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Solimer - Seraphernion - Our Educational World Around Salvington - Jul 16, 2012 - Everett, WA
Supervisor Seraphim in service on Urantia
Seraph Education
T/R: Felix Caro
Everett, Washington
July 16, 2012

Amongst the 10 circuits of educational spheres around Salvington, our capitol world, “Seraphernion”, is orbited by six other spheres, which follow a clockwise rotation around “Seraphernion”.

We start our education, after the first millennium since our creation, in the smaller orbiting spheres, before attending seraphic education on “Seraphernion”. As part of our extensive curriculum, we learn the basics of the jobs that we are to undertake, depending on our natural abilities to perform them.

Even though Mother Spirit seeks homogeneous perfection when we are projected, we do not come into existence that way. Some of us are inherently better administrators, some are better assistants, some come with a natural interest in divine law, etc. We can only presume that we are projected with diversity so that we develop ourselves in particular areas according to Father’s plan, and so that later we can strive towards perfection by mastering all other areas of seraphic service.

During our second millennium of existence, we have our hands full with all of the knowledge that we must acquire before being assigned to the constellations. As Urantia is such a spiritually complicated and fascinating world at the same time, the seraphic “crème of the crop” of this local universe covets assignment to the constellation of Norlatiadek, in order to later apply for service in the system of Satania, and finally on Urantia.

Our education with the Melchizedeks is indeed intense and involves the understanding on how rebellions, such as Lucifer’s, manifest themselves and all the ways in which mortals as well as celestials are affected by them. We also learn the rudiments of ministry in worlds affected by rebellion, as well as the operating procedures employed by the universal administration when dealing with them.

As far as Satania and Urantia are concerned, not much can be considered as “standard”, so a lot of the seraphic education will have to be learned “in the field” and as it develops. Millennia from now, the many lessons that are being now learned on Urantia will become standard and provide “textbook” cases on rebellion suppression and prevention with Paradise intervention. We are very applied and avid students, we learned our lessons well, and we will not fail the Universal Father in our endeavors in Nebadon.  Learn your lessons “in the field” well, and put the experience to very good use in eternity."