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Inner Voice; Michael; Light; Jonathon - Relationship Being Built Provides enormous Gift of Grace - 3 Transcript - Dec  13, 16, 23, 2012 - Lightline North Idaho

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-12-13
Teacher: Inner Voice, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for joining us here. Every time we invoke the presence into our presence, every time we welcome you into our circle we are uplifted, there is the sense of being spiritualized. I guess that's what prayer is. Thank you for coming and joining us at this time. I ask for your help for all of us, for your strength for all of us, for your peace for all of us as we move forward into this paradigm of flux before us. May we bring with us the traits of you that we know. May your divine qualities be what we bring as seeds into our environment, as crystals to be grown around. May this be a conscious act on our part in partnership with you, our Divine Parents, to show us the way, to bring us the faith, to help us to see even ourselves. May we all be strong in these times before us and in all times be in peace and in comfort knowing that you are with us, that when we invoke your presence it pervades our life. I stand in gratitude that this is so. I intend to move forward into this paradigm with you in partnership as much as I am able and I ask for increased capacity to be more able. But I have trust and I have faith, Divine Parents, as you are witness, as I exercise my trust and my faith in reaching for you and in spreading your light out into our world. Thank you, let it be so, now and always, thank you.

Inner Voice: Hello to all assembled; I greet you this evening, it is my distinct pleasure. I am this ones Inner Guide or as he refers to me, his Inner Voice or as many cultures have referred to me by many names, I am that gift of grace directly from your Divine Parents who you reflected with earlier. As such, I am in partnership with you, in league with your efforts and your desires to reach for your First Source and Center, reach for your Divine Parents as this is my goal as well. We both have been issued from this Source and there is a similar longing, an eternal desire to return back home and be embraced as the well seasoned and well traveled individual that we have become.

And so we both have been blessed with this experience, the opportunity to be cast far out and wide and to discover for ourselves the steps that must be taken to find our way back home. In these steps, in these efforts that we make, these choices that we make, each time there is the opportunity to demonstrate the faith, to demonstrate your will, to exercise your opinion, at every juncture we have been given this latitude, this opportunity to choose and to make our own way, to take our own steps and to earn and learn our own lessons.

We are indeed in league and in partnership when it comes to your transition as well, your eternal experience, as it is my desire to join you in this experience side by side, to witness with you as it transpires and to bring as you so desire into the equation, the influence of our Divine Parents. It is my privilege to do so and I have undertaken this assignment in full awareness of what I have gotten myself into. Still it is my great pleasure to eagerly apply myself with you and work as you will work towards this common journey we share.

This relationship which we are building will prove to be for both of us the most enormous gift of grace that we can't yet imagine, the opportunity to have this relationship and to share this experience of our journey and our becoming one in the process. Truly, this whole process was made for us to have this experience and so it is pleasing in the sight of our Divine Parents that we thoroughly partake of this experience, that we get the most out of the opportunity and that we glean for ourselves those aspects of truth, of beauty and of goodness that are to be found in the experience.

I well appreciate all that is before us but I understand you have little awareness of what grand experiences are before us and it will be my pleasure to witness as you encounter these for yourselves and as we encounter this experience together. Truly, we are meant for each other and it is to be so, it is in fact the creed in heaven if you will. And so this experience is made less from on high; it is simply up to us to unfold it, to allow it to manifest and as it does, to influence it with our will, yours and mine combined, our intention, our purpose, yours and mine, some of each to make a combined being in the end having had a combined experience together.

It is my extraordinary privilege to share these words with you at this time. I look forward to our journey together and assure you that at no time are you ever alone in this journey. You always have my companionship, my presence so embedded within you that you do not discern my distinctness but I am intertwining myself with you and you are learning more and more of my attributes and becoming more and more of who I am, what I represent. I thank you all for hearing these words tonight and allowing me the opportunity. I now make way in this platform as I understand there are others who would enjoy its use. Thank you, good night.

