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Whispers Session 11 - Michael; Malvantra; St. Germain; Monjoronson; Nebadonia - What Is the Morontial Temple - Dec 23, 2012 - Trenton, NJ,

Whispers in The Stillness Session Eleven The New Age
Celestials:  Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon
Malvantra Melchizedek:  A Melchizedek serving in the local universe of Nebadon
St. Germain:  Ascended Being, known for the Violet Flame of the I-AM Presence
Monjoronson:  Magisterial Son here on a Divine Mission of Reclamation
Nebadonia:  Mother Spirit, our Divine Parent, in the realm of Nebadon

  • What glorious future awaits each one?
  • What is the label of honor that citizens of Urantia will wear?
  • Have we reached a new age, a new dispensation?
  • Are we to look for signs of the new age?
  • Will every heart on this planet one day know Christ Michael and our Paradise Father?
  • What is the morontial temple?
  • Are the words morontial and temple concepts?
  • What is Monjoronson’s role; what is he here to do?
  • A message of love from Mother Spirit

T/R: Paul Conklin

Paul, Opening Prayer:  Our dear Eternal parents,  how grateful we are that you are our parents, Eternal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit; and again as a result of all of you that we are all here in this beautiful universe of your making.  We send our greetings and our love to you this day; to all the Supernaphim, the ascendant beings on Paradise, and even those that we even have no knowledge of yet.  We also send our love and our greetings to our Divine parents, Nebadonia and Christ Michael, and we’re so grateful because we know it is as a result of your love that all of your children are here, including the one speaking and everyone here on this planet.  So, we send also our love and greetings to all those on Jerusem, on Edentia, on Salvington; all those listening in.  We look forward to the continuing guidance of Spirit; and we thank you.

Paul:  What I would like to know Father Michael is that most people on our planet are unaware of the amazing journey that culminates with our arrival on Paradise and being in the actual presence of our Father on Paradise.  Would you please describe that journey in general terms so that the people of this world will know about the glorious future that is in the making for everyone?

Christ Michael:  What a deep question that you have formulated my son as you glean the very lengthy journey that you will undertake throughout this universe and also the superuniverses till you reach the portals of Havona and move through and gain all the experiential wisdom and understanding until you can reach Paradise and be in the presence of a ‘light which no mortal may approach.’

As you ascend throughout this time that you have now in a body, especially on a world such as you come from, you are gaining extraordinary experiences to take with you throughout, not only this universe, but being known as an agondonter throughout the superuniverses of time and space coming from a world such as this.  You will hold a very prestigious, should I say, in a terminology or concept that you can understand, label, and being an agondonter coming from a world that was once immersed in rebellion.

As you go through the successive universes and the ascendant career as a mortal being born as a mortal and making your way to the spiritual presence of the universal Father on Paradise, you will come to stations or crossroads, and those stations or crossroads may be beyond anything that your preconceived mind may have formulated.  They may be a teacher or a transcript in this world, all the way up to a meeting perchance with some strange individual on a sideroad on a way to a coffee shop.  These meetings my son are a part of your ascending journey even though you may not see the full-fledged reality of the perfection inherent within these experiences.  Because everything that happens in your life once you have submitted to the Universal Father’s will or the Adjuster’s will is no longer coincidental.  It is a part that will serve you, if not in this lifetime here on this world, then in the morontial worlds or even the spiritual worlds on high.

Now as you try to understand what I have just spoken to you, what I have just told you, is that everything that you experience tomorrow in your waking life is no longer coincidental.  Now, that means that every conversation that you have, that every meeting, that every interaction that you have, has purpose; it has an eternal value in your ascending career or you would not be having it.  And this will lead up to the realization of stripping away to reveal a greater level of Divinity within you.  Adjustment happens not supernaturally; it doesn’t happen interventionally, all the time.  It happens in your waking reality as you experience life; and that may be a plane ride; it may be a chance meeting with a stranger on a bus stop; it may be also, a frustrated traffic jam that is affording you the understanding that you need to cultivate a greater level of patience within yourself.

So my son as you understand that you are no longer subject to the will of the primal nature of the human being, that you have given your mind over and your heart over to the Spirit within you, that eventually will be identified as you, the only thing I could ever convey to you that you could understand is that when you realize that that presence has always been within you, guiding you, loving you, through adversity, through loss, through your preconceived notions of death, through pain and suffering, it has always been there with you.  It has never left, nor will it ever leave.  The greatest joy that you can understand, especially when you first realize it is, that God has always been within you; and that realization gives birth to an understanding.  The love that comes from that culmination of not only feelings, but also the level of realization that is encompassed in it will bring forth and birth within you a whole new level of understanding that will open up many other doors that were closed to you before. So, if you have further questions on that I would be happy to entertain anything else that you may have.

