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Luminerion; Manotia; Loyalatia - The Emergency on Urantia & Fathers Intervention - May 21, 2012 -
Luminerion, Primary Supernaphim
Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia
Subject:  The Emergency on Urantia and Father's Intervention
T/R: Unidentified Network Reflectivator
May 21, 2012

Dear Students,

The Universal Father’s will becomes thought, and then thought becomes action, which is later translated via the required celestial personnel for execution in the worlds of time. This is how it always has been and how it always will be. The timing with which actions are taken in the worlds of time, however, are subjected to Father’s will, and will depend on the degree of emergency behind the situation to be corrected. All of the affected celestial personnel stand ready to execute the mandates from Paradise, and the Supreme Being prepares Himself to record everything that will transpire and the lessons learned in His infinite memory. At this point in time on Urantia, the students of the 5th revelation can only attempt to guess how the Universal Father intends to correct the current situation on your world, and many presume that it will all fall into place with the celestial resources that would have been in place in worlds affected by rebellion in a less severe way.

I assure you that the level of severity with which this world has been affected makes the average celestial support essentially ineffectual in terms of putting an end to the problems associated with the spiritual ignorance existing on Urantia today. Allow me to repeat this again, there is no plan of action, originated anywhere in all of Orvonton, effective enough to stop the path of spiritual and physical destruction that this world would potentially follow, and so the Universal Father had to personally step-in to correct it.

The first version of the Urantia book intended to provide a general idea on how divinity works in and outside of time in creation, and certainly, at the time of its inception, was not expected to cover the extraordinary events that have been happening after it was introduced. Remember, the situation here on Urantia has been rather “fluid” in the last 50 years, and so a number of plans of action, originated all the way from Uversa, and with the approval of the Universal Father, had to be commenced and discontinued a number of times. But now the Universal Father has directly intervened and there is no doubt that the situation will be corrected, which does not mean that it will be corrected without great effort and even lots of personal sacrifices by those mortals that will help implement Father’s solution on Urantia.

I will echo what Manotia and Loyalatia [Posted to TML May 19, 2012 and follows this transcript below]  have already expressed in a previous message, and I will also stress the importance of seeking inside of you Father’s guidance and to steel yourselves for what is about to happen on this sphere.

The original Urantia book did not present everything that has or will happen on this sphere because back then there was no way of knowing that the Universal Father would have to step-in, or that this sphere was to become an architectural sphere to train sovereign Creator Sons for future (and at this point) unknown service in the universes. There is no time to delve into semantics or personal interpretations of what has so far has been revealed and that by no means is final, as a new revision of the Urantia Book is necessary in order to record, for the benefit of the “homo spiritus” of the future, how the Universal Father, with His mercy and infinite love, corrects what otherwise could not be corrected."


[Original Seraphic Message Posted to TML May 19, 2012]

Manotia (Second in Command of Urantia’s Seraphic Services) and Loyalatia (Completion Supreme Seraphim serving with Manotia)
Completion Supreme Seraphim
T/R: Unnamed Network Reflectivator
May 19, 2012

"With sadness we observe the exchange that is currently taking place in the forum where the Teaching Mission and the Magisterial Mission are taking place. The very few hands that are currently available to do the immense amount of work to be undertaken must not delve into discussions where personal feelings are taking over reason, and must importantly, personal attacks are completely out of place in the forum and out of character when associated with the dedicated readers of the Urantia book that participate in the aforementioned forums.

Dear brothers and sisters, pay attention instead to what is required to be done in order to support the extraordinary and divine work that is about to take place on this sphere. You must not mimic the sad practice that very unfortunately some of the original followers of Jesus fell into, that of passing judgment on others’ views as far as Father’s special enterprises and His message, conveyed by our sovereign creator son, are concerned.

Look inside of you; seek Father’s own validation of what is being transmitted via His representative in your being, the divine Thought Adjuster. I assure all of you that what lies ahead will be very hard and difficult work that might even entail possible personal harm. When there are doubts or questions about a transmission, seek the answers inside of you and refrain from feeding the soul with negative energies that stain it; the soul that you fight so hard to clean through your service and dedication to the Universal Father.

Like it is said on Urantia, “roll up your sleeves and get to work”. Be a guiding light to others and honor Father with your personal example. We want to remind you all that what the Father has so lovingly but firmly requested will be done here, and soon, regardless of the opinion or level of understanding of the average mortal alive today on this sphere. Prepare yourselves to be the humble mortal representatives of Father’s glorious ministry of love and mercy."