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Siraya, Voice of the Father - Conveyance of Needed Spiritual Information to Urantians - Oct 04, 2012 - Everett, WA,

Siraya, Master Spirit Number One, Voice of the Father

  • The ABC Summaries
  • The Love of Our Universal Father Will Be Tangible Indeed, on the Conveyed Date in December of this Year

T/R: Felix Caro
Location: Everett, WA
October 04, 2012

On events, order and the will of the Universal Father, a lot has been discussed, but the shared information is only a small advanced fraction of everything that will become knowledge on this world so loved by the Creator of us all.

The ABC Summaries are indeed a great tool to convey much needed spiritual knowledge, but will be succeeded by more formal and advanced methods of recording and presentation in due time. Those summaries will indeed be conserved for all eternity as an integral part of the presentation of Urantia to all mortals and celestials which care to learn how something so small can eventually become so big in helping advance Father’s cause.

The names of all those that have contributed to them, in one form or another, will also forever be remembered. After all, they are part of the family of mortals to be forever remembered as the last Agondonters of Urantia. Their exploits will be an inspiration to many others to follow that will not know an Urantia consumed by evil as it is today, and will be greatly amazed at the resilience to sin by those faithful servants of God; those that believed in the absence of tangible assistance or representation by celestials and even material sons.

Many of those Agondonters will indeed go forth and serve the Universal Father in the outer space levels, and even beyond, once they have achieved finaliter status in Paradise, according to His will and the needs of God the Supreme after His actualization. Great things will indeed be expected from those faithful servants of God; they will play important roles in administration and spiritual balance in an untold number of evolutionary worlds in those new created universes.

The new administration will be naturally resilient to spiritual deceit due to the nature of the celestial personalities assuming it,  those that will be created perfect in a yet far future, and Father’s Iron Souls of the worlds of time, the Agondonters of Urantia among them. At a later time, more information will be conveyed on the make, character and functions of the administration personnel, the “enforcers of divine law” and the “conveyors of Father’s infinite mercy”, among vast number of personnel that will oversee the proper spiritual and evolutionary operation of the creations of time in the outer space levels and beyond.

On the making of those outer space levels, I can only indicate at this time that the number of universes in each level and the separation distance between each one is proportional to their size, and that each level counter rotates with respect of the neighboring ones. The distances between levels, and their counter-rotation with respect to each other, help stabilize them in their orbits. No more will be informed on this subject for the time being.

As far as events are concerned, hard are some of the words presented in this last edition of the ABC Summaries, but it must be understood that evil can mock divinity only so much before it is necessary to correct it in order to avoid more spiritual setbacks. As it was indicated in revision ‘M’ of the Summaries, some leaders have decided to use God’s name and His word as a convenience only to further their own selfish agendas; to attract the masses in order to secure reelection, taking advantage of the very simplistic way that many perceive the matters of the spirit. Great indeed will be the fall of those that have mocked the Lord; they will only reap shame for their deeds and sorrow when they realize the consequences of their acts. The great lesson to be learned by many is that an irresponsible life cannot be lived without consequence; that even in the spiritual realms, for each action there is a reaction; that everything they do in life will have a personal echo in eternity.

The love of our Universal Father will be tangible indeed, on the conveyed date in December of this year, but many that based their morals in evil and sin shall not partake of it then, as they will be gone. The Magisterial Son ‘Sirara” and his staff will be a central vehicle for Father’s love, through merciful ministry, for an entire world to enjoy. There will be a time when the purges in the name of God and the killings in the name of Allah will be no more, for all who live here will recognize each other as true brethren; mortals everywhere will learn of God’s presence in them and accept it, and they will indeed love each other as Michael of Nebadon preached and demonstrated it. He will come back to this world to once again foster the love to the neighbor and the recognition of the fact that all are Father’s children. There will be “peace in the valleys” for all men, and there will be no more sadness or sorrow.

I, Siraya, speaking for the Universal Father to the worlds of time, hold these revelations as true.

The mercy of the Universal Father will become manifest very soon. Remain faithful, trust in His infinite love and abide by His will. Do these things in Him and for Him, and the prize of the ages shall be yours; life and divine service for all eternity.

When you will sorrow, Father will comfort you; when you will be tired, Father will give you rest and nourish you; when the travails of life will weigh you down, Father will sustain you and strengthen you. Suffer not for your loved ones when it will be their time to depart for the Mansion worlds, as they forever will remain one with you as they are forever one with the Universal Father. The bonds of love and affection that you established with them in your life in the flesh will only become more pure and everlasting even when they appear to be so far away, and now know of your efforts as they exist in eternity. Love can never be lost or forgotten, it forever is.