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Whispers Session 5 - Siraya; Kuwaya; Monsonloran; Gabriella; Gabriel; Nebadonia; Raguel - Justice and Judgement - Oct 26, 2012 - Trenton, NJ,


  1. Siriaya [alternate spelling is also Siraya]: Master Spirit of Superuniverse One, the voice of the Paradise Father;
  2. Kuwaya: Master Spirit of Superuniverse Two, The Voice of the Eternal Son;
  3. Monsonloran, Melchizedek: serving in the local universe of Nebadon;
  4. Gabriella: Paul’s Personal Seraphic Guardian;
  5. Gabriel: Chief Administrator of the local universe of Nebadon;
  6. Nebadonia: Our Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit of Nebadon, the enactor of the Word’s will;
  7. Raguel:  An archangel stationed here on our planet, Urantia


·         The True Nature of the Eternal Father
·         Is All Judgment Self-Judgment?   
·         What Does ‘Divine Justice’ Mean?
·         What is Mercy From The Eternal Son’s Perspective?
·         Is it Time to Forgive Lucifer and Caligastia?
·         Do Our Wounds Keep us from God’s Unconditional Love?
·         The Archangels Offer of Spiritual Assistance

T/R:  Paul Conklin

October 26, 2012

Paul:  Just briefly, I would like to send my greetings and my love to all those who are tuned in right now.  It’s a blessing to have all of you here with us; here on this little planet of Urantia as we learn more about spirit. Our beloved Eternal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit we send our love to you, our greetings this day, this evening; and again we look forward to your spirit coming through to us; teaching us, guiding us, leading us while we are here on this little planet.  Also to our divine parents Michael and Nebadonia, we are so thankful and very grateful that you have brought us into being and that we are here at this present moment.  We also send our love and our greetings to you as we begin this session this evening.  We look forward to all these things asking for your spirit to guide and lead us; and we thank you.

Paul:  Would Spirit like to precede this with any opening comments?

Siriaya:  As you become more attuned with spirit; first of all understand it is a level of harmonization that is transpiring through a conduit or channel that must utilize an interpretation of spirit to bring forth concepts in time to your soul.  And as these concepts are brought forth to you and through this forum, be mindful that, as you become more and more attuned to spirit in this universe, superuniverses and also Havona and Paradise, these spiritual experiences will become more and more hard to bring forth in concepts as you get into these deeper spiritual feelings; and also the level of love that is being brought forth.  So as these concepts are brought forth they are testifying through the Spirit of Truth that the information is accurate via the concepts provided, for the teaching and the information and the education to all those that come into the possession of this information.  So you have our blessings as I AM Siriaya, Master Spirit number one, the voice of the universal Father; and in concept you could look at me also as Sananda, which should now clarify a question for you in a way as being a reflection of the Paradise Father.  Once again as we are dealing with concepts and an out-stepping process, or shall I say, an in-stopping process, to an inward realization of who you are, the realization and reflection of what I am.

Paul:  Thank you very much Siraya.  I appreciate that; and again I am feeling something kind of on the tip of my tongue you could say; and I am beginning to understand a little bit of what you are saying as far as that spiritual feeling, but not being able to express it in my English language. I am beginning to feel that.

The questions that I have lined up this evening I felt were of some concern for our world because I know there has been quite a bit of confusion about our Eternal Father and the way He truly is.  I know that there are some here on our sphere that view God as a warrior god, a God of stern justice;  although we know our Father as the epitome of love.  My question is; is there really any anger or judgment in the Eternal Father’s consciousness?

Kuwaya, Master Spirit of superuniverse number two and the voice of the Eternal Son:  The Eternal Son is going to be speaking through Master Spirit number two Kuwaya

Paul:  Hi Kuwaya.

Kuwaya:  The question that you have formulated is based on the precedence of me, shall I say, the original Michael who has been created by the word, by the very consciousness and thought of the very Father that you have now questioned in regards to anger and judgment.  For a moment Paul, I want you to feel the great love that I have for our Father.  As this love moves through you I will interpret the best concept to be able to bring forth just what our Father is and how much I love the Father of us all.  When you are dealing with divinity, specifically when you are dealing with the divine presence, the Creator of all things, you have to understand the love that it has taken to bring about not only creation, but for an infinite God to extend itself out to share itself with a separated aspect of what you would call consciousness.

