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Whispers Session 1 - Manotia; Melchizedeks; Lanaforge - There Is No Separation from God - Sep 21, 2012 - Trenton, NJ,

Index of Transmissions in This Document
Full Transcription of Various Elements Below were Received September 21, 2012

  • 1) Manotia: About Reflectivity
  • 2) Circle of Seven: The Activation of the Reserve Corp Sentinels
  • 3) Melchizedeks:  Circuit Testing – The Opening of New Circuits
  • 4) Q&A Session with the Melchizedeks and Lanaforge - There Is No Separation from God

1) Manotia: About Reflectivity

The Indwelling Spirit of a Mortal in the Reserve Corps of Destiny as delineated and acknowledged by the guardians of destiny assigned to this Adjuster:

Many times in the past the word reflectivity has been used for those that were trying to label a connection that cannot be named due to the new and unrevealed way that this is being done at this particular juncture on this sphere.

This has caused unneeded confusion for those whom experience different circuitry to try to supersede and correct the information that is being brought out in this new and unrevealed way.

The problem with much information in the past that has been brought out is that it takes place through a human transmitter or TR, and is only able to be transmitted through the mind of the mortal bringing it forth. Although it has proved to be accurate in the past it has not been infallible.

This connectivity is necessary for mortals that are serving in many ways that will be involved alongside celestial beings in Michael’s correcting time and for those who serve of the staff of higher celestial personalities.

This includes the ones who have and are undergoing Morontia blending of the mind spirit aspect in personality here on the sphere of Urantia.

You will know if this encompasses you and will be brought to the proper personalities that are involved as they are capable of discerning if you are undergoing this process. This transformation borders on the cosmic mind but is wholly different than what normal transpires on a world untainted by rebellion.

Only those who have undergone this can accurately convey it appropriately as it will go beyond understanding to those who have not undergone it.

So as to not perpetuate any confusion we will only be expanding on this to those who make themselves available for this.  

This reflective connectivity is also being utilized with volunteers of all aspects of service in the correcting time. Included in the connectivity are higher personalities who are starting to understand though self-acting and specialized Adjusters their roles in Michael’s correcting time.

This reflective technique will be provided and applied to the individuals who make themselves available and are approved to be connected to this circuitry via the work with the Melchizedek’s in certain specific avenues.

This will provide the ability to understand, see and communicate with celestial beings through this connectivity and will provide the most accurate form of communication available for those who serve on the sphere of Urantia.

No two humans will experience this the same way and every experience will be different even if you will be involved in working with the Melchizedeks or not.

Many did not see Michael [in his morontia appearances] when He was here on his final bestowal, even when they were standing right in His midst. When you are encircuited you will be able to see and hear beyond the scope of human seeing and hearing, so to speak. In order to clarify this we will utilize a transmission from the 1111 progress group that was received to better make known just what this is.

2) Circle of Seven Spokesperson.
The Activation of the Reserve Corp Sentinels
Received by Chris.
Location: Michigan
June 12, 2011

Spokesperson: “The message for today concerns certain types of individuals that are known as Sentinels. They are these individuals that unwittingly watch for key events that will lead to their activation in the Mortal Corps of Destiny.

Although we cannot tell you how many of these Sentinels there are, or their location, we can say that there are more now than there have ever been on Urantia in times past. It is the function of these mortals to step in during a planetary emergency and lead with divine authority in key areas of society to maintain stability, and direct the affairs of their assigned office in accordance with their spiritual planetary administrators.

These Sentinels have been secretly rehearsed, throughout their life, for this special purpose by their guides and guardians to participate in the Correcting Time and the events that are about to take place on your world.“Most of these individuals are unaware that they have been chosen to be Sentinels and have no idea as of yet about what role they will have in the affairs of the coming age for which they will serve, yet upon their activation in the Mortal Corps of Destiny, they will speak with authority and people will listen and take direction from them because their Thought Adjusters will be communicating directly with the Thought Adjusters of those around them. It is this inter-communication of the Divine Fragments that will allow the Sentinels to freely operate.

