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First President of The United States - The SUN of Pure Love Will Shine on Urantia - Dec 16, 2012 - Everett, WA;

George Washington transmitting from Jerusem
T/R: Felix Caro
Location: Everett, Washington USA
December 16, 2012

My fellow Urantians, citizens of the Grand Universe and sons of the Infinite God, I greet you today with Father’s permission from the great capital of our system, Jerusem. You find yourselves at the crossroads of the rest of your existence as human mortals Urantia. The times that you are about to experience will be trying indeed, but glorious nevertheless. Our beloved home planet is about to experience profound transformation, both physically and spiritually, in the name of our beloved god and in His name. When the changes about to take place have come to pass and Urantia experiences true calm everywhere, love and true brotherhood will thrive and you will all finally come to love each other just like our Sovereign Creator Son once taught you, so many centuries ago when he lived amongst you as you beloved Jesus the Christ. My dear brothers, know that even when the times ahead look dark for many of you, that the “Sun” of pure love and righteousness will shine on Urantia, not to be extinguished; forever alive and beyond the completion of God’s plans for the worlds of the 1st space level and the assertion in plenitude of God the Supreme.

You have suffered so much as a consequence of the mischief committed by Lucifer and the band of unrepentant traitors that followed him through his deeds and later to his final extinction after rejecting the Universal Father’s mercy when extended to him by Michael of Nebadon. You have lived through so many centuries of war and hatred; of killing each other by petty differences in appearance as well as beliefs.

Even today, you suffer by the deeds committed especially by those who were entrusted with your care and protection. I led many men into battle that bled and died, not for me, but for a better nation where all were meant to be free, where their rights were protected as they were inalienable as a birthright gift from God. Thinking of freedom and righteousness is that the people of the great America threw the yoke of English rule; we said with one voice back then “NO MORE”, no more will we be stripped of our rights and freedom, we will help each other live in peace and with justice, and respecting each others ideals and opinions as long as they were not backed by actions intended to deny those same rights and freedom to others. My fellow Urantians, we are all the same and one under the Universal Father and it’s a true aberration the senseless abuse and killing that are visiting so many around the world now just because they do not agree with those with the higher influence and power.

Who is man to judge man? Who is man to establish differences where the Universal Father sees none? It is seen with great sadness how the great American government, meant to have been for the people and by the people, have truly and irrevocably lost its way. It creates and dictates many policies that do not have in mind the good of the people, but the personal and egoistic goals of a few.  Know that the fact that many injustices are allowed to follow their course and cause even great harm to many that the portion of creation that Urantia represents has not escaped Father’s control.

Very soon now, by God’s direct intervention and that of the hosts that forever serve Him, all of these injustices and horrors will come to an end. My dear brethren, on many occasions what you will witness and live through will not be pretty, but know that when you see your life at the darkest point, the “Sun” of Divine Justice will shine on Urantia not to be extinguished again.

Those that run the governments of America as well as of other countries often have failed to learn the hard lessons taught by relevant historical events. It was the corruption and the empty promises that the Senate and Emperors of the late Roman Empire caused the first the destruction of their civil order and military might in the provinces and finally in Rome itself. What do you think soldiers and civilians do when they have lost their pensions and live hood out of government greed?

Back then their very own military, made of conscripts of the provinces, rose up in anger to claim what they have been promised but was not delivered. We see a similar scenario taking shape now in the societies of the different countries, were again pensions and live hood is being destroyed, and the peoples are again starting to rise up.

The potential of the disturbances becoming full blown riots even in America is great indeed, as the government cannot sustain their promises as its economy slowly but surely implodes. But the Universal Father is indeed merciful and will cleanse all of spiritual stains behind the chaotic situations now occurring on Urantia. This world will become one where self-aggrandizement, egoism and greed will be no more; where the abuses and injustices currently being perpetrated will be a thing of the past.  Whether those that do not recognize God and His power like it or not, Urantia will transformed according to His will and to fulfill His purposes.

I encourage all of you who value Love, Mercy and Divine Justice to stand firm and keep your Faith in the Eternal God in the face of trouble. You will feel what we felt more than two hundred years ago what we felt when we got rid of the abusive rule that had this nation captive, but in your case this feeling is many more times greater and even unheard of, as Divinity itself now, not men, will ensure that you will always be free. May the love and mercy of God accompany you always, just as it accompanied me and my men during the hard years of fighting against oppression and injustice.
George Washington.