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Solonsamel Melchizedek - Distinction Between Reality & Truth - Jul 21, 2012 - Georges Douyon, Arizona
T/R Georges Duyon
Subject: The distinction between reality and truth
July 21, 2012

Reality as it relates to personality is the awareness of one’s own existence apart from the whole yet dependent on that very same whole for continuity of awareness.  Reality is the fabric of the cosmos, the elemental particle of Paradise which is its source. It is the underlying cause for all causes, the source of infinity, the pre substance of matter and therefore the substance of spirit.

Truth on the other hand is the perception of reality to be derived from the whole and experienced by personality.  The value accorded to any truth by personality is directly proportional to the depth of reality experienced by the observer.  The depth of reality experienced by personality can be measured by the degree of identification with the divine monitor.

In the experience of human personality, reality appears to be constantly changing when in fact it is the depth of perception of the observer that is changing in accordance with or against the leading of the divine monitor.  Reality is truthful but the multiple values contained within any single truth, are left to be discovered by the observer according to angle of approach, open mindedness and willingness to learn.

The distinction between reality and truth is extremely important because what you chose to perceive as reality will determine the nature of your ascension and the values that you embraces as truth will determine the extent of your progress inward.

I am Solonsamel Melchizedek, with orders to instruct and prepare you for the magisterial mission.

Received by:  Georges Douyon