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Charles; Light; Michael' Elyon; Midwayer; Unknown - There Is Power in The Light Itself - Apr 01 & Easter 08, 2012 - North Idaho

Contains 2 Transcriptions

Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-04-01  Palm Sunday
Teacher: Light, Elyon, Charles, Michael, Midwayer
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Light: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Light. I have to say this morning [that] I find it tremendously difficult to add anything to the conversation. The importance of viewing the whole from the aspect of the part is a direct reference in relationship to being a tremendous part. In terms of light, my favorite subject, there are endless aspects of the relationship between light and human consciousness. Not only are you experiencing the many aspects of lights relationship to life, to matter, to space, you are also experiencing lights relationship to consciousness, how you understand the light, how you see and perceive light, and how you hold light.

You are beginning to get a sense of the tremendous power contained within light itself, the power to transform, the power to shift, the power to visualize, the power to correct, the power to reveal, and the power to contain. You are beginning to experience the myriad aspects of light, its gentle and harmless nature, its ability to focus precisely and at any moment to deliver much more than you are aware of therefore always expanding within your consciousness its limitlessness and its boundlessness, its ability to penetrate even the darkest and tightest compress of space.

Breathe in this light and in breathing in this light you take in all of the qualities light has to offer. When you exhale this light you give back those qualities of a focused intention to anothers well being, to anothers healing. You are anchors, conduits of the light, local administrators of light. You are light infections, infecting everything that comes in contact with light. Unlike pathology, light is not a disease but it operates in the same manner. It affects everything that it touches. No thing is unaffected by light and the most obvious thing which light infects, light infects the darkness within, penetrating and revealing the nature of the darkness which once having been released from its fear space, reveals its impotence. The biggest threat of all darkness is nothing more than fear and light releases this fear from the grasp of darkness, usually to reveal some small and non-significant trauma held in such a conspicuous stance as to affect everything around it with fear. This is the healing nature of light, to dispel fear, to dispel it from the physical, to dispel it from the mental, to dispel it from the consciousness of reality. Fear is the greatest threat towards peace.

So in your efforts with working with the light, remember to focus on dispelling fear and know that fear can be penetrated with light. Even though I had nothing to say on the matter, I hope that the few words I have shared with you have been tremendous this morning. Go in peace, I love you all as my friends, thank you.

Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Elyon here to take advantage of the opportunity you provide when you create the space for us to come together. I will borrow heavily from your mornings conversation and string a few thoughts together. First, I will promote your observance of the house that burns down and what remains is the sturdy and strong foundation that was built in order that the dwelling be built on top. Indeed, if one takes the time to build a sturdy and secure foundation, then any manner or number of dwellings may be built on top of it and as you observe when you look at your ruins around the world, you are mostly observing the foundation, the parts that were underneath the dwelling which supported the upper structure. While the upper structure may give way to the vicissitudes of time, the foundation which was patiently and diligently built to support the structure still exists.

Such as it is with the foundation that you all have constructed under your understanding of spiritual and universe principles. Some amount of time and care has been taken in securing these building blocks and bringing them to your location of awareness and cementing them in as they fit along the boundaries that you would draw and securing them such that they become a solid and enduring foundation no matter what form of dwelling you may choose to build on top of them.

I have been with this group for some time as we have endeavored together to construct these foundations of understanding and awareness and I am pleased to say that I see evidence of such strong foundations as will withstand any degree of temporal disturbance. Foundations are also pivotal to another aspect discussed and that is, the foundation determines the home where the dwelling will be and typically grounds it deeply into its surroundings. This literally puts down a grounding rod into the earth and the foundation and the earth come together to give support to the foundation and the subsequent dwelling.

This idea of grounding out the space you inhabit is primal to your ability to co-create because one needs to first go into the act of co-creation as one who is familiar with wielding the forces at play and as such one who is familiar with grounding out the circuitry, becoming the lightning rod or the conduit for the energy to flow to and through. So your development of the awareness that it is up to you to bring to the circumstance your foundation of awareness, your stability of certainty, your conviction of this truth. That way the structure of understanding may be built on top of these basic premises, this natural awareness that you would furnish in the equation.

It is in your consciousness and awareness that these greater truths exist and you allow for the reality that this is so and in doing so, a space is created wherein the truth you envision may exist by simply being chosen, by simply being presented as a possible version of reality. It may exist side by side with many other versions of reality that others have created and chosen but by bringing with you your version of truth and reality, you provide an option, another choice that may be exercised at will. This holding of the space becomes even more potent when combined with the other idea, really the recognition of the truth that you are all one. You are each a part of the great whole and as such you both bring with you the impact of the whole and are able as a part to influence the whole by your contribution of awareness and truth and beauty. So in this way you are never engaged alone; you are always in tandem with all that is, merely your awareness varies.

