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Beloved One; Rael; Ophelia; Orion; Prolotheos; Thought Adjuster - Dec 18, 2011 - Seven Transcripts - Progress Group, AU

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  • Transcript 1 - Urantia, December 18, 2011. Teacher: The Beloved One. Subject: “Make the Connection.”
  • Transcript 2 - Urantia, November 16, 2010. Teacher Rael. Subject: “Your Mission.” – A Personal Message.
  • Transcript 3 - Michigan, US of A, January 15, 2012. Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “The Feeling Network?”
  • Transcript 4 - Illawarra District, Australia, January 11, 2012. Life Carrier Orion. Subject: “Who We Are and What We Do.” “Creation and Evolution.
  • Transcript 5 - Michigan, US of A, January 22, 2012. Teacher Ophelius. Subject: “The Divine Relationship.”
  • Transcript 6 - Chicago U S of A, January, 12, 2012. Teacher Prolotheos. Subject: “Love’s Demand & Supply.”
  • Transcript 7 -  The Thought Adjuster Transmission (Not Dated)

Transcript 1
Urantia, December 18, 2011.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Make the Connection.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “I find you willing to make the connection with Me and hopefully I can impart a little wisdom.  This will make it easier for others, who may chance to read these short treatises, to likewise dare to make the connection with their Inner Pilot.

“The more often it is attempted to establish a clear connection with your ‘on board Partner’, the clearer these conversations become, because it is in you to succeed.  Each minded mortal has this capacity, this Gift from the eternal Creator, in them.  It was bestowed upon all at a tender age, when the decision was made to be of service to someone.

“Life is decision-making from moment to moment, and I point out that as you become more lucid in your thinking during meditation, you will realize that there is more between heaven and earth, and that more exists in the unseen world than the visible world.  Realizing this, you automatically begin to seek contact with the unseen Creator God, who allows all manner of things to unfold from the invisible to the visible.

“Even though you act in the seen world, it is the inner world which is far more expansive than you can realize.  However, it would be useful to consider where your capacity to think, comes from.  These matters of thought can go very deep when you take the time, and so we come to the point where you are urged to make the connection to something far greater than yourself.

“You will be preparing for a most wonderful relationship, which in time will astound you.  As you make that precious connection, something in you changes forever, because the realization will arrive like after a dark stormy night, that yes, there is Light dawning over the horizon of your mind, and you discover that you are no longer alone.  You no longer need to see yourself as a cosmic accident, adrift in the dark night of your soul.

“Something precious, as yet undefinable, has started to grow as the eternal Seed Sower has managed to nurture that awareness in you by your permission, because when you show an inclination to become serious about making that connection with the unseen Creator, you discover to your great relief and delight that I, who hail from that self-same Creator, have been waiting all along for you to make that most precious connection.

“Making that connection is quite easy.  You only need to give yourself permission that this is what you truly seek.  Your restlessness to know will become a thing of the past as you will have found what you were after -- irrevocable proof that you are connected to the greatest Lover of all -- and shall have nothing to fear, for what can man do unto you when your soul is safely ensconced in the citadel of your spirit?

“Life will become far more meaningful as you persist in strengthening this most wonderful connection, and set out to make this a habit which will be so deeply lodged into the very totality of your being, that you would feel something important would be missing if you did not first start your day with a short meditative prayer.

“Think about establishing this most wonderful connection, so it will grow exponentially to become part of your life.  It is in you to do so.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 2
Urantia, November 16, 2010.
Teacher Rael.
Subject: “Your Mission.” – A Personal Message.
Received by Yoela.

Yoela: “What is my mission?”

Rael: “Truly feel the calling to be alone and ‘find yourself’.  When you do this, you will discover who you are, why you are here, and most importantly, what the Creator desires of you.  Nobody can do what you must do, neither in this sphere which is your first home, nor in the many (mansion) worlds in which you will walk.

