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Whispers Session 12 - Roles We Play - Machiventa; Michael; Angels; Mother Spirit; Samuel - Jan 10, 2013 - Trenton, NJ -

Whispers in The Stillness Session Twelve Spiritual Progression
T/R Paul Conklin
Janaury 10, 2013

  • Machiventa Melchizedek:   Planetary Prince of Planet Earth
  • Samuel of Panoptia:   Ascendant being serving in Nebadon
  • Lanaforge:   the System Sovereign of Satania, our local System, a Lanonandek Son
  • Christ Michael:  Our Divine Parent, Creator Son of Nebadon
  • Mantoube Melchizedek:  A Melchizedek serving in the local universe of Nebadon
  • Anna:  Seraphic Destiny Guardian
  • Gabriella:  Paul’s personal Seraphic Destiny Guardian
  • Nebadonia:  Mother Spirit, our Divine Parent and consort, partner of Christ Michael


  • Would it be possible to navigate to the mansion worlds as humans?
  • Is material, morontial blending underway on our planet?
  • What role does Lanaforge, the System Sovereign, play in our spiritual progression?
  • Who is the chief administrator of Nebadon?
  • What role do the Most Highs play in our spiritual progression?
  • Why should we fear no evil when we are under the mighty wings of the Most Highs?
  • What role do the Melchizedeks play in our spiritual progression?
  • What role do our Destiny Guardians play in our spiritual progression?
  • Why has the local universe been structured in this way?
  • A message of love from Mother Spirit.

Paul, Opening prayer:  Our dear Eternal Parents we are again so thankful that we can come together and be taught by you, by you Eternal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit; we are all your children and we are so grateful that because of all of you we are here.  We are also grateful about the increasing spiritual vibrations that are coming into our hearts, onto our beloved planet.  We can see so many hearts that are awakening now and we are very appreciative of that.  We also give our greetings and our love to our Divine parents; we are grateful that as a result of them and their love that we are here.  Also to all those listening in we send our love and our greetings; and we ask for Spirit to please lead us and guide as; and we thank you.

There is something that I wanted to discuss this evening because I believe that very many people are unaware of the mansion worlds and the local system of Satania that we live in; and that there is a massive sphere called Jerusem in this local system with seven smaller transition spheres, and around each of those spheres, seven sub-satellites.  Of course, around transition world number one, the world of the finaliters, are the seven sub-satellites that revolve around that, which are the seven mansion worlds, that we journey to after we die.

There was a question that I was going to ask, but first I would like to know;  if we were to be spiritually qualified and we had the means to get to one of the mansion worlds, would we be able to get there, or are the mansion worlds in another dimension altogether and that would make it impossible for us to get there in our present state?

Machiventa Melchizedek:  This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I think the best, we have myself and teacher Thomas is here and Samuel of Panoptia.  We are all three here.  We are going to kind of be answering this question in a way that is understandable to the way that the question was posed.  So, all three of us may be coming in and out or it could be any one of us at any time.  We are going to be conjointly acting on this.

The question that you have here is kind of a derivative from a statement in the Urantia book about, if you were to ascend to Paradise and you were to stand in the presence of the Universal Father and you were unqualified to recognize the spiritual presence you wouldn’t know where you were.  And to a degree, if you  reverse that and you look at the mansion worlds we are looking at a subset of a disposition of understanding.  The first one is, when you die and your body goes back into the dust of the earth, you awaken on the mansion worlds.  On the mansion worlds, you don’t have a body; you no longer have a mortal human vehicle of expression.

So, the question is kind of hard to answer because of the human understanding within the realm of your question that you posed.  The first realization that you have is that, ‘wait a minute, I don’t have a body, but I have understanding.’  Now, nothing ceased to persist, except for your body.  Now that goes for everything.  You start off exactly where you left off in this world.  That goes for all of your experiences and anything that you have unfinished; and that also goes for anything that you would like to finish.  It continues on, but in a different manner that would be somewhat very difficult to portray to a human mind.

When you speak of higher dimensions, when you look at the dimensional aspect of, not only yourself, but you look at the dimensional aspect of the existence of consciousness.

Samuel of Panoptia:  One of the main things here, and this is the meat of the question, and this is Samuel now, is that you have something that transpires on the mansion worlds that doesn’t normally happen effervescently like it does on the world that you come from and that is the morontial understanding and the morontial soul.  There are some on your world that have started this process and they have undergone and are undergoing the morontial, material blending.  The (inconsistency ) here is that when you are undergoing the material, morontial blending this is usually not experienced until you reach the mansion worlds.  So, when you are experiencing this as a human personality on a world in the third dimension you are able to, not only ascend into that consciousness of the higher dimensions, but you’re able to transcend it.  Transcending into a higher dimension simply means that you are understanding,  transcend, the natural evolution of the planet that you’ve come through; and I’m talking about the mind here.  I’m not talking about the physicality or the DNA structure; I’m talking about your true eternal self.