It is a great pleasure to be with you as we witness you owning these concepts and weaving them into your personal structure of awareness. For myself it is greatly pleasing to have been with you since many of these lessons began and much of this awareness was obtained. Thank you for hearing my words today. I leave you now, farewell.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is Charles. I have wanted to say that, in a spiritual sense, the spiritual constituency of the universe does nothing more than hold a space in which mortals can come into and the space is full of light, full of energy, full of love. We hold this space in hopes that all will enter within, will join us in this great reunion with the creature and the Creator, that all will become one. We know that it is working, that more and more in a human sense you are beginning to hold a space for your brothers and sisters, that you are grounding these concepts into your human consciousness, into your collective consciousness just as we in spirit hold this space of consciousness for all of our mortal brothers and sisters to come into and share in the benefits and joy and happiness which we share.

So without  further adieu I bid you good day, a great week, tremendous love to all of you and we will see you all shortly, thank you.

Michael: [Mark] My dear ones, I would join you in your space. I am Michael and I bring you the comfort of these words as well. I hold you all in my space, that is, I hold a space and welcome you all into it. I have provided for you in this space, all that you have need of and all that would be lovingly helpful to you as you grow. Your Mother literally holds the space around you, literally holds an environment in which you may survive and thrive, holds it together with her intention and her purpose as I do a universe and a vision, an intention. I see you all as perfected beings and know that there is much time and experience and a journey between where you find yourselves at this hour and the vision I hold for you in the space that I ground and hold for you in advance of your arrival.

When I walked your world, it was my purpose to bring and to hold a space that I was aware of, of our great Father and His space and that is what I did. I maintained a space of awareness with my faith, conviction, and desire. Likewise, you hold a space, a space that is perhaps beyond what you currently observe in your environment, a space of truth, beauty, and goodness that is the desire of your heart which is also the desire of mine. You are an extension of my space that I hold in that each of you now branch out and hold a piece of this space where you are; a fragment of this dimension exists now with you. As you are a part of my whole, I am present with you wherever you are willing to hold this space. Likewise, you are my outpost, the extension of my vision of divinity. This is how we work together in this process and how we work for one.

It is my eternal pleasure to have you as part of my space and I delight when you invite me in to be a part of yours. Let us rejoice in this relationship, let us be about this business of staking our claim to the highest and best attributes we are aware of, the most divine components in our experience. Let it be so between us and among us even now. Thank you for hearing my words. I bid you all farewell in this journey that we share, so be it.

Midwayer: [Cathy] Awake to the possibilities of the co-creative process. Combine your efforts to enhance the light and peace on the planet. Join with us to transform this darkness into the light of the Father's pattern. You are a key element in the plan. We are acting in unison, we are able to join with you in the co-creative process. We are always with you. It is our planet too and in every way the United Midwayers are connecting with you in Michael's plan. Cousins, we are a mighty force for the Father and we are mobilized to send light to the darkness with you. Stand with us in this, the greatest project for our world.


Subject: No. Idaho Team  2012-04-08  Easter Morning
Teacher: Charles, LIght, Unknown, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] I am prompted to ask that everyone center on our merkaba, our focus, our portal, and make another contribution of your intention that it be so, that it be strengthened and established by our act of will and that we may grow in greater association to this energy form even as we are parts of this energy form. Thank you my friends for participating in this. Every time we do it it is a rebirth, a regeneration, much as the whole Easter celebration is a rebirth, a regeneration, as an act of faith and love and intention. Let it be so.

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends and happy Easter morning, I am Charles. I feel free to come and join you this morning as my name has been invoked on several occasions during your conversation, prompting me to listen in and see if there was not some opportunity I might be of service this morning. In registering your conversation I am made more fully aware of the earthly mortal paradigm that you exist in. Frankly, from my perspective, it is easy to not take into account the magnitude of the isolation that you feel on your world, that is the isolation from spiritual connection because all of your spiritual connections that you enjoy is brought to you by virtue of your personal desire, intention, and motivation to have it be part of your life experience, otherwise it is completely an optional or recessive part of the human experience.

As you know, one can live a whole life on your world never having ventured into the realm or arena of spirit, merely forsaking that choice in favor of the more materially obvious portion of your experience. As a material being you are in the soup of materialism and must act and react with all the other material influences you experience around you. These are so dominating of the mortal senses that one tends to get caught up in all these mortal sensory experiences. This is completely normal and natural of course and part of your evolution because in a state such as this it truly is the next step or the final frontier as you would view it, to go beyond all these mortal and temporal experiences and to seek for spiritual truth and spiritual presence which transcend and go beyond the limitations of the mortal encounter.

When you act in spirit and when you function using your faith and you experience the dimension of spirit beyond the physical and mortal components, it is a great challenge of faith to embrace this aspect of your individual experience as real and genuine and important and as having any sort of significant impact on the other aspect of your being, all that you are and all that surrounds you as a mortal of the realm. It is oftentimes observable that mortals in your position seek for physical signs to verify their spiritual experiences, to seek for confirmation in the material and real world of that which is in the non-material and spiritual world.

Mortals crave to know that others know of and respond to what brings them peace and gratitude and enriches their experience in the spiritual realm. This is one of the great functions that churches serve for their members; they get together as an expression of similar individuals who wish to share the experience of the spiritual expression with others who are sharing this experience. This group brings you all confirmation and reassurance that you seek when to each other you are counsel and support and understanding fellows who share these similar experiences albeit the individual experiences will never be identical. They may be similar to various degrees to the experiences of others but spiritual experience is a personal and an internal thing.

I bring this up to gently encourage you that while you are engaged in spiritual pursuits while still a mortal of the realm, do not overburden yourself by looking for tangible evidence of your spiritual efforts. These reassurances and fellowship are available to you within, that is where the comfort of being in spirit are attained. That is where the assurance of having acted in faith is constituted and that is where it is needful to go when all things earthly seem to fail you in providing significant evidence that things spiritual are indeed manifesting themselves on your planet and in your lives and in your worlds of experience.

Sure, it would be wonderful to see great effects immediately upon the implementation of new ideas and greater ideals but all this as a matter of course takes time. Time is part of the equation of change, growth, evolution, and increased awareness. It is not possible to fit a quart into a pint container. It is required that one enlarge the container before being able to contain the quart. That is the point we find ourselves right now, this wave of increased awareness and growth and change that is upon us is all about increasing the size of the container, the capacity to contain the greater truths. So, we must anticipate in the mortal process that time is required as part of the equation and thus great patience is required as well, particularly from those who have early on expanded their capacities and increased their awareness and now look around them and wait in earnest for others to become on the same page with them, to join with them as some of the 'hundredth monkeys.'

I pray [to] the Divine Parents that all of you who have done your spiritual homework and who have gathered to yourselves this greater awareness, that you all be endowed with greater patience. As well as part of your composition it will be needful for you to wait for your brothers and sisters. Likewise, there will be great service opportunities arise as many are awakened to the truths that you have been privileged to gather and they will be in need of those flagstones, those signposts posted along the route pointing in the right direction. This may be the privilege you get to hold as we wait for the tribe to gather as an indicator, as a signpost saying over here is a lighthouse saying I am a fixed point to be reckoned with. Such is the opportunity for those who stand in readiness at this point and whose desire it is continuing and evermore to be of service.

I count myself among you and I am most pleased to be assigned to work with you as such a transition transpires before us. So be it, let us work together and let us be strong as individuals standing in our truth and being certain with our conviction of faith even in the absence of public testimony let us be sure and certain and stand on the rock of our conviction. Thank you for hearing my words this morning, I bid you all farewell.

Light: [Cathy] I am so pleased by the discussion of light and the relation to each cell of the planet. I am honored to be a creation of the use of light and the intention of love. It is true that light flows both directions, inwardly to the cellular structure and outward to be focused and intensified for creative purposes. It is a wonderful tribute to the properties of light that you continue to explore the use and reception of these waves. Light is indeed in the process of transforming all on the planet.

Unknown: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning. So you learned today that the mystery of life is not really a mystery. It is well thought out, it is well designed, that every minute particle created in the universe has a purpose, that the interaction of all these minute particles constitute the complex reality of life. Yet, the intelligence designed life with an antidote, that no matter what happens in life there is an element that can circumvent any aspect of life and that antidote is love. Love can take on the nature of any particle in the universe that may be needed at that moment. Love has the ability to cut through all of the red tape of life and all of the electro-chemical negotiations which are constantly producing life. Its nature is such that in a moment it can change the quality of life, the awareness in that moment, it can change the condition and situation of the moment.

So the intelligent design of life is such that it works without your even being conscious of its operation. Life for you is automatic; you automatically breathe, your heart automatically pumps blood, your cells are automatically processing chemicals, you automatically take in light, you take in water, you take in thoughts, you take in nutrients. What is processed and regurgitated, what is given back in life? This is the individuals choice, to determine what life is, to understand its nature and its needs, to come to an awareness of a greater dimension of life, the spiritual dimension of life, the unseen dimension of intelligence and the curative nature of love on a world such as yours.

This morning in going through the myriad ideas which have been discussed and thrown about, we see that in human life, humans have a tremendous responsibility to make decisions and live out life by making their own choices or going along with the choice that someone else has made for you, whichever comes first. I am not sure that humans totally have come to a place to understand that life is not created by destroying it, that life and its qualities are created with intelligence, with thinking things out, with working through things, working through the tough parts of life. All the while you have the ability to reach within and draw love from your heart and your soul and in a moments notice have a sense of compassion for all life, a sense of meaning and purpose.

It is a tremendous play which is being staged on this world with life. The final chapter has not been written in any sense of the word. You do have a choice and in even the most difficult choices, the understanding may only reside within your heart. Thank you.

 Michael: [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, it is my pleasure to join you this morning, I am Michael and as I understand you all observe my resurrection at this time of year I would have a few words to say about yours. As you are all well aware, this spring time of year brings to mind the triggering by natural causes of your environment around you to come to life after a winter of dormancy and the good gardner is well aware that this time of year brings with it great potential, that if you act in accordance with universal law and principles and in harmony with the gigantic plan and you plant your seeds and time your actions in accordance with established pattern, that you will be provided a growing season and that your efforts will meet with success if you are in harmony with the season and willing to act at the right time and have faith that such action will produce for you the fruits of your labor.

If one considers the planting of a fruit tree, one takes an even greater perspective and exercises an even greater degree of faith, that not just one growing season but several growing seasons may be required to bring a fruit tree to a sufficient state to  bear fruit. This is acting on long term faith that such a cycle of life and light will return repeatedly to assist you as you continue to promote your long term vision of a tree bearing fruit over the course of natural time.

This is where you find yourselves as spiritual seedlings. You have been planted here with the knowledge and the faith that many seasons will be required to bring you to maturity, to bring you to a point where you are bearing much fruit. This has been in accordance with universal principles and as a direct result of my intention that it be so and yours as well because you have tended yourself, pruned yourself, fertilized yourself, and grown in accordance with natural law. So your very existence represents my intention and yours combined, both of us relying heavily in faith on the natural order and progression that we are blessed with.

Such is your experience at growing your spiritual component. It is necessary to plant the seed early on, it is necessary for great time periods for you to nurture the seed. It is necessary for you to act in faith that such a seedling will sprout to grow a mighty foundation of faith. But you all have come to count on this as a certainty in your lives as a direct result of your experiences that it is continually and everlastingly so in your experience. And so you continue to nurture these seedling and provide for them what may be done in their time of growth and expansion, all the while relying in faith that many seasons exist before you to fully mature your growing spiritual component.

When I had the privilege to walk on your world, I planted many seeds, I nurtured many seedlings and promoted the faith necessary for others to go out and plant seedlings as well. It was not to be given me in that life that I was to see these seedlings grow up, sprout, and grow fruit. My experience was too short and no matter how long your experience is, I assure you it will be too short for you to see many of these seedlings that you have lovingly and carefully planted, grow to fruition. Yours is not to sit back and enjoy all the fruits of your efforts in this one short life, rather your experience is to plant in faith, to act in faith each day, to act as if you fully anticipate seeing the fruits of your labor even if it is not apparent immediately  before you.

To exercise enough faith that at some point in your ascension career you will certainly see the fruits of your labor and be willing to take that as your consolation as you endeavor to prune more vines and fertilize more seedlings, constantly recall that the acts are yours, but the destinies are your Father's. Be content that you are the ones in position to act and do so with a certainty and conviction and faith that having done so, your contribution has been accepted and embraced and all that is good will survive and all that was done in service is good.

I hope to bring you peace, that while you labor in the fields in this life, yours is not to see all the fruits of your labors, rather yours is to grow your faith in the process. Let others gather the fruit, let others notice that those who have come before them have planted the vineyards and the orchards. It brings me great pleasure to join you in your conversation this morning and I hope to bring you words of encouragement and nourishment to your souls. Let these words bring you the acknowledgement and the peace that the fruits that are ripening are divine and real and that one day, as your capacity has so greatly increased, you will be able to embrace these truths as well.

Father, let it be so for these are my children in whom I am so well pleased.

Michael: [Cathy] I am with you in the celebration of this moment of my life on our planet. I was lifted from the physical body in the same manner that all of you will experience. My passage through the process was merely expedited, made faster. In the final hours of my bestowal on the planet I experienced all manner of emotion from the despair of knowing that many of the planet were closed to my message, that many of my fellows had turned from the brotherhood of the kingdom. My assurances of the power of following the Father's will brought also great joy and peace. I was indeed able to stand and hold my truth in the face of chaos and hatred. My children you are all called upon to stand in your truth also. As was mentioned earlier, you will need to be a point of light that can be recognized when all is in disarray. I will always be with you in this effort as you face increasing challenges. I will come to bring you strength in moments of indecision. As your Father, I am your refuge and your guide. Your Mother and I are available and eager to support you. Our love is with you always.