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Charles; Unknown; Light; Michael - Conviction and Truth - Sep 02, 2012 - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team
Teachers: Charles, Unknown Source, Light, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Allene Vick
September 02, 2012

Charles: [Mark] Good morning friends, Charles here to seize the opportunity of the hour and join you in your discussion where I am able to utilize several of the concepts that you have brought to the table. First is this notion of true basic belief in a truth or a reality or a principle or an ideal. If one has full whole hearted conviction that such is true to them, then this is the reality that they operate under. So, it was pointed out the value of examining your thought patterns to see if you can observe where there might be tinges of doubt, fringes of rampant suspicions, and a background noise of lack of conviction. These are what you are challenged to not only observe but to bring under your jurisdiction, to have under your control.

 Like everything that you find yourself encountering, you also find that you have some degree of control over it, you have some degree of relationship to it and this determines your working relationship with all that is out there. Each principle, ideal, thought or notion, you have some degree of relationship to. This is what you are attempting to pursue, this line of reasoning, when you offer up your prayers. You are attempting to follow the truth back, to rely on the assumption that you are connected to greater forces, to your Divine Parents, and because of this connection you are entitled to seek them out and to join forces with them.

 This is what your prayers are to the equation, for as you all know, love exists, life exists, peace exists. All these are there already by virtue of the Great Creator and all that is required is for you to form a strong enough relationship with your Parents to access and wield this same powerful creative force. It is as it is meant to be, that the children grow up to resemble their parents, that in growing up you learn more and more of your relationship and your association to your Great Parents and more and more you demonstrate that you would be like them, that you would follow them, that you would choose their ways repeatedly. This is your demonstration of faith, that you continue to return to this well, continue to bring your spirit as if it were a child into this arena so that you may be able to let in that which is found in this place we share together.

 So when you offer your petitions and you make your visualizations, do it with this sense of association, that you are a part of the whole of all that is and as such, you have certain divine birthrights that you now will choose to access and build on and nurture. The rest is, as you would call it, nature, a natural process that will involve you and surround you and keep you while you are part of this gigantic enterprise. You will be cared for, and all you seek to do with your prayers is to direct and focus what already exists, what already is underway, what your Parents have already seen to.

 But yet, you would vote with your will, that gift that you have to give; you would vote to contribute as well and to enhance the project at hand. In voting in this way and offering your contribution, you do join forces with the greatest forces at play; you do act in coordination with your Divine Parents. And so is the beauty of this circuit so formed. This energy may flow back and forth through such a grand alliance.

 It is always a pleasure to visit with you my friends. You always provide such rich content that one can pick up and nurture in your discussions. I now will step aside to allow this forum for others. Thank you for having me.

 Question: Since this issue we are discussing concerns physical threats to life, and this space you speak of required to ameliorate a situation, the person who comes to mind would be Mahatma Gandhi and many others killed in the line of duty so to speak. Did he suffer a lapse of faith or was it the free will of another individual to take a life? How does one respond to this sort of pressure or is this just part of being alive on this world?

 Charles: [Mark] Thank you for your question my friend. Ah, the human paradigm, where there are so many factors at play. While it is true that you have jurisdiction by virtue of your free will choice, predominantly over your life experience, it is also true, side by side with this reality that you live together among other human beings who likewise have this sovereignty over their life experience. If you were to live in a cave at the top of a mountain, no other individual’s reality would cover yours and you would be able to live out 100% your own version of reality.

 Because you are involved in groupings, cities, towns, societies, and cultures there are many different things, which impact your world, which are not a result of your choosing which are brought into your realm regardless of your choosing. Then, once they overlap with your sense of reality, then there is the opportunity for interface and relationship. Now some of the influences that may come to overlap yours you may like and want and choose and adopt. In this way you share aspects back and forth and adopt some and share some and form a relationship.

 This situation that you refer to, I call you to witness, there was a relationship between you and you overlapped each other’s reality with some level and degree of acceptance and tolerance and support. This is good, normal, and natural. There are from time to time others influence and others choices which when their actions and choices come in contact with yours, there is a sense of rejection and a certain intolerance for developing a relationship. In some cases this causes individuals to intentionally create distance between themselves and these others with whom they do not share similar interests.

 I point you back to the only real one true thing that you can do and that is to have absolute jurisdiction over your own actions, your own intentions, your own aspirations about the experience, that you are alone, responsible for how you are involved, what your relationship is to any given situation. This is the greatest single thing that you can do, is be master over yourselves throughout an entire event. It is not up to you how any other individual will act or react. If you maintain your posture of love and peace and light and well being, being your foundation, creating your environment with those aspects in place, then you will live in that environment regardless of what any neighbors decide to do.

 I would never encourage anyone to seek other than nonviolent and peaceful means in their interaction with anyone at any time in their earthly experience. One of the changes that is required that Urantians make, is that of coming from a warrior mentality to one of individuals sincerely interested in peace. Certainly you are all the peacemakers, you are all the nonviolent activists promoting peace, beauty, and goodness. Certainly you are known and cared for by your loving Divine Parents. You are seen to be good and beautiful in their eyes. Certainly they will be with you as you maintain this posture of peace and love and certainty. Nothing that could befall you as a result of these loyalties should in any way detrimentally affect your journey.

 This does not mean that situations, which arise, do not have ample opportunity for growth as you are discovering, but it does mean, if you exercise your faith, and you will, and if you avail yourselves of the resources at play, which you will, them I tell you that the outcome is almost a certainty. While the experience may still be a rich one, if you follow the path of love and exercise your divine birthright to create this in your environment, then you will have done it, and then the whole circumstance and situation will be well worth the cost.

 I say accept this gift of grace as an opportunity to develop your position and relationship even further and welcome this opportunity, petition to be illuminated with the lessons to be learned and the values therein. Make every attempt to believe the words, the truth of the statement that "All things are possible," then certainly something as minor as this in the scale of things is possible. I invite you to accept this challenge, this opportunity, and make it your own with of course, untold amount of assistance as you so request.

 So be it, I hope this helps to orient you towards your experience, thank you.

 Comment: Thank you Charles, your counsel is much appreciated.

 Unknown Source: [Cathy - concerning a vision about the portal which had some small parts missing.] The circle of the portal could use additional action of intention. The links among you could be strengthened. The practice of group action using the interface is strengthening both the participants and the structure of the portal. It is most useful tool that you could stand manipulating. We also add our intention as you participate together. Together, the range of action is multiplied and focused. Continue to attempt new projects utilizing this tool.

 Light: [Mark] Hello friends, Light here to offer a few words in conclusion today. Much has been made of the power of choice and your choices and how they are so significant to creation and all that transpires in your world and this is very true. In fact your choice is the one sacred thing you have to give in the equation, the one thing over which you and you alone have complete jurisdiction over. While it is ever good to focus on making choices, taking choices, and executing your choices, following through with your choices, knowing what you are choosing in your choices, there is also another aspect of choosing, which is so very very important.

 That is the option to not choose any given idea, phrase, expression, comment, or contribution that anyone else would like to make. You all are witness to the fact that while sitting around in a group, if a comment is made that is not to the liking of the group there may be one of two actions. One is to incite the group to investigate the comment, to chase it down and try to find a way to disassociate themselves from it somehow because they may have a dislike or distaste of it.  

 All this action, all this deciding not to like it has created an energy of itself, has created a pursuit of your choices where the energy is expended and a determination is made to somehow distance yourself from this concept or idea or behavior.

 But I invite you to consider, there is a far more effective and passive method to condition your environment when things are introduced into it which are not compatible and which you are not feeling are in synchrony. It is far easier and more passive, more loving, to simply choose it not, to simply avoid giving it any life by not chasing it down, by not following it where it went, by simply letting it go, simply choosing to not feed that dog, to not create the energy necessary to even disavow yourself. In this way one can control environment by simply making it impossible for those things of negative content to exist, depriving them of the elements they need to survive within your sphere of influence by not being afraid of them, not lending them your support even if it is your support in opposition to them.

 I know this is a rather subtle distinction to make, but all this choosing has its other side of not choosing, deciding not to play with that circuit of energy, not to be involved, not to condemn, but on the other hand not to provide it with the very means of its sustenance which is your energy, your thoughts, your choices. Without those, any idea will fall flat and wither away of its own accord. With your intention, with your energy, your thoughts, an ideal can last forever and take on great dimensions and proportions when others likewise contribute to your idea.

 This is how goodness thrives; this is also how other than goodness thrives. It needs the attention of individuals offering it energy to live. Sharing it, talking about it, expressing it in any form promotes it, gives it life, enables it to survive. I point this mode of choosing out so that you can put it into your mix of awareness of the different levels of choosing and the different levels of not choosing. I hope this builds some foundation of awareness.

 Once again it is my honor and pleasure to join you at times such as this. I leave you my love and with you petition the love our Divine Parents to flow in any and all channels that bring peace and love to individuals and to all of us as a collective. Thank you for your attention, farewell.

 Michael: [Allene] Good morning, this is Michael. I am so pleased to be with you this morning. It gives me so much pleasure to realize that my words, "All things are possible," are being heard and that attention is being paid to my statement. The more your give your attention to this and thoughts to it, you will be amazed at how this will open up all kinds of possibilities and potentialities that lie within you and within your likes. Please take the time to come to me and talk with me about this so I can explain this statement to you more clearly and help you to come to understand what a truly great statement this is because it opens up so much that your minds have basically limited you from comprehending. So I look forward to talking with each and every one of you and I will help guide you to understand this and help you to use this to benefit the world as we move into the Correcting Time and love and light. I thank you very much, you are truly my beloved followers and I am with you with my hand on your shoulders every day, all day long. So stop and think of me, and you will realize my hand is right there on your shoulder, thank you.

 Michael: [Cathy] My children, it is indeed true that we, your Mother and I, see the totality of your beings and we rejoice in the beauty and goodness that surrounds each of you. It is only needed for you to turn to us in your attempts to move through the challenges in this life. We are always available to join with you in the action of clearing the internal blockages that restrain your growth. If you experience inner conflicts we are available to hold you hand so to speak, to help you discover and face the things that block your spiritual progress. Some of you have participated in this healing process in the past. We encourage all of you to come to us with your intention to heal and clear away some of the negative aspects that block your progress. We are always with you in love and support.