“Why are we telling you about these Sentinels at this time? Because the time of activation is coming soon and we want you to be aware that such things can occur, and some of you who are reading this transcript may be called to service. When the activation occurs, you will have knowledge and memories of the training you have received throughout your life from the many celestial sources that have so carefully prepared you for this mission. Mountains will move for you and there will be no obstacle or fear that will prevent you from completing the mission.

Many orders of personality ranging from all types in creation are working in conjunction with the undertaking on the sphere of Urantia are “awakening”, so to speak, to the knowledge and understanding that they are here for specialized reasons and are being “activated” in conjunction with the Adjusters leadings.

Remember that we as celestials must use the best suited and appropriate terms and concepts available to make understanding clear to those who are interested in service. There may arise those that receive this information and are used to doing things a certain way that may not be able to understand these things without experiencing it for themselves, so please remember that this is a process that takes time as it is brought into your spectrum of consciousness.

If you have questions in regards to this form of connectivity always take these things to Michael and the Adjuster in stillness and you will be given proper understanding if you truly desire to have it.


Reflective Spirit:
3) Melchizedek Circuit Testing – Opening of New Circuis

Reflective Spirit: All reservists have self-conscious Adjusters, and most of them function in the higher cosmic circles of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment. Mortals of the realm are chosen for service in the reserve corps of destiny on the inhabited worlds because of:

a. Special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for numerous possible emergency missions in the conduct of various activities of world affairs.

b. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual, or other cause, coupled with willingness to serve without human recognition and rewards.

c. The possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility and probable pre-Urantia experience in coping with planetary difficulties and contending with impending world emergency situations.

4) Q&A Session
Teachers: Melchizedeks and Lanaforge
There Is No Separation from God
T/R: Michael Xavier
Moderator: Paul Conklin
Location: Trenton, NJ

Opening Prayers - We are grateful to have this time together for all our dear friends and celestials to come together and help us, to have a greater understanding of Spirit.  We certainly invite the Paradise Father. Mother Spirit, Christ Michael in, the Eternal Deities, and anyone else that would like to come and help us as we gain a deeper understanding of Spirit, while we are here on Urantia. And we thank you for all this.

I thank the cosmos and all of creation for this experiential knowledge that is available to each and every human being that desires to have a greater understanding of themselves and spirit, especially on a world that was once isolated for so long from spiritual circuitry. As these things are opened we open ourselves to the Great Light in truth and love. Our hearts are the gardens for the seeds which are you. Plant your seeds of truth, beauty, love and goodness and allow us to be a conduit for them to grow so we can show others the beautiful garden and the Kingdom of God which is us. May we reflect all that you are outwardly as we are already in possession of it inwardly.

Paul: Well, the first question that I have is pretty deep. And it seems appropriate that we start at the beginning, which is at the source. We can from there of course let Spirit lead us to the other answers that we’re seeking. I had just recently learnedthat the I-AM presence is in everyone and in everything and of course that is something that, here on Urantia, is out of the realm of understanding of most individuals. So I would ask, whoever would like to come through, if you could please elaborate on that.

Sonsamel Melchizedek: Hello Paul, this is Sonsamel Melchizedek and the question that you have is multi-faceted because you’re not only dealingwith a question that has to do with the Adjuster presence within the I-AM which is in every being but you’re also correlating that with the ultimatonic energy within every cell or every particle of energy. So, if you could quantify the question a little clearer I think I could answer it a little bit better.

Paul: I suppose then I could start with the divine spark. If you could take it from there and answer that as to how we are that I-AM presence.

Sonsamel Melchizedek: As you consciously progress through the psychic circles as a mortal of the realm, here within your sphere of Urantia, the higher that you reach toward that which is the source, The First Source and Center, the higher the understanding becomes of what you are essentially a vessel. In the beginning when you are born, for any human being, you are brought into this world as a vessel. And the mind that is a part of the vessel is a blank computer disk, so to speak. These are crude concepts, but I am using concepts that you can understand on your sphere. So as the human being begins to become programmed, then it learns a language and it can become conscious of interaction with other human beings. Now when the first mortal decision, conscious decision is made, or can be made, then the individual is imparted with the divine spark. The divine spark comes from Divinington, and that is the Thought Adjuster. That is the overcontrol of the program, the ultimate potential.