So, in an understanding that you could kind of have an answer to this question is, your question is geared toward the morontial, material blending that you are undergoing, to a degree.  The questions that you posed are questions that you are inherently almost inquisitive about because you have experienced a level of identification.  Now, not to answer this any further for anyone other than those that would have the question, we could be very specific now about any subset of questions that come from the derivative of this one main question.

Paul:  Thank you very much Machiventa and Samuel.  That does answer my question.  I know that I am experiencing what you are talking about Samuel.  Of course, I can’t obviously express that in my own human understanding.  There are things that I do understand, but I don’t understand how I do.  I suppose that is Spirit working within me.  I would like to ask some more questions about the material, mortal blending, but I want to make it an entire topic for discussion because I think that would be very important.

But in addition to that, I was wondering about the structure of the local universe in general, but in a spiritual progression question.  I understand of course the local universe worlds, the constellation worlds, the local system worlds, and then our individual evolutionary worlds going back, descending down from our Father.  But I would just like to know, first of all, what role does our System Sovereign, if there is a role that that one plays in our spiritual progression as we journey to the mansion worlds?

Lanaforge, our System Sovereign:  Well,  I could think of no better person to answer this than myself.  This is your System Sovereign, Lanaforge.  To your human understanding  I will try to the best of my ability to phrase this derivative of an explanation to your human understanding in a way that, is not only assimilated by your human mind, but also understood by your morontial form and, to a degree, in harmonization with your indwelling Spirit.

As a Lanonandek Son, one that has been put in charge of the System of Satania, I have to, much like a manger would on your world, oversee many things that would be completely incomprehensible to you as a human mortal mind.  The oversight comes from the understanding that we have a chief executive, a chief administrator to this universe, which is Gabriel of Salvington, the Bright and Morning Star, the first born of Michael and Nebadonia, who has been put in charge to oversee all of the angelic creation in the spiritual realms.  I am under the jurisdiction of Gabriel because he is the chief order of his kind of all celestial personalities.  He is in every way, shape and form, equal, without the creator prerogatives, to Michael of Nebadon.  A matchless administrator.  Created in such a way that would be indescribable to a human mind.

Well, in that subset, much like a mathematical formula, being broken down from a fractal, you have kind of an outworking into creation.  From the word of Michael and Mother Spirit we have this wonderful dwelling place that we call home here.  In that home we have an innumerable amount of, not only personalities, but we have all types of celestial personalities and planets and spheres and systems and all kinds of things that make our home, our home.  Well, within each system and within each constellation and even outward into the Superuniverse, it goes on and on until it reaches Havona and on to Paradise, you have an administration.  We are in an extraordinarily well organized local universe and if not for the fall out of rebellion, for the Lucifer rebellion, we would still be, into a degree, in our system, right in progression with the line of light and life.   

So, we have the celestial mind here which is a derivative or a telescopic effect from God that oversees the creation of Michael and Nebadonia.  Our thoughts and our administrative aspects, celestially, create order and also create and maintain harmonization.  So, as you ascend and you also become cognizant, not only cognizant, but you become aware of the many celestial personalities that dwell in our universe; from the Father Melchizedek, to Gabriel, from the Midwayers, to the Seraphim, the Cherubim, the Omniaphim, and we have many, many unrevealed angels that are beyond your comprehension that aren’t even in the Urantia book.    

So, your question is and can be looked at in very a linear sense where you have reached me.  You have reached contact with me.  You are speaking to me now.  Now, just as Michael of Nebadon and our Creator of all things, the First Source and Center who dwells on Paradise is approachable, you have to be spiritually qualified, and not only spiritually qualified, but you have to understand how the circuitry and also the organization of the universe is maintained, is organized, and also is in almost a watch-like fashion, where every gear turns another gear which makes all of the hands go forward.  I am a gear.  Gabriel is a gear.  You are now a gear.  Michael of Nebadon is the hands that are moving forward; and we are all working together conjointly as gears with one another; and there is no separation from you and I now Paul because when I turn you turn; and when you turn there are others that will turn; and all of the people that turn from them turning is making this wonderful experiential universe move forward into light and life.  We are all a part of that huge, grand body, that is this creation and we are not separate from one another.  So, that would be the greatest explanation that I could give you in the way that your question was posed.   I bid you a good night.  It was a wonderful pleasure to be here.

