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Whispers Session 3 - Michael; Sonsamel; Malvantra; Monjoronson - Apostle John & River of Life -  Oct 05, 2012 - Trenton, NJ,

Whispers in The Stillness Session Three - Rivers of Waters of Life

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Celestials:  Michael, Sonsamel Melchizedek, Malvantra Melchizedek, Monjoronson


  • Biblical Concepts Interpreted, The Rivers of Waters of Life,
  • Sons of God,
  • Spiritual Concepts and Interpretations
  • Reflective Liaison

T/R:  Paul Conklin
October 05, 2012

Reflective Spirit: [From The Urantia Book]: The river of energy and life is a continuous outpouring from the Deities, the universal and united stream of Paradise force going forth to all space. This divine energy pervades all creation. The force organizers initiate those changes and institute those modifications of space-force which eventuate in energy; the power directors transmute energy into matter; thus the material worlds are born. The Life Carriers initiate those processes in dead matter which we call life, material life. The Morontia Power Supervisors likewise perform throughout the transition realms between the material and the spiritual worlds. The higher spirit Creators inaugurate similar processes in divine forms of energy, and there ensue the higher spirit forms of intelligent life.

Energy proceeds from Paradise, fashioned after the divine order. Energy — pure energy — partakes of the nature of the divine organization; it is fashioned after the similitude of the three Gods embraced in one, as they function at the headquarters of the universe of universes. And all force is circuited in Paradise, comes from the Paradise Presences and returns thereto, and is in essence a manifestation of the uncaused Cause — the Universal Father; and without the Father would not anything exist that does exist.

Session 3

Opening Prayer, Paul:  Beloved Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon and our dear Holy Spirit Nebadonia, our Eternal Father, beloved Trinity, we are very grateful that we can come here together and have spirit continue to show us, guide us, and lead the way.  We know many exciting events are occurring behind the scenes, unseen by our eyes and we are very excited about that, so we ask that spirit can come in tonight, provide insight for us and help us to see  those things that are going on that we may be a beacon of light to our brethren here on Urantia.

Paul:  The first question I have is somewhat in line with those things that are going on behind the scenes and it refers to the Apostle John and the vision that he had on the isle of Patmos  some 1,900 years ago.  In that vision he was shown this pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb.  He saw in the middle of its street and on either  side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve fruits, each tree yielding its fruit every month.  So, what I would like to know is, what is the river of water of life and after you identify that could you tell us whether or not we are seeing that  fulfilled in our day?

Michael (Creator Son of Nebadon):  Good evening my son, this is your Creator Father and brother Michael.

Paul:  Hi  Michael.

Michael:  Hi Paul, how are you?

Paul:  I am doing very well and certainly excited to talk to you this evening.

Michael:   Well, it’s a level of excitement that we both share when a father can speak openly, especially a spiritual father can speak openly to their spiritual son and do it in a way that can integrate within the personality as well as within the realms of the soul and spirit. I would like to answer your question with regards as to what John experienced when he was on the isle of Patmos when he found himself in exile.  The first part of your question really has to do with concepts and how spirit has to bring forth concepts for each individual in a way or in terms that they can understand personally.  Now for you specifically you see the concepts given to John in Revelation as something as somewhat of an enigma or maybe even a mystery.  To John they were very well understood.  You have to remember too that the current version of your Bible has been watered down and has been rewritten many times so, you’re not getting the pure words that John had written.

The rivers of waters of life is the pure energy from the presence of God within you Paul; flowing forth from your crown chakra from where you receive and you are connected to your higher-self down through the adjacent meridians within your body.  This brings not only spirits will on earth and my will as well, but my Paradise Father’s will because He indwells in you as well as I. So to bring it in terminology that you can understand, I would look at the word ‘Christ’ here. What John was expressing was that the rivers of waters of life, the life flowing forth from God, which is the presence of God, has come to indwell YOU Paul.  In that understanding the concept of the word ‘Christ’ means that God is now in you existent as a human being, but you are also a divine being simultaneously.  The Christ of you is in the understanding that that river that is flowing through you, as it is now, is the spirit of God brought forth into your vessel so you can be the hands and feet of God.  Does that adequately answer your question?

Paul:  Yes, it does Michael and it adds a different flavor to it than from what I had heard about that  in the past  because it becomes very personal  and I understand that a lot more of that than I did before.

Michael:  To further explain to you why you now understand it the way that you do is, when you come across other people that have reached a certain level of spiritual understanding and  that have found these supernal truths and come into these revelations they’ve done so personally from their perspective.  Now as you receive these things they’re being tailored to you for your perspective because no one can see through your eyes but you because you are in essence the only perceiver of your reality.  So all of the experiences in your life and things that you’ve seen are taken into account so spirit can work with you personally, and then we can tailor it to you so you can understand it fully.

