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Loyalatia - Tribulations for Some Are Nuances for Others - Jul 16, 2012 - Everett, WA

Everett, Washington
Loyalatia, Seraphic pair co-commander of Urantia Seraphic Services with Manotia
Subject: Comments on the Coming Tribulations for Urantia
T/R: Felix Caro
July 16, 2012
Depending on the level of spiritual evolution in a sphere, what are understood to be tribulations in one planet can be construed as mere inconveniences or even nuances in another. Regardless of how a mortal decides to categorize the experience that he or she goes through, there are always valuable lessons to be learned.

In any case, what we consider tribulations will make mortals wiser and even bring them closer to the knowledge of what truly defines them. Do you struggle to preserve what is valuable or important to you? To what lengths will you go to preserve your morals and beliefs?

The good struggle is the one that is gone through in order to preserve the knowledge that there is a Universal Father and that all men are his children, and therefore brethren to each other. In most worlds, this knowledge is cemented by the presence and availability of celestial personalities and an administration faithful to Father through super universe rule. In those worlds, it is easy for mortals to comprehend and do Father’s will and to embrace His love and mercy. There are, however, worlds as Urantia, where this struggle is especially difficult as there has been celestial planetary and system administration betrayal and interference to the remediation plans put forth by the local universe sovereign and the super universe rulers with the Universal Father’s blessings.

Now, imagine the struggle that, very unfortunately, when they do not have the direct celestial assistance that is available on other worlds. In that instance, the “difficult roads” that the aware mortal has to walk, even in the presence of great tribulations, will provide him or her invaluable spiritual lessons that will be of great value in eternity, not just to said mortal, but to God the Supreme as well.

Those that have been made “aware” by the Fifth Epochal Revelation and that have with eyes and heart wide open, and have accepted service to Father as assistants to His plans in any capacity possible, these are the aware mortals who are about to learn especially valuable and very hard-won spiritual lessons.  Lessons about life on this planet are about to become especially difficult as there is no other way to correct the spiritual ignorance,  inertia, and complacency in the face of predation and outright iniquity in existence now on Urantia.

As there is little time.  Already, instead of just pondering the “why’s” and “how’s” of Father’s current course of action, make yourselves available to assist His plan wherever you.  Help however you can by first seeking His counsel in stillness,  and then seek the necessary inner strength and peace necessary to “stomach” or “tough up” to address the very hard times just ahead.

What is about to happen on Urantia will prove mentally challenging for most of your brethren. Stand ready to become their spiritual “lifeboats” in the rough seas of existence when their ship of spiritual ignorance capsizes! Seek your strength in the Father’s presence that is always with you, that you become able to “swim” in the “rough seas” of tribulation and be able to help those that can not swim. Become a beacon, a bright buoy, in those seas so that those around are attracted to you.

There will be quite a few celestials such as the frequently-mentioned Melchizedek personalities, some already materialized, that will be able to assist in the most important spiritual rescue effort ever to happen on Urantia!   Many indeed are those that will need to be rescued, and so every mortal that is able and wishes to help is encouraged to do so.

Father loves you all immensely.  Keep your eyes on the stars and your faith in Him. Put your trust in His infinite love and mercy."