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Luminerion - Young Gifted Children Preparing for Service - Jun 28, 2012 - Everett, WA -

Chief Of Seraphic Services on Urantia
Subject: Comments on Young Children Who Even Quite Young are Directed by Father.
T/R: Felix Caro
June 28, 2012

[Editor’s Special Note: The reader will understand the following transmission in greater depth when they are told that the subject reviewed by Luminerion below was to provide the transmitter some solace about the unusual behavior of a four year old girl living in South America who has exhibited the unusual behavior of asking to be taken to church where she may pray for the poor, the ill, and the sick.  The mother of the child considered taking her young daughter out of the social Mecca the Church represents to the village, but upon inquiry to the transmitter of this message, she has been advised to permit the child development in the Church, the village, and that the behavior represents the Father already working with her to provide solace to people in the area as events unfold.

In general, the Editor has come across another aspect of the Father’s ministry the Urantia Book never spoke of, and that is the indwelling of what we still call babies in our view of childhood.  This little girl is 4 years 8 months old and received her Adjuster at age 5:15 AM on the 23rd of October, 2011.  As an Editor of an archive in which messages like this are stored, the Father has lovingly made available the Adjusters of young children to me to hear about the unique preparation underway on Urantia for the newest generation arriving to be leaders and teachers of the new era to open on Urantia in the next decade.  In this I am privileged and gifted by Father for what he has made available to me so that others can understand what transpires all around them especially with the little ones.

The Urantia Book tells us that, on average, children receive their Father’s help as the spirit indwelling of the mind sometime between the ages of five and six.  Today on Urantia, the ages for which Adjuster indwelling has occurred for the last twenty-five years has been about age eight - a step back from the ages ago production of youth who were to be held responsible for the dissemination of the messages of Jesus to the church and its leadership.

With this young girl in pursuit of her destiny already at age four years, she sets a known example of what is occurring all over the world today and what is seen as unusual predictive behavior can be explained by the receipt in their minds of highly experienced Thought Adjusters who will make these children into strong and faith providing adults for the older generations to emulate.  It is never too late to spend time with these children in awe of their capacities as well as their adorable natures which can bypass the terrible views of many grown ups about the world these children are brought into.

Before, we finish this introduction to the message from the Primary Supernaphim who conducts worship on Urantia for the star students and the seraphic children of Mother Spirit, the angels of the new dispensation about to be declared on Urantia as this is being written, I wish to provide the reader with yet another example of a young child being prepared for service far beyond his age group.  I am speaking now of a seven year old boy in the United States, who like the little girl described above, speaks openly about the ET’s that visit them they can see.  In both cases, the ET’s are actually universe-spirit personnel providing the service of training and downloading data information into their young minds.  In the case of the seven year old boy, the Thought Adjuster presented a narrative to me about what is occurring and why.

The seven year old complained about the bright light keeping him awake at night.  The parents saw no such light and were concerned that the child was dreaming and to reassure him that nothing would harm him.  When the child’s Adjuster spoke to the issue, He reassured all of us that no harm was to come to his ward, but that the boy was being prepared to speak the universe language in use sometime in the next decades of this century, and that a modification of the download process would be made to avoid the brilliant light of a device used to provide the child the information he would need to translate the System Language of Satania to persons who were in contact with high officials of the universe administration.

The reader should realize that the message provided below is meant to confirm these Adjuster pronouncements, and that young children everywhere are being prepared to take on the responsibility of a new age that the adults currently alive on Urantia have no capacity to understand what is happening around them without these children.  As they become older, they will take on the hue of a violet tinge and will become known as the philosophical leaders of the new homo spiritus that soon will appear on Urantia in vast numbers.

Thank you. ]



Service to the Universal Father is open to all mortals, regardless of their age, as long as they are capable of making moral decisions. There are special cases, one such being a person very young and very close to your heart, where the service is unusual when it comes to what is typical in the worlds of time but, evidently, very little of what has transpired on Urantia can be considered as normal or typical.

Haven’t we indicated already a number of times that Father’s solution to the spiritual problems found in this world is indeed special? A special problem demands a special solution, the kind that couldn’t possibly have been foreseen many decades ago when the Urantia book was being transcribed.

Unusual roles will be played by people that in the eyes of their brethren are nothing but average persons, performing their customary societal duties, or just playing all day and asking curiosity questions to their parents, which is the case of small children. Now, can you imagine a child that uses his or her first moral choices to seek communion with the Universal Father and even pray for the meek and the poor?

How about that for an unusual component to the special and unusual solution to evil on this sphere? Can you imagine the potential service that children with that spiritually-oriented mentality will be offering their fellow mortals, far older than them?

Believe me when I tell you that this is only one of many other unusual ways in which Father’s mercy will be made available to those that will be hungry and thirsty for it. We are here to, among other things, make sure that little loving people like this child fulfills her destiny on this planet, that of being an “oasis” of love and mercy in the middle of the vast and arid lands of spiritual confusion and material chaos. Allow her to perform the spiritual duties that she is being “moved” to perform, even as such a tender age, and even when her motives are not clear and understood by those around her.

The Paradise Father is in control of this child; He is the guide of her will and the eternal light illuminating the roads that she will walk in her life.

Let me repeat myself yet again, service to the Universal Father is open to everybody that accepts the great challenge of undertaking it, with a clear mind and a wide open heart. To undertake this challenge is indeed a choice for the vast majority, but there are some cases when it is Father’s will and serves His purpose to use selected people, in His infinite wisdom, to perform special duties for Him in the worlds of time.

Isn’t indeed God great, incredibly loving, magnanimous, wise, all powerful and glorious? Soon enough you will see proof of His immense love for this sphere and all that inhabit it. All here indeed shall be made new. May the Universal Father continue to bless all of you, inhabitants of Father’s future garden in Nebadon.
I am Luminerion, Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia