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Unnamed Power Director; Teacher Frank; 0802AB Jack - Energy & Power - The Brotherhood - Jul 26, 2012 - Gerdean; G. Gordon - Lightline

TEACHERS:  Midwayer JACK, Unnamed Power Director, Personal Teacher FRANK
TOPICS:  Energy & Power; Brotherhood
T/Rs:  Gerdean O’Dell and George Gordon
DATE:  July 26, 2012
Prayer:  Father God, thank you for your victory, your triumph on our behalf. Every time it goes right, we can credit you, (even as when it all goes wrong we can credit ourselves with being bumbling fools or in learning mode).  Whatever it is, we are very grateful that you are part of our lives and part of our experience.  Thank you for this format that we enjoy and for our brother George who is going to participate with me as T/R this evening.  We have fraternity, and the family grows in experience that we can share together, building memories and building format.  I’ll let you run the show, Father God.  Amen.

0802-AB JACK here.  It’s good to get a chance to speak, with all the technological difficulties going on in the arena. It is, I am quite sure, a result of our guest – not George, but this other guest from the celestial realms who would like to spend a few minutes with you this evening talking about Power.  I will not linger but turn the mike over to our guest who chooses to remain unnamed.  One moment please.

GUEST:  I am a visitor and I come from the family of Power Directors. There are trillions of us throughout the universe.  Our primary home is at the superuniverse level. We extend into Paradise and outward into the realms of space, even unpervaded space, and so there are trillions of us working diligently, constantly, at our task. We are created perfect and we are persons. We waste little time on personality matters. We are busy directionizing energy.

You have energy because of the likes of us.  Even the mechanistic energies are in our purview. We offer our services as personalities, however, because we work with you in your personality expressions and so it behooves us to have a connection with you and with your divine Source of energy that indwells you.  Energy is one thing; Power is another.  They are inter-related but they are different. My remarks this evening will have to do with the augmentation of Power by the Spirit element.

You, as freewill creatures, have energy and you have emotions that impel you to behave in certain ways, often to react to other people’s energy output, and so there is much erratic energy in action. It is easy to effect energy but not so easy to put it into focus and good use. That is to say divine use. Yes, all of you are able to put energy to use doing what you do from birth ‘til death, but that does not constitute divine power, which is an augmentation of these basic energies.

We work in both areas: Energy and Power.  You, too, have the option to expand and enlarge your Power by associating yourself, aligning yourself, augmenting yourself with Divine Power.  There is a prayer said on your plane to the effect “God grant me the Wisdom to see your Will and the Power to carry it out,” and we know many millions of people who consistently pray to do the divine Will and yet having the Power to carry that out is sometimes overlooked. And this is why we see so many instances of personal will acting as if it were divine will, and doing such in good faith.

Divine Will however will override self will, even self will that is well-intentioned, particularly if and when you allow it that opportunity.  Those of you who are familiar with both kinds of Energy and Power will appreciate this, and those of you who do not [appreciate this] may gain insight by meditating on the concept of personal Power as it is willed by human circumstances and Power as it is derived by divine decree.

There are those of you who have always thought Energy and Power were exclusive to the realm of science. It is not. And you may underscore your new understanding of that by remembering that we who work with power directors are personalites, not machines.  And we are created perfect by our perfect Creator and so we know whereof we speak.

Allow yourself to be lifted up from the low-lying powers with which you are familiar and enter into the realm of Divine Power through your conscious relationship with divinity.  With that short note, I will leave and wish you well for the balance of your program here.  Let me bring Jack back.

JACK:  Jack’s back and I feel an augmentation of Power and Energy already, just by having such a fellow in our midst. It is always a kick for me to experience and enjoy some of these personalities that parade through the consciousness of those of you who gather together in situations like this to find out more about the heavenly helpers. We benefit from your curiosity and vice versa.

It also pleases me to introduce a new T/R this evening and I would like to still myself and leave the platform available for the next guest through whom will come our next Teacher, after which we can enjoy some interaction with you listeners.  Thank you.

FRANK:  Thank you.  Good evening, my brothers and sisters.  This is Frank. I have been associated with this, my brother in the flesh, for some time now.  I work gently, daily, with his perfect guardian. We welcome this opportunity to be introduced to this forum for the first time.  It is such that the expansion and the connection continue on and on.

We welcome our brother from the higher realm who spoke earlier. It is the way that things are being conducted in these times that help us from afar and even beyond the borders of our local creation who are setting up to make themselves available to assist in the expansion and to be introduced to you, our brothers and sisters in the flesh. There are numerous helpers here tonight in observation, willing to participate, and it is in such a circumstance that I have been given the privilege to participate and for that, indeed, I am very thankful.

I wish to address the topic of the Brotherhood of Man this evening and the type of energy in that scenario can bring about protracted energy on this planet. We are aware that some of the difficulty in a lot of people putting this into reality stems from the fact that they are not certain or have not claimed the concept for themselves of being a son of the Father. Most people have not identified themselves as a son / daughter of the Father on Paradise hence they do not realize that in fact everyone is related at this level.

The concept of the family into the equation as a religion both introduced and projected effectively by your Creative Son when he sojourned on this planet. It is still growing in the heart of Urantians and we are seeing changes now being manifested.  But that concept of the Brotherhood of Man needs to be taken very seriously with these trying times on this little planet – economic upheaval, social injustice, unrest – these things are a negative influence to your spiritual growth on the planet. The Brotherhood of Man is one of the shortest ways to ensure a shift in the focus.

It is indeed very powerful when we observe that these brotherly affections always come to the fore in a certain amount of disaster.  It is indeed sorrowful that only in those times do people feel the need to demonstrate these qualities. Nonetheless, those who have demonstrated those qualities in time of disaster and need, those individuals have seized an opportunity and they have grown to some extent as opposed to an individual who may not react as a brother in these times.

We cannot help you to have this experience if you do not seize those opportunities to react to individuals who are less fortunate.

Your planet is indeed not in step with the regular course of action but this fact has allowed many observers to be envious of your situation because they do realize that this environment presents a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and the ability to exercise these traits of brotherly affection for one’s neighbor and reacting, responding, to the needs of those who are waiting for assistance.  You will observe people for the most part pray for assistance in their daily activities and sometimes one wonders who will be the hands and feet that will deliver such a prayer. The answer to those prayers, my friends, are the ones who have to rise up now and be the vessel through which the universe bestows these answers to prayers of the ones who are praying.

The great God of all creation uses all of us, and since you are the ones in the material realm, it is quite fitting that you are the vessels that have been chosen to demonstrate His reality to those in the flesh. You need to seize the opportunity to respond to everyone that comes across your path. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give something, an item, maybe a smile or an encouraging or just the calmness that you portray will change that person’s psychological makeup. You demonstrate daily that you have seized the opportunity to be a reflective beacon of hope, a reflective persona of us who are on the other side of the veil that you have been to a better place in your experience.

You have experienced us in this arena and other arenas. You have the evidence that we are here and if you know that you are such an army, you are willing to assist. You will need to demonstrate in your daily life that you are fearless.  It is this calmness, fearless conviction that will help those that are uneasy to feel more safe, or safer in such a troublesome time in the world that is surrounded by such turmoil and tragedy. It is disconnection from the Source of genuine love that causes people to react so unfriendly and unkind, that pushes their buttons. We are asking you to seize the opportunity to demonstrate that you are plugged in to that divine source of true love, true energy.

I hope that my message to you this evening is clear enough for you to grasp the concept of what I am trying to instill in you.  In a nutshell:  portray calmness, portray serenity, portray love.  Portray a smile on your face always; portray a cheerful persona.  And with that I step aside and allow others to speak.  Thank you.

JACK here.  Thank you, Frank, for what a great lesson that also enhanced the lesson from our unnamed visitor earlier for I can clearly see that those mortals who abide by such admonitions to dwell in the spirit and reflect divine love, calm, harmony and so forth are indeed representations of celestial power.  Their godliness is a beacon of light. Even when they don’t say anything, we can see their light shine and have first-hand knowledge of the effects of such focal points.

This being said, let’s give the others a chance to join in on our enjoyment. Those of you who would step up and speak, either with questions or comments, press star six on your device and you will be cleared for communication.  You are welcome.

