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Luminerion - Truth in Transmitting - Jun 26, 2012 - Everett, WA
Everett, Washington
Subject: Truth in Transmitting”
T/R Felix Caro
June 26, 2012

We would like to address again the current issues having to do with the difference in opinions as to whether transmitted information is truthful or whether a T/R is to be trusted.

We have said this in the past and we would like to repeat it again, whenever new information is received: 1) instead of attacking the T/R or the person that conveys the information on behalf of the T/R, seek confirmation in stillness with the Universal Father through your TA, or through any of us; and,  2) in order to avoid further repetitions of this unfortunate behavior in your forums, we are not encouraging the disclosure of the names of the T/R’s that are conveying the information.

We want to make very clear the fact that whoever wants to assist the upcoming Magisterial Mission or to do Father’s will on Urantia, will be happily received as few are the ones capable to listen to spirit and convey messages of great importance that need to be conveyed.

At this point in time, more mortals are coming “on-line” as T/R’s as: 1) they have sincerely requested to be of service to Father; and, 2) they have worked hard at developing the ability to commune with Father and listen to spirit. This special work is open to absolutely everybody who wishes to perform it and is prepared to follow it through and is not limited to the traditional list of veteran T/Rs that have been around to provide this special service for quite some time now.

The selection of additional T/R’s to provide this service,  and their acceptance in the corps of those who will very soon assist humanity in very special ways,  is not up to discussion or criticism by fellow mortals, but rather is entirely up to Father’s infinite wisdom and will to provide correction if necessary. We encourage you to responsibly go about your preparations as many of the events that have been mentioned in many messages are to take place in your own lifetime.

This world is in so much need for redemption that the Father’s solutions need to be implemented as soon as the important preparatory work has been finished.  Some of that preparation is already taking place. Take the current times of apparent normalcy and peace to prepare yourselves for the special events that are about to transpire and show your brethren due respect and consideration. May the Father continue to bathe this world in His mercy.

I am Luminerion, the Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia.