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Solitary Messenger - Transportation Techniques Not All Revealed - Apr 25, 2012 - Felix Caro

Transportation Techniques Not All Revealed
Teacher: Solitary Messenger
T/R: Felix Caro
April 25. 2012

From a Solitary Messenger (?)
"There is an on-going discussion about how fast a Descending Son of God can be transported very long distances in a very short period of time. These musings are a consequence of the typical curiosity of mortals that are indeed sincere in their intentions to “know so that they can understand”.

“There are many “mysteries” regarding techniques for transportation that are even unknown to us. Why is that?

“Because we do not need to make use of them when doing Father’s bidding and, “ergo”, we do not need to know. Let me present to you a very basic example that can be very well comprehended by those who have read the Urantia book.

“Even after achieving Paradise, do you think that you will be allowed to go to Divinington to be revealed the “mysteries” associated with the Thought Adjusters? Of course not! Why? Because it has nothing to do with your “duties” after achieving Paradise and, for instance, you do not need to know. There are very many Celestial personalities that were specifically mentioned in the Urantia book that are unrevealed, even to other Celestial personalities, so imagine how unlikely it is that this knowledge will be available to a mortal during his time in the flesh.

“We understand that in the minds of many mortals of the spheres, the understanding of “mysteries” could make them feel closer to Father, but they are going to have to learn to get this “closeness” to Him by having faith and doing His will. As an example of this exercise of understanding God, we have the very typical example of many documents that are part of your “old testament”. There, God is visualized as a “warrior”, a “jealous” God, an “impatient” God, and a “punishing” God, among many other human attributes.

“As you all know, none of this is true, but this is the only apparent concept that was available to them with their current understanding on how God is and operates. There ARE special and unrevealed, even to us, transportation techniques that Father allows to be used in order to fulfill His purposes, and they are used in cases of “emergency” in some instances.

“What is written in the current version of the Urantia book, was knowledge that was considered to be “earned knowledge” at the time of its revelation, and thus it was understood that enough could be provided that will “make sense” to those who read it. This book by no means contains all the information regarding all of the transportation techniques.  Those that were presented were there to give mortals an “understandable idea” about how things operate in the spirit realms.

“A new version of the Urantia book will expand on a lot more information then was provided in the previous version, plus it will mention new concepts that can now be understood by the mortals of this sphere. In the mean time, do not spend too much time trying to understand that which has nothing to do with your work while you are still in the flesh. Again, exercise your faith and go about Father’s business; live to do His will."