“Even if we wanted to do for you what you are supposed to do, it is not allowed.  There would be no learning involved.  Miracles do exist, but not in the way you imagine.  You are the miracle!  Remember this.  Many things that are called supernatural are misconceptions of the mind, which is like a sponge, absorbing everything it hears, and believing it to be true.

“Frequently we hear mortals ask, ‘What is my mission?  Tell me and I will do everything you ask.’  So, here it goes!  Please pay attention.  Give unconditional love to your life, yes, charity begins at home, and then it expands to your siblings, continuously including others.  Your mission is to fuse with your divine spark, letting Her keep Her promise, which is to take you away from your perceived isolation and fill you with Her presence.

“Then start to give all of yourself, since it is easy to give what you have in excess, or what you have not earned.  This way you will feel such a strong desire to serve that nothing will be out of bounds, and others will come to drink from the spring that overflows your inner core.

“I am Rael, who loves you, and who rejoices when you are perceptive and willing to listen.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 3
Michigan, US of A, January 15, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Feeling Network?”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The message for today is about ‘feeling.’  What does it mean to ‘feel?’  In this context, we are speaking about your ability to reach out through the mind on the mental plane to ‘sense’ what is around you, and to be more aware of the emotional and mental state of your neighbor, your community, your nation, and your world -- to become aware of the feelings of humanity as a whole.

“This is what happens when a planet enters the age of Light and Life; it begins to wake up and ‘feel’ with deeper regard for all things and beings.  It is an enhanced sensory perception that starts out small, with a few individuals, begins to build, and then with help from the Creator, it blossoms into a shift in consciousness.  Right now, in this year of 2012, your planet is in the ‘building stage’ and it is very important for you students on the path to be aware of this stage and to continue to feed it.

“Mother Urantia is also in this building stage and she is transitioning as well as are you, for you are connected to her much more than you realize.  Her ‘neural network’ is undergoing a transformation -- a hardware-like upgrade to support the new ‘software’ that will become the new consciousness of humanity.  Many will not notice this shift in the outer world, for their eyes are not attuned to these new frequencies, but you, my friends, will feel it in the inner world, and what is within will eventually manifest in the outer world.

“How do you begin tapping into this new neural network?  You do so by making a habit of being self-conscious of your consciousness.  Stop your busy minds for a moment and reach out through the mind and notice how others feel, how they act, and how they react.  Start to pray silently for each one of your brothers and sisters in your circles, and connect with the Creator, and ask that they be awakened and connected to the new frequencies that are coming on-line.  Pray for the sick and needy, and do this continuously throughout your day as much as you can be aware of it.

“When this process of searching out with the mind, feeling, and praying becomes second nature to you, and to all others who are aware, this neural network grows and connects to more and more people -- the disconnected parts of the whole.  It is the circuit of the Holy Spirit that supplies the energy for this network to grow in partnership with you by your allowing this spirit to operate through your conscious decision to ‘feel’ for the disconnected parts of the whole.

“This is how we get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ and this is how a planet makes the transition from barbarism to Light and Life.  Social change is the outward manifestation of this new ‘feeling’ network, for it is building in groups and nations, yet they are still fragmented.  However, soon, very soon will these islands of awareness begin to connect with the others -- a truly exciting time to be alive on Urantia.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 4
Illawarra District, Australia, January 11, 2012.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Who We Are and What We Do.”
              “Creation and Evolution.

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “Few on your world have ever heard of us, and even fewer have a clear understanding of our function in the service to the great Master of this local universe.  We are Life Carriers, a somewhat similar creature to the Melchizedeks in appearance, in mindal makeup, organization, and, at times, in function, not origin.  I am Orion, and generally I am elected to be the spokesperson for our group, in this instance, also, because we know each other well.

“Although other creatures do get involved, we Life Carriers monitor the billions upon billions of planets in this still evolving local universe.  We check on the progression towards readiness for human habitation of thousands upon thousands of planets in the various sectors.  The average planet will initially receive its vegetation, and we carry this from other worlds, or from our laboratories, to its new destination.  Obviously, like your Midwayer friends, we must travel into other time dimensions.

