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Charles; Monjoronson; Light - The Central Nervous System - Jul 08, 2012 - Mark Rogers; Cathy Morris - North Idaho
Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-07-08
Teacher: Charles, Monjoronson, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I will take the opportunity to start us out today, this is Charles. Picking up on some of the threads that have been offered for use I would take up this idea of a central nervous system as you refer to it. As you are all aware, you are owners of one of these. It may function to more or less of your expectations but it is an innate grid that you inherited as a result of being born a mortal of the realm. This grid work serves you well. It has been largely responsible for your survival and growth up to this point.

As was mentioned, such a beautiful and fine innate endowment may as well be marred or sullied by misuse or overuse or abuse of any kind. As a result of this impingement on the system, one has to bear the subsequent consequences of the alteration which has been done to the grid and thus your conversation of noting these consequences.  But I would call to mind to you to take this same stream of logic and apply it backwards in any other direction, for now that you have become aware of this evolution of the nervous system to be deformed if you will, I encourage you to propel your thoughts in the direction of it being reformed, that is regrown, regenerated, rebirth-ed, made anew.

While it is true it is impossible to escape this life without showing the scars of your survival, it is also true that it is possible to overcome and compensate for the apparent scarring and in the end, be made stronger in the process. This is how character is built, this is how courage is formed. These are fertile grounds for the use of faith. This life experience which brings you these bumps and bruises and even casualties, brings with this wealth of potential and possibility, an opportunity to experience the bumps and bruises of a journey and to survive and even to thrive.

That is the component your spiritual awareness brings to the equation; not only can you survive, not only will you survive, but you will thrive because you will realize the journey and the ride are so deeply filled with experience that you will strive to bring it all in and in this way it will fertilize and nourish your soul and you will thrive. This is important to remember for as times change around us and about us, these truths do not. Your ability to thrive is pertinent in any environment because it is an internal value that you hold, an ideal that guides you. And so, to those with an attitude set on a course of divine ascension, what then can befall you to make for an ill journey because you are embarking on the greatest of all adventures. In your seeking you shall find and in your awareness you shall thrive.

I am always grateful for the opportunity to approach this group and to offer a few thoughts. In respect for this platform I now offer it for use by others, thank you, farewell.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings to you all this morning, I am Monjoronson here to share energy signatures with you this morning. In taking the conversation a little further forward down the line of neural networks, I invite you to consider that not only do you have one, not only are you owners of one within you that works to maintain your life, but you are also part of a greater one. You are also the synapse, the area of action in the great nervous system that is this family of man and it is where you are that [it] may be fired up, may be activated. You are truly where spirit meets material, you are in the gap and you have will over this gap. You have jurisdiction as to whether you fire it or allow it to be fired, or whether you restrict it.

You are the universal spark plugs that cause the ignition, that trigger these later events. So in this way your individual maintenance and care of your individual neural network system is in service to the larger network, to the greater system that is in place and as part of such, you are the trigger event that shapes the material world. I hope this brings you the added perspective that as is the part, so is the whole, as above, so below, as within, so without. These truths are fun to recognize from time to time in different contexts but they remain universally true.

It has been my pleasure to offer these up for your consideration and to once again, join with you in fellowship and appreciation of the opportunity. I withdraw, thank you.

Light: [Cathy] I am pleased to join your discussion of Adjuster contact and controlling the body's tendency to overstimulate and overdo. The animal component of the human body has many facets involved. The electro-chemical cellular reaction is complex and can become regulated to your advantage. The present situation of your physical body is in disarray partly due to the lack of Adamic uplift-ment. The anticipated increase of capacity that was to be accomplished by the addition of the genetic components from your Adam and Eve failed largely to materialize.

The resulting physical component was inactive and your sensory apparatus was only partly uplifted. This results in an attraction to overactive stimulation as well as a lower tolerance for this same stimulation. As your environment becomes increasingly filled with stimulants of many kinds, some of you are overwhelmed by the amount and strength of the stimulation. This is one reason that stillness is so effective in bringing your mind to connection with spirit. You are encouraged to bring a clear circuit through bringing health to the body and mind. This can be augmented by diet and stillness practice. I encourage health in both.

I am bringing an additional idea to consider in this discussion. I will put forward  a concept of using light to focus your energy and also to activate your genetic potential.  You have the capacity to focus the light even on your cellular components to bring the entire system into harmony. It requires only your intention. I am available as always to help should you request it. Together we can bring balance and focus.