Paul:  Thank you so much Lanaforge.  That was a wonderful answer and I’m very appreciative.  It really has brought illumination to my mind and it is a great pleasure to meet you.

I would like to continue on in a similar vein and I know that, of course, we go from the System worlds and when we reach a certain level of progression we go on to the constellation worlds of Norlatiadek; Edentia being the capital world of astounding beauty where the Most Highs dwell.  In a similar question, I would like to know what role do the Most Highs play, if any, in our spiritual progression here and of course, what role do they play when we finally do arrive on the constellation worlds?

Christ Michael:  I will take the first part of your question, my son, and this is Michael.  I would like to explain, at least in a way that is lovingly understandable to how the administration of my universe and the way that things are organized, kind of affect you, not only as a human personality, singularly, but also as a human collective body or organization, collectively.  You specifically, I will address first.  (P:OK)

When you look at the prophets of old that were endowed with specialized Adjusters that were sent from Paradise and also from the organizational, administration of affairs to come to a world to uplift and upbuild it, you have specific aspects of that human personality that is in contact with a higher understanding of consciousness.  Call it higher dimensional thinking.  Call it an understanding that comes from the Adjuster within; the higher self; the highest self.   But just as Lanaforge and also Samuel and Machiventa were trying to explain to you there is an administration; and the administration in the kingdoms of men, and I’m using the words, ‘kingdoms of men here,’ are ruled over and overseen by the Most Highs of Norlatiadek.  You as a human being, because you are endowed with a specific functionality spiritually have an understanding with the Most Highs; and since the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men and this is spiritual information, then you are under, not only protection of the Most Highs, but you are being overseen by them.  So you specifically, just like Ezra of old and the prophet Daniel and the prophet Ezekiel, and many, many others, that were ones that were to bring information to uplift and upbuild humankind are under the direct overcare in a very loving and guiding way of the Most Highs, because they rule in, and they rule with, and over men.  When I use the word ‘over,’ it’s not a sense of control.  It’s a sense of security, safety, for the best of all.

The kingdoms of men, which are the governments, and things that actually sprout from the collective are the nations; and the nations of your world if there are to be seen, through the celestial means, of some travesty or some horror that is unavoidable, then the Most Highs will step in and intervene.  Now, the specifics of all of that isn’t necessary in these awarenesses to bring out to you because it wouldn’t concern you, to a degree, because it wouldn’t be understandable anyway.  So, as the Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men you could say that they overwatch, lovingly care for, and safely guard all of creation that is inhabited by all of the children indwelt by a piece of the First Source and Center.

The 91st Psalm in the book of the Bible, when David had written this glorious praise to the Most Highs, was an expression and understanding of the overcare and over watch of the Most Highs, when he says that ‘he who dwells in the safety of the Most Highs shall fear no evil.’  These glorious praises that were pouring out from his soul have been reinterpreted so many times that the tenacity of his prayer while in that great state of awareness understood that he was being protected by and overseen by the Most High, the Senior Most High and the Junior Most High.  So, hopefully that clarifies that a bit for you, my son.     

Paul:  That does very much Michael.  That was very beautiful and it touched my heart very much to hear that and the role that the Most Highs play in the kingdoms of men.  It was very beautiful and touching.

Also continuing on, I would like to discuss, of course, when we go from the constellation worlds, eventually we go to the local universe worlds and Salvington being the capital where you dwell Michael.  I wanted to narrow it down because I understand that there is a lot more that I cannot see.  But I wanted to know, since the Melchizedeks have a pilot world there, what further training do we receive through the Melchizedeks and do they also help us in our spiritual progression when we arrive in the local universe worlds?

Mantoube Melchizedek:  Good evening Paul, this is Mantoube Melchizedek.  I am a Melchizedek that is inner working with certain personalities that are cosmically endowed.  You would call them cosmically conscious universe citizens.  We specifically look at you as greatly beloved, spiritually advanced mortal beings from your world where this is not necessarily normal to understand such superlative truths.  As I get acclimated with you in this circuit I extend my love to all those that receive these words from the Father Melchizedek all the way down to my brethren who work with the children of the universe of your inhabitation, which is Nebadon.  As we help them identify inwardly and also with their own energetic systems of understanding.

