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Charles; Light; Jonathan; Midwayer; Monjoronson; Thought Adjuster; Machiventa - Jul 22,29; Aug 12, 19, 2012 - North Idaho


Four Transcripts

Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-07-22
Teacher: Midwayer, Charles, Light, Jonathan
T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Midwayer: [Cathy] I am confirming your perception that changes are approaching the planet. On our side we are in preparation for the vibrational increase on the planet. The physical structure is in flux, it is a gradual but certain increase in capacity for functioning with the increased light being showered on Urantia. The plan has been put in motion and we are committed to the full execution of God's will. Your roll is to maximize your potential, your receptivity, your capacity for service. You are a key element of the plan. You are the hands, you are the feet, you are the spirit in action. We are in full support of your actions. Always has spirit surrounded you, always are you provided the guidance of your Inner Guide. Your intention of service will be the key in all circumstances. Together we will be in joy and certainty of the plans success.

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, Charles here to interject a few thoughts into the stream. I notice in observing your conversation, the unique position you all hold as individuals who are mortals of this realm while also being spiritual beings of the vast and eternal universal abode. By this I mean, I observe the challenges presented to you when you try to make sense of all that happens and all that you have been told and all that you know or think that you know and all that you feel and all that is simply observable phenomenon around you. How challenging it must be to you as individuals to straddle this line of, on the one hand, spiritual values and overarching direction and purpose that is interpreted in the spiritual realm and how all of this crosses over and materializes or manifests for you as an effect in the physical realm.

So while you talk about the facts of how things are and how they appear to you in this physical dimension that you occupy, you are also able to trace back, if you will, to the other side of the paradigm for you into what the spiritual values and meanings are behind this observable phenomenon before you. Indeed, you must be open and receptive and have some degree of wisdom to interpret how these two dimensions interact with each other. Many individuals in this earthly incarnation do not cross over this center line as you see it now, and make all their determinations and value judgements based strictly on cause and effect in the physical dimension and what is immediately transpiring before them.

If this is the case, then truly it may be hard to make sense out of any overarching theme or plan because all of these random events are difficult to assemble in any significant order. They seem to be simply a random pattern that one tries to make sense out of. But when you are able to overlay the higher spiritual truths and values over any equation, what appear to be random and disjointed effects can be interpreted to make more sense when seen in the context of a greater reality that one is willing to impose over the lesser. Yet, as one involved so intricately in the material dimension, it is required of you to not only understand the spiritual values and principles at play, but to understand how these are present as things manifest in your physical dimension. The connection between these two is what you have embraced in your learning experience when you have been willing to venture onto the other side of the line and include a spiritual and larger perspective in your determination of what it is you are observing in your physical realm.

I affirm for you that many changes are unfolding and that these are most interesting and wonderful times to be present as all these points come to intersect and that you are correct in observing some of these changes that you will notice are aimed at some of the most basic and core elements of your foundation and the foundation of all that you perceive to be real. When such a wholesale change is desired, it is required that you go in and build a new foundation, a new platform on which to structure the new reality you wish to see. And so these new platforms are being built and this new foundation is being laid at the very core level of your being.

This change of your very structure is, as you observe, going to bring about a time of unsettled nature and uncertainty about what is transpiring. This is the perfect opportunity for change to happen and for there to be episodes in your current paradigm of sudden shifts that are enabled by the juncture of this wave of energy and the time and space in which you find yourselves. So whenever you perceive these shifts occurring, be prepared to seize those moments and use those events as   the opportunities they are to provide yourselves to be used as fulcrums in that moment, in that opportunity. When there is a chance for great shifts and great change, may we all pray to be there at that moment of opportunity, to be present and aware that such is the case so that with a simple nudge of intention we may more divinely direct the energy in flow.