“Perhaps 1000 years or more may go by before we then carry and release the first of the insects.  In succession smaller and then larger animals will be brought to this environment.  Last of all we carry some human beings that have chosen interplanetary emigration, or a great many whose planet is on a trajectory towards, or away from, their sun, or whose sun has outlived its life, to either explode or (and?) become a super-hot (white) dwarf.  Life is sacred, my friend, so we also gladly save lives.

“In the case of your world -- a decimal world -- we are not so much Life Carriers as that we are Michael's Alchemists.  Your world, number 606, and every other world whose numbers end with a 6, is set aside for us to attempt to improve the human species.  We may well prepare hundreds of thousands of strings of elements, lifeless still, from which the most ideal type is selected to be implanted on a decimal world, in your case in the shallow seas.

“Like the Midwayers, who serve on the millions and millions of planets, we can alter our constitution with ease to effect such a physical task, but there it ends.  For our lifeless, you might well call it a concoction, to begin its long road of evolution, the life spark is timely brought to it by our Mother Spirit, and applied by Her through us.  Therefore we are co-creators with Her, but left to tweek that living product into myriad forms, species, eventually humans.

“We see it as extraordinarily curious that many of you contemplate and debate creation versus evolution.  They truly go hand in hand, and obviously so.  This is Orion.  Feel yourself ensconced in the love of the Creator.  We shall meet up again.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 5
Michigan, US of A, January 22, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Divine Relationship.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to discuss the relationship between the Divine Spirit and the soul.  The Divine Spirit, known by many names: The Higher Self, the Indwelling Spirit, the Oversoul, the Ka, God Fragment, the Thought Adjuster, and many others, seeks expression in the lives of its indwelling hosts (humans) and it is through this channel that the soul of an individual progresses.  What is the soul?  The soul is that culmination of values and experiences that have to do with the identity of the individual that survives the life in the flesh and goes on to higher levels of perfection attainment through the process of ascension.  Only those values and experiences that were born from the Indwelling Spirit and which found a channel of expression in the individual through the discovery of truth, beauty, and goodness, survives and becomes the true essence, identity, and personality of the ascending soul, the ‘real you.’

“Throughout your life, and mostly unaware by you, the Indwelling Spirit prepares your mind for these survival value experiences, and begins the process of harvesting those experiences in preparation for the next phase of your ascension.  There is a very delicate balance between what the Indwelling Spirit can inspire the individual to accomplish and what the will of the individual will allow.  If the ‘student’ is willing to embrace the values of truth, beauty, and goodness, the Indwelling Spirit has a wider channel in which to work.

“It is a long and sometimes difficult process for divinity to communicate with the electro-chemical animal nature of humans, who are just starting out on the journey from imperfection to perfection.  Divinity has to compete with all the distractions of planetary life and find a way to ‘spiritize’ the mind in preparation for your next life on the mansion worlds, the training worlds of human ascension.  Through this process of spiritualizing the mind, the Indwelling Spirit plants seeds along the journey that hopefully will sprout and grow into an awareness of Divinity at work in the life of that individual.  Once this connection is made, the channel for divine expression opens up and the soul really progresses and flourishes and begins to seek perfection.

