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Luminerion; Manotia; Gabriel; Christ Michael - Revelation & Return of Michael - 6 Transcripts May 15 thru Jun 01, 2012

[Editor's Note:  These six transcriptions illustrate the examination of the coming return of Michael.  The transcript dated May 28, 2012 (Number 5) from Michael himself outlines his intention to return and under what circumstances he will do that.  The other five transcripts except Number 5 were transmitted by Felix Caro on the dates noted.  Number 5 was transmitted by an individual in Belize Central America working in liaison with Christ Michael through the modified reflectivity circuit on Urantia sometimes referred to as the Melchizedek Network Grid.]

  • Transcript 1    Luminerion, May 15, 2012      Michael Will Return to Urantia in Glory
  • Transcript 2    Luminerion, May 21, 2012      The Universal Father Makes Changes on Urantia
  • Transcript 3    Christ Michael, May 27, 2012   The Coming Times Will Not Be Easy To Live Through
  • Transcript 4    Gabriel, May 27, 2012            Announces Michael Is Visibly Coming To Urantia
  • Transcript 5    Christ Michael, May 28, 2012   My Return To Urantia
  • Transcript 6    Manotia, June 01, 2012          Why Michael Will Not Appear as White

Transcript 1
Message from Luminerion, Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia,  May 15, 2012

"Jesus of Nazareth has been, is and forever will be the way, the truth and the light (Felix: as in guiding light to the Father) for every ascending mortal of the local universe of his sovereign domain. Regardless of the level of comprehension that many mortals had of his mission on Urantia, he nevertheless became their role model and inspiration. Great is indeed the love that the sovereign of this local universe feels for each and every single one of his creatures, for it is true that he loves them as much as the Universal Father loves all of His children in the entire grand universe.

As a demonstration of this love that Jesus always shows for his creatures living in this greatly afflicted but nevertheless special sphere, number 606 of the local system of Satania, in a very short time he will be fulfilling the promise that he made some 2000 years ago to those with whom he spent his time with while in the flesh.

He will return to Urantia in glory and exhibiting the same incredibly charismatic and loving personality that endeared so many mortals to him on this sphere so long ago. However, before this promise to return can be fulfilled, the avonal son of Paradise known as Monjoronson, accompanied by a team of Melchizedek teachers and a good number of other celestial personalities specially selected to assist him, will appear on this sphere in a physical body, so that nobody will misunderstand that he is here to mend what has been broken for so long, to bring the love of the Universal Father in a very tangible way to all, and to demonstrate how Father's infinite love and mercy can rescue a world that otherwise would have been lost to evil. When Michael of Nebadon finally arrives on this world, thanks to Monjoronson's ministry and that of his team, the mortals of this sphere will be prepared to truly appreciate Michael's return and the meaning of such and unusual event.

Consider yourself incredibly honored to witness his return as the extraordinary event that it will be; the greatest gift of love to his children of this beloved world of his seventh and final bestowal mission, the jewel of his universe, Urantia.

Transcript 2
Message from Luminerion, Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia,  May 21, 2012

The Universal Father’s will becomes thought, and then thought becomes action, which is later translated via the required celestial personnel for execution in the worlds of time. This is how it always has been and how it always will be. The timing with which actions are taken in the worlds of time, however, are subjected to Father’s will, and will depend on the degree of emergency behind the situation to be corrected. All of the affected celestial personnel stand ready to execute the mandates from Paradise, and the Supreme Being prepares Himself to record everything that will transpire and the lessons learned in His infinite memory.

At this point in time on Urantia, the students of the 5th revelation can only attempt to guess how the Universal Father intends to correct the current situation on your world, and many presume that it will all fall into place with the celestial resources that would have been in place in worlds affected by rebellion in a less severe way. I assure you that the level of severity with which this world has been affected makes the average celestial support essentially ineffectual in terms of putting an end to the problems associated with the spiritual ignorance existing on Urantia today.

Allow me to repeat this again, there is no plan of action, originated anywhere in all of Orvonton, effective enough to stop the path of spiritual and physical destruction that this world would potentially follow, and so the Universal Father had to personally step-in to correct it. The first version of the Urantia book intended to provide a general idea on how divinity works in and outside of time in creation, and certainly, at the time of its inception, was not expected to cover the extraordinary events that have been happening after it was introduced.

Remember, the situation here on Urantia has been rather “fluid” in the last 50 years, and so a number of plans of action, originated all the way from Uversa, and with the approval of the Universal Father, had to be commenced and discontinued a number of times. But now the Universal Father has directly intervened and there is no doubt that the situation will be corrected, which does not mean that it will be corrected without great effort and even lots of personal sacrifices by those mortals that will help implement Father’s solution on Urantia.