Paul:  Well that was very beautiful Father.  I appreciate that very much.  I know it touched my heart deeply and anyone that reads this I’m sure that it will touch their hearts as well.

I would also like to know if we have reached the springtime of a new dispensation.  Have the buds of a new age arrived; a spiritual paradise being nigh?

Christ Michael:  There is so many here my son that want to answer this question.  We have the Melchizedek teachers present.  We have also ascendant beings that have, and are in the corps of the finality.  Is there anyone in particular that you would like to answer this question or would you like for me to take it?

Paul:  Certainly Father, I would love for you to take this one.

Christ Michael:  When you’re dealing with the passing of an age, and I would liken it to you my son when you were twelve, and anticipation struck a chord knowing that you were going to reach the teenage years, and the teenage years was a new level or passage for you specifically, and all the humans that, to a degree reach this, on a world such as you come from.  Then as your teen years give way you come to the level of graduation from your school and the number eighteen serving as a concept or a rite of passage into the collegiate or university; and many go on into the four year university and graduate therefrom and pursue their careers into a different age.

But then there is another marker when you turn twenty-one.  There is a whole level of new experiences that are open to you and your adulthood comes to fruition.  Now as a human being you understand these things because you have experienced them.  You understand them because there was an anticipation and also those  that have been around you have built up and told you that you were going to be wiser or older, have a new set of understandings.  Well nothing really changed in you except the transition of experience and age and time has passed.

Well liken your world Urantia, who has many battle scars of so many experiences that she has been through.  Mother Urantia is an extraordinary Supreme Being that is emerging into a new age.  A new age giving birth to a new level of consciousness.  A new level of understanding of spiritual concepts, of spiritual identification, of the flourishing of God’s will on earth.  If you take a world such as you’ve come from, Urantia, and you look at say, the dark ages of medieval times, where war was commonplace, religion was institutionalized and there was no offset there.  You either followed the rules or you were shunned and they believed that if you didn’t follow that you would go to hell and burn for eternity.  Now in light of that analogy when you look at it today in the broad scope of the many institutions and religions that Urantia now possesses, and the many interpretations and perceptions of those institutions, you have a whole different scheme or age that has blossomed.

But since the bestowal of myself on your world, a little over two thousand years ago, there has been a new dispensation, so to speak.  That dispensation has outpoured an aspect of Spirit.  The Spirit of Truth which, if you would have as a teacher, will lead and guide and also never fail you if you are sincere and are sincerely looking for truth and understanding of the divine nature of God, and not only God, but of yourself.  This Spirit, along with the indwelling Adjuster that has also been present within you, is now coming into an understanding in your world.  When one such as yourself and those that have been involved in maybe the teaching mission or those that are understanding of and also have been exposed to such knowledge as the Urantia book, actually plant in the planetary spectrum of consciousness this knowledge and information.

Now as this age passes, of ignorance, to contact with celestials, and also, not only contact with celestials, with God, as far as you can understand God, as me being a representative of, that you are literally speaking to the Universal Father now, and at any time my consort Nebadonia as well, and that it’s not separate from you.  That it never has been, (separate) but it now has been planted , and not only planted, but has taken root and grown and budded within your consciousness.  By you stepping out there has been, shall we say, a greater revelation of Spirit, and those that have preceded you, for a dawning of a new age.  Now, I wouldn’t look for any signs or great expulsions of power or earthquakes or destruction or mayhem.  These things are inherent  and natural in any evolutionary world.  There’s not going to be a great upheaval , so to speak, on your world to announce this age or dispensation.  It is currently underway.  The way that it has been underway, is not only through the correcting time, but also through, as you know, a greater revelation of contact with angelic or celestial beings in the higher dimensions.    

Now as you ascend further into those dimensions and vibrations and bring down into the realm that you are inhabiting in your world it is made available to all those that would wish to partake of it.  So the greatest, and I think the most basic clarification I can give you is, the dispensation is underway and has been underway ever since I have left your world in the flesh, and revealed to all that death is an illusion, and that my Spirit indwells each and every one of the children of the world if they just choose to recognize it.

Paul:  I love you so much Father.  That was an awesome answer.  That really clarifies and clears things up and I really have a deeper understanding of that now.

I would also like to know, will there come a time when every heart will know you Michael and the Paradise Father on this little planet?

Christ Michael:  It is the greatest desire for any father and me, your question has touched my own heart very deeply, to know that my children, although I am available to them, and they cry out for me, so many of my children do not know how to reach me, to hear me, to want to know me.  So the outpouring of my heart and the love that is inherent in the ability that I have, even though it is unlimited in sovereignty, it is subject to the free will of the human being.  The free will of the human being, even though they may want to know me, it is the sincerity of the heart, because it is the Universal Father, pure Absolute presence of God, the Thought Adjuster within them, that reads and can discern the true and pure intentions and motives of the heart.  When their motives are in line and are truly desirous of finding me there is nothing that would ever keep any of my children from finding me or from me finding them.

