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Voice Within; Michael - More About The Relationship Between Spirit and Man - Feb 23, 2012 - Teleconference Henry Zeringue
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-02-23
Teacher: Voice Within, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Father/Mother God, we thank you for this opportunity to come together in this circle of love, this circle of friendship and trust. Connect us with our higher selves, connect us with you, spirit; connect us to that which we aspire to become. Help us to gather a bit of wisdom this evening in understanding as we traverse this life, thank you.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you this evening, this is the Voice Within, not specific, but like [in] all of you, I Am the Spirit Within. It is good to be here this evening to share in this time to understand a little more about the relationship between spirit and man. It is true that there is a cord of strength woven with trust, faith and courage. It is a strong cord, it will support all weight and it will gently maneuver you into a landing position allowing you to step down upright into the given situation which you are dealing with. Spirit is constantly striving to help you understand. It is constantly striving to present you with options, options for growth which usually indicate some kind of change. This is why these spiritual tools are important to help you access something that you feel and have a sense of but are not quite sure of either how to express it or how to achieve it, therefore you either procrastinate or put off that which can bring you closer to that space you wish to manifest.

Always is the Voice Within you working within your mind to implant ideas, notions, thoughts, many times corrective advice, helping you to see who you really are and who you really can be. In a sense, what the Voice inside is doing is it is trying to show you the complete and perfected you and this is placed over what you are now so that you can see what areas you have to work on. No one is born perfect, though in the mind of the spirit within you, are all seen as perfected sons and daughters of God and you gravitate towards this perfection.

This is the same way with healing, healing the physical levels of which the body operates, to actually see the health, to understand the health and to bring health to manifest into an area that is less than healthy, no matter what it is. For example: As simple [a] thing as the way you hold a mental space to healing has a tremendous affect on your ability to heal. You go to a Dr. or a clinic and a professional person helps you; you may have a surgical procedure. Well, if the mind is full of worry and full of negative thoughts, more than likely these will manifest. Just as likely, if you have positive thoughts and thoughts full of light and thoughts full of trust and hope that you will get better and you will attain the state that you seek, this also is tremendously helpful in healing.

The way that you hold thoughts in your head is important to your very being. If you are constantly entertaining negative thoughts you will begin to experience negative things, there is a direct relationship. If you begin to entertain thoughts of hope and love and trust and faith, these also in time will begin to manifest and you will begin to see, to experience in your own life that which you are able to conceive in your own mind. So yes, part of it is making the correct decision and what are correct decisions? Well, you don't really know what they are; sometimes you just have to go with what's there and you find out down the road whether or not the decision is correct once you've made it the choice.

But more often than not, by holding a sense of priority, a sense of being, a sense of value and worth, these more often than not manifest. It is true that many times when you learn things, you learn what not to do; as a matter of fact most of the things that you really truly intimately know are things that you know what not to do. When it comes to what you should do, there is a vast gulf between now and when what you are supposed to do, manifests. So, how do you really know? Well, some people have a sense of what this is, some people seek in their inner guidance and become very sensitive to the leadings of this inner guidance.

You know, you forget, but a lot of times just ask, just ask and you shall receive, whatever it is. This is tremendous spiritual advice because if you have the ability to ask, it precludes you have the ability to listen to what it is that you are given. Sometimes you have to use a little creativity, like sometimes the answer is disguised in something else. You never really know. There will though, one day be a point that you reach a level in the relationship between the indwelling guidance and your human mind where there will be a direct communication between this Inner Spirit and the mortal mind but in the beginning there is not a direct experience; it is more like a distant echo that you begin to get a sense of that, oh! this sound keeps repeating itself in my mind; there must be some reason why I need to listen to what it's trying to tell me.

So in the beginning, yes, you do have to kind of discern what you are being told. Actually you have to discern most things in life. At first you may not be discerning it but you eventually learn that things work a lot better if your discerning is sharp and correct. Your ability to discover realness in the world is your ability to be real with yourself in this world, to be who you are, not to disguise your feeling and your senses but to be honest and truthful with yourself. In this way a synchronicity, a reciprocalness begins to happen where the more you become real, the more value life seems to have, the more real it is becoming and if you live in a situation where there is a tremendous amount of unreality, it is even more important to become centeredness in this sense of realness. And what is realness? There is even in the human soul, in the relationship between the human mind and the indwelt spirit, in this relationship there is the ability to create a real and lasting value which begins to manifest in all aspects of your life.

So take these thoughts into your meditation this week. Try to get a sense of what it is like to see yourself whole and complete. See if you can taste perfection, if this sense reveals itself to you. In this process you begin to see the work necessary to achieve this level of relationship with a perfect spirit who indwells you for the sole purpose of bringing you to a perfected state of being [so] that you may become one and whole with this spirit. I thank you for these words this evening. Go in peace, I leave this forum open for others to speak, thank you.

Michael: Greetings to you this evening, it is I, Michael, here this evening to reenforce the bond of love which I hold for each and every one of you on this planet which I visited at one time, here to tell you that in all of your understanding, to know that you are loved and that you are cared for in a spiritual sense, that Mother and I hold each and everyone in high esteem. We created you, and as our children, we know who you are. We know of your struggles, we know of your hopes, we know of your wishes. We have prepared a world and a stage on which you play out this life in the flesh in hopes that you learn who you truly are and express in your lives all that you can be. We truly hold this for all of you.

We know that you were created imperfect. There is a simple reason for this. Your imperfection helps create a possibility for others in a spiritual sense to help you achieve perfection. It is one thing to be born perfect and never do anything incorrectly, but perfection needs a reference and the reference for perfection is imperfection. Imperfection is the greatest mirror for what is perfect and this is not a joke, this is the absolute truth. Through your imperfection you give impetus, meaning, and purpose in a way that [beings] that are perfected take for granted. All of your lives are assisted by tremendous spiritual agencies which are created to help you, to assist in whatever it is that you need to do.

There are orders and mandates even in the universe which support the work of the angels, support the work of the heavenly teachers. You live in times where all humans are indwelt with a perfect aspect of spirit, customized especially for you. Sometimes these spirits fail, they fail in their attempts to bring the human subject to bear upon the necessary understanding to grow, to achieve a greater sense of being. All is not lost though, these spirits are recycled that another may have a chance to be redeemed by their indwelling.

Do not lose sense of the unseen on your world and do not worry about what it is that you cannot completely understand at this level of being because in time all will be made known to you and as you achieve levels of understanding and growth yourself, you will begin to understand greater relationships and references to life. Of course, as spirit, we keep it very simple. All that you really have to do is love one another and [in] all of the myriads of complexities which encumber human life, spirit keeps it simple. Your ability to love one another is your ability to grow, to grow with everyone else. There is enough for everyone, the planets were designed that way, they were designed to maintain and harbor life. The sphere you live on is a sphere of beauty upon which ugly things take place. Sometimes it mars the beauty, but the beauty is inherent in the planet and the beauty will always right itself in time.

So continue to live a loving life, not only with those who are intimate and in your own family, but with all you come in contact with. Be at peace and be in love. I am your brother Michael, thank you.