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Nebadonia; Frank - Urantia Is Loved - Oct 25, 2012 - George Gordon, Lightline

DATE:  October 25, 2012
LOCATION:  Light Line
T/R:  George Gordon
October 25, 2012

Prayer:  Dear Michael and Nebadonia, Sovereign Ruler of our local universe of Nebadon. We here on Urantia send greetings to You as we pause in our day to acknowledge You as our Creative Parents. We welcome all the celestials who are here in attendance and those who are listening in from distant places. We are asking tonight that Nebadonia come to us in a special way so that the connection will be secured, that we will be able to receive the messages that are coming not only audibly but also mind-to-mind in these times when we are told that the circuits are being enhanced and reconnected.  We welcome all of those who are here.  As the storm approaches the east coast, we are hoping that a  spiritual storm or a spiritual wave will also pass over us and extend over the entire planet.   We appreciate the gift of life, the gift of consciousness, and we also appreciate these dear Urantia Papers.  Amen.

FRANK:  Good evening, my friends.  This is Frank.  For those who don’t know, I am the celestial associate, or you might say teacher / guide of this human being. I am the one slated always to speak first whenever he is in the zone to allow for celestial communication to flow through him.  We have a guest tonight that would like to address you and so I will facilitate this connection. I say guest but, of course, this person is no guest. This person is none other than our Spirit Mother, Nebadonia. I will yield the podium to her. She has a special message for you all this evening.

NEBADONIA:  Hello, my children. This is Mother Spirit. Some call me Nebadonia, Mother Spirit, Divine Minister.  I am always so close to you. It is so refreshing to see my children gather in a manner of this sort, to be in touch with those from the higher realm. Your planet, Urantia, is such a precious gem here in Nebadon, not only because Michael sojourned on your sphere, but your history of ups-and-downs have made you the envy of most in our creation.

If only you could picture to see the amount of love that is directed at your planet. I implore you to expand your imagination, expand your focus, to a dimension where you can begin to grasp what great times are offered you there on Urantia, what great times are going to be unfolding soon.  Your planet is getting ready to change direction. I say direction because for many thousands of years, selfishness, greed, uncertainty, jealousy -- all those things have been the dominant forces that dictate policies / that dictate behavior, of those who are in charge.

It’s refreshing now to see that there is a change in focus toward helping those who are less fortunate. Your planet is indeed moving swiftly.  And though you would say you are on the backstretch now, getting ready to go around the bend that would hit the home stretch, I am just here to give you reassurance that we are doing all that we are allowed at this time to quicken the pace. We have to be mindful of the capacities of the human vessel, not to overload you with too much of a hasty pace. You would not have time to savor the moment if you were allowed to move any quicker at this time.  But as you increase in your fitness, and your ability to keep up, no doubt the pace will be quickened.

Have an open attitude, my children. Be my representatives. Represent myself and Michael to everyone you encounter. Show that higher perspective, always. Represent us as ambassadors who have seen or have been introduced to higher meanings and values. Always demonstrate leadership with everyone you meet, for after all, you are the bridge between us and them, since you have been in contact with us in many ways and they have not. In this way, you show them the welcoming face that you seen with the eyes of spirit what only a few of you understand and have been privileged to experience.

I take my leave from you now and return you to one of my sons who is in a higher realm than you are and who has been hosting, as it were.  Have a good evening.

FRANK:         This is Frank here again. We do appreciate and welcome at all times Nebadonia, our Mother, whenever she finds it possible to address us.

Tonight, I would like to make an appeal, or encouragement to take more seriously your calling, take more seriously your privilege. You are indeed members of a unique group, a group that has taken your beliefs and your faith beyond mere tradition, beyond mere accepted paradigms, beyond the status quo. You are watched out toward new horizons. You are what is called trailblazers.  Many who will come after you will inquire, “Who were those that are the ones who blazed the trail? Who were those who even with ridicule from their friends, even from their family, held fast to their charge?”

My friends, there is no material reward for spiritual living; however, their treasures are being laid up on the mansion worlds. You will be in reception of a more advanced state of consciousness because your intentions are more spiritual than the average person. That will be one of your great rewards.  We encourage you to feel a sense of pride in what you are doing. Feel a sense of accomplishment in what you are doing. You are on the cutting edge, as it were. You have been privy to information that your government would classify as Top Secret.

You have been privy to life, the way celestial beings live on the mansion worlds, system headquarters, constellations, local universes, minor sector, major sector, superuniverse, even to the circuits of Havona and Paradise. This information, my friends, is cutting edge, or shall I say the edge that cuts.  You are asked now to bask in the moment of what has been accomplished by so few on this planet, and bask that you are a part of the inner circle.

I don’t invite you to have this feeling to be boastful, but every now and then it is advised that you pause to embrace your accomplishment.  Pause, look back on the journey that has taken you to this place.  Pause to look back and try, if possible, to recognize and identify every juncture that you have come to where you might have felt it was too difficult and how you have overcome those hurdles.  If you had only realized how many celestial beings are at your beck and call to help you through those difficult times.

We encourage you to embrace your accomplishment in the domain of inner spirit and we also encourage you to embrace dialog -- daily dialogs with your celestials. Try to pose questions, not just about the things of the spirit, but things you need answers to, things related to work, family, friends, even play, and many times the answers will come to you … not necessarily at that moment, maybe a day after, a couple of hours or a day after, it will be clearer, and when you come to that realization, and your questions have been answered, please pause to say “Thank you” and that whole exercise will strengthen the connection, and in due course, the exchange will be more frequent, the exchange will be more spontaneous, to a point where the dialog will be like you are talking to a close friend on a daily basis.

We are asking you now to experiment with these things. There are celestials ready to interact with you.  You are the ones now pushing the button. Start with practical and simple things and in time, no doubt, you may be the one through which your teachers, your guardian angels, and other celestial entities might address a gathering such as this. We are asking you to rededicate yourselves to this mission, rededicate yourselves to the task of being torch-bearers, those that have the fire within and will light new candles, as it were.

I will pause now and invite anyone who wants to ask a question in relation to the lesson I have just given. We are asking you to keep it along those lines since this T/R is just getting his wings and we don’t want to jump all over the place the first time of asking. I will now take a few questions.

Allene:  Hi, this is Allene.  I have a question.

FRANK:  Thank you.

Allene:  It seems to me that when we were young, it was so easy for us to connect with the celestials around us because we were so open and didn’t have any limitations or limited thought patterns.  How best can we help others to open up to what we had as children, so they can experience the wonderful conversations and companionship we have with our cosmic family?  Thank you.

FRANK:  Thank you for your question -- very interesting question, and very pertinent to this lesson.  As you are well aware, children at a certain age have not been bombarded with too many cultural opinions, so many traditional viewpoints, so many political biases, so they are freer to embrace things that are new.  It is your buildup over the years as adults; you have gotten cloudy in your perception since you have embraced many different ideas and ideals.

It has to be now a concerted effort on the part of those who you wish to assist that you try to help them unplug from what it is that causes their mood changes, unplug from the things that allow them to be upset for no reason. The old devotional responses are overwhelming the responses to the spirit because they are so basic to your nature, to your animal nature -- those emotions, those emotional chemicals that are released in your system, your blood system, and causes you to be in a state wherein you can hardly understand why you are being in this state.

We are asking you to advise them to try to not let so many things bother them. Accept an attitude of “don’t care” if need be, because those things are not grounded in spirit.  Remember, the Master said, “What does it matter to our spirit born child if everything earthly crash?”  It is that disconnection from those false scaffoldings that will allow them to leave the path open that they might want to again reconnect, or strengthen the connection to where the messages, thought impulses, can stream into the thought waves that will allow them to share information, celestials to humans, to allow the human counterpart to be more receptive to the thought impulses of God, angels, teachers and so forth.  Does that answer your question?

Allene:  Yes.  That’s a very good answer.  Thank you very much.

FRANK:  And thank you for asking.  Do we have any more questions?

Student:  Yes, I have a question. Since we’ve been told that Caligastia messed with our DNA and therefore a lot of us – and taken out the spirituality aspect of us and that its stated in a lot of us [indistinguishable; inaudible; bad connection] things I should be trying.  Thank you.

FRANK:  Thank you.  Imagine you are an athlete of some sort and you are training for the Olympics. Let’s say you are training to be someone who will be rowing a boat. You never rode a boat before, however, you will not go to the Olympics not ever having been in a boat, not ever practicing, not ever spending time to fine-tune your craft.  Move that scenario now to spirit reconnection, loving service to those you meet, sharing with all those around you … these attitudes will help to repair the DNA, not necessarily waiting for someone to undo what was done by those who were put in charge but went astray.

You can take action to repair this DNA.  It is the attitude change that will recommend it, the attitude of sharing.  Replace enemy with caring. Replace the need to get revenge with forgiveness, because when you practice these positive reactions to negative stimulus, you are in fact repairing those strands of DNA. You are replacing them with a positive attitude, a smile as opposed to a frown.  Because the (Lucifer rebellion) affected the strands of your DNA to cause you to feel more doubtful, cause you to trust much less, to cause you to be less open, to be open to trust your Adjuster, to trust your guardian angel, has called you to be skeptic, you feel you have been disenfranchised, you have been orphaned.  So we are asking you to take practical steps.

Now that you have been reconnected, you have been given text that you can read over and over. For the first time in your history you have evidence, concrete evidence of something that was done by beings from the celestial domain, not only to hear someone tell you, but to use these e evidences now to believe that this is the new path. That childlike trust that so many other planets have from their celestial overlords, you have lost that. You have lost that attitude of trust. We are asking you to help with the repairing, within your own self so you can change your attitude.

Sit back for a moment and observe yourself and ask yourself, “Why do I react this way when somebody does something wrong to me? What causes me to behave like this?  Who is pulling my strings?  Am I in control, or is this person, or this mood, this propensity to react this way? Who controls those things?  I want to take control, to affect my own mood, to determine how I feel today. No outside entity should control that.”  Does that give you somewhat of an answer?

Student:  Yes. Yes, it does.  Really.  Thank you. That helps.  I’ll practice that.  Thank you.

FRANK:  You are welcome.  Do we have any more questions?  [Pause]  I will say this one thing while you might put your question together.  It is an attitude of positive reinforcement.  Take yourself away from the world that you find yourself in and project yourselves as if you were living already on the mansion worlds, as if you are already living on the system capitol, or even on Uversa. Project a fantasy in your mind as to what you would be doing if you were on Salvington, what you would be doing with someone who is less enlightened that might throw something negative along your path.  Look at them with sympathy for they have no idea what you have been exposed to, hence they should not be the affecting your mood, or should I say their behavior should not be the behavior that is affecting you.  It is a practical way of taking back control that propels you into moods, psychological spin.  Use the philosophy of greater enforcement to counteract these other things that you are transcending. It is not something outside the realm of what you can achieve. You just have to focus. You will begin to see the benefits of that in a few weeks, if not less.

Do you have any more questions?  [Pause]  Well, I appreciate all the questions that came this evening. I appreciate all those who took the time to be on the call.  We invite you to keep up with what is happening on this planet through this forum. We realize that all people have grown weary over the years and they are expecting a faster pace, but as Spirit told us earlier, you cannot handle a faster pace at this time.  Stick to your training. Stick to your routine. So when the pace is quickened you are not left behind in the race. So your task is to stay fit through your training, so when your trust is in the race you are ready.  Have a good evening, my friends, and we hope to have you here again pretty soon.

Thank you.