Paul:  As a follow up question to that Michael, so this is something that is experienced by each individual?  In other words, let me rephrase that; Is there going to be this influx of energy, this presence of the Father within throughout all humanity in like a collective sense or is this all going to be on an individual sense that this is going to occur?

Michael:  Well your question is two -parted and the first part of it has to do with the individual and the individual themselves having to awaken fully into the presence of the divinity within them.  You were created perfect Paul. The remembrance here for you is that you have forgotten that you are perfect because the word perfection on your sphere is more of an unattainable goal that is hardly ever reached.  Within the realms of your understanding you are awakening to your divine remembrance of being a perfect spiritual being within.  There is a remembrance of how much you are loved; how much I love you and Mother loves you;  the universe loves you; and that we love you much more than the world that you now behold does.

So you are awakening from a world that did not show you that love that you are experiencing now and will continue to experience into the divine embrace in knowing that you are God in man until you come into what has been termed self-realization.

When you view it from your perspective collectively, you are now in the understanding of what is achievable and possible.  Whereas many people and many personalities from your sphere have these convoluted ideas and interpretations  that I am very, very far away; that I’m unreachable and that I am not personable; nor is God because God isn’t within them to many of your sphere, He exists somewhere out there or He’s unreachable and it’s a mystery.

So as you come into this ascension understanding, which is simply just the knowingness that you are in possession of these things and that you are perfect in this higher state of consciousness, in this remembrance, then others too can come into this understanding.
Now as you have remembered now, if anyone else may come across this information, it may spark something within them and they may ‘remember’ it as well.  Now if they remember something a domino has fallen from your domino, and so on and so forth, so then that can encompass the entire world.  Only until many people do it will the world follow behind it.

Paul:  And to follow up with that further Michael, so that means that if I am part of your heart does that mean that I am Michael as well?

Michael:  You’ve never been separate from me Paul.  Never.  Not one time.  Not one moment in your life have you been separate from me or my heart.  When you say I am Michael you are saying I am everything which is essentially you are identifying with my spirit that dwells within you.

You’re identifying with the divinity within you and through your experiences you are now coming into a remembrance of a higher consciousness.  When you say ‘I am Michael’ you are saying I am everything in this universe.  I am this universe.  That is what I am.  I cannot exist without you or anyone else that has not come into this remembrance or I would be without my family, and I do not wish to ever be without them.  I love all my children and I want them all to remember and be a part of my heart and be a part of me and share this with me.

I would give it all to them and more.  So the concept that you’re trying to understand here is identifying with me as a personality, as separate.

How are you talking to me or receiving my spirit now if you’re separate from it?  So if you look at your circulatory system in your body, you are a part of the whole that makes the whole thing function, because you’re flowing through it and an integral part of it.  If one part was missing it wouldn’t work properly.  So in that aspect you have to understand that you are a part of me and a part of the wholeness of non-separability.

Paul:  Yes, thank you Michael.  I am beginning to understand that.  Continuing on in a similar vein; I know Paul of Tarsus made a comment about the revealing of the sons of God, that the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.  So who are these children of God that we are awaiting to be revealed and will they be revealed in our day?

Michael:  Once again you are speaking from Paul of Tarsus’s interpretation of his spiritual experience. The creation that was subjected was the creation that was subjected to the falsifications of death and decay.  Death is not real in the sense that someone may believe that when they die that there is a cessation of life. Frustration comes from the fact that many people believe that death is a passageway or a gateway to heaven or that death is a finality of cessation of existence and the frustration comes to understanding that many children have to face death in order to understand through morontial resurrection who I am and what my will is for this universe.

The revealing of the Sons of God simply means that you have been found in divinity, that you have been made in my image.  You have been revealed to be a part of that aspect of divinity and that image or mark is bearing upon you and it is not subject to frustration any longer because you know now that you’re not separate from it.  Heaven is not out there, but heaven is now in YOU and you are a divine being if you can realize that level of consciousness.  Specifically, if you can attain the revelation of who you really are.

Paul:  Thank you Michael.  I know there are many on our sphere for many hundreds of years have been expecting your return.  Should your return be looked at in a spiritual sense in that you are being born within our hearts or is it also within a physical sense that you will literally return one day?  Can you clear up that confusion for us?

Michael:  There’s two parts to this question.   The first part is when you speak of a human being Joshua Ben Joseph’s life that lived the life and became known as Jesus and then of course became known as Michael of Nebadon in the flesh.  Are you not speaking to Michael of Nebadon now?

