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Beloved One - A Lesson About Contamination - Aug 21, 2012 - Illawarra, Progress Group, AU

Urantia, August 21, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson about Contamination.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It will be worthwhile to say a few words about contamination, as this mostly creeps in by surprise. It has spoiled and does spoil many things including food, water and air. However, the kind of contamination of which I desire to speak is that which affects the mind, and even worse, the human spirit. During this period on your planet your minds and spirits are being contaminated en masse by fear and anxiety. It is holding many of you hostage in its menacing grip, and you will begin to feel helpless against it until you change your mind and begin to rebel against this fear. At least this holds true for those who wake up to the magnificence of truth beauty and goodness – indefinable at first, but becoming stronger when they come in contact with like-minded people.

“Everywhere in this world there is now a movement astir in the hearts and souls of people who very much desire peace. Humankind is standing at the crossroads of change. Do not allow yourselves any longer to be swallowed up by fear. Seize this golden opportunity to swing things around for the better. Start protesting against war. Say, ‘We have had enough of this contamination.’ It is a horrendous thing, the manner in which innocent men, women and children are contaminated and die from the deadly chemicals which are indiscriminately used against our brothers and sisters. And who has the right to take someone else's life and at such a terrible cost? How can you justify this? This abomination needs to stop before you are all enslaved by a few power-hungry mad man and their puppets.

“‘Oh my God,’ you will say. ‘Yes indeed. Let all who have a voice, pray to the Creator of their being. Allow a fresh new spirituality to wing its way over the planet – one who will sweep away all outmoded and superstitious belief systems, and which shall allow us to see and accept each other at our spiritual root-source.’ Take an honest look at yourselves and see where you may suffer from contamination. Truly, it will be lurking in the most unlikely corners of your heart and mind. Clean up your thoughts and in so doing, you will purify your soul. It is mandatory on each level that this occurs. Even in the way of ingesting things, keep everything as close to nature as possible without contamination, and as pure as possible with the least amount of chemicals, so your mind has a chance to think clearer and perform better.

“Your mind is a gift from the Holy Mother Spirit. It is She who has gifted you with this precious mind capable of clear thinking filled with thoughts of love for others. Involve your heart, ask for your heart to be cleansed of all impurities and contamination, as the heart is the actual brain of the body, your brain merely being the computer which acts on the commands of the heart which cooperates with your mind. The one influences the other. It has a domino effect. Please, do come more often into the Stillness of your heart and consult with Me, your Indweller from God. It will make everything so much easier to bear, especially when you start walking with more love and in a greater consciousness in the way of truth beauty and goodness. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it will be opened unto you.”