Now you as a father of children have come together with a woman on your sphere and have brought forth in union children to raise and uplift and to bring into life with intention, brought forth in love.  You as a father Paul, and I understand  the love that you have for your son who has been given, and endowed with free will.   We as Father and son correlated with thought and action, to collaborate and bring forth children.  But yet, in that divinity, in that love, in that conception, there is one actuality that is forever and will be forever in any creation, and that is free will.  We create in love and we love eternally and we love fiercely.  We love in a way that can only be understood a fraction of a percent on a world, on a decimal planet, such as you come from.  But even though you are far away separated by what you call time and space, I am here now speaking to you and I love you as my son.  I love you as the word that was brought forth from the Father to explain to you that you are loved not because I have to tell you that, but because I truly and honestly love you as my son.  It is no different from the love of Michael and the children that come from your sphere or from any of the spheres in time or in space.  There is no judgment.  There is no anger.  There is nothing but acceptance, given in abundance and compassion in my Father and I’s consciousness. So you have been responded to this question with the vibration that is flowing through Uversa, through the superuniverses, (through the universe of Havona), that has found you my son, through the ministering spirits of time to tell that you are loved, not like the only child in creation, but as my son, as the original and Eternal son’s, son.

Paul:  I am so grateful that you cleared that up for us here on Urantia for me personally and for the children of this world in general.  It was very beautiful.  Thank you.  So to follow up on that then does that mean then that all judgment is self-judgment since there is no judgment or anger in the Eternal Father’s consciousness or in the Eternal Son’s consciousness?

Monsanloran (Melchizedek):  Hello Paul, this is Monsanloran.   I am a Melchizedek that serves here in the local universe of Nebadon and I would like to take this question in regards to judgment.

Paul:  Hi

Monsanloran:   Hello.  It is a pleasure to make your good acquaintance.  Not only your acquaintance but to be of service in this wonderful correcting time umbrella in this universe of Nebadon.

Paul:  It’s a pleasure to meet you too my friend.

Monsanloran:  When we are speaking of, or even when we come across a question such as this in pertaining to judgment we have to look at judgment as, not only  a recipient, because now it has flowed forth and it has come into consciousness.  But we also have to be observant from a perspective point of view as Melchizedek sons under our Father Melchizedek.  When you’re dealing with the concept of judgment you are dealing with something that is not of God; that has been brought forth in separation of God.   As that magnificent etheric wave that came through on the voice of the Eternal Son through the Master Spirit Kuwaya so aptly put; The Paradise Father has not judgment in its connected consciousness of purity, of absoluteness and also love.  So when you’re dealing with a concept separate from the presence of love and of God you have to look at where it has emanated from and originated from.  And only in a mind, in a consciousness not in line with harmony and divinity, could there ever come up with such a contradiction as judgment, because judgment is inherent in the lack of love and the absence of divinity. So, where there is not light and where there is not God there will be things not of God and not of light.  Judgment just happens to be one of those things that are a false shadow that is standing in the way of a beautiful portrait.  So, in the grand scheme of things, in the beautiful perfect picture of creation, judgment stands as an impediment that is in the way of the light shining forth to show its beauty and  grandeur.

Only when judgment is realized to be in the eye of the beholder, also any judgment that is brought forth from the one who has it is their consciousness judgment serves as a self-reflective aspect of the soul that is shining forth from itself and finding the shadow which is being brought forth (in the form of judgment)

So what you’re in essence seeing when you’re seeing judgment or when you’re speaking it is an aspect of yourself that you are in possession of that needs to be addressed in you before you can clearly and wholly see God.  Only when that is removed completely will you be able to understand truly who and what God is and what the divine presence really means.  This evening for you specifically, you have come into a whole new realm of consciousness because you have reached an aspect of the Eternal Son.  Now one step away from that is the absolute consciousness of God.  The only thing now is the concept of judgment, so to speak, that is being questioned.  The fear of God judging you for being no less than perfect; which is in essence what you were created to be.

Paul:  I certainly do feel a raising of consciousness tonight with the beautiful message from you and from Kuwaya and The Eternal Son.  I know that I want to get that out of my way.  I want to experience that divine love and consciousness in its pure form without my own judgments in the way.  So, thank you very much.