But as your question posed my son, as your prophet of old spoke, ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that there is the presence of the Christ within them and that it has never been separate from them.’  That is a certainty and a fact.  That every single human being of your world will have to come into acknowledgement of.  It will be done with over joyous, out-bursting love for the majority of those that eventually figure out that I always, always, have been right there in their hearts.

Paul:  Thank you again Father.  That was very beautiful; and again I know that it will touch so many hearts; all the ones that eventually read these transcripts.

I also know that most of the people on this world have never heard of the morontial temple.  Can you please describe what the morontial temple is so that people will understand that and also be buoyed with the hope of eternal life?

Malvantra Melchizedek:  Well good evening Paul, this is Malvantra Melchizedek.  I would be, to the best of our ability to be able to bring forth the information that has been approved, and also not only approved, but understandable to answer the question that you have formulated.    

Paul:  Good evening Malvantra.

Malvantra Melchizedek:  Good evening and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance tonight and also to be on this circuit of great love of the Paradise Father and of the Creator Son.  (Their love) tonight is just palpable on this circuit.  It is very, very potent.  We are honored and privileged to be here and to share with this great love and to be a part of it.

As you speak in understanding of the morontial temple we are dealing with a concept of morontial and we are dealing with a concept of temple.  This can be identified with in many ways and we’ll just briefly touch on a few.  The morontial temple is inherently a part of you.  When I say that we’re dealing with a heavily, heavily immersed concept here in trying to identify with the nature or THE nature of a higher dimensional aspect of your own being.  Now as you ascend a staircase you do not just reach the top.  You have to successively make (touch) the steps to get to the top step, in order to get to your destination.  Now, the morontial aspect within your own temple is very readily accessible even now for you Paul.

But as those in the Biblical times had spoken of, and even when they interpreted what Jesus had said, ‘that truly I tell you that, some of you will not taste death before you see the Kingdom come in its full power,’ was speaking specifically to this very question that you have formulated, and that is, the Kingdom has come in its full power before you have tasted death.  To a degree, those that have received this information are partaking of the Kingdom in a very potent nature.

So, the identification with the morontial is the intermediary of the Spiritual Kingdom that is your Thought Adjuster within your own self.  Now when you are dealing with the dimensional aspect of a human being you have this trinity of understanding because you live in three different realities, yet you do not know it, or shall I say, many do not know it.  You live in, in order to live in perfection as a Spirit being, you have to be God or a realized individual that has no ties to any human aspect of itself.  ‘It is that light that no man can approach.’  The pure Spiritual presence; perfection of Divinity.

Then you have the Christ, which is the higher self, as many prefer to call it, which is the understanding that God is in man, in your morontial temple.  Then you have the human beings which is just identified with the vehicle of expression.  So as these concepts are trying to answer your question, what I can tell you now is the beauty of the morontial temple is knowing that, God has come to not only indwell you, but that you are now an expression of, and a telescopic extension of that presence and you are no longer separate, but you are now the hands and feet of the expression of God’s will.

Paul:  Thank you so much Malvantra.  That was very enlightening and I am beginning to understand that most if not all of what we have here are concepts and that these things are to be understood internally and I really do see that.

I would like to continue that question with, can you please describe the different personalities that will preside over the activities of the morontial temple and will our world see the arrival of the morontial temple in the near future?  In asking that question I recognize that certain things were brought out in the previous question that may have answered some of this already.

St. Germain:  Paul it is a pleasure, it is my pleasure to be here tonight on this circuit and to openly speak to you.  Many know me as St. Germain; as an ascended being; that has ascended from a state such as you have come from and been through the successive stages into the understanding of this higher dimension that I now exist in.

Your question has so many facets and these will all be answered on the mansion worlds as you successively progress into the understanding of the gradient effect of your own Divine self and also to strip away and to purge yourself of all of those preconceived notions and thoughts that are no longer useful as you move forward into the higher dimensions and states of consciousness as you approach the pure presence of Spirit.

Now there are aspects of this question that I wish to answer collectively.  Because when you’re dealing with it physically as an individual you have to always look at you and no one else.  But as your world awakens and more and more human beings come to reach this higher level then you have a collective integrated network that is now connecting and affecting the whole.  When that happens then the world will emerge and also collectively it will emerge into the morontial realm.  This is what Mother Earth or Gaia or your Planetary Supreme is now experiencing as a greater awakening is taking place in this time frame of this passing of an age that our Creator Father so eloquently posed  in his explanation of what is transpiring now.

