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Charles; Voice Within - I Am With You; We Can Not Be Separated - Children- They Go from Record to Playback - May 10, 2012 - Lightline Mark Rogers

Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-05-10
Teacher: Voice Within, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: My first thoughts always are how very grateful I am in this moment, for this process, for this opportunity, for this chance in life. I'd like to be present for this chance, I'd like to be focused, stay loving, and stay present to maximize this chance that we have, this opportunity that is not simply presented to us but is created by us with our intentions. With our desire we build the pathway from the mortal and the material into the spiritual realm. I am so very grateful to be a part of such  building, of such an opportunity to work together with spirit to bridge the gap between us. Even if it is only the gap of our perception, let it be so that we bridge this gap with intention and with purpose and with our desire to do so made real and manifest in our actions. Let it be so, even now, thank you.

Voice Within: Hello, I am here every time, there is nothing that happens that you do, say, feel, experience, see, touch, encounter in any way that I do not encounter with you side by side. I am with you, the definition of every time, as we cannot be separated. I have chosen you to be the one to be with all the time and you are choosing me day by day, hour by hour, more and more, choosing to co-mingle with me, choosing to choose what I choose. It is my great pleasure to contract with you for this experience. It is indeed a long term contract and I respect the magnitude of such which is why I occupy a recessive role in our relationship, that is, I will always respect your privilege to choose at any and every juncture. I will always pause to allow you to be the one to make the final decision. After having offered any influence I may bring to bear, I will always step back and allow you the final decision and the privilege of the choice.

This is my pleasure to watch and observe because I am seeing divinity unfold as you choose higher and higher choices and greater and greater truths. It is my pleasure to observe the great game in play, the great process unfold before my observation. I who have come from the Father to be with you, to join together with you as one, greatly enjoy being associated with one who comes from the mortal perspective, from the material plane. These are things that I may only experience through you. These are things you have to offer to me and to the Father, your experiences of their creation that they have made real for you, what if feels like for you to participate in their grand plan, what it means on a day to day, hour to hour relationship with this material and mortal plane. Only you can provide that perspective, you are there, the ones with as they say, boots on the ground. You have the only real and valid opportunity to gain this unique perspective and this perspective is therefore so cherished because it is only well earned, it is not bestowed, it is not transferred and it is not assailable by any outside forces. It exists as your reality and it shall remain so forever for it was real to you, it is real to you hour by hour and day by day.

I will address the subject matter of those who feel as though they are involved in service projects to an unknown and undetermined end. This is the very nature of service projects as it were, to give selflessly and totally of yourself regardless of the effect of the giving yet I fully understand the human tendency to look for results and to seek for the observable changes that results from ones actions because you are learning about your actions, that they do create observable results. You change the world you live in by your actions. It becomes a different world as a result of your intention and your application. History is forever changed as a result of your contribution to it so it is normal and natural to wonder if one plants the bush, will they ever see the fruit?

All I can do is to bring you the reassurance that every sincere act of service provided in love fosters many fruit. Sometimes they are not to be seen by the one who plants the tree. They come later and after the fact and after you have passed by in the process. But they do occur and others do benefit and appreciate these fruit. One cannot plant a vineyard and expect to have great wine without quite a bit of time and effort in between these two events. So it is that the service projects you all do as part of your daily lives, you are driven to do them as a painter is driven to paint and a writer is driven to write, and so you do them generously and freely and very much of the time in this material world you will pass by and miss the fruits which become apparent after some time. You must take it on faith that your planting the vines will result in someone's grapes at some point and indeed generations may enjoy the fruits of the labor that was initially done in faith, only that there would be fruit.

I mention this to you but you know it to be true in your hearts. You know every act of kindness and goodness is sacred and a part of the fabric of your spiritual existence. Those are your rewards, those are your results. Even if no other individual was benefitted by an act of your service, it was still something good to do for your soul, for your spiritual character. It is still a worthwhile pursuit even if no other individual ever is influenced or impacted in any way. The act of doing it is in itself a reward. But I will also say that there are great magnitudes of discernible impact as a result of efforts such as this one we enjoy in this moment. It may seem as though it's rather one sided or even introspective, but I assure you there are a great many influences at play of which you are not aware. You simply do not have the ability to perceive all that is involved in this process and the influences which are pervaded throughout space. I assure you that all such efforts are a positive contribution to the fabric of spiritual growth and awareness on Urantia.

That my friends, is all you can ask, is to make a positive contribution to the spiritual fabric of your world, to the individual spiritual fabric of yourself. That is what we are here to learn and to do and to be as we can, together, you and I, for I am here with you always. I feel as though that would be a good place to draw this segment to a conclusion. I now open up the platform for use by others, thank you.                        