Inner Voice: [Henry] Good evening my friends, it is I, another Voice from Within, here this evening to share a few ideas on reality and how such a reality can be altered. Consider for a moment that two distinctly different, maybe even opposing notions, realities, can actually exist in the same place at the same time. For example, the obvious example is the spirit within a human being, within their mind, that something correct and perfected can actually exist in something that is not so correct and imperfect, that you can have two completely opposing thoughts in the same mind at the same time and actually choose to believe both of them.

This is part of the dilemma within the universe, that there are opposing forces at work, not only within your mind but in the social fabric of things as you perceive them. The thing that distinguishes between these two things, these opposing forces, is a choice, a choice to choose one way over another, to choose to do something instead of doing nothing, to choose to believe and act in faith, whether to resort to pessimism and apathy. The Eternal Isle of Paradise, this eternally perfected space, this area lies within the center of imperfection, the imperfect worlds of time and space and at some point, choices made will bring these worlds of time and space into the perfecting rhythm and harmony of eternal perfection.

So this is lofty thought you say. Yes, this is a part of reality which may be at play but in every day of real life I have serious problems, I have real issues, I have choices to make and how do I know what choice to make? What guarantees do I have? Well, the truth of the matter is you actually don't know what the correct choice is sometimes. Not everything is laid out in black and white terms. Many a times that things are obscured by their impartiality, their grey-ness, their grey area. So one can never be very sure about a choice until it is made, that choice will show you whether it is correct or not and if it is not correct there usually is a chance to correct the choice.

How else are you to move forward as individuals and as individuals in a society? You have been given a tremendous amount of advice. You have been shown how spirit can help in solving problems. Spirit can help in your emotional state. Actually spirit can help in almost any condition, in all situations. But you are the final judge, you are the person who must come to an understanding to actually experience if spirit is actually helping or not and this usually results with choice. We can say it is true but unless it is experienced as such, it will never be your truth.

It is like having these two opposing thoughts in your mind and at the same time and you believe both of them. You go around believing things which actually are not real, they are not true but you assume that they are, you rationalize that they are because the mind is a mechanism to arrange thought in such a way that you can believe anything. You can rationalize and justify anything you so choose. The mind makes it seem real. The mind will tell you it's okay not to do things, it's okay to be afraid. The mind is also saying it's okay to fail, it's okay to make mistakes, it's okay that you are not like someone else but a lot of times do you actually choose to believe these things and how do you know if they are real?

This is where choice comes in, this is where faith comes in and choices and faith result in experience and experiences will show you things that no amount of thinking can contrive or show you. Experience itself is its own truth. It reveals the choice, the choice that has been made, the choices which are available and the choices which need to be made. Let's face it, you can't continue making the same choices and expect different results. So it does not matter in a certain sense, what you believe because choices will show you things, experience will show you things that may not be in your belief system. They may show you things which draw you into a tremendously ambiguous area and you wake up saying wow, am I really supposed to try and love everyone, am I really supposed to be positive? Am I really capable of this?

True that the difference between spirit and humanity is a struggle. Spirit is constantly charging you and testing you to be all that you can be, making you become all that you can become. Spirit is constantly trying to bring you to a place that you are refusing to go into and now you come to a place where you are now, a place where tremendous change is impending. There is a tremendous amount of fear at play, a tremendous amount of ambiguousness, not much certainty. You are in the throes of change. Pretty soon it is going to become very obvious that spirit is not going to solve any of your problems for you, that these situations and these problems which exist in human social evolution are things which need to be changed by you through your choices.

So the reality is that two distinctly different and opposite things can exist simultaneously in the same place and this seeming contrast gives rise to a distinction, a distinction in choice. Which are you going to choose? So my friends, within your quiet times, empty your mind, become full of the spirit which is within. Feel Its love, feel Its presence, feel Its goodness, feel Its need to want to help you, feel the great opportunities which exist in a simple choice and remember my friends, a bad choice is better than no choice at all.