“Once the perfection desire begins, the soul (the individualized part) seeks union with the Whole.  It is upon the realization of this desire for God-likeness that the individual is ‘born again of the Spirit.’  The partnership of God and man has been consummated and the eternal adventure begins.  My friends, this new awareness of the presence of God in your life is monumental, and you really have little understanding of what it means to have life eternal, and to become god-like through unending and astonishing experiences as you travel inward and onward to the Corp of Finality on Paradise!  How blessed you are indeed to be aware of the divine relationship.  Sit with this message now in stillness and contemplate what it means to you.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 6
Chicago U S of A, January, 12, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Love’s Demand & Supply.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Lately you have been worried about why you are not more loved by people around you.  It seems strange that human beings often feel unloved, and wish they could be loved more.  It seems strange because love is the essence of the Universe and it is true; love is everywhere.  The presence of evil, imperfections and injustice in your world should not blind you for all the manifestation of love that is all around.  Love’s demand is great, indeed, but its supply is even greater.  The problem with this equation is not that the supply of love is not enough – because it is – the problem is with humans’ perception, reception and distribution of love.

“Nobody can get love satisfaction beyond one’s thirst for it, and nobody can give what he or she doesn’t have.  It means that the thirstier you are for love, the more love you will be able to get and consequently, more love you will be able to give.  Granted, the love supply on your planet, coming from human beings, is hardly enough to satiate the thirst of each human living on Urantia.  However, that is so because most people are very poor in their personal love supply.  If more people would believe that love is all around, and open their hearts to it, more people would enlarge in great measure their capacity for love.

“And so, if you want to experience more love from people, start with loving people more, because love is contagious.  The words of your Creator Son, when on Urantia, “Give and you will be given back, even increased” – perfectly applies to this in particular.  Let love be something more than good intentions, and beautiful words; make it attitude, action, decisions, and choices that really will impact upon people and will change situations.  Mirror yourself in God’s love and make His love the criterion for your actions.  God’s love is universal, unconditional, always with you in its infinite power.  However, we experience it only to the degree of our love capacity, and certainly it will take the whole of eternity for any creature to comprehend all this love coming from the Universal Father.

“Do not worry, my pupil, if sometimes you think people don’t love you enough.  Happiness doesn’t come by fulfilling your wants, but by bestowing the love of God that is in you upon others.  Do not concern yourself with the response you will get from loving others – it unfailingly will come to you, both in this life and in the one to come, unlike all other demand and supply situations.  Whereas any supplier tries to meet demand, and may well fail, love supply in the universe is unimaginably greater than its demand, because love infinitely springs from God himself, Who is love.

“This is Prolotheos, your spiritual tutor.  I am glad you found your way back to receiving my messages.  My love is with you, as always, and so is that of the entire universe.  God is our Sheppard; we need not want – may His love satisfy us, now and always.  Peace be with you.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Transcript 7
The Thought Adjuster transmission set out below is randomly taken from a daily devotional named “The Guiding Light Within.”

I Am Your All Knowing.

Dear one, a soul is truly blessed when it first senses, and then becomes fully aware of the love and the heavenly overcare of the Creator.

Take more time in your day to stop and enjoy this.  Such a wonderful feeling of security can sweep through you, and overtake you.  And thus you begin to feel accepted just the way you are.  Loneliness will disperse, never to return, as you make more room within yourself to receive this love.

In order to create a larger capacity for this love, it is desirable that you eliminate all negative self-talk, guilt, long-standing unforgiveness, and realize where these ‘weeds of self-rejection’ are growing in your mind.

You and all humans are the beloved mortal offspring of the Creator.  Subject to your free will, you are each given a chance to journey to Paradise.

This planet is riddled with the plague of negativity towards self and others.  This is one reason why love does not flow freely from one to the other.  There are all sorts of obstacles in the way.

But love is like a river of living water that needs to flow.  It can also become a stagnant, putrid pool of self-hate, self-guilt, and the harboring of ill will toward others.

Over time you will find that all kinds of maladies can manifest in the physical body.  In this manner the ills of the inner world go unrecognized at their root-source, and only remedies in the outer world are sought and trusted to heal the problem.

However, I tell you that this drives the problem only deeper into the inner world.

The only way to prevent physical problems is to learn about, and to then address, the inner obstructions in the mind and thought-stream.

Come into My healing presence, to seek My council, for I am your All Knowing, who indwells you.

The Guiding Light Within – by Lytske is available from