Paul:  (Long pause) Well  I know I am speaking to Michael of Nebadon, but when you say Michael of Nebadon in the flesh that confuses me.

Michael:  I know it does and the reason that it confuses you is because a level of consciousness is being reached and it is being brought through a human being that is on your sphere.  Much as when Jesus walked he revealed my will through himself perfectly.

There are many concepts surrounding this that can be misinterpreted and also convoluted and also confusing.

The first part is my return happened at Pentecost when the Spirit of Truth came to dwell on this world.

My return, right then and there, was secured.  I am and can dwell with each and every human being, if they so choose.  You can attune to that Spirit of Truth and you can bring it forth and you can learn from it and you can also be a part of it.

You’re still looking at it through a human view and you’re not looking at it through the view of consciousness because your perception doesn’t understand that level of divinity yet, and it’s OK, but as you attune more and become more in touch with it, it will adjust itself to you and your divine spirit within will also adjust itself to that which you are receiving to harmonize and fully understand the concepts that are being brought forth.   

Paul: I think I am beginning to understand what you are saying here.  So is it simply that, to understand this, I have to reach a higher level of consciousness, and that I will be out of the way of the human personality?

Sonsamel Melchizedek:  Hi Paul.  This is Sonsamel Melchizedek.  (P:  Hi Sonsamel)  I just wanted to come in briefly here and see if we can adjust a little bit to you.  When you’re faced with such a supreme presence of spirituality and sometimes when you are enamored, so to speak, with having questions answered in spiritual concepts they are many times not translatable to the receivers awareness yet.  We Melchizedeks specialize in trying to bring forth concepts to the human being so they can be understandable because when you reach a certain level of attainment and realization, concepts are not necessary any longer.  So if you need further clarification on that I’d be happy to entertain any more questions that may you have regarding this.

Paul:  And you’re referring to my question about attaining the higher consciousness?

Sonsamel Melchizedek:  Yes and the consciousness that you speak of.  What was the confusion that you were experiencing there?

Paul:  (long pause) So I suppose then the only way I can truly understand this is to come into that higher level of consciousness, into that state of knowingness, rather than to be immersed in concepts, and   perhaps that’s why I am having difficulty in understanding in what’s coming through.

Sonsamel Melchizedek:  Yes, and this has been spoken about on your sphere by many ascended masters and also those that have reached a certain level of self-mastery and teachers, spiritual teachers, as the ‘Christ consciousness’.  The Christ consciousness is the consciousness that God is not separate from you and that any answer that you want or need will be understood instantaneously and that if you have a question you simply but have to ask it within and you’ll receive your answer within.

Maintaining this level of realization is a process on your world.  It involves what in concept has been brought forth as a soul body, the light body.  It’s been named morontial, material blending, it’s been named Homo Spiritus, it has been named all kinds of different aspects of concepts that say now this consciousness, which is God, has indwelt man and man has become the Christ.  Man has become the Christ of God or his original state has been reached in perfection.

Now, constantly remembering that is a process.  Constantly not questioning where this information is coming from and doubting it takes extraordinary faith and also takes a childlike attitude of trusting its Father, reaching its hand out, knowing that you’re going to be led properly, thoroughly and never, never, to your detriment or harm.

Paul:  I appreciate that Sonsamel.  Thank you.  I…  (Sonsamel Melchizedek:  It’s OK) If you just give me a minute…(long pause)  So if I just asserted myself,  so to speak, and I said ‘I am the I am’ and I made that statement and I removed all doubt and came into faith and trust then eventually I would simply remember who I am because now I am removing that doubt?

Sonsamel Melchizedek:  Yes, and the doubt and fear and all of the things that have been put in the place of God, which is Paradise, which is essentially the remembrance of what you inherently have in every cell of your being in its highest state, in its absolute state, in its infinite state; Is the highest self; It is the ultimate realization.  It is the finality of where you are destined.  It is the destiny of all that reach out for spirituality.  To understand that they have always been God in the end and that they have come from God and will go back to God and the intervening state now is the son of God.  The son of God or Christ, which has to indwell the human being.

The body that you are born with which was endowed with personality has to come into the understanding that you are in possession of what has been concepted as a Thought Adjuster or a Divine Spirit or a Higher Self or a perfect pilot.  That pilot is no longer out there guiding you, but rather it is in you, because it IS YOU.

You have just removed the separate self from it because you may have fallen into a forgetful state, so to speak.   So once again, perception in consciousness can be convoluted and misinterpreted, but when you’re dealing with pure spiritual information, when we have to bring forth concepts, we also have to tailor it to you.  Others  may resonate with it because it may also clarify it in a way that they understand.

