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Urantia aka Gaia - The Interconnection of Life - Jun 08. 2012 - Illawarra, Progress Group, AU
Chicago, US of A, June 8, 2012.
Teacher: Gaia (Urantia).
Subject: “The Interconnection of Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Gaia: “The crow you saw outside your window is one of my dear creatures. To you the bird seems unimportant today, as would multitudes of other little ones, even the microscopic beings that share this world with you. However, all of these species, once played an important role in the evolution process that culminated in your species – the human race.

“A Deity of Supremacy, I am a daughter of God the Supreme, sharing with you the benefits of evolution on this planet. It was a long journey of intricate processes until free-will finally emerged in this world, and universe identity was granted to your first human ancestors – Andon and Fonta. I could then start to draw on higher values of purposeful expression of truth, goodness and beauty by capable, will-endowed human beings. Therefore, I am connected with you and with all life on Urantia. I am ‘the rendezvous point’ of all life-sparks, now well-evolved, but long ago implanted on our planet by the Life-Carriers of Nebadon. Through me, and through the extensive, but not-yet-finished evolutionary cycle – human, animal and vegetable – all life is interconnected in mutual dependency.

“Most humans in their excessively self-centered lives of today fail to realize how much their existence owes to the rest of creation, even to these little, and by you thought of as insignificant creatures. However, they are dearly loved and sustained by me. You are all interconnected; but yours is the responsibility for caring for this world, which was so generously bestowed upon you. This means for you to care not only for your species, but also for all living beings on it, as well as for the planet itself – your habitat in common.

“You alone, among all living creatures on our world, have the power to change our home for the better. So, I plead with you, my children: Please consider you are not alone on our beautiful Urantia. Care for each other, and for all life around you, through which you all are connected to me, and interconnected with each other.

“I am Gaia, your Urantia Deity, ever busy in sustaining life on our planet, wishing to continue to do so until that glorious day when all time-space universes will be settled in Light and Life. On that day God the Supreme, whose offspring I am, will acquire fullness of supremacy to rule over all the worlds of Orvonton. I am always with you, my children. My love is indeed with you in all ways.”

Notes: The appropriate name for Gaia is ‘the Planetary Embryo of God the Supreme, Urantia’. The name ‘Mother Earth’ is also frequently used.
Orvonton – the Super-universe in which our planet Urantia is located.

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