But it has been an honor to be here just even for a moment to help clarify these concepts, but I am always available for you and for anyone who calls on me.

Paul:  I love you also very much St. Germain.  I have had contact with you before and I appreciate that you have come to answer this question.   I am very grateful.

I would like to know, how does Monjoronsons’ mission here coincide with this new age, and again I am recognizing that I have gotten  some of the answers to this, and the one day appearance of the morontial temple?

Monjoronson:  Well, good evening little brother, this is Monjoronson.  I would love to answer this question and my staff here.  I have Serena (here) and many others.  Even our human liaison here is part of my staff and even yourself as you have taken on certain responsibilities.

We have a saying and when I use the word ‘we’ there is an understanding of a certain reflective aspect of our mission here.  To prepare the way for the pure spiritual presence of, the reclamation of, a once war-torn sphere that has been affected by rebellion.  When you’re dealing with, first of  all, a world that has had such a very, very, synoptic history, that has been so deeply entrenched with experiential processes that are, not only new and revelatory to the celestials that come and teach, and also to learn and teach on a world such as this, you have so many possibilities inherent in every human beings life.  Because every human being that exists on your sphere sees the world through their eyes and their eyes only.  So, when I make acquaintance with any human being, we have to throw out everything that we have learned with every preceding human being that we have dealt with.  We never know what we are going to get, so to speak, when we make acquaintance with another human being.

But when you’re looking at it from the perspective of a celestial and from what I am here to do and what our staff is here to do, and what all of us, to a degree, that exist in the celestial realms are doing to work in this aspect of the correcting time and also on your sphere, is to bring a greater revelation of spiritual presence within yourself and to help every individual recognize, that they are, in potential, their Adjuster, and that their Adjuster is the greatest guide.  Now in order for that to happen we have great, great, learning curves for each individual because some human beings are very easy to teach.   Others are very programmed with very deep ingrained error, that needs to be not only helped to be reclamated into truth, but also readjusted into a greater understanding of what the Universal Father is and how He is represented here.

So, specifically when you are dealing with the world and the morontial temple and all of the concepts that you have posed here, what I am here to do as a Magisterial Son, and my staff is here to do, is to pave the way for you to recognize who you have inside of you.  Now, as much as Christ Michael and Mother Spirit would love to help those understand that where they dwell, which is in each and every human being, that concept is so far removed from so many people that it is an impossibility, to a degree, to just walk up onto the street to someone and  just tell them what they have and to just accept it.

So, what I am here to do is to gradually reveal, in a way that’s understandable to each individual human being, in a way that they can understand and be adjusted to the presence of the Universal Father within them and of Christ Michael and Nebadonia; and that will happen collectively as well.  To go back into my original thought, ‘so within as without.’  Now when everyone has come into a certain understanding within this will reflect without, but first it must happen within before it can happen outside of it.  Especially when you are dealing collectively on the outside of the world.

Paul:  Well, I love you very much Monjoronson.  It is such a pleasure to have you here on our world.  Of course, we look forward to your visit here  with us one day and I have certainly have seen that you and all our guides are guiding us back to our own hearts, to our Adjuster, to that spark of the Divine Father within our own hearts.

But I would just like to know at this time if there are any concluding comments that anyone here would like to make?

Nebadonia:  Well, this is your Mother Nebadonia, my son, and I would love to close with these wonderful spiritual imprintings and these magnificent interpretations of spiritual concepts.  Once again with my presence as I move through this circuit I just ask each and every one of you that receive these words and also the spiritual current that flows forth on this circuit to just open your hearts for just a moment to my presence and also to the great love that I have for each of my children.  For a moment just liken it to a Mother that has an infinite amount of love and that love extends down and wants to nurture each and every one of you very personally , very personally, and also intimately.  Because I look at you and each one of you that see this and also feel the love that I have for you as if you were my only child; and I love you that much.  I love you in a way that I could never say or never ever even convey in a word; it must be felt; and as I hold you in my arms, to my bosom, to my heart.

I ask that you just allow my presence to comfort and love you; to let you know that I know you and I know your heart and your mind.  I love you for who you are.  I wouldn’t change one single thing about any of my children who are all holy, special and unique.  That is what is so amazing about my universe and this family that I have, and that Michael and I have and share, and that is you are all different.  That you are not loved any more or less than each and every single, solitary child in my universe.  You are loved all equally just as if you were the only child.  So, I hope you felt the great love that I have for you and for all my children.  I always leave you in my great love and in Michael’s peace and truth.  Good night.         

I send my love to all those that read these transcripts and I would love to ask any questions that you may have for the celestials.  My site is found at: