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Charles; Machiventa; Serena; Jonathan; Michael; Light - Nov 22, Nov 25, Dec 02, 2012 - North Idaho and Lightline

Three Transcriptions

Transcript 1
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-22-11
Teacher: Machiventa, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Father/Mother God, we ask you, our Divine Parents, to connect us in the great circle of love and light yet connected to the center of the universe. We thank you for the opportunities which are bestowed upon each of us throughout the year and especially this day that we in our country offer thanks. Thanks for the country we live in, the government and our neighbors and the many opportunities that have made this country great. We open our hearts and minds to the greater understanding which you are prepared to share with us, we thank you.

Machiventa: Greetings my friends, it is I, Machiventa, here on this day of your thanksgiving, not necessarily to offer words of thanks, but to welcome you into this circle of friendship and love and peace and to talk tonight a little bit about the part and the whole, in particular, how the part can actually affect the whole, sometimes transforming the whole, sometimes necessary for the functioning of the whole and how the part can add a quality to the whole.

So, we will start with something simple. For example, food, you can't get much simpler than food.  One of the most important thing about food is its taste, how it is prepared and how you taste and savor the food. So let's say you cook a very large soup and it has all of these ingredients. It has carrots and potatoes and turnips and parsley and mushrooms and tomatoes and noodles and meat and you cook this soup. You go to taste it and notice it needs something to bring out the flavor of all of the parts of the soup. So you add a little salt to it and the salt immediately begins to transform the flavor of the whole soup. It is like a dimension. All of a sudden a potato tastes distinct from a carrot, it just isn't some mushy texture, it has taste and character. This is what the salt does to the whole of the soup. It transforms it and thereby bringing the individual qualities and characteristics of each thing that is in the soup.

So, in this example you can see how a part can affect the whole. Let's take plants as an example. Plants need water and you water plants and depending on what type of medium the plant is planted in, it may or may not need nutrients. But mostly, plants, especially plants that you are planting yourselves and taking care of, need to be fertilized. You notice that when you fertilize them they get leafier and more color, the food quality that a plant may produce is enhanced by the addition of fertilizer. Now this little part, this fertilizer, affect the whole plant. It affects the organisms in the soil which are breaking down the fertilizer into nutrient qualities, particles that can be absorbed through the action of osmosis into the plant through the roots right into the plant.

So these are inanimate things, inanimate in terms of things with no personalities so they are organic, they are part of the life on the planet. Let's look at the planet as a whole and what life has become on this planet. A part of the whole of life on this planet has become electricity. The planet cannot function and exist in this modern world without it. It is something that you cannot see though you can experience the effects of it. Almost every aspect of your life is affected by electricity from being able to turn on lights when the sun goes down, being able to heat yourself, being able to cook, running appliances, even in some applications it is used to store data. All of your important information is stored electronically. So this small part affects the whole.

Another example, a shepherd and his flock. The flock depends upon the shepherd to guide it, to direct where they are going to go, what and where they are going to eat and when they may return home. This is the function of the shepherd. Though he is a part of the whole flock, he can affect the whole flock in a way in which the flock by themselves could never ever be affected. Let's go a little deeper, look at your human body. On its own it totally functions fine, there is nothing wrong necessarily with its functioning but there is a part, the mind, which affects every part of the body, through the systems of the body thereby affecting the homeostasis of the body, the ability of the body to come into balance. In this part, there are tremendous amounts of variables associated with this part. On one hand, this mind can greatly enhance the functioning of the body and in other instances, this mind can become the greatest threat to the functioning of this body.

This variableness in this part is extremely interesting because you have as a person, direct control over this part. You can either let this part run rampant, kind of take over where you are not willing to take over, and it will do what it does, it will take over. It may not be the best thing for the body sometimes but here again, this notion that this part does affect the whole in its quality, in its operation, in its function, in its ability to remain in balance. You know all too well the things that you need to do to bring your body into balance. You know what foods you need to eat, you know what behavior you have to adopt, you know what decisions need to be made.

I guess the epitome of all examples of the part and the whole is the Thought Adjuster in the human mind. The Thought Adjuster is a part in the human mind, it plays a part. Yes, there are tremendous variables between individuals, between Adjusters and individuals but for the most part, the Adjusters are tremendously synchronized and they function perfectly as they should inside the human mind. Now the human mind, many a times is not aware of this Adjuster, yet the Adjuster makes itself known, is trying to make itself known invariably within the human mind. This is part of its functioning and the human mind invariably benefits tremendously from the functioning of this Adjuster, not only the functioning but the recognition of the Adjuster in the human mind is of particular importance to both the outworking of the Adjuster and the ability of the human mind to shift to the yearnings of this Adjuster.

There again is the part affecting the whole. You have seen many examples of how this is possible. Therefore let us look at the whole of humanity and a single individual as a part to the whole. You say to yourself, how could one individual affect a large mass of people such as the human race. Well, invariably, the way one individual lives his or her life is invariably affecting the whole through its interactions with others, through living your life, how your life is lived, how you hold things in your life and how you interact with others.

It may not necessarily be that one individual transforms the whole of life but one individual can transform the whole of life within him or herself. It is possible even in this short lifetime you are gifted with, that you can rise above your animal nature and begin to grow into a greater spiritual understanding, that you can actually begin to bring love into your heart, into your consciousness and into your dealings with others. Many a times, the gift to the whole comes as a very small part, yet this very small part can begin to transform the whole.

For example, bringing love into the human race may not be as effective immediately as adding salt to a soup, but eventually it will bring about the same effect. There is just a time differential when you relate things in terms of human will and human personality choice, these kinds of social conditions take time to work themselves out and to imitate. For example, in the making of synthetic crystals, all of the crystal components are ground up as raw ingredients and they are brought to a melting point, a point at which they all fuse together into a homogenous mass which is unordered and unstructured. At this point the chemist introduces an actual particle of crystal that contains the crystal pattern for that particular crystal. Almost instantaneously, adding this crystal to the melt, the whole melt begins to pattern itself into the pattern which has been introduced into the melt, thereby the whole aligns itself precisely to this part.

It is in this way that the whole of human nature will move into a space of love. For example, there is a tremendous amount of people holding love in their lives, in their consciousness, in their consciousness for the planet, the consciousness for others and externally things are bringing the raw ingredients, the needy souls, bringing them to a boiling point, a melting point at which all of this seeming confusion and chaos is ripe for something such as love which brings pattern and order with it. These are the times you are living in my friends, you are living in the times when the whole is being brought into an awareness that something is ready to happen. No one knows for certain what this may be but there is a foreboding, brewing sense amongst everyone on the planet these days that something tremendous is about to happen.

It is just this type of situation, when everything is shaken, to reveal that which is unshaken, that true peace and love can actually be born. Whether it will or not is another matter but the potential lies here within, therefore it becomes almost necessary to reach a place of understanding in which you feel the need to hold this love in your consciousness for your fellow man, for the planet, for life as you know it because life as you know it is meant to change, it is meant to grow and adapt, it moves in all directions, but that it can actually be focused and brought to assimilate a pattern, a dynamic of peace and harmony in which everyone can benefit.

This is not just some utopian fantasy. This is an ancient reality which was brought to the planet thousands of years ago. So the concept is not new but its application has never totally been allowed to come into fruition. Besides the fact that there are active forces pretending as if they are allowing this to happen makes no difference for at some point mankind will come to the threshold where he has had enough of this chaos, this confusion, this inability to live his and her life as sons of God in peace and harmony and happiness, loving life and loving your brothers and sisters, living in a fearless society.

Fear may be the one part that is still holding the pattern for the whole. In your mind you have to come to a place with no fear. This is the only place that love can rest. Love cannot rest in a nest of fear, any bird will tell you that. Love needs a safe, nurturing and neutral place to exist. So search within yourself and find if there are any parts which are detrimental to bringing this about, even in your own life and begin to understand, understand why these elements exist in your mind. What can you do to bring them to a standstill so that their impact on your life is somewhat negligible? Just because you can bring fear under control and live fearlessly does not mean you don't have some modicum of fear within you but at least you are not allowing this fear to cloak you, to corral you, to totally manipulate and control every decision that you make.

My friends, we have seen this evening how a little part can tremendously affect the whole. Mostly I have given you positive examples. There are negative ones, yes, we did discuss one or two. So even in this relationship between a part and a whole there are choices, there are ways to bring about the needed change. This will come from within. Everything on the outside is just rearranging, real change comes from within.

It has been my pleasure to be here this afternoon and to share a few thoughts with you my friends. This is always part of the ongoing understanding between the world of spirit and the mind of the human. I wish all of you peace. I wish prosperity for you and your families, especially during these times. I wish you steadfastness and know that we are with you always as your friend and as your brother. I take my leave now, go in peace.

Michael: Greetings to you my children, it is I, Michael. Thank you for allowing me to come into your midst this afternoon to become one with you as your friend and brother, as your true shepherd, as the one who has come here to show you how to better live this life with your fellows. Greetings to all of you, it is always good to understand the relationship between things, most importantly the relationship of humans to each other and the relationship of the father to his children and the relationship that the spiritual universe has to its evolutionary counterpart, you my friends.

Relationship is the network of the universe, it is how everything is done, through relationship, the relationship functioning of personalities performing their tasks, working in concerted effort to portray the Father's will all the way down to relationship functioning on a world such as yours where people are trying to live together peacefully, happily trying to care and manage their families, their community, their town, their country. All of these relationships are going on. Relationship is one of those phenomenon which does not represent itself necessarily as some specific functioning yet it represents itself more to how people either are working with each other or they are working, consciously or not, against each other.

This is one of the primary concepts of the Father's will. The idea was to have everyone working, relating in a concerted effort towards one goal, the goal of respecting the will of the Father, that to everything which has been given to you, you would come to the greater understanding of this great responsibility to bring forth peace and love into the mix. There is of course, ample time for this to transpire. You have never been necessarily on a timetable yet what you will find is that as you grow more sophisticated in your science and technology and that you have not intelligently come to an understanding as a race of people, to live in peace, there will necessarily be tremendous friction which results from these two divergent phenomenon.

One is intellectual and one is tremendously social yet they both affect each other. The outworking of science and technology would be tremendously more desirable in a peaceful world where everyone could benefit, not just a few. But nonetheless, this is what life has to offer and in this respect, life itself will bring individuals to a greater understanding of the need for peace. So, not only is spirit working to bring mankind to an understanding of peace, but also nature through the way in which it just is and through the way in which things just are right now. There is tremendous opportunity to learn about peace and negotiation, about neutral attitudes and understanding.

These are tremendously fertile times you live in. Much can be learned about yourself, about others and about life in general because in many cases, life is becoming tremendously compromised. The natural life of the planet itself is coming at risk. There are many problems which still exist. There is a lot of work to do and a greater understanding which needs to present itself within the minds of those who elect to govern you. Nonetheless my friends, you are all held in a bond of love, in a bond of peace and friendship. You are all treated as individuals, individual sons and daughters of God by the many personalities of the spirit world who are here to attend to you, to your needs. You are always in our consciousness and we trust that at some point you will begin to reveal the pattern of living which has been designed for you.

Again, I thank you for allowing me these few words. Know that I am always near, I am always near in consciousness, I am always here in spirit, I am here in truth and understanding as love and as goodness. Go in peace my children, may you enjoy this season which is upon you, go in peace, thank you.


Transcript 2
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-25-11
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings today my friends, I am Charles, here to start things off. I would pick up on the thread of conversation offered here earlier about the part and the whole and discuss a little more about this relationship. As an analogy I would offer you your body. This grand conglomeration of energy, has as part of its components, many separate systems as you all well know. These systems are so intricate and so well defined that it may even appear to the observer that these systems are independent and unto themselves for they are so specialized in what they do; but, I encourage you to witness that these systems are all part of a grand system, a greater combination of many systems and that all these systems are indeed impacted and affected by all the other systems, that there is a need for all systems to be functioning properly for the proper health of the overall organism.

This is how you can consider how the part may affect the whole for it appears to you, no doubt at times, that you are rather separate and independent, a being on your own, making your way by your own efforts. But in fact, you are as well, a part of this greater organism upon which rests the opportunity to become a whole and healthy combination of all the little and different you's that you consider yourselves to be. If you can see this gigantic enterprise as being the overall organism which we all help to sustain, then you can see that in order for total health to occur, the organism needs to function as a whole and as a team of many smaller units in order to prosper. When there are parts of this gigantic organism which are in distress, then systems become apparent in the larger organism. So in this way, it may be easy to make the leap as to why it is important for you to be a healthy part of the larger organism, for you to be able to do your function and task appropriately and effectively so that the part that you contribute to the whole, which is in fact required for the health and welfare of the whole, is itself healthy and worthy of your contribution.

There are many out there who are in distress and this causes stress on the overall organism. However, to use further the analogy of your human body, there exists within it the capacity to find and change those stray negative elements, bring to them the necessary nutrients to become whole and healthy again, and to act as guardians for the overall health and welfare of the whole. All these systems are in place and you are discovering these patterns are replicated throughout your experience. So as you move forward with this awareness of your connection to the greater being, perhaps you will visualize yourself as a healthy and happy part of the whole, that your piece that you contribute is worthy of this great overall being of which we all are a part.

This is also what you seek when you have intention to project healing and health to others out beyond your own physical sphere. You are in that instance, sending your imagery of health and healing, of individuals in good health, of sound and healthy environments and individuals. This tune that you play when you do so, this image that you project, is your interpretation of what is healthy and healing and uplifting. So it bears with it part of who you are, part of what you know about health and healing and what it is to be healthy. You are flavoring your own intentions with your own individual experiences and they become potent seeds, as was discussed, that may find germination and even root when they are brought and planted in fertile ground.

I will tell you that even in the example of your individual physical body, the surrounding environment around tissues that are in distress responds and is affected by this distress. Therefore, once again, it underlines the importance of not only being a healthy and active part of the greater body, but projecting out beyond you, that sense that you feel of being healthy and sound as individuals. This projection then permeates all around you and as has been referred to on many occasions, is like spreading the light, spreading the energy beyond its point of origin.

I always enjoy the opportunity provided here by your willingness to accept my presence among you. Thank you, I now respectfully withdraw and allow for others.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, it is I Machiventa, to add a few more things to the mix this morning. The part and the whole is always a tremendous metaphor which can be viewed so many different ways. I would like you to consider choice as an organizing principle. Choice which takes place within the mind has an organizing affect on the mind. Think about this, when you exercise choice and make a decision and have to forward motion with that decision, the mind begins to organize itself around the decision, the decision all of a sudden brings in different, sometimes new, variables. Sometimes it sets conditions, parameters, defines boundaries, also opening up other areas.

This organizing principle, this ability to organize is a tremendously creative energy. It is one of the aspects of the mind, how the mind can readily grasp something in a moments notice. It may be a thought, it may be something you hear, it may be something you see, something you feel or have experienced or are experiencing. This concept of an organizing principle is tremendously interesting. For example, if a bad choice is made or an inappropriate choice, what would an inappropriate choice be? Well quite simply, one that chooses to go opposite of the Father's will. For example, let's look at this in terms of the Lucifer Rebellion. There were choices made by celestial beings on the planet at the time which not only affected the outworking of the celestial group that was on the planet but it affected every other human being on the planet. Some say that it is still resonating within the rank and file of the organization within human societies, yet it was a choice at one time, not to mention that it was a choice by beings that quite possibly may have known better.

Nonetheless, their loyalties affected their choice and it definitely played out as an organizing principle, this cannot be disqualified. So the Father's will is the organizing principle that connects everything. It connects Paradise to the universes, it connects universes to the individual worlds or time and space. The mind circuit of Nebadon is connected throughout the whole universe of Nebadon by the Mother Spirit. All intelligent personalities, all forms of life are en-circuited. There is a tremendous groundwork that has already been designed to pattern itself with the Father's will, yet there are variables even within this patterning and the human variable, the ability to think and choose, creates situations, situations to learn, situations to accumulate knowledge, situations to grow, for humans are constantly making decisions which in the big picture, don't fit in too well. These eventually reach a point where all of a sudden in consciousness, people begin to know not to make certain choices. There is a patterning which wants to show itself.

The Thought Adjuster is a tremendous organizing principle, probably the closest thing you as a person will ever experience as an organizing principle within the mind, this small yet large aspect of choice, of being able to feel, listen, intuit and society moves forward at this point. The time when the majority of individuals whose choices will become synchronized will indicate more of a way in which things will move forward because it has been chosen so.

So choice, choice becomes the key variable here is in organizing and bringing a greater play of the Father's will into the mix and every choice which you make which aligns itself with the Father's will strengthens the operating of His will, the structuring of His will you are . now. It is an energetic that begins to reverberate.

I thank you for allowing me to share a few of these thoughts with you this morning. As you go about your week, consider that the choices you make are further strengthening the Father's will on the planet. Thank you my friends and go in peace.

Machiventa: [Cathy] I am joining your discussion of the catalyst in change. You are the catalyst that will be needed, the pattern that can be added when systems are in flux. On our side the structure has been unlinked, unsettled. The existing structure of many systems in your world has contained error. The error has been mostly hidden from your consciousness through these many ages of history. The error has been embedded into all aspects of life on this planet. It was a deliberate corruption of the original plan enacted during the period of rebellion. We have focused love on these corrupt ideas. We have broken the deep links binding them to the consciousness of the planet. The institutions have been released from the grasp of error. Movement has been encouraged. This movement has been the cause of much confusion and fear on Urantia.

Like a candy-maker stirring the batch over heat, the recipe has been instituted. Our ingredients are all present, the heat has been applied and the stirring has commenced. All that remains is for the mix to reach the "hardball point," the point where the mix changes into a sweet confection. We are watching the fire and stirring ever so slightly. The heat is rising and it will inevitably reach the point where the candy forms in all its sweetness. You may be called upon to help stir the mix. We are ready for the arrival of the final product. We anticipate success in the process. As in the formation of any confection, it is important to allow time and slow heat to avoid scorching and ruining the candy. Patience is an important component in the entire process. Faithful stirring is most important also. When the recipe is followed the result is assured. In this case, the head chef is expert and has a track record of success.


Transcript 3
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-12-02
Teacher: Serena, Jonathan, Michael, Light
T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased to be included in your gathering today. Our team has been working to bring the current mission forward. The contact with this group is most reinforcing in that we recognize your growth and ability and capacity to hold light. This will be most important as our mission moves into a more physical phase. It remains important to lift the awareness of spirit on the planet as error is in process of correction. I have been following the progress of your portal project and the capacity exists to use this tool for good on the planet. As the turmoil and uncertainty rises with the attempt to reboot the systems to the original patterns, you may find more situations where this connect between spirit and humanity will be advantageous to your group and those on our side. When error is brought into the light, it is the Father's original pattern that becomes the way, the "go to" option. We are looking forward to this correction. You have the ability to focus the light energy on the error. The rest will happen as it is God's will, it will be done. I am available as always to aid you in this process.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Jonathan here to join you in your discussion this morning. Speaking a few more words about relationship would be my privilege. This whole idea about relationships and how they flavor each other and cross-contaminate energies with each other is such a valuable aspect to bring forward in your consciousness because it is ever so true that once individuals are exposed to each other there is this transfer of energies and there is this changing of [reality] that ensues when this transfer of individual perspective occurs.

You all are familiar with the Master saying in the text, "Go out and do as I would do to them." What he was referring to in the greater sense, is to have the same effect on them as an encounter with him would have, have the same influence in their lives as the influence he would have, sure about yourself, those characteristics that most embody what his characteristics were. In these ways you literally do change and manifest a new dimension as a result of having engaged in this willing sharing that happens between those involved in a relationship.

Truly, relationships are the gems to be gathered in this life in the flesh because they are so enduring and they are so effective at inducing growth in the mortal experience. There is a natural tendency among individuals to have a willingness to share, share their own experiences and as well, be willing to share in another’s experience. This willingness to take what others have to offer and to give what you have results in a combination, a unique combination of these two perspectives, now each influenced by the other and each forever altered and changed as a result.

So I encourage you to adopt an additional definition in your mind when you think of the phrase, "Now go out and do as I would do to them," remembering that you have the same ability, the same capacities as did Jesus when he was here to influence the lives of those around you. It could truly be said of that man, that he brought all of who he was into each life experience, and as you may be called to witness through the recounting of these experiences, everyones life who came in contact with him was altered, was changed, was influenced profoundly by their simple contact, their overlapping and sharing even ever so briefly of each others energies. Relationship, proximity, those things are of great value in the time/space environment. When you are there and there is another one near you, consider it a gift, consider it an opportunity to create yet another glorious gem, another relationship, another thing of true value.

And so it is that I recognize the relationship that I have with all of you as a being of such true and good value and it is so much my pleasure to be able to join you at times like this. It is my desire, stated out to the universe, that I be allowed to participate with you during these most momentous times before us and I have been granted my wish. So you can expect to hear more from me as it will be my great pleasure to maintain these relationships that I have with you. I bring you my energy signature and you willingly share yours and we still touch and overlap just as we did when I could overlap you with an embrace of the flesh.

Thank you Father for this grand opportunity; may we make the most of it and bring all of who we are to our experiences together. Help us to make it so in greater and greater awareness. Thank you, I leave you all now in respect for this forum to be allowed for others. Take with you my love, go in peace.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Michael here to share a few words with you this morning. The key word this morning is living, living flesh, living truth, living faith. You know my friends, there is no death in the Father, there is only life, life forever and ever. The Father is the giver of life and all aspects of the Father are living, alive. Living on a planet such as yours, you are constantly having to deal with death, you are constantly dealing with the opposite of the Father, the death of people, the death of nations, the death of ideas.

So a simple task is to remember, that in the Father, all things are living. Everything is alive, goodness, love, compassion, sensitivity, all of these emotions are alive. By tapping into spirit you tap into the living-ness of life, the alive-ness, the movement, the change. Even though all things in the Father's presence are always the same, everything in your presence is always changing. Learn to take this change to change something within yourself, whether it be an attitude, a feeling, a notion, an awareness, an exercise with some hidden potential.

Be all that you can be in the moment, alive, willing to share this life with all, with all other life. This is the wonderful part of living which qualifies the Father's presence, this tremendous responsibility to live life. There are so many people today who are alive yet they are barely living. Begin to find those things within yourself which are alive and living. It is these things that are meant to be shared with others, this life, this living-ness. Life is a connected-ness, it is a relationship and our relationship with the Father is life itself and one day, may all life express its living in the Father's breath.

Go in peace my friends and remember, in all of the things life has to offer, living life is the most which can be accomplished, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am bursting with love and light as I join your group. I began with a limited view of the ability of light to enhance interactions between individuals on this world. As I grew in capacity and understanding, it became obvious that light has unlimited capacity and affect. I am still expanding my skills and abilities even at this time. Do not doubt that you have the ability to wield this tool of the Father. We have discussed before, the use of yourselves as a mirror, as a reflector to focus the light energy to distant parts of the planet. You have the ability to interact with this light and the individuals who are in need of the light input. The world is thirsting for truth. The world is languishing for lack of light. The world is beginning to open up to the possibility of hope and change. The world is reaching a point of acceptance of love and light. We can be a key component in this system change for good. Pursue this activity, explore the possibility. Become a force for good, let us proceed together to bring light to all. It is my pleasure to join with you.