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Luminerion - Formation of Human Networks - May 21, 2012 - Cathy, North Idaho
Luminerion, Primary Supernaphim
Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia
Subject: Formation of  a Network of Human Participants for the Magisterial Mission
T/R: Cathy, North Idaho
 May 21, 2012

In this work of the Correcting Time many have disputed the words that were given. It is true that personal opinions and bias can color the message received, however, we are continuing to bring those networks of workers together to accomplish the work that is proceeding. A group effort is needed at this time to prepare a mindset, an opening, for the infusion of spirit represented on many levels intended to support the Magesterial Mission. It is near to the projected schedule planned by the participants. Of course we have no way of controlling the reception on your side. We are hopeful that those of higher spirit capacity will discern the truth of the situation and arriving participants note that on other missions advance groups arrived preparatory to the actual dispensation. These unusual conditions on the planet require extraordinary preparations to assure the success of our party. Although there will be much support by the angelic corps, it will also require physical participants on the planet. The process of down stepping to Urantia vibratory levels is most challenging for the ones undergoing this process. I am in supervision of the angelic corps in support and all is proceeding admirably. Doubts voiced by many in the Teaching Mission group have been and will continue to be addressed as the mission approaches. I have authority to bring spirit into the process as well as the Spirit of Truth from Michael. All has been planned carefully and success is anticipated.

The network formed between individuals has been broadened and reinforced. As you surmised, the gathering last summer in Salt Lake City was used to increase the bond in this group. You all have made much progress through the curriculum presented these many years and the skills developed, tools to be used in our future action. It is our hope that you will apply your knowledge with intention as we proceed with the preparations.

With respect and love, with dedication to the will of the Father and trust in his divine plan we can work together to bring this new age into reality. It must begin now. We must act with conviction. All must proceed in love and brotherhood. It is indeed unity with diversity that is needed in this hour. You do not all need to ascribe to a creed or dogma, but all need to bring an open heart and the willingness to do the Father’s will.

Please step forward in joy for the new way is upon us. We need all of you to participate with intention and good cheer.

[Note from the T/R: Luminerion was ready to speak earlier, but reception was blocked by the transmitter.] 

[Note from the Editor: With all due respect to the decision of the transmitter saying she was blocked, the actual reason for initial difficulty in receiving messages from Luminerion is that this level of spiritual leadership is using a higher transmission frequency.  Transmitters have to be adjusted as they attempt to bring the voice of the Seraphic Services to Urantia, and it sometimes feels as though reception is being blocked when in fact it is the transmitters is being adjusted.]