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Luminerion - The Remediation of Urantia - Jul 06, 2012 - Everett, WA
Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia
T/R: Felix Caro
July 06, 2012

We are aware of your concerns and even the doubts that some of you have regarding the latest transmissions about the state of affairs on Urantia that might have even sounded as somewhat tragic. The Universal Father CAN, in a fraction of a second, wipe out, exterminate, or make disappear all the iniquitous mortals and any remaining rebellious celestial personalities that are causing still today, after so long, so much spiritual damage.   

But, if He does that, the potential opportunity to repent for at least some of those mortal and personalities would have been denied and, since we all know that His mercy is indeed great, He will just not do that. This is also why, as stated previously in other transmissions and amongst other reasons, the Lucifer rebellion was allowed to run its full course. If those that embraced rebellion on Urantia approximately 200,000 years ago would have been exterminated right then and there, then probably most of the now rehabilitated midwayer creatures would not be in Father’s service.

According to Father’s wisdom, and after considerable time has passed to allow Lucifer to repent, and once the latter has accepted his guilt and again reinstated his desire not to accept Father’s mercy and rehabilitate, ONLY THEN was he exterminated after the Ancient of Days ruled that that be so after learning of Father’s decision.

Many mortals that are in positions of power around the world and are causing so much pain and suffering to others are not aware of the realities of Spirit.  Thus they are considered to be competent to stand trial in Uversa.  They are not aware of the spiritual realities that you are aware of and thus commit many atrocious acts in complete ignorance. It is to these people that Father continues to offer his mercy until there has been reached a “threshold” where enough times Father’s mercy has been rejected, they are no more.  Of course, the life of many of those iniquitous mortals ends either naturally or violently before they were capable in life to accept their guilt or even become aware of the realities of Spirit, and in this instance their cases are adjudicated based on the transcriptions presented by their Thought Adjusters to the Ancients of Days in the courts of Uversa.

There are cases where, during the existence of these mortals in a world of time and prior to their physical deaths, they have shown so much evil in their deeds that, when the Universal Father has deemed them unteachable, their Thought Adjusters abandon them.

Even in this last case, and even when the Universal Father knows from the very beginning how our existence will end, He nevertheless chooses to extend His mercy and an opportunity for every sinful mortal to repent. Can you as a parent show your child such consideration, love and mercy even when you know for a fact that he would probably never change his ways? This is one of many things that separate mortals from the Universal Father, the nature of His mercy and His almost infinite patience.

Last but not least, even from the negative deeds committed by celestial personalities that knew better than act the way that they did, there are very important lessons to be learned.  Later on what is learned will be put into practice, not only to show the nature and amount of damage that they can cause, but to show how mercy was applied to solve every possible case of rebellion.

The Universal Father does not need this lesson, but it is for His descending Sons and other personalities in time so that even they continue to approach the level of absolute perfection inherent to the Universal Father. This will be on-the job training for His descending Sons in time for the foreseeable future, and one of these special schools will become operational on Urantia. Be merciful to your brethren, and thus continue to approach Father’s perfection even during your life in the flesh.