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Siraya, Voice of The Father - I Speak Now for The Father- His Will Shall Be Done - Sep 12, 2012 - Everett, WA;
Siraya, Master Spirit Number One, Voice of The Father
Subject: What I have decreed SHALL BE DONE!
T/R: Felix Caro
Location: Everett, WA
September 12, 2012


I promise my children that I will make them free from their toils, their suffering and desperation. I will give you the freedom of the ages. I will make your world a place where my sons know nothing else other than to have been born and lived an entire life of freedom of mind and spirit.

I will make this world a place where you can make your decisions freely on based facts and honesty, where no longer deception can drive your decisions. I will make your world a place from where eventually every single one of My sons will initiate their long trip to My presence and glory. I will help you break the shackles that ignorance and spiritual emptiness has placed on my children for millennia on Urantia.

There is nothing on the entire creation that can persist when opposing My will, and nothing ever will in all of eternity. My will SHALL be done. Urantia WILL become MY veritable garden in Nebadon, where My sons born in perfection and those born to become perfect will commingle in perfect harmony. No more My sons will ever exist without knowing of My presence, of My eternal love and promises for them.  

My creation will continue to evolve until the day when it will be impossible for evil to find a seat in the hearts and minds of My children, and your world will be a good example to behold and be marveled at for all eternity. As I have decreed that Urantia will have a special future as an educational spheres for My Creator Sons, its physical survival is guaranteed for all time, as its transformation and that of your Solar System, Monmatia, will make it impossible for the celestial body laws and aging of your star to in any way affect this special creation of My Son Michael, MY own creation.

I promise you days where you will wake up and go to bed with only joy and happiness in your hearts, days that will be spent in loving service of your brethren in MY name. MY wishes become mandates, and MY mandates become action. What I have decreed SHALL BE DONE!

How great and fantastic are the times that you and your brethren are about to live thru! It shall all be done in MY name and for MY glory! My dear son, prepare your heart and mind to embark in the most important enterprises of your existence as a mortal. Learn your lessons well, and remember that I will always be with you, through thick and thin, in your existence as a mortal, and in your existence in eternity. Serve me well, my dear son, and I will show you wonderful and fantastic things that no mortal can ever witness or imagine, and you and I will enjoy it all, together, forever!

Seek, and you shall find! Ask, and you shall be given! But remember to ask for the benefit of your spiritual growth and that of your brethren. No love is greater than MINE! I love you NOW and FOREVER!