So on one hand it is wonderful to hear these messages, these many ways in which spirit is so concerned about you, about how spirit cares and how spirit works diligently for your benefit, but all of these things require your consciousness of them, your ability to discern them. All of you are walking around with all of the answers inside of you. Begin to search these answers and begin to find out the truth in them, that your choice becomes concerted and that they bring humankind to a greater understanding and that life as you live it begins to reveal freedom and happiness and support and love.

These are my words for you this evening my friends. Go in peace. I now leave this open for others to come forth, thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Hello to all who are assembled here this evening. I would like to have a few words with you this evening about some of the many things that we have in common. I am a child of a great and glorious Father, as you are, and as such I desire to be like this Divine Parent. I desire to please this Divine Parent and I exercise my will and intention in execution of my desire. I extend my will and I manifest it in my own interpretation, but as a reflection of that which is my Parent. I see the same traits in all of you. Your intentions and your desires point you in my direction and in the direction of our Divine Parent.

I recognize that these intentions are what create your direction, what steer your course, what determine your eventual destination. Though your journey may tangent and be colorful, I discern the underlying will and intention, your desire in the process to follow me, to come to me and through me to find the Father. And so I recognize that if you are to keep to your course and maintain your heading based on your desires, you will eventually succeed, you will eventually prevail and your intentions will be honored because it is my desire that that be so, that your desire to find me and come to me meets with success. It is pleasing in my sight and I grant this gift of grace to all those who will take it.

Likewise, the Father grants me similar gifts of grace, not the least of which in my relationship with you, but also I have other gifts of grace. I will point out to you that while your intentions may be sincere and genuine and true and good and beautiful, they may not always manifest in observably positive manifestations. I give you one of my greatest gifts of grace as an example, your planet, our planet Urantia and the gigantic enterprise involved on this world. You might clearly observe that things on this world have not transpired in an ideal fashion to my liking or always pleasing in my sight. No, you clearly discern that at times one must simply have faith that things are in process, that things are in the act of manifesting.

But just like I illustrated with you and your will and your determination, I have chosen to exercise mine, my will and determination, to see Urantia be all that it can be and my beloved earthly family be all that they can be. This is my true desire and intention, it has been, it will be and it shall be. All that transpires in the interim is simply process. I invite you to accept this perspective that things may not always appear pleasing in our sight, but that if we maintain our directive, maintain our position and our guidance towards divine principles, then it is simply left to us to exercise our faith and in the end, if we persist we shall prevail, you in your life experiences and me in my universal experience as in with this beloved planet.

I assure you, all is underway and all shall be accomplished as per my intention, even greater that my intention. There are rewards when there are difficulties you have overcome. I invite you all to see that we are not so very different; you engage in your activities and I in mine and in both cases, our will, our intentions, our desires propel us and create what will manifest before us, I in my dimension and you in yours. We are not so very different, after all we come from the same family. Please know that I am always with you. I am there right beside you even with my hand on your shoulder. I delight in experiencing your life through your eyes, having been invited in to be a witness. Fear not will be the watchword as [we] move forward, only believe, only trust. I have never forsaken you and I shall never. Trust in this truth, rest in this peace and know that I am with you.

Let it be so; for all those with ears to hear, I pray they hear. This is my wish Father, these are my desires expressed in terms that may be understood. I pray you all go now into your work, into your week, into your days ahead with faith and with confidence, that all you have been shown through our spiritual liaison can be brought with you into your paradigm and be fostered and grown, can be used to plant the new seeds and you have the opportunity to be the gardeners on the ground. I will be with you as we go through this together. I leave you now only in words, never in spirit. Let it be so, be in peace, farewell.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-12-16
Teacher: Michael, Light, Jonathan
T/R: Allene Vick, Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, once again we come around and circle up in love, in peace, in joy. We invite you to come in with your particles of God self and pervade us. Bring us your energy signatures to wash and mix with ours. We have come to know you and it has been our profound pleasure to come to know you in this process, to sense you, to feel you in our lives and to know of your presence first hand. This is a result of our desire and yours; you recognize that, a combined intention coming together in this way. I would ask at this time that we be granted a little greater helping of awareness, slightly more capacity to receive that which you will bring to us in time and in eternity.