Within your current understanding, and my brethren are here to assist me in this translation, you have the thought processes, of capability, of identifying completely with, and in complete harmony with your indwelling Spirit; your indwelling Spirit being that which is where we all have derived from and come from.  We have been created perfect, spiritual beings as Mother Spirit spoke about the telescopic effect of the raw power and presence of that First Source and Center.  Your mind is multi-faceted and when you speak of dimensions you speak of the ability to move into quantum understandings of multi-dimensionality.  So as not to lose you, because these concepts are not yet understood on your sphere, we have to first look at you as an individual before we can answer the question as you ascending outwardly into the space of the third dimension outward from you.

Any time that you have contact, any contact with a being of a spiritual nature, this happens inwardly within your own human self , your understanding within your soul because you are desirous to have this information, and not only to have this information, but to understand your nature as being a potential fused finaliter.  Now, when you reach certain aspects, teachers, the Midwayers prepare you for the Archangels, the Archangels prepare you for the Melchizedeks, such as us,  and we prepare you for the Trinity Teacher Sons, and so on and so forth, until you reach and you can stand in front of the First Source and Center and know who you are, who you’ve become, and the journey that you’ve undertaken to get there.  You don’t necessarily have to go anywhere on a world such as you’ve come from.  You can do this sitting on your couch at home and never move a finger.  You can go from the lowest order of understanding to the highest order of understanding and never have to lift a finger if your heart is in the right place; if you’re spiritually minded and you’re motivated enough to actually receive the spiritual information as it flows through your meridians and channels of understanding.

So, to answer your question a little bit more thoroughly, and to kind of close this dissertation out, I would say that, first, it happens within you.  When you contact the Melchizedeks we prepare you to understand energy, your thought processes, and the grid of your understanding, or the propensity of you being the world itself and then prepare you for you being the universe itself; and that every aspect that you receive is making you and us move forward to, and to receive, stand in front of, and to fuse with, the First Source and Center in this grand adventure that you are undertaking.       

So, we’ll kind of keep it there and if you have any other questions we will be glad to answer them.  It was a pleasure to meet you and a wonderful honor and privilege to be on this circuit tonight.

Paul:  Wow!  It’s a pleasure to meet you too Mantoube and that was a wonderful answer.  I appreciate very much you being here and bringing those things through.

I would also like, in the same vein of spiritual progression,  would just like to know in general times, how our destiny Guardians help us in our spiritual progression from the evolutionary worlds, to the system worlds, to the constellation worlds, to the local universe worlds; I just want to keep it within the local universe setting, if someone could explain that in general terms I would appreciate that.

Anna (Annaleasia) Destiny Guardian:  Good evening Paul, this is Annaleasia or Anna.  I am a Seraphim here on your world that is very closely interlinked with the oversight of certain particular matters that you are now undergoing, and not only undergoing, but you are experiencing.  Me, as being a Seraphic Guardian, I have to state first and foremost, that when you’re looking at the progression of you spiritually through the psychic circles, when you reach the third psychic circle you are appointed your own personal Destiny Guardian.  As it states in your Urantia book it is in reality two.  You have a dominant and you have a regressive or you have a positive and a negative, to kind of balance out and in ways and terms that you can understand.  I once guarded an ascended being from your planet and I guided them safely to and in front of the Universal Father and in doing so what we experience in the realms of experiential process as a Seraphim, not only as a Seraphim, but in conjoint action with the mortal progressor; and yes I have Gabriella here with me and she is speaking in terms that you can understand.  (and this is Gabby now Paul)          

Gabriellla (Paul’s personal Destiny Guardian):  As I work with you and you identify with your indwelling Spirit we conjointly work together to harmonize to bring you into an understanding of who you are.      

Anna (Annaleasia, Destiny Guardian):  But when you look at the aspect of one of the sessions that you had prior about the prophet Enoch, who was the first mortal to dwell on your sphere to fuse with the presence of the Universal Father, you have a human being who reached a level of realization and was able to identify with, in conjunction with the guidance of the Seraphim, and the teachers that they’ve had, and to fuse wholeheartedly with the presence of that raw, solidified, spiritual Father, that you call the First Source and Center; God the Father; Muslims call him Allah; and there are many names that He carries.  But what we try to get you to understand as the Seraphim is that we always see you as that.  We never see you as anything other than that.

Our guarding comes from helping you understand what you’re not and what you have created in its place as we lovingly guide you through the experiences of remembering again, where you’ve come from; and that you are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a human body having, being indwelt by a spiritual presence, having a human experience.  The human experience, once its flipped, is understood and we can work so much easier with you when you can identify with your spiritual self.  So many human beings are under the group guardianship where they have no propensity of understanding nor care to about understanding the limitless capacity that is inherent within them.  As we work with your mind and your spiritual self works with your human mind you will give way and give over into the God mind where you realize that everything that is being said right now is God, because God is speaking to you.  But that’s not any different than what you are, because as your predecessor before you, Jesus of Nazareth spoke,’ the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.’

So, the human is always looking outward; is always looking outside of itself.  The spiritually identified human beings know that it is already there and that they simply look within and they experience everything inwardly because they are that.  

Paul:  Thank you very much Annaleasia and Gabriella, that was awesome and I appreciate the further enlightenment on that.  I certainly do understand that everything does come from within and that is where I need to continue going, to my Divine self.

My final question then I would like to open up and see if there are any concluding comments is: Father Michael, what is the purpose of the local universe being structured in this way?  Why do we go from the evolutionary worlds, to the system worlds, to the constellation worlds, to the local universe worlds?  What is its purpose?  Is it like a microcosm of our ascent to Paradise?

Christ Michael:  When you look at the structure, my son, of where you are, you have to understand that you are seeing a very linear aspect of creation.  That behind what you see is another movie, so to speak, being played out.  But behind that movie is another movie; and yet you cannot see these things taking place, but every action that you formulate within this dimension and within this universe is causing all those other reels of movies to play.  So, to have an experiential process as a dense body that is able to carry a spiritual presence and to be and come from a very evolutionary world and being an evolutionary being you have to understand the mind of God in progression with the experiential process of being  human and having creation, and not only having creation, but a Creator wanting to share all that it has with its creation.  To give it everything that it has, but to have an experience that is matchless.  That It’s an adventure.  That’s it’s not meant o be anything other than joyous, loving, amazing, awakening, back into the presence of the God that it was derived from.  

The structure and the organization is perfect by the word of the original Michael, from which it came forth.  There is so much that you don’t know that you wouldn’t be able to understand that runs in a quantum dimensional way, alongside, above, below, to the left, and to the right, in terms that you can understand, because of this experience.  To have an experience of this nature it has to be structured  this way.  It just so happened to be structured this way because God is love and in order to give His beings, in a safe and secure way, free will, then it has to be in a dimension that is dense such as this.  That is able to hold the spiritual presence, but  also give the human being the free will to choose God or to choose away from God.  When any human being chooses away from God, then you have the denseness of the third dimensional reality, away from and separate from God.  The only way that that could happen is in a structured universe such as this, that has to be the ability within the free will mandate in order for it to structured and organized in a way that you can understand.

Now, I know that your mind is formulating a million more questions because of this.  I understand why it is, because it is in a way almost humanized by your thought processes.   But when you find your mind  wandering toward not understanding something or when you find your mind not agreeing with something, then the best thing to do is to invite my presence and Mother’s presence in, and to our ability to make you calm and to satisfy your imagination and curiosity.  We will, to our best ability, working with you, help you to assimilate and understand these things.  But, my son, you have to remember that you are on one small step, one tiny step in an infinite journey.  As you progress, your eyes will become more opened.  Your ears will become more clear to hear and you will be surprised and your breath will be taken away trillions of times, as it grows brighter and stronger and more loving.  The only way to have that experience is to start where you are.  Because God is perfect.  He needs nothing.  But what gives us, the Creators, the greatest satisfaction, is to give our children that experience of breath-taking beauty, love, truth, and to give them all we have and to experience it with them.

Paul:  That was beautiful Michael and I appreciate that so much.  I am definitely going to take you up on that offer to invite your presence and Mother’s presence in so that I can maintain that calmness and to increase in my understanding.  Thank you so much.

So, I just wonder if there are any concluding comments that someone here would like to make?

Nebadonia:  It would almost seem out of place, my son,  If I would not come just to extend my arms to you for  a moment; and this is your Mother; and to all of my children of this organized  universe of our creation.  As my heart beats in your heart, and my mind thinks love, so too your mind responds and your heart feels my own heart.  Everything that you see, everything that you are, is permeated with my essence.  It is no different then when Jesus was in Mary and she gave birth to the Christ or she gave birth to Jesus.  You, my son, are in me always.  I am your incubator, so to speak, and you are always nourished and fed by my great, undulating, love for you; and I extend that warmly to all of my children this evening.  I extend my heart and my arms and my presence to you as I hold you in my love.  I extend my thought of love to all those that receive that.  May you rest ever presently in my arms, in my heart, and in Michael’s truth and peace.  I bid you a good night.

I send my love to all of those that read these transcripts.  I would also be happy to pose any questions that you may have for the celestials.  You can contact me at: