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Charles Mighty Messenger; Jack 0802AB - Light & Life Here & Now - Apr 05, 2012 - Lightline Gerdean
LOCATION:              Light Line
TEACHER:               Mighty Messenger Charles
TOPIC:                      Envisioning Light and Life Here and Now
T/R:                            Gerdean
DATE:                       April 5, 2012
Gerdean:        Father God, ready or not here we come.  I’ve been excited, looking forward to this visit from Mighty Messenger Charles and I hope my childlike glee in this new liaison is not fatal to the “smooth runnings” of our agenda.  I’ll take this moment, in fact, to look over our session this evening and … You run the show … or give it to your agents, that they might function fluidly. Let’s just call this a Co-Creative Design Team and be done with it. We couldn’t do it without You.  Thank You for this outrageous opportunity.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.

0802-AB Jack here.  Testing. Testing.  Is the time and temperature conducive now? Shall we proceed? It does feel a bit like a production number is about to begin and it is really the same old same old, if you will excuse my laid-back manner. I am just trying to contribute to a sense of ordinariness about this process. You still tend to become hyper or beside yourself somehow and, of course, it’s unwanted so just “chill.”  I will be here, but I do understand you are eager to talk to Charles -- and he has indicated some delight in the upcoming exchange also -- and so I will, without further ado, stand aside and see what commences with this--  whatever this is.

CHARLES:   Greetings.  This is Charles.  I have to smile. Jack is a witty fellow, isn’t he?  I am bemused by these midwayers on Urantia. They are a unique sort of midway creatures. Of course, they have the across-the-board similarities with midwayers all across the seven superuniverses, but the character of these here represents the character of your world, of course, and so their intensity, their integrity, their humor, their affection all … (there isn’t any word; the word I am looking for doesn’t exist, evidently).  They are unique, most charming creatures, as we have found you humans to be, as well.

I understand a certain getting-to-know-you period is in order for free-flow conversations to take place.

[Unspoken question about an earlier co-creative design team with which the T/R was involved.]

Yes, I am aware of other co-creative teams that exist, have existed, and some which are even now being brought into being. This is right and appropriate for this time in your evolution and yes, I am talking about those who involve the celestial realms, not merely the pencil pushers and movers and shakers of the kingdoms of men to which you are already accustomed.  But this new paradigm, this new plateau of operating with deity – I hesitate even to use that phrase because it opens up such a Pandora’s Box of misunderstanding.  That’s why there is such a push to get you “up to snuff” and “up to speed.” Is that the phrase?  And both the Trinity Teacher Sons and the Magisterial Sons are involved.  But not all of them are involved in this undertaking.

This is only one planet, after all, and one small segment of one sector in an otherwise vast and starry universe, and so while your uniqueness here is fascinating, compelling, and all that, it is nothing special in terms of requiring everyone’s attention. The universe does go on with or without Urantia. In fact, there are worlds in time and space whose history, at some time or another, would astonish you, but those are not available at this point for my reference so if the need comes up, I am sure I could access their records and yet it is far more interesting to deal with what we have to deal with now, that being your world and your place in it at this time. And agreed, there are many involved in the process, so we are quite enthralled and enthused by what’s going on, whether we have been commissioned to be here, volunteered to be here, or are simply passing through.

I give you some of this background to indicate that it’s a very big universe. I, a Mighty Messenger, do not personally know every other Mighty Messenger throughout the cosmos. I do not have a working knowledge of their cases, their projects, their assignments, and that goes also for entities throughout the [grand] universe, even locally speaking, this superuniverse or even this local universe. I do not know everyone in this local universe. There are a great many I am not personally familiar with although I can access records and get a reading on sundry situations as the need arises, if the need arises.  And even you, dear ones, as closely as we are becoming and remaining co-workers in the tasks ahead, I don’t know each of you personally that well either.  Like any relationship, it comes into flower by spending time with it.

Early, early on in the teaching mission you were taught that in order to have a personal relationship with God, with the Universal Father, you needed to spend time with Him and so you learned Stillness and therein spent the time with your Creator, thus getting to know something about Him.  This is our common denominator.  I am a [trinitized son, assisting a] descending son, you are ascending sons, but we do have a relationship to our Eternal Parent in common. In that context, we are brethren.  But in most other contexts, I am much more experienced.  And yet, I have been where you are.  I have studied insurrection and rebellion. I have lived with its threat and its effect, as have you, and so you too may one day be a Mighty Messenger.

You may be a Mighty Messenger in the service of a Magisterial Son or a Trinity Teacher Son.  And so we might as well relax and get down to the basics of sharing what we are going to have to do here on this world that you can participate in with an eye toward our planetary goals of light and life as well as the greater goals of reconnecting your world with your sister worlds, and the lot of you being reconnected to the system, the constellation, the local universe and, in the end, the universe at large.  As it stands, however, we have a long way to go.

I looked you up, Gerdean, as you looked me up, and so now we know something more of each other. I discovered that you met and had some rapport with a Mighty Messenger many years ago, before the onset of Correcting Time, and I was pleased with the reception that my brother received in your company. I have noted your experience to my brother and he recalls it well, referred to a lesson he gave on being reborn, anticipating the very thing that we are experiencing now in the Correcting Time, although not specifically this Light Line format.  This format is the clever outworking of some co-creative design by many of you, if not all of you, earlier.  And there will be many more to come. The Skype idea is worth investigating, for it enables you to see each other. There is a definite paucity in this contact, this connection, without being in the presence of one another. Fortunately, the Thought Adjusters are able to connect, even at these far-geographic distances, but your psyche/your soul misses the opportunity to share energy with your peers when you are not in the physical presence of each other but much can be conveyed through facial expressions, body language, personality style and so forth that help endear you to one another.

The only thing I would caution against is—Well, you know how— [Gerdean stopped the proceedings to get a drink of water] Well, that was a disruption. I have no idea what point I was going to make now, but it will come back. We will forge ahead. We are still in this process of getting to know you better and I am aware of my brother who met you before and so you have a taste for what we are like, we have a taste of what you are like, and improved technology will enable you to learn more about each other.  It is necessary for us to become -- or for you to become -- tangible because you are working in a finite existence. This physical arena in which you work is where our ideas will be implemented.

One of the first things that you need to do is visualize what it is that you want to create. It is said that if you can see it, you can create it, and the biggest problem you have here – the biggest problem by far, bar none, is that you don’t work together. You have mavericks, you have geniuses, you have poets, you have engineers, creators, dramatists, maniacs everywhere, each doing his or her own dynamic thing, and people follow as the mood swings. It is not conducive to -- what’s that word? – sustained living. It’s not sustainable. Your society is not sustainable if it is that erratic. It won’t even get grounded until you have at least a few people who think alike.

And immediately, upon this process commencing, you then begin to feel the tug and pull of competition. Over here you have half a dozen very capable, competent people following that fellow’s idea, and over here you have a half a dozen extremely bright people completely committed to that fellow’s idea. And not to be left out, there are many other very noble fellows and females putting together their own milieu, fiefdom, company.  Indeed, this is appropriate for this stage in your development. You will—

Yes, Damalia, the social architect, gathers people together for this purpose, knowing full well that a co-creative design team will come together to form a project and once that project is finished, there is no need for them to be together any longer and so the energies shifts, the design team disbands and the members go on to other experiences. They may be brought together at some time in the future, not necessarily so, but people must learn to cooperate with each other, recognizing that at this point the grass roots efforts are the most tangible and essential of all the works.

Now of course the spiritual work is, has been, always will be essential and we have no desire whatsoever to usurp it, to drain it of its energy or resources; we rely on the spirit, we depend on the spirit to round out your wholeness so that when you do work in one of these configurations, you can be trusted; you have integrity; you are honest; you reflect the fruits of the spirit. This is how we know who we are dealing with and it is far more dependable than a Dunn & Bradstreet rating, although all those tertiary and extraneous details of life as it is lived in the arena where you are assigned, all these details are relevant and important, at least occasionally, certainly as a frame of reference. And so, whether or not we find ourselves working from the inside or from the outside of any given situation, we will know one another from having shared that earlier, fundamental, underlying, constant, supernal truth of our connection to Deity.

There, I said it.  I did not say “tenet,” “creed” or any of those. That’s a different topic altogether.