May that be our rally cry during these times of great change, to be blessed and given the gracious opportunity to be in those moments of change, the divine reflection of the Father's will. May we be ever willing and ready to nudge the circumstance with the intention of love. Let is be so. I offer these words to the pool of understanding and wisdom that is created at each one of these meetings and it is my pleasure to make this contribution. I now step aside to allow this opportunity, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am joining you in celebration of the increase of light on the planet, the glorious light that showers to each of you for your strength and sustenance. The waves are indeed a facet of light and the wave action of the light is key to the transformation process that is proceeding. I join you in the absorption of this gift from the Father. The increase of light from  sun activity is recharging our spiritual circuits as well as the physical and cellular uplifting. You have noted the plant activity. Plants are in direct reaction to this light increase. It is a joyous bath of love and light that surrounds Urantia at this moment. You need only absorb it, drink it in through every cell and relax into the Father's love. It is the activation of the love of the Father in the planets consciousness. I am most grateful for your love and support as we move forward together into a new era of Light and Life.
Jonathan: [Mark] I am here, I am Jonathan and I have made my way and come forward because it is my desire to honor your request as it is my request as well and our requests have been granted. I understand the strain this puts on my friend but I lean on him because I know it is his desire as well, to simply reach out together and commune in this way which we grew to pioneer together and which I share fond memories as I'm sure you all do. It certainly was a joyous process for us to embark on, this whole making communication with the other side happen. It certainly is a great testament to our faith that we lean on the forces at play to facilitate these desires, but in the end it is observable that it is as a direct result of our will, intention, and our efforts towards that end that we indeed build these bridges and enjoy these portals of communication.

I understand that there exists paradigms of thinking, even to those who go as far as you my friends here on this call, there are still boundaries that define what seems right, what is normal, what is to be expected, what is abnormal and what probably could never exist. All these conditions and parameters that we draw around our life circumstances truly do confine and contain what we are able to encounter. I understand these forces at play. I myself recall well the divisions my mind would throw up when certain potentials would come to mind.

Immediately there is the reckoning of whether it should or could or how or when or why, and this is as your friend Charles expressed, an aspect of the mortal experience, this great desire of the mind to have things organized and figured out and  justified and accounted for. But you my friends, have enjoyed this venturing beyond those limitations and into the realm where spirit can bring you truth and can provide you a new reality, a different way, a higher level of proceeding so that all that the mind thinks that it knows and has command over is enhanced in one simple encounter with spirit. One successful foray onto the other side, fears become dispelled and truths become enriched all as a result of the opening of the box far enough to accommodate the possibility that it could be and that it could happen.

This is the true road to success my friend, is to keep expanding the possibilities, to keep pressing the mind to release its desire to confine and embrace the path of discovery and finding out what is out there rather than defining and categorizing and interpreting. Indeed, unless you engage in this open mindedness, what new can be added into the paradigm. There must be an opening provided, a portal, a way to import what is beyond the human and the circumstances immediately before you. You all know this way and you have ventured there regularly and you all have gained immensely in your lives as I did.

So you have all found the pathway, the bridge across, the portal through and the very existence of this and your awareness of it provide you with such a broader perspective of all that you see transpiring before you. So I encourage you to engage in the free flow, back and forth across this bridge, through this portal, back and forth to make your interpretations more accurate, to make your understanding deeper, to make your awareness so expanded. It's fine to toil away with tasks immediately before you but then to provide adequate perspective, it is so greatly needed to allow yourselves access to your other dimension for greater interpretation.

What a joy, what a pleasure, what an extreme gift of grace I honor this opportunity to be. I understand this may push and be one of those issues that is expanding of the box. But that is not a bad thing and, you are all up to the challenge. So, I am permitted, we are permitted to explore this dimension together and to see how we may derive value and meaning from this experience as we do all the others. I join with you in this effort of exploration and I will share with you the truth of the statement you all know: To those who believe, all things are possible. I am here as a testament to the truth of that statement as are you. Once again, we are joined together in a singular pursuit. My pleasure my friends, I bid you all a joyous journey. You know it is to be a safe journey because you are assured of reaching your destination, but I encourage it be a joyful journey as well. Thank you for receiving me, I love you all, farewell..