I will echo what Manotia and Loyalatia have already expressed in a previous message, and I will also stress the importance of seeking inside of you Father’s guidance and to steel yourselves for what is about to happen on this sphere. The original Urantia book did not present everything that has or will happen on this sphere because back then there was no way of knowing that the Universal Father would have to step-in, or that this sphere was to become an architectural sphere to train sovereign creator sons for future and at this point unknown service in the universes.

There is no time to delve into semantics or personal interpretations of what has so far has been revealed and that by no means is final, as a new revision of the Urantia book is necessary in order to record, for the benefit of the “homo spiritus” of the future, how the Universal Father, with His mercy and infinite love, corrects what otherwise could not be corrected."

Transcript 3
Message from Michael May27, 2012
My beloved sons, I once again extend you the invitation to serve your brethren, just like I extended it to my apostles so long ago. I will be with you every step of the way; I will not let you falter. And when you feel that you are doing the toughest walk of your lives on your own, know that I hold you in my own hands, and that our Father holds us all in His hands. My dear children, the times that you are about to live will not be by any means easy, and the work to be done in the name of the Universal Father in order to heal this world will be very difficult indeed, but it will be nevertheless very glorious indeed. Your sacrifices will be remembered by those that will find their inner strength and inspiration in your actions, to do Father’s will, much like Paul found his inspiration based on Stephan’s heroism at the time of spreading the good news until his very end.

Help so many others remember that the Universal Father loves them all will all the love that only the Creator all can muster. My brave apostles, even in the face of desperation, as you walk in the shadows of the valley of death, do not fear or have any doubts, but rather become the guiding light of your brethren, and bring them all home.

Use Father’s inner presence in you as your constant and unfailing guide; just be still and listen. To all who will consecrate their lives to do Father’s will on Urantia, especially during the trying times that await just ahead, I will grant my authority to call those that have always served me in the realms of the spirit, so you can call for their advice and assistance in order to accomplish your tasks. I love you all and hold you in my arms. I leave you know with my blessing and that of our Paradise Father. Take the time that you have left before it all starts to unfold to seek strength inside of you, in Father’s infinite love and mercy.

Transcript 4
Message from Gabriel, May 28, 2012

"Scribe, commence transcribing what is required from you for the glory of the Universal Father and in His name! Faithfully and dutifully record the extraordinary events that you will witness for the benefit of the future generations of mortals that will inhabit the future sphere of perfection that this world will become, in beautiful harmony with the countless celestials that will come here to serve as well as to learn, for schools like the one this world will become are extremely rare in the entire grand universe.

Record the hard but glorious spiritual lessons that will be imparted and learned in this world, so thirsty for them. The sovereign of this universe and my Lord sends me again to announce his physical reappearance on Urantia, for all mankind to see, to fulfill a rare and unique promise that he made 20 centuries ago to those that served and followed him then.

What a great experience will be to serve your sovereign as he walks again in the flesh! His presence will be his gift and that of the Paradise Father to you all, for all the faith and valor that you have exhibited even in the total absence of the physical and spiritual guidance available in worlds not affected by rebellion. However, before the sovereign  of Nebadon graces you with his physical presence on Urantia, many and profound changes will take place, so that those that will be alive to witness the greatest event in the history of this world, can truly comprehend its real significance.

As commanded by the Paradise Father Himself, the Magisterial Son of assignment will be arriving shortly to prepare the way for the return of Jesus of Nazareth, our sovereign Michael of Nebadon.

In order for the required preparations for Michael's return to be made as quickly and efficiently as possible, all those that are aware of the 5th revelation, especially those that can transmit and receive messages from the realms of spirit, are being invited by Monjoronson to assist him is such important preparation tasks.

Again, important and extraordinary events that will forever change the spiritual and physical aspects of life on Urantia are now very close at hand. Prepare yourselves to serve the Universal Father in unimaginable ways, and to help rewrite the history of this world."

Transcript 5
Message from Christ Michael, May 28, 2012
From Belize, Central America

The Re-Appearance of Michael on Urantia

CHRIST MICHAEL here: I come to you my children to explain what the announcement of my “second coming” Means exactly. I know that my coming in Christianity has been expected for 2,000 years. Only, from our point of view.  things such as this do not move so fast.

Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Myself.  we all will come to this planet, but not all at the same moment; however, there will be a period in time where we all will walk together here on this Earth.

When you talk about the "coming back in the flesh", the term is not appropriate.

I will not be born again,  and I will not have a body of flesh as I had in those days when I walked here 2,000 years ago. I will be able to make myself visible to every human being, or to a group of humans, or to a large gathering of humans, when I wish to do so.

It is a technique that will be used by Machiventa Melchizedek, by Maltucia Melchizedek and the other regional Melchizedeks. They will be able to make themselves visible to work with groups or individuals to prepare the coming of your Magisterial Son, My coming,  and that of Machiventa. I will therefore speak of the coming of "we three" to simplify.

I will not appear as I did after my resurrection to My Apostles where I was acclimating in my new morontia form, low enough at first, to materialize it with the help of the Physical Controllers.  The Physical Controllers are not necessary when we appear to others on other planets, but they are necessary when morontia forms have to be materialized to human eyes.  This time my work is in spirit, and I arrive as spirit, and I arrive with Gabriel, and a host of omniaphim who help Me become acclimatized to the human eye perception of form.

Technique To Be Used for Our Visibility to Your Material Eyes

This technique by which we can become dense enough,  long enough,  to show us to you as if we were like you, is a technique that you can somewhat compare, although this is not exactly the same thing, to the technique used by the Midwayers to materialize and dematerialize themselves.

You will see the Melchizedeks when they will appear in your group; you will see Me when I will show Myself to your group. You will see Monjoronson. Here I am not speaking only to this small group, but also to all others, and to certain individuals, and various other individuals working in groups.

The Light Anchors [Merkabahs] facilitate this passage to a greater density. Not all the Light Anchors are able to facilitate My needs,  but some can facilitate this in the very early days to allow you to see the Melchizedeks.  Until the Light Anchors are fortified more, the Melchizedeks will appropriate these Anchors for their appearances.  Until the Merkabahs are further adjudicated, only then will I appear in a group of at least two people who meditate or put themselves into silence around a Merkabah or a Light Anchor.  Later, when the energy systems are in place, I will use them to make appearances with all individuals I need to speak to or with.

These techniques are still in development and can according to your evolution be more and more refined. We told you here (to the reflectivator),  from the beginning of our discussions with you,  that one day you would see the Melchizedeks, and it is true.

At the beginning they will show themselves in circumstances where several of you will gather in My name and where other people cannot see us.   I mean here” in secured areas”, as we must be circumspect at first to prevent wholesale mobbing of homes and persons who are inadequately guided to see to their own resources to protect themselves from a public that will be wild with enthusiasm.  Secrecy and confidentiality will be observed to protect you.  And the same will be true when you meet with the Melchizedeks of your area so that you may gain more confidence in the appearance of the Melchizedeks without the distractions of crowds and people wishing to join in such meetings.

Materializing Midwayer Appearances

Your Midwayers may also appear in these same circumstances.  They will appear with what will seem to be a body of flesh.  It is a promise that they will do so, and it will happen in a few years at the latest; perhaps  the soonest will be in a few months for people who are ready for this.

Michael’s Appearances Reserved for After Monjoronson Becomes Visible

As time goes by more people will have the capacity in their hearts and be sufficiently balanced in their minds to see us. We certainly don’t wish to create fear or paranoia among people that serve us, and cause misgivings over the possibility of being harmed by the notoriety of your guests.  Therefore, please observe the protocols we ask of you when you are informed of a midwayer visit, a Melchizedek visit, or perchance a materialized vision of Myself in your presence.  We ask all of you reading this that to prepare for a vision of Michael at this time is not relevant to the cause of the Magisterial Mission.  We will hold in reserve our appearances until Monjoronson appears before you in full visible form.

We Work With The Aide of Omniaphim
To Help Prepare for My Second Return

The Omniaphim, the great Celestial Angels [Ministering Spirits of the Superuniverse - Paper 28] who serve in the superuniverse, provide the liaison service, communication, and other factors available between myself and the Ancient of Days. They help in our communications and thus play a particular role in this "system of communication by Reflectivity" which has been put in place on Urantia.  This reflectivity service is for humans and celestials providing they need it for better contact with their supervisors or their Adjusters.  It will used  for you human beings to have better communications for our messages to you that will be more accurate and safer to direct you in your actions. All this is very new and Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star, my First Born, administers this very well.

A Brief Word on My Physical Appearance

I confirm to you that I am already very close to you and many of you will be able to see Me when that time comes. I warn you that my skin color will not be white.  It was not white during my life 2,000 years ago. You will certainly recognize Me. I say no more for now.

I am Christ Michael bidding you good day for now.

Transcript 6
Message from the Completion Seraphim, Manotia, June 01, 2012

"He indicated that his skin color was not white because his skin resembled the dark color of a typical Syrian or Palestinian male, as you would see them today, and add to that the eternal tan that he got while he was out and about. He got his color skin after his father, Joseph. His appearance will be the same one that he had just before the time of his crucifixion. There will be no imaging representation flaws whatsoever. As far as the morontia power grid is concerned, it will perform all of its functions flawlessly as well; it is Father's will, and when He commands it simply IS.