Let’s slow down here. I’ve been talking entirely too much. Here is the point I wanted to make earlier. We cannot let this mission be about the mission. We are not here to sell anybody on our existence as celestial personalities. We don’t need our egos stroked, nor do you.  But we all do need acknowledgement, and in the fundamental acknowledgement, there is an innate exchange. That exchange, if it is open and honest, will reveal that channel that exists between you and your peer, that will allow for the most open, unprejudiced, fruitful approach to the task at hand.  And so when you set down your visualization of what you feel you need to work toward attaining light and life, you have a mental scope then, and you can begin to build it in your consciousness, in your superconsciousness. And we will be thrilled to help you establish that value in your consciousness so that you may weave it into your construct of what light and life should look like … today. Naturally, it will evolve and advance without measure as we march into the future.  But we have received our marching orders now and so we may commence. But let’s do this on a cooperative basis instead of a competitive basis. This is a great opportunity for us to learn and to practice teamwork.

So what shall we do now? Shall we open the floor and get some involvement from the listeners, the participants? Let’s see if there is some input.  The instruction as conveyed to me is to press star six, that’s asterisk six, in order to open the channel between us.  You are invited. Come in.  Do you have ideas of what light and life should look like? What is your area that you would be able to invest yourself in that area? Nothing is more important than the work of your realm, and so if you are a nurse, that’s your realm. If you are a musician, that’s your realm. If you are a public servant, that’s your realm. If you are a mother, that’s your realm. Each one of us has a realm, not limited by gender, where we work.  That’s where we begin, but we incorporate others and so-- What others? What about your job, your church, your clubs, your associations? What do you envision as representing light and life? And can you connect that vision with your life today? Or not? The floor is open. [Pause]

Student:          It sort of seems that in an age of light and life, Charles, one person wouldn’t have more money and goods than his neighbor, which is how it seems now, and I’m wondering, in terms of the crux of the matter sharing.  Would you share immediately or grow into it or what?

CHARLES:   Shall I respond to that?  All right.  You are correct that one should not have more riches than another, but that is in the spiritual sense and from the spiritual perspective. Spiritually you are all equal; physically you are not equal, so the question then is should there be a new definition of what wealth is? Why should wealth be based on a symbol of prosperity instead of the prosperity itself?

This imbalance of wealth you have on this planet is tragic.  It astounds us that there could be those who have to look for ways to get rid of their money even as there are tribes, nations, whole peoples starving to death, having no fundamental power or water. The disparity is noteworthy. That is, of course, something that would need to be resolved and that is the kind of problem that is enough to cause any sane person to give up right there and then because what possible method do you have at your disposal to fix that? None whatsoever. What you can do, however, is live your life with the kinds of values that will represent true wealth, true riches, without overmuch regard for those symbols of wealth that take up so much time to maintain and which could be helpful to those who are not so fortunate, or for those who are not as industrious.

It is said that the poor you will always have with you, and there will always be those of a more cheerful countenance than others and so there are differences that must be accepted and the same is true regarding lifestyle. There will always be those who want their environment to be a little softer or their edge a little sharper.  And that is appropriate that they should have ways of fulfilling themselves in their environment as long as these ambitions to maintain civilization and reward oneself with creature comforts do not deprive others of the basic necessities of existence.

This problem of the disparity of wealth being based on a false sense of what is of true value will fall in line better when people stop fearing the unknown and attempting to control what is now to such a degree that all spontaneity and joy has been squeezed out of life, leaving it dry, barren, empty.

I’m attempting to catch snippets of thought that I see floating in the environment around you and from Gerdean’s mind, which is far easier to read since it is so close to me, and yet we have not yet put into practice the interview type of engagement that she so enjoyed between Monjoronson and Vicki recently, that you no doubt have seen in circulation.  I am not averse to that technique but someone either needs to stay on top of the mechanics or we’ll need to do a lot more practicing before it will be mastered.  I don’t mind doing it this way, but it does tend to appear like a monolog.  Perhaps I should ask the transcriber to interject the questions that I hear but that you don’t hear.  But then there are probably those who would say it was coerced or tampered with somehow.  You are such Sensitives!  And we have much work to do.  Fortunately, when we do the work we love to do, we don’t mind taking the time necessary to do it right and to do it well.  This is another important point when we think about the co-creative design teams that will be manifesting.

There is a spiritual expediency that overrides your own sense of urgency. In fact, sometimes your eagerness to do the work, whatever you perceive that to be, gets in the way of the work itself.  And again, this is a good time to remember and reflect upon that principle that we must not let this mission become our mission.

Student:          Would you elaborate on that, Charles?

CHARLES:   I’ve been trying to, but it’s difficult. The idea is elusive enough, or challenging enough that I have been unable to get it through. The best way for me to get it through is when the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. When Gerdean is not paying any attention, I can say things that she would not object to, unless she was paying attention.

Student:          Aha! So this goes back to the spontaneity and joy.

CHARLES:   Well, yes.  The church came along, you know, and organized the gospel.  It made a mission of the mission. And so the original spark was lost on them. It went underground, as it were, and we don’t want this mission of Michael’s to once more be swept underground by the likes of noble men who seek to make things prematurely.  So we come back to that thing about everyone being involved, even—

Yes!  I had a question about leadership. Yes, even although leadership is necessary, you cannot build a civilization or manage people or societies or civilizations without leaders, the leaders themselves need to be cooperative and malleable rather than competitive.  (I won’t even make reference to your Congress!)  But if we are going to build light and life on this planet, that is certainly a principle that must be grasped at once. Working together in some fashion, in some acknowledged fashion, is essential.

Student:          Like with Monjoronson’s moral compass? The quality of life? The quality and progressing nature toward sustainability? Would that be the mode?

CHARLES:   Well, rather, in that these are the riches. The values are the true riches, and it is these true values that are sustainable. They have only to do with the structures as the structures serve the people. The people are the civilization, the society, the family.  Their associations and board members and companies and parties and all these are constructs they bring into being to support their mutual picture of what they are aspiring to create, uphold, maintain, and set forth. But even it, as it is in this world, in this country where you are anyway, is set up that one man must head the whole thing. One president, a vice president, a secretary and a treasure; it is mandatory. And so in order to exist as an association it is set against itself if the association is to bring into being a working group of individuals and their synergy that comes from their heartfelt dedication to task at hand does not depend on an article or a bylaw or a ground rule.  You see?  The organization is in service to the powers that brought the association into existence, the co-creative design unit.

They need to stay small so that power does not become an awkward issue. Listen: there are a number of ideas, Gerdean, from your novel The Zooid Mission that would be illustrative of some of these points. I hope you will feel free to bring those points into the discussion when they come up -- if, of course, you have a moment in your mind, busy as it is with me, to think about such a thing. Perhaps we will get fluid.

I am appreciative of the trust you are giving me. I appreciate your respect for me as an entity in the hierarchy, as well as an associate of Monjoronson, and so I am willing to engage with you and entertain your ideas as well as the ideas that anyone else is encouraged to and able to present in this process of discussing what designs could come into being where you are and with your assistance that would help your circumstance – where you live, where you work, your realm and the people in it – further towards light and life. Do I see you sitting back saying, “Oh, no! That will take too long.”  Well, we have an eternity.

You have an eternity as well, although your time here is rather short, and so you will excuse me for making this point, but since you are aware, since you are enlightened, since you know the task at hand and the distance we have to go, then perhaps you will motivate yourself to get busy now and “gather ye rosebuds while ye may” or “make hay while the sun shines.” Not to say that you are not already busy already; I know you are. But I am here to encourage you to learn to be busy in ways that will advance the kingdom and you have professed to be interested in just such an activity so while you are doing what you are doing normally, unless it is in contradistinction to what you feel is your ideal, you should be able to enjoy yourself and feel more effective, fruitful, that your life is more meaningful because of this conscious effort.

Even a small effort is better than no effort. And in this way we pick up momentum, we gain confidence and we begin to see results. From our perspective there are many results already from these past 20 or so years, not to mention the past 50 or the past 100 years on this planet. It is truly picking up speed … full speed ahead!  And in order to sustain anything of lasting value for this world, some wisdom will need to be applied. It cannot keep up at this pace.  You are not built to move that fast – at least not without some good orderly direction, and from the way it appears from my monitor, I see a lot of chaos.

Well, how are we doing here?  I’ve kept you after class. My apologies.

Student:          Good!

CHARLES:  I will say goodnight and give this back to Jack.  Thank you for your attention to our discussions this evening. It will perhaps give you something to think about.

Student:          Thank you, Charles. You gave us a lot to think about!

JACK:            This is Jack.  I’m sorry.  I was so intrigued with what Charles had to say, I completely forgot to check the clock to notify you when it was time to move on, so let me not take any more of your time this evening. It’s been fun, gotta run.  Later!