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-07-29
Teacher:  Charles, Light, Monjoronson
T/R:  Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Henry]  Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Charles. It is good to be here in this circle of love and this circle of friendship this morning to hear of your monologues and discussions. As always there is usually something to work on in your discussions, as it is on the planet there is a tremendous amount to work on in the social context. As individual sons and daughters of God, you do carry the responsibility to bring yourselves to honor spirit and to honor spirit as it is in your life, and to honor spirit as it is in all life no matter how that life chooses to represent itself.   

Therein lies the spiritualizing task, the task to make sure you, yourself, are in a compassionate and loving state of existence   to further promote these actions and feelings to others in your world, to those who are suffering from the injustices heaped upon them as individuals and groups in society. The human act of bringing these spiritual practices into reality is what is going to change the world because there is no spiritual presence that will come to your world and change it for you. This will not happen, this is a task meant for humans,  albeit you are inspired by spirit and supported at your task at hand for in the long run, it would solve no problems to have spirit come and automatically change the way things are operating on the planet. And, yet as we speak now, there are tremendous spiritualizing forces within many on this planet which are working towards the negotiating for peace.

We hold your tasks in high esteem and we are hampered in our effort in that we cannot come down personally and, in your place, make things happen. So, all of these lessons, all of the practices, myriads of lessons we have given you come down to the line. Are you practicing these lessons in your daily lives? Are you actually able to bring in more love and compassion and consciousness in your own personal lives and the lives of those whom you touch? The whole is always larger than the part. In this sense the greater the part - eventually the transformation of the whole.   

There are so many spiritual influences affecting individuals on your planet, that you will begin noticing spiritual tendencies working in areas that previously registered no spirituality at all. You will begin to see things happening in the most unlikely of places for it is truly the intention of spirit to reign supreme upon this world and all of our ideals and practices will one day become second nature to the inhabitants of this planet. You are living in the dawn age of Light and Life. You are facing the last great struggle to secure peace with love and compassion. Peace cannot be secured with war. Peace cannot be secured through conflict. And, because in these times many on your world are having to sacrifice a whole new era of sacrifice is being put into motion.   

You have to empty your hand of what you are doing and holding onto to grasp something greater for yourself and mankind.   This is the task which sacrifice will render a heartless society into one with more heart, more courage, and a greater fearless quality. It is amazing how the animal fear which was hard wired into your animal genetics has become alive and well in your greater and intellectual societies. It is as if you can gather all this fear, put it in a bottle and cork it. It controls so much of the negative human behavior on the planet and it has little spiritualizing qualities. The dispelling of fear is a conscious act. You begin to notice that as you grow in love and compassion the necessity for fear begins to receed in your life. You don't use fear as a motivator as much.   

It has been an honor to address you this morning. Continue to re-read the lessons and to redefine the spiritual practices in a personal manner. Learn how to make them your own. Learn how to stand on your own two feet and begin to practice in your life how you would see the whole world living in peaceful harmony. Again, thank you for allowing this forum. I will step aside and make this forum available for others. Thank you.

Light [Cathy]:  I am so pleased with the conversation of love and joy. It is really the essence of our path to the future. As the forces on your world shift it will become evident that peace and joy are the path ahead, peace as the result of love and brotherhood, joy as the byproduct of love and sharing in spiritual living. Always are there choices to be made in the activities of daily living. Always are you able to choose the loving path. This way enhances every aspect of joy. Truth, beauty and goodness will come to the forefront, become the norm, expand into the total of reality. Along with the harmony of truth, beauty and goodness comes overflowing joy. Joy! Joy everywhere will be perceived, everywhere it will be shared. This is the real light and life we seek. This is the world we will create with our intentions and actions. We will become joy in all its aspects. I am blessed to be here to share this journey with you. My love for you overflows. I am always with you.

Monjoronson [Henry]:  Greetings to you all, this is Monjoronson.  It is good to be summoned here this morning and to share a few thoughts with this group. Recently there has been activity in my name on the planet. A lot of people are under the notion I am to materialize in their life times. Many people are also under the notion I am to come here and somehow create a shift in ideology and in motivation. It is true, in a spiritual sense, that my mission does comprise of mercy and compassion. My mercy and compassion extends to you even now. As a son of Paradise all I have to do is to hold this concept for your world for this to become effective. At some point when I do materialize, my more immediate presence will become a mere motivation for many to begin to act.  

But, first there are some things on the planet which need to shift. The original message and teaching of my brother Michael is, as of yet, to become a reality on your word, and yet this simple and basic teaching is foundational to any advancement in society. It would be honest to say that you cannot have a spiritual society without it, without this basic foundation of respect and love of each other - the God within and the Father of us all. True, your society has shot off on a tangent in many areas and has created a greater conflict because there is a negligently low spiritual foundation on this planet even as we speak.  

There are the beginnings of these spiritual foundations which are found within the heart and minds of a few of you. So have this grow into a biodynamic function on your world in which all life will respond to the greater good of man. You must understand that not only are all of the animal responses hardwired into your genetics, but all of the spiritual practices are also hardwired into your minds by the action of the spiritual presence which exists there. It is therefore necessary to unlock and begin to tap into these greater spiritual resources; they too will become as second nature as your animal genetics are to you today.   

I do intend to come to your world at some point and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the spiritual universe within my capacity and my nature as a Paradise Son. Until that time I ask all of you to hold Light and Life within the greatest capacities of all of your actions and all of your thoughts. I look forward to being a motivational aspect of Light and Life upon this great world on which you live. May the peace and love of Michael truly become known and felt - lived and acted upon. We hold all of you in peace. Thank you for allowing me these few words this morning..


Subject: No.Idaho Team  2012-08-12
Teacher: Unknown, Inner Voice, Machiventa
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Unknown Source: [Cathy] I want to join the discussion of your reaction to the power that can be wielded on this planet through intention that joins with the Father's will. Most of you would say that you are small and not powerful. I am here to affirm that you have great power from the Father at your disposal. You need to acknowledge first, that the piece of Divinity Within has access to all creative prerogatives from its Source.You also need to acknowledge that as the human mortal component, you have free will choice to manipulate these creative capacities. In all things you are more powerful than you know. In all things you have a direct link to the First Source and Center. In congregation you have the ability to magnify and enhance these capacities. I encourage you to become all you can be. This is how to approach eternity.   

Inner Voice: [Henry] The Father always resides in peace, even inside of you. As a personality aspect of the Father, He still resides in peace. This is what you call the parallel universe, the peaceful universe within yourself that is parallel to your own experience of reality. This is part of the irony of spirit; unlike yourself, spirit can be in two places at once.  Spirit can actually reside in peace yet partake of your turmoil, of your agitation, your anxiety. It is not the function of spirit to interfere in your experience of reality. You have the ability to allow spirit by asking, by surrendering.

Spirit can greater help the individual in their present experience of reality, but spirit will not inadvertently interfere. You must allow spirit access to your reality, your experience of reality. Only you can access that peace which spirit truly desires to impart to you and in this peace you will begin to get a sense of the tremendous grounding nature of peace, the harmonizing and synchronous loving quality of peace, the calming and the certainty aspect of peace, the knowingness and the beloved aspects of peace. It is like walking around with a gold coin in your pocket. It puts a smile on your face. It gives you a certainty; it gives you a calmness, a surety. This aspect of spirit is like this gold coin.

Begin to believe in the possibility that one day you may become one with this aspect of spirit, that you can actually now begin to experience the power which this spirit can unlock within you. Begin to realize that all aspects of spirit work in coordination with the aspect of spirit which resides in you. You are spirit indwelt. Father spirit indwelt actually, as distinguished from Son spirit indwelt. The tremendous clarity that resides within this peaceful spirit is worth accessing. What results from following and acting upon these internal leadings, these internal shimmering, is truly what the mortal seeks.

All of the so called 'great masters' who have lived on the planet characteristically exhibited these qualities of peace, of knowingness, of a loving nature, of a wisdom and understanding which surpassed human questioning; in other words they were great to be around. You would feel as if you were completely safe in their presence. This is what you must become,  safe within the presence that resides within you, completely safe, peacefully safe. Thank you.

Machiventa [Henry]:  Greetings this morning, this is Machiventa here to remind you of the tasks at hand. The greatest contribution next to actual service to another individual which you can make to the planet as a whole, is to become responsible in carrying the light which resides in you in a way which others can perceive it, that others can actually sense the light in you. This is the task at hand, not to act as if you are in the light, but to own the light you truly have, to believe this light and to wear it proudly on your sleeve as they say, or on your shoulder as a mantle, to wear this light in your eyes that when you happen to glance at another they perceive the surety, the calmness, the peaceful quality and the caring nature which is within you.

There are, of course, many other things as a spiritual human being that you could be doing, and many of you find these things to do, but just remember that one of the most responsible things is to be responsible for who you truly are, and one day that will be - becoming a being of light. This is who you truly are and this is how we truly choose to view you. We know that you are a little rough, a little dirty, a little road weary and worn from earth's grating existence. As a spiritual perspective it is wonderful to actually see people living as if they live in the friendship and company of spirit.

There is enough information already on the planet for you to access what I am saying about becoming more in tune with spirit. It is a practice at first. It is something which you must daily and constantly remind yourself of and with a little patience, one day you too will stand brilliant as does spirit now stand within you brilliant. Even though it is a small minute aspect it is still brilliant. It is brilliant enough to obliterate all of the darkness which resides within you; this is how brilliant it is. The fact that this brilliance resides within each one of you says there is enough light to change the world, it already exists here. This light is ready to change the world person by person, not like a mass riot but like a peaceful assembly all coming together honoring the great spirit within. This is where we are today, hand in hand touching each other and honoring this great spirit within. Thank you..


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-08-19
Teacher: Jonathan, Elyon, Light,  Michael, Charles
T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Cathy: We have requested our friend Jonathan to be part of our group. In response I have received a message from him.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I am here to reaffirm the validity of our contact. I know that you have been somewhat skeptical about this process. It is merely an extension of all the activities of these many years. I am in joyful contact again with this group. It is indeed a humbling experience in the view that I had my own reservations about the possibility of this contact when I was still on the earthly plane. I was as skeptical as many of you are. It is a joyful affirmation that this contact still exists between us although we are in separate locales. I am amazed to see our accomplishments from this vantage point. I am just beginning to realize the extent of our activities and their results. I am full of optimism about your ability to function at the higher levels that will be required. My love and blessings to your projects, I will help as I can from my position.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, Elyon here, thank you for the introduction and the opportunity to join you once again. I cannot adequately convey the sense of appreciation I have developed for my opportunity to be involved on this project that we have worked on for this time we have worked together. Indeed we have come up against many walls of perception, of capacity, of values, and we have examined each of these parameters and we have identified one by one, these perimeters that we set up around ourselves. Some of these we have been able to shed light on and to dissolve some of the misunderstandings and see them in their more true light.

After availing ourselves of this process of honest accepting investigation, it has been determined that these boundaries need not exist. My friends I call you to witness that at that moment of discovery, at that time when you are willing to let go of a particular preconception, notion, or idea of how things are or should be, at that very moment the barriers disappear, they fall away or at least they fall down so that they may be overcome easily. You will all call to witness, that having accepted this dissolution of boundary, you were able to then move into a bigger, wider arena of experience which contained many things which were not considered in the smaller arena.

Thus it was with our initial contact in the many years we have spent coming together like this. First there were the walls, the doubts, the fears, the misunderstandings of the process, and the uncertainty due to sheer lack of experience. Little by little we were able to chip away and overcome these barriers and rise over these obstacles that were before us. You all have come to see now that the arena you function in has been so greatly enlarged over the original dimensions when we first started this process. Now you accept as, to use your words, out of the ordinary, and now we stand and witness that much of what we consider to be normal these days, regular, routine, is so greatly expanded over what we had command over at one time.

Now we stand at the edge of our awareness and look around. Currently we come up against the barrier before us of the individual’s acceptance of being able to communicate with spirits on the other side. I applaud your observations that everyone who is not with you is a spirit on the other side. There is very little distinction and difference made. Once one has crossed over into the spiritual dimension they are by definition, on the other side. You are most willing to interact with individuals whose signatures and whose names you are familiar with. I pray your capacity [be]  expanded to embrace the truth that this is possible with anyone who may be on the other side. It is not limited simply to particular representatives or individuals who are allowed to make this crossing; rather it is a matter in free-form that is conditioned by your will and your desire as much as it is conditioned by the desire and will of those who have crossed over.

Be not afraid my friends. You have demonstrated this capacity to an admirable degree and I invite you to lean on this original principle. Be not afraid, for where we go together we go in the direction of divine pure love. We may not take the same path, we may not take the same time in our approach, but we all are traveling on these paths at the same time in our journey and sharing back and forth as we are able. I applaud your efforts to date to reach beyond your boundaries and to extend beyond your perimeters. Your ascension is nothing but a series of these same steps taken over and over again, expanding further and further your horizons and bringing to you more and more of all that is true, good, and real.

Let it continue to be so. Let us all have the strength to fear not as we venture forth. Indeed we are together in this process. We have each other for comfort as we create the realities around us. Thank you for the opportunity once again my friends, to join in your round table discussions. I now open up the space for others, farewell.

Light: [Cathy] I am thrilled to join you today in celebration of the reunion of our spiritual family. We share the great connection of the heart. We share the power of light utilized. We share the search of our Father's will for the universal pattern and path to the Father. As the light intensifies on this world, your ability to use this power will also increase. Please proceed with intention to access this process and work with all the powers available. You need only allow yourself to expand to the need. Allow yourself to believe in the possibilities. Allow your spirit to fly, as it were, in all things the Father's will, will prevail. I have no reservations about your lack of shadow and blocking of light capacity. You all glow with increasing brilliance and clarity. Together we will move on to a greater capacity. I will be available to help. Feel free to contact me.

Michael: [Cathy] I am in great appreciation of your dedication and faith. Indeed, think of me and I will be overjoyed to be with you. I love you all my children.

Charles: [Mark] Greetings folks, Charles here to throw out a few more thoughts for consideration. I invite you to consider how it is that you have time and time again overcome these barriers before you, these obstacles in your way of growth and ascension. I invite you to consider that universally, this technique has been for you to venture out in spirit to investigate these new arenas and these new possibilities that have challenged your assertions. As a being who is more and more directing themselves into the spiritual dimension, you have repeatedly decided to go and find out the validity of this or that on your own as an individual, to seek out and find the truth, the correctness, the properness, the application of that which you are exploring.

You have done so by bringing it within, and looking at it with the light of spirit, examining it for its true worth, and then finally embracing it as something you will associate with or identify with, or not. There are cases when you decide you will not associate or tolerate a given attribute or aspect that becomes identified by you. But nevertheless you are making these choices with that greater part of yourself. That spiritual component of your being must be willing to go out and investigate and bring back for consideration that which is beyond the current capacity that you hold.

If you continue to follow this method of expansion it will serve you well because more and more of your spiritual self will be involved in the discernment and more and more you will be led by spiritual attributes of truth, beauty, and goodness. More and more the decision will be easier for you as all things are interpreted differently with the use of the spiritual perception, the eyes to see. Stand firm in your willingness to be able to cast yourself forward to see what is out there and be ever willing to consider it as it is found beyond the walls of your awareness. Consider its relevance, its truth, and its purpose.

All things that you encounter are by design, part of the great picture of which your small segment is just that, a small piece. Great things exist outside of your small piece, that exist whether you are aware of them or not. The structure of this environment is for you to open up more and more, to be able to let in more and more of what exists out beyond your awareness, to bring it in, to welcome it, eventually to incorporate it and associate with it as you come into awareness of its existence. As I say, this process is repeated and this technique is the method by which you can continue to grow step-by-step, sometimes leaps and bounds, depending upon how willing you are to venture out and bring back that which you find.

That concludes my contribution to today’s discussion and I thank you all for your attendance. I now take my leave.