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Eternal Son - Proclamation of Love - Sep 19, 2012 - Everett, WA,
The Eternal Son
Subject: This Message, Born of My Love for My Children, I Dedicate to You and to All of My Children on Urantia.

T/R: Felix Caro
Location: Everett, WA
September 19, 2012

[From the Transmitter: This message has been translated for me by my Thought Adjuster, after having received it via Master Spirit Number Two, Kuwaya.]


Dear children of time! The Eternal Son, the First One, your Brother and Father from Paradise salutes you! I send you all in the worlds of time my love, the love of my Father and Our blessings.  Just like my Father, I love you all immeasurably, beyond the barriers of time and space.

My love is eternal, transmitted to you by my Creator Sons and the Daughters of the Infinite Spirit; transmitted to you also via every celestial creature, born of perfection and called-upon to give a perfect love to all of my children, born in imperfection, and called-upon to be perfect as Our Father, the God of everything that was, is, and forever will be. Accept the challenges of life in the worlds of time as a source of inspiration to start your long road to divine perfection.

Live your lives pursuing choices to be better in spirit, to be more loving, and to become more merciful. Wherever you are, whatever you do, my Father is with you as I also am with you, for He and I are One.  I am in you as my Father is in you. When I wish to contact my children in and outside the realms of time and space, it is immediately done, and this is how I am contacting you now, my beloved son and brother.

This message, born of my love for my children, I dedicate to you and to all of my children on Urantia. Let them know that I work with the Father continuously to make your world a better place; a place where Spirit will thrive, where it will be found everywhere one day. Urantia will become our Father’s garden in Nebadon and, in and through the Father’s presence there, my spirit will be felt too.

Urantia will be a world of light and beauty, where angel and mortal commingle and communicate like the brothers that they truly are. A world where one day there will be no more tears, but joy, as the mortals whose existence is at an end, will leave the world in the glorious chariots of fire and light of their union with Father. We can already see the transformed and glorious Urantia, even though this is not its current state.  We in the Paradise Trinity experience no time;  the present is the future, and 2000 years ago was like a day.

Live a life full of love, understanding, and mercy, toward your brethren, no matter how hard it is to do.   The prize of the ages, an eternity, awaits those who work with the Father’s will as was presented to you as a new commandment by Michael of Nebadon, my beloved and dedicated Son, in your domain of existence.

When you look at the stars, remember that beyond all those marvelous sources of light, beyond all of the material creation, We await all of you, here in the Center of All Things.