Also going along those same lines, we’ve heard the term, ’divine justice.’  I would like to know what happens when the energies of divine justice are applied to an individual, a community or the world?  I leave it up to you to decide what part of that you will answer.  That will be fine with me.

Gabriella (Paul’s Guardian Seraphim):  This is Gabriella Paul being your Guardian Seraphim and also being trained in the experiential knowledge of the universe.  I would like to bring forth an explanation to this question for you in an understandable format because I know you so well.  When you’re looking at the words ‘divine justice’ you are dealing with a concept that is based on a universe principle.  When you read the Bible or even the Urantia book that speaks of when Jesus walked in the flesh as the Eternal Son incarnated in the flesh or when he said ‘those who have seen me have seen the Father,’ you are now looking at a form of consciousness that has been condensed and is bringing out concepts to bring forth an aspect of God that is understandable to a human mind.  Paul of Tarsus spoke, ‘God cannot be mocked, what you sow you shall reap.’

Well divine justice isn’t enacted by God.  It isn’t acted by a ‘punisher’.  It is not enacted by a divine arbitrator or a jurisdiction.  It is inherent in universal energies that are in every aspect of the divine order of creation.  So what divine justice would be in this instance would be whatever a human being or a culture or a government or even a nation sows they will also reap. So if you look at the life of Yogananda and what he sowed, he reaped a harvest of spirit.  If you look at the life of Hitler he reaped the bountiful harvest of war and destruction.  So that not only affected Hitler but it affected the entire nation which followed him along in this erroneous thinking of reaping this sowed seed of destruction and hatred and adversity. So in this concept of divine justice you have the propensity for a concept that can only be classified as the reaping of the sown seed of either the human being, a nation, or even a system that is isolated from the presence of God.  There is no enactor other than your own energy that is reflecting and coming back to you that you have sent forth.

Paul:  Thank you Gabriella.  That certainly answers my question, so I appreciate that.

I would also like to ask a question which is still related to the same subject matter.  That concerns the Eternal Son again. Of course I know that the Eternal Son is the epitome of mercy; mercy being applied love.  I would just like to know what mercy means from the Eternal Son’s perspective?

Kuwaya:  Well I believe that the greatest answer would come from speaking through Master Spirit number two Kuwaya from myself, being the original Michael or the first born of all creation.  When I looked at creation and how Havona was structured to be a perfect place of organization and harmony we spoke that word forth and it came to be. The epitome of love was manifested in Havona and by the enactment of will and thought for this divine creation, or this first universe that had been brought into manifestation.  Many other loving manifestations came to be such as the sons of God in the form of, not only in my sons, Michael sons, but as the many offspring of the spirits, as you call ministering spirits, but my children through the creative Holy Spirit; which in your universe is known as Nebadonia, but which is a reflection or essence of the Infinite Spirit of Paradise, which is the enactor, which is what you would call my partner or the aspect of what you would call the enactor of my word.  When free will entered in there was a need for a rectification of potential error, which as a concept from your world is anything which is not in alignment with God’s harmony or spirit.  When you have free will, and as the principle that your Seraphim spoke about, divine justice comes into play.  When you have a man or a woman reaping the sown seeds of adversity, pain and suffering, there is a level of mercy that can be applied to that individual.  When you are looking at mercy you are looking at God looking at a child that has found itself in a state of consciousness, a state of being that is pain, suffering, hurt, lack, or all of the things that are not my will for my children, or even for that matter, Michael of Nebadon’s will for the children of his universe.

When that child calls out for help, when they call out to God or the angels or to the universe for help, for alleviating the pain, for the easement of their suffering, mercy is applied through the ministering spirits and through the aspects and avenues of God coming to that child again through the facets of consciousness and vibration; to find that one lost and so called cut-off from the presence of God.  Mercy will find that one lost, it is in essence applied love.

The tale of the Prodigal son will testify to this.  Through free will the child left his home and squandered his divine inheritance on the world and the illusions of the world and found itself cut- off in desperation; and reasoned from within his heart that at this moment he can fall at the feet of his father and beg for forgiveness.  Well when that child came home there was only love waiting, in the remembrance that God is absolute forgiveness and acceptance for who he was.  Mercy is the remembrance of the applied divine will for that child.  So as the concept of mercy is applied to this question I would classify it that way.

Paul:  Thank you again Kuwaya.  That is a beautiful explanation.  I know that everyone that reads this will be very encouraged by it.    

This question goes along with the topic of forgiveness.  I know our world suffered here from the rebellion and the legacy of that rebellion continues to live on somewhat on our world.   I know that there are some here that still look upon Caligastia, our former Planetary Prince, and Lucifer, our former System Sovereign with upset and with anger.  But I would just like to know if now is the time to forgive Caligastia, Lucifer, and other individuals that brought woe to our world?

Gabriel:  Hi Paul.  This is Gabriel.

Paul:  Hi Gabriel.

Gabriel:  Hi Paul, it’s an honor to speak with you this evening.   Being the voice of Michael in these matters I would love to answer this question for you.

When you’re dealing with the celestial hierarchy of the opposition of truth and the opposition of free will and action, you have the inherent ability to go against or to utilize your free will in nonalignment with truth.  What you have here is a residual echoing of Lucifer and Caligastia’s free will decision to misalign themselves with truth and order that have echoed through this system Satania and also through the other thirty-seven worlds that have been affected by the rebellion that are still in very much disarray and chaos in aspects for those that are still lost in that thinking and mindset.

Michael has forgiven completely from the moment that the act was done, the moment that it was enacted.  It was forgiven.  It was moved on from.  It was settled in light and life in Jesus’s consciousness.  He walked this world and showed you.  He showed the people of Urantia what it was to truly forgive and also enact the will of God on a world torn by rebellion.  Being the hands and feet of Michael of Nebadon in the world that you’ve come from; being the hands and feet of the Creator bringing forth mercy to a world full of the opposition of divine order, his hands and feet, the hands and feet were nailed to a cross.  In that act of love that Jesus brought forth to give his life over, not in sacrifice, not in redemption, but in holding true to the love of a Creator, of the consciousness of Michael to the point of giving up his human body to show how far a Creator would go to hold the consciousness of love and truth amidst the opposition of it.

I wouldn’t say in the concept that you brought forth ‘forgiveness’ in this question because Lucifer and Caligastia have been offered, not only forgiveness, but absolution, redemption, and they chose to spurn that and they are no longer.  The only thing that is now keeping alive the legacy of Lucifer and Caligastia is the focus on the energy of Lucifer and Caligastia that lives on from the echoing and misalignment of God’s will.  What I would say and how I would answer you on behalf of Michael in this government of Nebadon would be to forgive that personally, collectively, universally; move on from it and settle your own world in light and life.  Follow in the footsteps of those that have preceded you, not in word and deed, but on how they lived and how they tried to portray God in a world absent from divinity.  That doesn’t mean that you need to walk around in a robe or be nailed to a cross.  What it means is to know who God is; what He represents and anything that He does not represent, do not give energy over to.  See it for what it is and let it pass you by.  When everyone can come into that line of thinking true forgiveness can set in by saying that it never existed, it was merely a passing shadow. That only God is and there is nothing else, because those parts of, those shadows are no longer magnified, but the love of God is magnified in the presence of the world of Urantia. So, hopefully that clarifies your question Paul and it was an honor speaking to you tonight.   

Paul:  Thank you so much Gabriel.  It’s such a pleasure to have you here this evening.   I have been surprised in many ways by so many of you coming here tonight and answering my questions in a very clear and concise way.  Thank you so much.

I would like to ask one final question.  Then if anyone would like to make some concluding comments that would be appreciated.  So then I guess I could say that there are certain wounds that need healing within us that are serving as a barrier between God’s unconditional love that is already there waiting.  Can you comment about that a little bit and the wounds that we have, and that they need to be healed?

Nebadonia,  Mother Spirit of Nebadon:  Good evening my son, this is your Mother Spirit Nebadonia.

Paul:  Hi Nebadonia.

