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Charles; Light - The Honorable Mundane - Jun 10, 2012 - North Idaho
Subject:  No. Idaho Team  2012-06-10
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

June 10, 2012

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Charles here this morning to comment on the nature of your conversation this morning, the 'honorable mundane,' as you would call it. It is interesting from a human perspective, that you would see this gift of life on such a level as mundane, where certainly every moment in time is an opportunity waiting for its blossoming. Did not the Master make comment to the question of faith when asked, and he replied that, "The birds in the sky do not sow nor reap yet their heavenly Father takes care of them," that they are just concerned with being a bird and the things that they have to do to survive, to raise their little birds in nests, to bring them food and to teach them how to fly.

Even though as humans you are given minds, the same applies to you. You should be concerned about being human, about being the best human you can in all moments, about not being concerned about what you are not doing or what you could be doing, but what it is that needs to be done. There is an expression in the need of something that is served greater by taking care of that need than by avoiding need or artificially creating a surrogate need. There is a beauty in the life you are given as conscious human beings indwelt with a conscious divine aspect, all wrapped up in a mind, a mind which in each moment can either choose or not choose, or learn how to choose correctly.

The greatest minds on your planet have already figured out that in time and space, heavenly bodies are moving around each other, guarded by gravitation initially set into motion. It is these incremental revolutions, this apparently repetitive mundane revolution, which has given rise to the notions of time that time could be charted and that time in one space can be recaptured in another space by observing the motion so that you come up with days and weeks and months and years and millennium. The whole universe is designed to operate on its own systems just as human life is designed to be lived humanly. Yes, when it is infused with divine consciousness it results in a greater awareness of human consciousness and in human consciousness you will become aware of the greater universe consciousness.

All of your moral decisions are made in a fashion as you live life daily in the simple recesses of that life, in the repetitive and everyday qualities, which present themselves. In a spiritual sense, there is greatness in every moment. In a human sense, you find greatness momentarily; sometimes you feel it, sometimes you think it, sometimes you act upon it, sometimes it is important to go to great lengths to regain a position you once held. This life which was created for you is not mundane; if it is mundane you are not living it to its fullest potential. The full potential will reveal its completeness. You see life elevating the mundane when love is brought into the picture. This feeling, this consciousness of love changes the way in which everything is perceived is enhanced through love. You are actually hardwired for love. It is the one divine spiritual aspect which needs to be consciously brought into existence and, unlike the birds of the sky which have their whole lives taken care of, as humans, your whole life needs to take care of love. This is what you were designed for, to bring love into the mundane moment, to bring a smile of joy into you're frowning faces, into your sad hearts, into the pain, the hurt and the suffering which exists on the mundane level of human life even today.

You intrinsically know that it is important for everyone to feel this great love at the same time, not just a few here and there, but everyone all the time. So yes, you have excelled in concepts, in machinery and manufacturing items which make your lives easy, but you cannot artificially create that which sustains your soul, for love is not artificial. Love is real and it is important to become aware of the generous nature of love and the bestower of love. In this great mystery you will learn that as you chop wood and carry water, the moment of enlightenment is the moment of love and you can chop wood and carry water with love. It will give it a whole new meaning for you just as love does, when you experience it, it will enlighten everything because love is pure light. Light, life, and love, all adjectives of the same noun, they are all aspects of the eternal and primal source, the eternal nature of God.

So do what you do best. Show your humanness through divine qualities of light and love and become a fuller human being. The challenges of today and of the moment will all seem secondary to the recognition of love. This notion of serving your fellows with love is not just some altruistic and superhuman thing; this is a basic human task. So my friends, go into the mundane and seek its love. Seek love in the most loveless of moments and in that moment you will bring light and see a situation as you have never seen it before in a mutually connected way with everyone else and everything else because in God, all things are one.

My friends, I enjoy listening to your conversation. I enjoy this circle of truth and circle of love which you have established as light anchors. Go into your week and consciously infuse things with love, infuse yourself, infuse others, put a smile on your face and joyfully enjoy the mundane of life. Thank you, this is Charles.

Light: [Mark] I would join you at this time. I am Light and I would first offer to share with you the amusement that is derived when you say amongst yourselves in your earnest discussions: I wonder what the teachers have to say? You have all in your own right established this position yourselves but I understand there is always looking to others to add what you have assembled and so I am here as well to play some more with this analogy, this analogy of chopping of wood and the carrying of water before enlightenment and the chopping of wood and the carrying of water after enlightenment. I'd like to take this and think of it in terms that many people think of living this life in the darkness of ignorance and in the beginning stages of life, the drudgery of the chopping of wood and the carrying of water seems as though they are being done in the darkness and against the elements.

At first one learns that there is this drudgery of life as they see it, and they go fumbling about in the darkness to do it. As they grow in experience and wisdom in life they are able to bring with them at first, a candle, and then later a torch to illuminate their way through this mundane routine to make it more and more bearable for them to go out and do these chores of life. It is observed that they bring more and more light to bear on the equation with them until there is this grand point of enlightenment, this flood of light that literally changes the darkness and drudgery of their routine into the light of day and the opportunity to be in service.  Bringing this enlightenment into the equation so expands their consciousness that they are able to appreciate the details of these assignments and tasks before them and appreciate the environment around them and that others are involved in these same and similar tasks of the drudgery of life.

This enables them to transform this very experience; the same experience that they fumbled with and grappled with in a state of darkness becomes enlightening, inspiring, and challenging in a state of awareness. It is the same structure of experience provided. It is the same opportunity for growth in both cases. It is merely the bringing the light of love to bear on the equation which transforms it. That is truly the pinnacle of human development in this one short life, to go from a state of ignorance and darkness and reaching and grasping before you in the darkness for your way and for the truth, to bringing more and more light to bear, making the task more and more bearable until there is the approach of daylight and the flooding of light in. This enlightenment transforms everything by simply transforming the perspective of the observer and participant.

What a glorious design this is, to allow such transformation in one short life. What an opportunity of grace it is to be accepted by those who accept and embrace this opportunity for growth. I would further widen the scope of this analogy to include things which have been mentioned and are on the table such as: One chops wood and carries water before Michael appears and one will chop wood and carry water after Michael would appear. One chops wood and carries water before there is great earthly transformation, and one will chop wood and carry water after. No matter what arises, no matter what changes in the paradigm, the basics of functioning of the human being will remain the same. It is only the perspective that changes and that cause the circumstance to be perceived differently. Those with enlightenment are enjoying far more the chopping wood and carrying of water regardless of what major event may befall them than those who have not yet reached this tipping point of enlightenment.

 Thank you for the opportunity to play some more with this analogy. It is always my great pleasure to join you in this group, thank you.