We understand that it is our destiny as it is our desire to seek you; it is our destiny to find you. So we delight in the process, even if things before us may not be as pleasing in our sight as we would like, we rest and have trust and have comfort in the reality you have shown us, the greater picture, the longer projection, the power of intention applied. Let it be so here with us now as we circle up and as we move forward into these times of great potential. Let us feel your presence strong and sure as we move forward and where we are in doubt we ask that you help us summon and find the courage within us, each one, to manifest our values, to be the truths that you have shown us, to represent that of you which we have come to know in our delightful experience with you.

We are so gifted and so blessed that you have worked with us so closely and been so incredibly loving. It is our desire to please you as the children would please the parents. As Michael desires to please the Father above, so we desire to please you. Help us to take the steps in your direction. Help us to take those steps with conviction and certainty and security in your love, in your guidance, in your tender watch-care. I ask this for all of us at this time, may we remember the portal, may we remember you, may we remember each other, may all of these things flash into our consciousness as we move forward and seek your guidance with the intention of acting in your stead as we are here and we would act as we think you would be pleased that we act.

Thank you for this gift of connection, togetherness and the power and potential that comes with such a connection. May we embrace the truth of this to the maximum of our capacity. We know this will come to pass, it is coming to pass, we are in process and so we would accept all lessons and instruction on route to our eventual destination. Let is be so in these times, together and individually, out representing our togetherness to the world, thank you.

Michael: [Allene] Your prayer has been so touching to me and I am so pleased to be with this group, with each one of you as you go about your daily activities. I would like to assure you that the things you have been talking about, the possibilities, all things, as you heard Monjoronson say, are possible. Go forward with unlimited belief and knowing that things will happen in the most amazing way but they are all in accordance with Father's plan. Your hearts and your understanding are really opening to the possibilities and opportunities that lie before you in the ways that will seem most miraculous to you. But, I assure you they are not miraculous, they are part of Father's plan and it is such a delight to see this group so open to these possibilities and opportunities and the willingness to step forward and take advantage of the opportunities as they each present themselves to you. I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. Go in peace for all is well, all is truly very well. I love you, I embrace you as does your Mother Spirit, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am aglow with the power and love in our circle today. I am surging with the desire to focus this energy on the planet. In my training the mention was made of this power but a demonstration has lifted my expectations of our potential as we focus together. This is indeed the direction we should be moving. This action of group focus has unlimited possibilities. I am most fortunate to be in the circle with you. Let us commit to each other to proceed in intention to utilize the tool we have created for the coming mission. My love for you all is overflowing. Take me with you always, I am ready.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am making bold to come to the front, I am Jonathan. Your respectful position towards spirit demonstrates that you have indeed and in fact been granted greater capacity to understand greater opportunity of awareness, else you could not state in those terms such an understanding. I don't know if it is possible for you to have a true appreciation or a proper understanding of the distance you have come in this one life, this one opportunity to gain such an awareness and understanding for truly you have taken many steps and you have increased yourselves manyfold in terms of your capacities and your awarenesses.

You are a transformed being, not at all like you were when you began and like I say, I don't think that you can have a proper appreciation but you will in time because you will be able to see the distance that you have traveled and look back over the journey that you have taken and realize that there have been quite a number of times when you have sought out a greater awareness and understanding and you have found it, it has been granted you. Time after time this universe principle has been applied in your cases, the seeking and the finding to the point now where you hardly give it a second thought. It has become second nature to you. You have embraced this universe principle and now simply rely on its existence. No longer is there a question that it is so, you simply apply yourselves as if you are one who is aware that it is so. So it is that you are observed by those from the spiritual perspective to have moved forward. You have transcended your beginning episodes of such great limitation and repeatedly gone further of your own accord in the act of seeking and each time your cells have been expanded, your capacity has increased to embrace all that you have gone out and sought in the process.

And to those who have applied themselves in such a fashion, there becomes great potential and opportunity. You have a saying that to those who much is given, much is expected. In a very real sense there is some equation to be reckoned with there but rather than expected, I would use the word offered. It all comes down to potential. You are not necessarily expected in a strict sense to do any particular thing as a result of your having been granted greater and greater of that of which  you have sought, but there are more and more potentials to be activated, more and more opportunities that arise before you as a result of your new position, your new awareness and greater understanding, simply new tools arise before you, new junctures occur and each time you are graced with the opportunity to apply that which you have just received or are trying to master.

So it is with this gigantic classroom that has been orchestrated for us all. As we move forward and master one lesson, there is another right on the heels and one is built upon the next and the student eventually becomes more and more like the teacher or the master and is able to demonstrate their abilities more and more like the teacher. This is a grand process to behold on all these levels and to watch as individuals apply themselves and move through the process. So it is we witness you all having moved through the process and in a very special gift that you give to the Supreme, you have done much of this movement together. You have come together to utilize each others strengths and to pool together your resources as powerful co-creative individuals. So not only have you developed these principles on a personal level, you have also agreed to use them in combination. As I say, this represents a unique gift to the Supreme, your choosing to do so and your acting in accordance with your desires.

It is my pleasure and my desire that I engage you like this, in this manner that we have become familiar with together, that I once again join that which I have been a part of which is still a part of me as well as a part of you. It still represents us acting together in coordination. These are the words I bring in contribution today. Most of my intention is simply to co-mingle energies with you but there is this unique opportunity of this process we've engaged in together and that we co-create and so I seize the opportunity to activate that as well and am deeply appreciative of those that make this possible. I leave you all now but I am eager to rejoin you at a moments notice for a meeting of a group to which I feel such an affinity is a high priority to me and a great pleasure in my experience.

So I will return, you can be assured of that as you are assured, as was mentioned earlier, of our Divine Parents love and watch-care over us all. Thank you and farewell.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-12-23
Teacher: Michael, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, my children, this is your spiritual brother Michael here this morning to be one with you, to take comfort in the nest with you for it is the nest I wish to speak about this morning. Not only the spiritual metaphor of the nest as a light anchor, a portal base, but the nest as a home, a base of operation. The bird is constantly in motion. The bird flies, the birds land in trees, the trees are in motion. Everything is in motion. The bird knows this yet the bird also understands that to keep the lineage going there needs to be something stable, something grounded, something familiar in which to not only rear young but to pass on its legacy of the bird.

The building of the nest by the bird is no small task. The bird has to determine the appropriate place for the nest. The nest is usually anchored into the structure of something which already exists just like your nest is structured and anchored around your firm belief and faith in the true spiritual sense. The nest is built to withstand everything, the weather, the conditions of the environment, the atmosphere. It has to be safe and secure. It has to be big enough for her to sit and create a heat source to incubate the eggs of her yearling children. And, the nest is permanent for the life of the bird. It doesn't in any way interfere with anything in terms of its natural ability to be at one with the environment and to protect life itself for the life of that bird. The idea of something being that safe, something that secure, something being that unshakeable is a notion that draws you deep into yourself in search for this spiritual quality, this divine birthright.

So my friends it is here today in this nest that I sit amongst you as another group that has banded together to serve the will of my Father on this planet, to live in the light, to live by the light and to live for the light, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am most enthusiastic to hear your commitment to using the power of light that has been earned by your efforts as individuals and as a group. You have, through your intention, expanded your capacities and skills in the arena of light. You have divine guidance within. You have tools to use in the focusing of light. You have grown in wisdom and in spirit, all has brought you to this point of service. Together we can be a mighty force for good, for spirit. The world cries out for guidance. The world cries out for spirit. The darkness is dissipating as our light is expanding. We can be the beacon. We can bring the lost to our Father. We can show the way to peace and love. Together we can bring healing to the planet. Doubt not the capacity that we hold. Doubt not the skill. Doubt not the will of our combined group. Be the force for good that our Father expects. I am ready to act with you, let's proceed.