FRANK/George:  Thank you.

Jeff:    Jack.  This is Jeff in Texas.  Good to talk to you again.

JACK: Nice to talk to you, too. Isn’t it nice to have a double-hitter here this evening!

Jeff:  It’s wonderful!  It was very, very enjoyable, an excellent lesson.

JACK:  I am enjoying it myself.  What can I/we do for you this evening?

Jeff:  Well, I just wanted to say that. I receive such sustenance in these lessons, I can’t even express it.  It’s just really a wonderful experience to interact with such wisdom, such guidance, I just wanted to thank you all for that and just to say Hi to you, Jack.  That’s about it.

JACK:  Well, ‘Hi’ back at you.  Indeed, we are kindred spirits. We understand and recognize the voice of the Master when it speaks, no matter through what instrument or under what circumstances. When we come focused on that privilege, that task, it is a considerable bounty that we enjoy.

Ineara:  Hi, this is Ineara.  Thank you, George.  That was delightful, and clear.  And thank you, Gerdean. And thank you, Jerry, for getting this recorded.  And thank you, Teachers! It was a wonderful lesson.

JACK:  Indeed. We are all glad to be working together harmoniously. This is the brotherhood in action.  It is not merely something you humans enjoy.  It is something we all enjoy, for we are indeed all sons of the Father … and daughters, of course.  Let’s not overlook the girls.

Jerry:  Hello, this is Jerry.  Can you give just a little more about the difference between Power and Energy?

JACK:  This is Jack and I will attempt something, but I am limited by my T/R who is rather handicapped in what we will call left-brain activities. Perhaps Frank will have something to add when I have finished.  Energy is a part of the living universe, yes. It involves its own conscious-ness; it is all part of the vast creation. Indeed, it permeates everything and gets down into quantum physics which is a realm I will not begin to broach.  Power is related to energy but it is an enhancement of energy.

This is not good teaching here; both Gerdean and I recognize the limitation. But you can enjoy the effects of energy without conscious application, whereas Power – effective power at least – requires commitment, a consecration of some sort. Energy can be haphazard. Power is more directed.  Power is almost willed, whereas energy is inherent.  I am not going to try further because the vocabulary is not there for me to work with.  And she has little faith in my knowledge which may or may not help.  Is there anything from this other T/R or his entourage that might help elucidate the difference between Energy and Power?

FRANK:         Yes.  This is Frank and I am jumping in again because my associate here is aspiring to become an energy transformer on the higher realms when he gets there.  Energy is

that vibration or potential that can transform a given situation. It is the building block which, when directed properly, becomes that which is Power.  It is focalized or harnessed to achieve a particular outcome. It moves from a state of energy to being that which is called Power.

If I might use a temporal phrase “power is energy in action.” They are not separate in make-up; it is just the state of which they are in at a given time. Power is the harnessed energy that is being used to achieve a particular outcome or being farmed or harnessed by those who have the ability to use the potential of energy to initiate or achieve that which they set about to do, so to keep it Simple, “Power is Energy in action or for a specific purpose.” I hope that answers your question.

Jerry:  It did. I appreciate it.

JACK:  Thank you.  Are there other questions?  We still have a few minutes.  [Pause]  Then let me just add that love is yet a further enhancement, that when love is added to power, we have a dynamic – a dynamic personality, a dynamic way of life, purposive in nature.

I want to thank you all for coming this evening and for being a part of this experience that we share. There is genuine value in this odd configuration that we create when we come together in faith in this way.  It is rather morontial, if you will, because our voice comes through the circuits and we believe without seeing. We have faith in one another’s presence. We have created an energy vortex through which the divine Will can function socially, communally, and thus we create something, we build something. It has value and meaning and we can build upon it. We can take it with us as a viable reality en route to yet greater realities, and it is part of kingdom-building. It is a blessed experience, for which we are grateful.

We take this moment, then, to lift our voice in praise of our creator and the many agents throughout the universe that work tirelessly on our behalf and on behalf of all the worlds of time and space, to lift us up from the primordial ooze into the exalted heights of divine consciousness and eternal service. Let us rejoice indeed in our destiny, and in this fellowship, then, let us be on our way.  Later!