Charles: Greetings to you all, I am Charles. It is always a pleasure for me to join you at these opportunities that you provide. I have been assigned to this group as well as others to help facilitate the upcoming Magisterial Mission and to uplift all spiritual seekers. That is why I am here. Each of you has given your consent as it were, to be treated as students who are seeking spiritual awareness and such students receive the benefit of a great many avenues the universe has to offer to reach to you. As you reach towards spirit you can be most assured, spirit is reaching towards you, in fact the very inclination you have to reach for spirit means that spirit has already grasped you and has ahold of you and you then develop a subsequent desire to reach back, to reach up, to reach out beyond yourself and escape the limitations of a strictly mortal existence by moving in the direction of your spiritual component.

Those true spiritual seekers will go where spirit leads them and follow the spirit trail. They are not afraid to venture out into the realm of the uncertain and they are provided much comfort by their previous association and encounters with spirit. Having ventured out once it is easy to return, and the more times you venture out, the easier it is to get back to that place of spirit until, with enough practice, there is no real time elapse necessary for you to transfer from the one dimension to the other. This is what we are practicing in these sessions that we have, the going into the space with intention and purpose, explaining using word symbols as best we can, and repeating this process, exploring it, explaining it, and defining it all in an attempt to do it again, to recreate this attainment of the spiritual space.

Practice truly does bring perfection and so one is greatly assisted in this mortal life if spiritual progress is a goal, to spend time in the practicing because there is no real substitute to having spent real time, personal time, individual time, doing it. It is one thing for you to all come together at times like this and assemble to enjoy this process which has been invented by you, but it is altogether something else, the time necessary that each student must study outside of the classroom. There is great value to be had by the sitting down to do your homework individually and focusing on the process, on your relationship to the process and the experiencing of the process as it relates to you.

It is common among mortals of the realm, to find those individuals or techniques or curriculums which provide the way laid out step by step or the way accomplished by association and these are necessary and valid aspects of the learning experience. But it is not enough to do the book learning, there must be the lab. It is not enough to hear about how it is done, even to ride along on the coattails of one who is doing it; one must also invest the personal individual energy that it takes to create the relationship to spirit for themselves.

This of course speaks to the repeated theme of the Teaching Mission since its very inception. I am speaking of the theme of stillness and personal devotion to opening the spiritual connection. This aspect is as valid now, as it has ever been, in fact if there were only one thing that you would take away from the Teaching Mission, let it be the value of personal interface with spirit, the stillness practice. Otherwise, stillness is a useful tool when you get together in groups as well because being in contact with spirit individually makes you more spiritually fragrant and have more to share and more to learn as you open  yourselves up to spiritual perception and awareness. The lessons are still the same because they are universal truths. They do not change, all that changes is your relationship to them. It is still so.

I have no other contributions to make at this time to the thought stream so I will step back and allow for questions or comments or whatever might happen, thank you.

Q: I wanted to thank Charles and ask him if he has any idea why he is so popular. I have enjoyed his association, you have. I cannot think of a single t/r who has not enjoyed the companionship of this fairly new entity and was just wondering if this has anything to do with the "drawing power" of the Magisterial Son or if it is just simply the fact that Charles, being a Trinitized Son,   has had human experience at some time in his long long history and that we might recognize him as a peer. Just a curiosity question perhaps but still is one that compels me to ask.

Charles: Yes, Charles here again ready to field any and all questions. There is quite a drawing power as you say, to an event such as is now upon us. These are what will be known most certainly as epic times, times of great transition, momentous occasions, and as you can imagine, if you were going to throw a great party, there is much orchestration and preparation needed beforehand to pull off smoothly the event. You could of course have a party at the last minute and it would be wonderful in and of its own right, but if you knew there was a large upcoming event, you would probably want to plan for it and make the best of the conversion of time and space that this event will represent.

So it is with the Magisterial Mission, having greatly benefitted from the many years the Teaching Mission has been in operation and providing the basic structure and foundation, this next step meant that plans were made and objectives were clarified and I was fortunate enough that my service request was accepted. You see, you are too close in the forest to see the trees but this great event that will transpire on Urantia is the center of attention for a great many out in the great big plan who are observing with keen interest to see what happens and so many have volunteered to come and assist to be a part of such a divine event as will transpire. I was lucky enough to have been selected to act as liaison or interface as we do now. I think your observation that we have something in common has some validity to it as I think that helps to bond us, if you will, but I think perhaps the larger portion of what you are referring to about how good we get along, if you will, refers to basic individual personality.

As you know, everyone is different and everyone has a unique affect on the others around them. So I attribute my luck and my success at working with the likes of this group and others, at compatible personalities although just how many forces are at play and I cannot in any seriousness define one single attribute that overrides as dominant. Nevertheless, I remain grateful and I observe that you are all grateful for the association as well. And so in this we join together to thank those who make it possible, but as well it's us that make it possible, it's us that form the relationship. It takes both of us to forge this relationship, to provide for it, nourish it, and keep it alive.

This I remind you my dear ones, is all transpiring in the spiritual realm, in the spirit domain because that is where I exist. I am not a mortal comrade of yours. I exist only in the spiritual dimension and the fact that we have a relationship is a testament to the fact that you have ventured out beyond the restrictions of your mortal plane and met me here in the spiritual plane. True we are very fortunate to have this interface of words and satellites and phone lines and times and arrangements and willing individuals and we use all these things as formats to our advantage, but nevertheless I remind you of what's really going on here. Yes, we use in this moment the t/r's and the phones and the times and the schedules but this same phenomenon happens individually with you and your interface with spirit as you so desire. It is not contingent upon any of these conditions we experience in this moment of verbal communication of sound and word. Thank you very much for your question.

Q: I feel that I'm still a spiritual infant and just learning how to find out myself yet at the same time I have several children I'm trying to raise and my wife and I decided we don't want to limit them to a certain religion or belief system. We want them to be open to all possibilities so that they can accept something like this. My question is, after leaving a religion, how do we guide ourselves, how do we teach them spiritual values? What is the best way of going about doing that?

Charles: What an excellent question, thank you my dear one. This aspect is of absolute primal importance. Without understanding this significant aspect of the human experience, you can never rise to true spiritual awareness. Children are simple. When they are first born they are imprinting everything that happens to them. They are absorbing like a tape recorder everything that transpires around them. This is how they learn to assimilate into life, they experience it around them and they develop their personal relationship to it.

Up until the age of five or even later, this imprinting is of extreme importance. As they grow up they turn this imprinted material into the very life that they live. They go from record to playback, they switch their mode and things automatically arise from within them that were put there during the imprinting mode and they will just mimic activities that they have seen around them. Much of this imprinting that is done is difficult if not impossible to alter once it is 'in print.' That is why it is so important to raise children in a loving and kind and supportive and nurturing environment at all costs. That's what needs to be imprinted, that they are loved, that they are nurtured, that the world is a good and kind place and that they have a relationship to this good and kind and loving world. Those are the values that need to be imprinted into the developing child.

When you ask about a relationship to a religion, I will tell you simply one thing, your life is your religion. It is the demonstration of your faith. The way you live your life, the way you carry yourself, the way you show yourself to the world is what your children will observe and learn regardless of what formalized house of worship or religious activity you engage in. It will be the religion of your life that your children will respond to. This religion may be transferred over into any formalized doctrine but it will be primarily the religion of you, the parents, that will become the religion of the children by default because they are imprinting it as you live it. It is not so important to maintain a rigid affiliation with any sect or creed or group of religionists, rather what is important is your character, your integrity, your honesty, your kindness, your peace.

Those things will manifest in whatever religion you were to bring them into. So the most important thing you can do is to do what you think the most divine thing at all times is, the best and highest choice you can make. It is as simple as that. You have a little voice inside which always can differentiate for you between choices as to which is the higher and better choice. You know it in your heart, you feel it in your very body when it's right. By making these choices consciously and by bringing these values into your decision making process, you exemplify to the world and to your children, what your religion is. Is your religion of peace, is your religion of love, is your religion of faith, is your religion of trust?

These are things that must be personal to you, that must affect you individually and personally and become part of who you are and then your life is simply an example of the religion that you have created for yourself. There is no set standard of how this is done. You are an individual here on the world to make your own choices and to put together a combination of experiences and values and awarenesses into the being that you are. This will be unique because no other being can possibly have your perspective, your position in this life. You are the only one that will represent this unique combination of perspectives and experiences.

That my friends is why God loves you so much. That is why you are cherished as an individual spiritual being, a part of the whole, because you contain a piece of reality that only you can contain. You were the only one there at that time, in that place, in that space, to have that experience. It can never happen again, it's never happened before, the unique juncture of time and space that is your life. That little fragment of reality, of truth, beauty, of goodness, is what God wants to weave into the fabric of the whole. It is a necessary piece of the entire fabric. That is what you can give back to The Creator who has given you everything, is a willing accounting of your experience, a sharing of your unique in all of time and space perspective.

Thank you for this question. It is indeed a basic, foundational point when discussing the human condition, the proper perspective that children and adults should develop towards each other, thank you. [Thank you.]

Charles: I sense that our evening has run long, so if there are no other contributions at this time I would bid you all have a good evening and a good week. It is with great pleasure that I join you in this exercise. I hope it has been as rewarding for you as it has for me. I will see you all at some other session, thank you, bye now.