Now I want you to hear what I am saying to you here.

The Overcontrol of the program,the impartation of the divine will for the mortal, the Guide, the Parent,  the Perfect Pilot from Within, indwells that mind of the child, and the mind of the child begins to cultivate relationships. Now, when that child can consciously make decisions that are beneficial for itself and others,that are based on truth beauty and goodness, then something else begins to happen. Something happens in an intervening state, a morontial state,where the value of these decisions becomes eternal and infinite. Nothing that is true, beautiful and good ever ceases to exist. Nothing ever cultivated within the realm of experience ever dies.

So, you have the pre-existent Thought Adjuster. Then you have the human body, which is the vessel for the Thought Adjuster, and then you have the experiences that create the soul value.

Now the soul or the morontial value is the intervening factor, the stepping-stones,  to reach the I-Am presence as you call it.

Because the gap or the bridge is so wide, is so vast, between the human mind and the divine mind, you have to cultivate good decision making processes to understand God; truth, beauty and goodness, love, mercy  and grace.

As you experience these things you start to climb through the rugged mountains of moral choosing. You start to climb in understanding and consciousness.

The soul therefore is the intervening factor. It’s eternal; it has value and when you reach the divine spark, or make contact with your Adjuster, you come to an understanding that those values merge within that divine spark and fuse to become all of that divine spark, which it is.

That’s what fusion essentially is. You can’t fuse a body with a spirit, but you can fuse a value, an experience, a morontial acquirement which is essentially your experiential acquirement as a human being.

These things are very real, and your questions are pertinent because when you look at it through the eyes of a child, when you see a child walk into a classroom for the first time, there’s a sense of awe when the teacher is teaching it something that interests it and is new. When the Thought Adjuster teaches you and you start to begin to understand the true value of what you’re learning in spirituality,  then there’s an awe there as well.

Thank you very much Sonsamel. I know when I go back over this it will provide me with quite a bit of things to think about and take in, within my own Spirit within.

Sonsamel Melchizedek:  Remember too that within this realm of education that you’re receiving much of this stuff you know, your Spirit knows, but we as teachers and celestials, we are, I would like to use the words ‘liaison to the Thought Adjuster’ because many humans beings now, especially on Urantia, especially on a world that has been marred by rebellion, they cannot make a conscious contact with a pure spiritual presence due to all of the intervening factors.

So in the Teaching Mission, part of Michael’s Correcting Time under this universe’s administration, we celestials become teachers to help you get to your Adjuster. That’s where we’re leading you, to Spirit, and there’s many concepts you can add on to that, but in the end you’ll realize that we are essentially not separate from your Thought Adjuster. We are just extensions of the Creator, even though we are celestials urging you ever upward to that which you become, and in that experience you will understand the ascension process.

Paul: Thank you again Sonsamel, that was very enlightening. And to go along with that question , again because of the confusion on Urantia for so many years, there has been some confusion concerning our origins, and more specifically as it pertains to who we really are. We’re frequently being told to remember who you are. So, can you elaborate on that as well? What is it to remember who we are? What does that mean?

Sondjah Melchizedek: Hi Paul, this is Sondjah Melchizedek. I’d like to take this one if you wouldn’t mind. (P: OK) What essentially you have to look at in this concept is the word remembrance; specifically, the memory of understanding of what is of a true value here. What is remembrance, anyway? You have to have forgotten something before you can remember it, so, you have to ask yourself the question about what have you forgotten.  Essentially, on a world like you come from, there is no divine guidance in your culture, so you’ve forgotten the nature of God. You’ve forgotten the nature of Spirit. You’ve forgotten the nature of the whole meaning of progression of the mortal journey as it is in correlation to the universal family and what it’s for.

Remembrance is essentially remembering what you’re here for and what you’re here to do. If something doesn’t have value it will cease to exist. To remember your value is to remember the eternal values within the self. When you remember the pre-existent Thought Adjuster that you have been given and where it dwells, that  is part of you remembering who you are.

Now Paul, you have a lot more knowledge than say another person that hasn’t been exposed to what you know. A lot of these children that dwell on this sphere believe that God is in space, He’s out there. They don’t even realize where God IS or that He would even put Himself in a body, let alone be that close to you to be able to speak to Him. You’ve come a long way in remembering that, haven’t you? (P: Yes, definitely) At one time you didn’t believe that, you didn’t believe that it was possible because you had forgotten. So, I understand what you’re asking. The ultimate remembrance is to understand where you’ve come from and why you’re here, and your journey within the realm of time. The Thought Adjuster couldn’t exist here without you Paul, but you couldn’t exist either without the Thought Adjuster.

So, what does that mean? What does that mean when you look at that? When we say that to you,that you are dependent upon one another… That is the ultimate remembrance.

If it wasn’t for you, God couldn’t be here and if it wasn’t for God you couldn’t be here. Are you gleaning that? (P: Yes, I am definitely understanding what you’re saying.) So, within that realm or partnership, when you understand the partnership then you begin to co-create limitless possibilities. Even what you’ve just done in your own personal life wasn’t done just by you, Paul. You had given over to the divine pilot. You had trusted the Spirit within and listened to its guidance and direction; this is the ultimate remembrance.

The Adjuster is YOU. Now, there’s an intervening factor there. The Adjuster is YOU is the absolute remembrance. That only comes when you can fully remember who you are. You are that close to God. There are /is no veil/s [separation].

Paul: So, does that come then when we lift the veils of illusion? Is that simply what it is? Getting out of our own way, so that we can truly perceive who we really are? Does that mean then to remember who we are we need to remove the clouds of illusion that are in front of us? And when we do that is that when we remember who we are? Simply getting out of the way of our own thoughts?

Machiventa Melchizedek: What I would say is getting out of the way is essentially remembering that there is no veils, there is no separation. Within that concept, veils or separation. Look at it as a bright light that’s constantly within your vision. Now, the further you get away from it,  the smaller it becomes but the closer that you get the larger it becomes. That light is ever present. The distance are the things or the aspects that you’ve placed between you and that light. There is no distance between God and you but in the mortal mind here on Urantia there is a distance.People believe that they need to drive to church to find God or they need to speak to a man or they need to travel to a holy land when they have been in possession of it all along. That can be clarified a little bit more also with more questions.

Paul: Thank you Machiventa. I was going to also ask to somewhat follow up on that if it’s simply a matter of recognizing that that light is within us and we are not separate anymore when we remember what the light is for; how can I say it?

Sonsamel Melchizedek: I know what you want to say and it’s OK. Butonce again there’s a stigma there. You caught yourself like it was bad, did you not? (P: Yes, I did.) So, you’re still in the process of remembering. Now it’s OK because you’re not comfortable withsaying that yet, because you’re notto that level of consciousness yet. You’re speaking openly with celestial beings right now Paul, so you have to understand that you’re not separate from this connection. You’re certainly not separate from, and this is Sonsamel Melchizedek, by the way.

You’re not separate from the universe. You’re not separate from me, even though I may be very far away, in your mind. But where is far away if I’m speaking to you right now? And where am I speaking to you from, the Kingdom that which is in this liaison?

Paul: That’s a very good question Sonsamel. The reason why I developed these questions because I know it is something that I am developing and I know many on Urantia are certainly having difficulties with this and I know that it would benefit those like me.

Sonsamel Melchizedek: The proponents of your question shall I say, that you’re asking, have to do with the soul. You’re curious about the developmental process of the soul and the energy inherent within the growth, the expansion, and I guess you could say the wisdom growing within it and the fortitude and different aspects to make it a strong, fortified bulwark, so to speak, so God can dwell there. There are many facets to this question. I’ll be glad to entertain anything that you have in regards to this further.

Paul: Ok, and really to continue on in that same line of thought, and again, it’s something we have difficulty here on Urantia understanding, that we are not separate. Whether that is with Michael; whether that is with Father. For example if you say, I am the Christ or I am Michael, it is often that that statement could be perceived as blasphemy even though that’s not how Spirit views it. So, could you explain that a little more about that oneness that you could say I am the Christ, I am Michael, I AM the I AM and so forth?

Sonsamel Melchizedek: I definitely understand what you are getting at here. So, you have to understand time first. In these questions you have formulated you have to erase time completely. I’m going to take you on a journey here for a few moments. So, I just need you to erase time as a concept from your mind. (P: OK) And I what I want you to think of is what was before anything created. What was before anything? Now, you have a beginning. So, you cannot even fathom something not having a beginning. But pre-existentto anything that was created was God; was this raw unqualified presence of the Creator of all things that was alone. The thought spark within God the Creator, the Paradise Father, brought forth Michael, the Eternal Son and that Michael Son, the original Michael, collaborated within the presence of the Paradise Father to further create. So, the Infinite Spirit came to be. Now, that’s the Trinity right? (P: Yes) So, you have the Father, the Son and the Infinite Spirit. Now, if that’s all there was and ever was, where did you come from?(Long Pause)

Paul: So, If I am understanding correctly, that, since that is all there is, if we have sprung from that then we can’t be separate since we are a thought of the Eternal One?

Sonsamel Melchizedek: Well, there’s only one thought that comes from God and that love. This my friend is a key proponent, and the many questions that you have about the soul. God cannot create anything that’s not good. He cannot create anything that is less than perfect. The remembrance that you’re speaking of and you had spoken about is engaging within the remembrance of perfection. What is perfection? Perfection is inherent in everything because God is within everything. So, if you’ve forgotten that, then you’ve tried to do what? You have tried to place something that isn’t real where there is perfection. And what isn’t real is the thought that anything is less than perfect because God can’t create anything that isn’t perfect.

Now, the thought and energy inherent within these realms of what you’re asking about are the fears, the doubts, the guilt’s, and all of these many things that God cannot be and these are predominate energy systems that can be fed from and perpetuated if you are ignorant of truth.

Paul: I know this is a very deep question and certainly just one session wouldn’t be enough to cover all those aspects, but I certainly have many more questions in regards to this…

Sonsamel Melchizedek: I was trying to lead you a little more to see if there was anything that needed more to be further clarified. These things are just very broad in the scope of conceptual words that we have to utilize to try to bring forth to you as an understanding. Where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and how everything is an infinite cycle.

Even on a world like Urantia there are cycles.

There’s a season for everything under the heavens, so to speak. You’re entering into autumn. So you know that the leaves that have grown over summer are going to fall back to the earth. Then you will give way to winter and snow will fall. Then everything will grow again. So the cycle will continue and continue and continue. Well, the energy inherent within God’s thought is continuous. It will always be. You were created perfect. You were created to be a vessel for God. And that perfect vessel will spurn an intervening reality which is your experience. Which is God’s experience,which is the Supremes experience,and you do have a lot of questions.I would be happy to entertain them further if you ask them, your soul’s asking them to me, but those who read this transcript won’t get that unless you ask. (P: OK)

Paul: Another question I have that it’s somewhat of a, it still falls in the same line of questioning. And it really goes back to what you were talking about just a few minutes ago. That the Thought Adjuster, the divine spark, if it is as you are saying, then that divine spark is us. We are not separate from that one. So then when we pray, who do we pray to? Is there no longer a need for prayer if we are the Thought Adjuster, if that is us? Or is there something I am not understanding?

Sonsamel Melchizedek: Well, you’re trying to look at it from a linear perspective. You’re looking at it from one dimension, and it’s OK, but your question is no different than looking at a humongous square head on. But when you go to the side you realize that it’s a cube. And then when you walk around a little bit further you realize that the cube is beveled out and there’s many facets and dimensions to the cube inside of it. So, instead of looking at it linearly you have to look at it from a different perspective. You have to look at it from God’s perspective. You have a fascination with trying to identify with God the Father, God the Spirit, the spark that’s within you, which is your divine Spirit or your Thought Adjuster.

Now, the Thought Adjuster is the Guide, the Pilot, the presence of Paradise within you. So when you pray you are praying to that presence within you. It is a yearning to know or to seek that presence. Now many people do it in church and many people get on their knees and they get on their bedside and they, you know, fold their hands up and they pray. There’s many different acts, and I guess you could say rituals that are involved with prayer. Prayer is the expression of the soul to not be separate from the Infinite presence from which it was derived from.

The more you pray the further you come into the understanding that God, as you reach up to, or shall I say, that you reach within to the presence of, willreach out and will reach down to you, that which you reach for. There is a meeting of intent and spirit and the meeting in the middle is the understanding that you’ve been praying to the presence within you. Now when you find it then you realize what God really is. When you realize what God really is, which is within you, then you can realize that everything that you see, everyone that you meet, has that same presence within them and you can look past those things that they put in place of it and see that presence within them and that makes you not separate, Paul. When you can do that, that is true God realization. When you can see God in everything. (P: OK)

Paul: Well, I have a final question. And then if you, or whoever, would like to bring out some concluding thoughts that would be fine. It is my assumption that, it seems obvious, as each one begins to connect to the Spirit within them such will lead to the flowering of human consciousness. Can you discuss that a little bit? Is that accurate? And is it as each one awakens that we are awakening each one?

Sonsamel Melchizedek: Well, I guess the way that I could phrase the answer to your question is to look at it from your perspective. Where you’ve come from. Where you are and how you’ve blossomed and you’ve grown into this understanding of what you possess inside and where God is and how you’re not separate from anything as you so eloquently put in your poetry and also in your channeling, and your encouragement that you get from your Thought Adjuster as well.

As you awaken that knowledge, even your knowledge that you are receiving right now, becomes available to you,but in turn, you give it away. Maybe someone in Sacramento, California will read this transcript and they never heard of anything like this before and there’s a spark within them and they have a realization. Now because of your realization they had a realization and because of their realization they will help someone else realize it and as I speak about this Lanaforge is conferring with me now and he is coming through.

System Sovereign Lanaforge: Now, if everyone within the realm of your world realized what they had inside, which is God, and that every individual was God, an expression of love, there wouldn’t be any oppression, there wouldn’t be any minorities because there is no such thing. There would not be oppression of individuals because of the realization that God is in everyone. Now, as more and more people awaken and come into this conscious possession of this understanding it will illuminate the consciousness of the world and this will be a process on a world like yours especially a world ridden by, the default of not only your former System Sovereign, but your planetary administrator Caligastia and all of the different facets that are involved in that, including the default of Adam and Eve. So, the ground of Urantia is like a breeding ground for noble souls, for tempered spirits. Nowhere else in the cosmos can you gain experience like you can on this world, the world that you live on, the mortal home of Christ Michael.

This is a planet that has so much history, so many unbelievably bizarre experiences within the realm of universal administration, that when you thrust God-minded experiences within it, you’re bound to come up with beautiful diamonds of souls and just wonderfully realized individuals, and as a teacher that you’re assigned says all the time, ‘only diamonds are formed with great pressure and time.’

Paul: Thank you Lanaforge.

This is Sonsamel Melchizedek.   I salute you for undertaking this aspect of service. Now, to be properly encircuited and to draw from the currents of the universe you need two persons or more. You gain the greatest wisdom because no longer are you receiving just for yourself as encouragement and impartation through your Adjuster, because they’re always going to be singularly prospective. You’re only going to be seeing through the eyes of Paul and you’re only going to be seeing through the eyes of your experiential process. Now when you put this together with another human being, with another Thought Adjuster, then two can commingle and correlate and thus you have a circuit that’s formed and all of the celestials that you’ve been in contact with and received imprinting from and impartation from, become each other’s. All of that experiential knowledge within each other’s experience becomes yours for the taking. It’s only there waiting to be asked for. And that my friend is the key to soul growth. As you open yourself up to a greater level of not only realization but of knowledge that you’re thirsting for, you will give it away to others that are thirsting for it. And you will be the domino that fell into all of the dominos in successive line, so to speak, in the chain, which you initiated; For each one that falls into the arms of the Paradise Father, so to speak, will be attributed to your energy that was thrust forth from your efforts.

Paul: Thank you. Well, thank you so much Sonsamel. I am very grateful for all the things you brought through this evening.