Nebadonia:  Hello my son.  It is a question that you pose that I would love to fill with my presence in knowing that that there have been experiences, not only personally, with you as a human being my son, but as you’ve gone through your experiential process of being human here on this world there have been those that have had experiences that have not been in alignment with God’s will, with my will or Michael’s will for this planet.   So as you have gone through this experience and those that have gone through the experience on a world such as this in my universe home; when you have a rebellion such as has taken place here these misalignments, these experiences, these serve as experiential processes that can be conceptualized as wounds when they are very misaligned and bring forth the sowing of pain and suffering and all of those aspects that God never intended for any of His children.  Certainly Michael and I never intended this for the children of our universe home or even this planet Urantia.

But as these experiences come to fruition those that identify with denying the healing aspect of bringing God in and my presence in to those areas of hurt and pain, then you are magnifying what you concept as a wound.  There is a part of you that is shadow that you are magnifying.  Any time that you magnify a shadow the shadow will grow and you will see nothing but the shadow.  Even when there is light all around the shadow will be in the way of the light that you are trying to bring forth.  So in order for myself and even Michael and the presence of your Adjuster or the Paradise Father to come into these places, you have to be willing to let go of these painful parts; even the Lucifer and Caligastia betrayal, so to speak.  The wounds of this world, the shadows of this world are plentiful, if you so choose to look at those aspects of the world, or you could look at the light that I am and the mind that I am offering you, to fill those spaces with the presence of God; to allow me to come in and to salve those empty spaces with my presence, with my undulating love for you my son, for this world.  When you do it, not only personally, and you fill yourself up with the realization that you are now the presence of God and you are the hands and feet, so to speak, of spirit, then you can begin to go out into the world and you may see larger shadows where you, the light can step in to magnify not the shadow, but be the light that is coming into those darkened parts of the world.

Paul:  That was very beautiful Mother and I very much appreciate that.  I have always felt very close to you.  I am certainly going to take you up on that offer to borrow your mind, so to speak, as I continue on this journey here on Urantia.  I love you very much Mother.       

Nebadonia:  I love you so much my son.  My love is ever abiding.  It is always by your side.  It surrounds and protects you.  It pervades every aspect of you if you would just have me and remember me daily.  I will be with you and surround you always for I am always with you.

Paul:  Thank you again Mother.

Are there any concluding comments that anyone  here would like to make?

Archangel Raguel:  Hello Paul and I would love to close this out; this beautiful experience  tonight that has been brought forth through this form of spirit.  I am Raguel.  I am an archangel that serves here on this sphere of Urantia.

Paul:  Hi Raguel.  It’s nice to hear from you again.  

Raguel:   It is a pleasure to be here alongside the many other archangels.  We have Ariel here.  We have Raphael here.  We have Uriel here.  There’s many of us here tonight.  We are here, not only to extend our hand, so to speak, to anyone and everyone that comes into the perusal of this information that has been transcribed to offer our assistance; to be the first true stepping- stone to spiritual contact.  The midwayers provide an invaluable service on this world to prompt you and to get you to realize and recognize the presence of spirit.  That it is real and that it is trying to make a connection to you.  The midwayers do that, not only with the prompting of numbers, but in songs, by signs, by feelings and emotions and they are very effective because they are the closest order of angel or spirit that is closest to you.  The work of the 11:11 progress group is invaluable and has helped many to come to true spiritual contact.

We as archangels prepare, many times after the midwayer contact to the true cosmic connection and to the true protection and the fleshing out of the shadowy parts of the human experience into the divine realization.  So we ever abide not only by you when you call upon us, but we will be at your side to bring in greater amounts of light.  You can attest to this by your own experiential process and your experience Paul as you worked with the Archangel Michael.  You became very close with him at the beginning of your very intense and very personal experiential process here.  So we as archangels are offering our assistance to all of the children that come across this forum and to this outlet of information.  We love you ever so tenderly.  We have a divine, fierce love for each and every child on this planet.  Our local headquarters are stationed here, right here on your very world.  So we are ever high in number and there are many of us here willing and ready to serve.  Simply but call upon us and we will be there at your side.  I appreciate the moment that you have given us to speak to you tonight Paul and we bid you all a good night.  Thank you.

Paul:  Thank you very much Raguel.  I can attest to, to anyone reading these transcripts, what a wonderful person Raguel is.  He helped me personally.  I know that anyone reading this can get that same help, that spiritual help.

To all those that read this I offer you my love.  You are welcome to come to my site on Facebook, Whispers in The Stillness with any question you may have for the celestials.

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