How many people have interpreted John of Patmos’s revelation differently?  So, when you receive revelation it is meant for you.  It is always meant to be interpreted with love a forefront when you receive it, if you are not receiving the revelation personally.  When you look at anything through the eyes of a personality you may see a person struggling and you may also see maybe that person fighting within themselves.

Spirit looks and sees all the way past to the light within and tries to spark that divine remembrance within your heart and within your own mind to bring you up out of the dregs of being alone and cut off.

Paul:  Thank you Sonsamel.  I appreciate that.  Perhaps one final question and  then if you have any concluding comments?  If we are the I AM and we’ve always been that, why is it that so many of us have difficulty in remembering and in understanding that?

Malvantra Melchizedek:  Hi Paul, this is Malvantra Melchizedek.  I would like to answer this one for you if I may.  (P:  Sure, hi Malvantra)

Malvantra:  Hello. Well there’s been an extraordinarily difficult path in your planet’s evolution that has caused difficult circumstances for those minds that have not been endowed with higher intellectual prowess.  So you are asking a question here for yourself and you’re encompassing the collective that you see that have had a hard time remembering what they possess inside.

When you look at yourself the self-first has to remember who it is before it can look at the collective and see that it is in a forgetful state. When you’re worried about the collective in a state where you’re not in line with divinity and you’re not in line with a certain remembrance then you’re bound to eventually fall back into it because energy follows thought and you’re focusing on others before you understand.

So, when you look at it through the eyes of you, you have to know that the most important person right now is YOU in your spiritual evolution.

You’ll have time later to work in the collective and you will have time later to work in the field of teaching and understanding and helping others to understand.  But until you reach a certain level of mastery, a certain level of understanding within yourself, of spiritual concepts, then I am not able to answer appropriately about the collective because at this juncture it will just be confusing.

To tailor it to you specifically, you have been affected through your lineage, first of all not only by Adam and Eve’s default genetically, due to genetics that have come from the mixing of many different species and races through the many, many years that humans have been breeding on Urantia to bring forth sons and daughters.  The Adamic stock was meant to correct that but your world had a fall out there, number one.  Number two, you had the default of your celestial overseer here, your System Sovereign and the default of your Planetary Prince which thwarted the system circuits and the celestial helpers.

So taken into consideration and account that, if you had a teacher that had gone awry in school that said that, I don’t want to teach the curriculum that the school board has put out and I want to teach something violent and hateful every day, more than likely those students would be bound to be affected by that negatively.

So you, first of all being a product of your environment, where you don’t have very many spiritual people that have the pure understanding of what remembrance is a determining factor.  Secondly, you haven’t been endowed with the mental capacity as a human being to have the higher intellectual prowess without the bondages of fear.  You also have the repercussions of the celestial defaults effects on not only you individually, but its collective effects on you personally.  This is where the collective comes to play, your government, educational and financial institutions and many other factors.

So remembering here simply means looking at yourself, your environment, your lineage , your schooling, your mother and your father, your friends, your co-workers, and everything else that you’ve had in your life; count on one hand how many human beings you have encountered that have been self-realized individuals and that will answer your question.

Paul:  Yeah, that was very powerful.  I understand what you’re saying.  I am certainly going to have to take that in to the Father within and be led by that guidance.  And I was wondering if you or anybody else had any concluding comments?

Monjoronson:  So in closing, this is the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson.  Hi Paul.  How are you?

Paul:  Hi Monjoronson.

Monjoronson:  I just want to briefly bring forth that once again, when you’re dealing with spirit we have to bring forth concepts that are tailored to you specifically.  I think that within the realm of your understanding we can safely say that you have reached new levels of realization.  We have all here in observation watched this take place.  Your seraphim Gabriella even was making a comment to me earlier about this.  When you look at these things through the perception of a human being experiencing divinity or spirit, these things are awe inspiring.  They are sometimes confusing and can also be illuminating to the point that they can be blinding to the receiver of such.

We down step information to you in terms and terminology that you can understand which can be equated within your mind so that you can begin to glean and come into the conscious understanding of what we’re trying to get across to you.  We as celestials all have different energy signatures, vibrations and what you would know as personality, every one of us.

One may resonate with you differently than say one teacher or another.

Eventually you’ll find something and you’ll get it.  You’ll finally say, ‘wait a minute, that makes sense, that really, really resonates with me.’  And when something resonates within you, you won’t have any more questions, you’ll just know and in that knowingness all your answers will be readily available for any question your mind can formulate.  

So, keep up the good work Paul.  We’re all behind you and you are loved more than you could possibly ever presently fathom and we bid you a good night.

Paul:  Thank you Monjoronson and everyone.  I appreciate all your wonderful comments in helping me and anyone that may read these transcripts.  I am very grateful.  Thank you again.     

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