Students: Thank you. Thank you, Chief.

FRANK: This is Frank here again I will just pause now to see if anyone has any questions.  I… As a rule don’t like taking questions that do not pertain to the lesson tonight. Try and keep your questions in line with what was said tonight and I will see if I can answer or if any of the celestials wishes to address any of the questions if it’s beyond my “pay grade” so to speak. Any questions ?  (Long Pause) I take it everyone is still rehearsing what was said and hence quite satisfied in the lessons that were brought by these three very important personalities. I don’t intend to add anything much to what was said and I wish for you all the best for the new year and what great times are unfolding. Great expectations should be your attitude as you watch things unfold. “Yes Frank”, did someone interject?

Garry: Yes Frank! This is Garry. I was wondering about this coming December 30th that was talk about so much on the Monjoronson Forum and the different flurries that we received and they was pretty sure about this December 30th and the next dispensation happening on the 31st. Is that still in the offering or is that going to be changed or do you know?

FRANK: I do not personally have any confirmation along those lines and as a Celestial Teacher we are advised not to put anything out that will be of a contradicting nature to anything that was said because that tend to only breed more confusion and uneasiness so I will leave those types of activities to those who do such things. As a teacher my focus is not on [the] immediate future, my focus of my mandate is to try and encourage you as a person to try to attain a higher state of existence. It does not matter if it is the next dispensation if that is per longed for a thousand years or if happens tomorrow, my focus is to help you to be able to function effectively in any scenario, that is my mandate and I have to adhere to my script. Let us wait and see what happens, it is an exciting time and I am sure that the next time we convene you might be the one to advise the group of the changes.

Garry: Yes! Thank you, Thank you Frank

FRANK: I know this a very touchy topic and we have to adhere to protocol, as we are given strict instructions as how we must behave concerning these matters. Do we have any more questions?

Gerdean: I have a question but I am not expect an answer really, it’s probably more of a rhetorical question but it came up I think it was when Machiventa was speaking and in the wake of us being asked to meditate on “Peace on Earth;” and I got to wondering, I wonder where the capital of our planet is? And I started thinking about Jerusalem and how it is the capital for so many things, then there is Mesopotamia where so many things started and then in these days there is New York City, Chicago, Sao Paulo, so many places on our planet that could serve as our capital. The original Dalmatia is gone, the Garden of Eden is gone we don’t have a capital here! I am not saying that we should feel sorry for ourselves and make one up. I guess it just didn’t dawn on me before that we don’t have a place to pray for on the planet or maybe it is just that Architectural sphere that they built outside the vision where they all hang out and work. Anyway it was an interesting thing that occurred in my mind so I was playing with that, I don’t expect anybody to pinpoint and say “oh yeah, it’s over here, it’s longitude and latitude” because that would get involved with governments and principalities and that would cause a distraction, so never mind I just wanted to say it was a very stimulating and thought provoking evening.

FRANK: Well we thank you for your contribution and we appreciate the fact that what was said stimulated you to expand a little more or it popped some ideas in your mind that brought you some degree of enthusiasms. I will say this, we will agree with you there is no physical place currently on Urantia that could boast to be the capital as was I the days of Eden. Sufficing to say you do know that when the Morontial Temple is setup here on the planet that time when that is done that will no doubt be your new capital. It will be a physical capital and you can conjecture or project as much as you want as to how things will be handled with regards to the title will be secured from the land owners. But I will leave you to stimulate your mind as to how that will be done. When that time comes we will have a suitable capital and the Morontial Temple will no doubt be where the spiritual capital will be for many, many years to come.

Gerdean: Thank you.

FRANK: You’re welcome. Did I hear that someone else has a question?

Garry: I thought a while back and I can’t remember where I read it but they had talked that although we can not see it that a Morantia Temple was already sniffed out at one time for this planet…

FRANK: Well, some things are holding back the unveiling of certain things, as you know sometime there are plans to move on a particular subject matter of a particular thing and something comes up that changes the timeline, but things are a foot and believe me when it begin to move it will be moving quickly. We are worried, very worried of the reaction that people will have when things are moving and sometimes these are the things that hold back the initiation of such things.

You imagine for a moment now if a Morontial Temple should suddenly appear in the Sahara Desert or somewhere in Arizona, the kind of upheaval that it could cause on the planet when so few people know about the Urantia teachings and the uncertainty that it will create and the mass hysteria. These are things that human beings don’t think about when they beg for changes and they want to see wide changes enacted quickly. You can never predict accurately the response of every individual on this planet to any particular scenario. You can predict what might happen to a group of people pertaining to a certain thing and those who determine these things and decide on the timing of these things are well aware of the projection that each scenario can unfold and very mind full or even change the deadline to facilitate things that are not ready or cause too much of a problem, or should I say create more problem that it will solve. We are begging always for spiritual development, that is what we need so we can move quickly. The more people that we have that are spiritually centered, developed and matured, that will give us the go ahead to move. That’s why we are asking individuals to get ready because so few individuals are ready for these changes. I wonder if I am making myself clear ?

Garry: Yeah! You are, because man is free willed and a people ah! They are so set in their beliefs and there are so many different religions and sects, different sects and different forms of religion. My brother is a Jehovah’s Witness and believe me Frank, there is no way, no matter how you approach it to get them to even acknowledge a Urantia Book let alone read it. Most of them still believe everything is from the devil and any other book unless it is their book and there are so many versions of the bible makes for so much conversation that they have their own version of the bible and that’s the only truth and that’s the only religion and that’s the only way to go. That’s why I really believe that as messed up as this planet is and as much damage that has been done by Caligastia and his lousy group that it’s going to take some kind of Divine intervention to wake this whole planet up, ah.. that’s only my own opinion, but like you say we have to take care of ourselves first.  

FRANK: That’s very observant, it may very well end up that the decision is to move. For now the focus is on waiting for a better moment to move because you can imagine for a moment now that suddenly this Morontial Temple appear in Arizona or somewhere else? What religious group would lay claim to this type of information, who are the ones who are the new Ambassadors for the Divine Entities? Did God bypass the Jews, did he bypass Christianity to now? Ah!... give this sort of credence to a Urantia movement? How do you expect those religions and those members to react? They might not react to you with kindness, that might be of course their whole anchor and foot hold; that they have been holding on to have been disrupted! How do you expect them to now become a Urantia Teaching believer, when they believe that God bypass them and their religion and give this information to a bunch of people called the Urantia Book readers. These are psychological issues that human beings don’t tend to think about when they beg for changes and what will now these Urantia readers think about themselves. Now that they are.. are they now the new chosen people? These are things that have to be ironed out effectively, so we keep saying rather than beg for change on a planetary level; on a global level, pray for the change at an individual level.

Well, the hour is far spent and we have covered much tonight. It has been a gathering of sorts around this fireplace and we were indeed treated with three very profound messages.

I will now take my leave of you and hope that we will convene again in a few weeks and it will be as delightful as it was tonight. Thanks for being such a good audience and for your participation and your input. This is Frank saying good night and all the best for the holiday season and 2013 and beyond.

GROUP RESPONSE: Thank you Frank, thank you. Thank you Frank.