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Voice Within; Light; Machiventa; Jonathan; Michael - Love - Jan 26, 2012 - Teleconference HZ and MR
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-01-26
Teacher: Voice Within, Light, Machiventa, Jonathan, Michael
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Henry] Father/Mother God, we come here this evening in this energetic circle of friendship and love to hear the words of spirit wisdom, to feel the connection between all of us and the connection with you. We ask that our hearts be opened, our minds clear, and that your words are forthcoming, thank you.

Voice Within: [Henry] Greetings this evening, it is I, the Voice which is within. Breathe deep, exhale, quiet the mind, feel that special place inside where you find Me. This evening, in determining levels of reality, I want to draw your attention to one particular level of reality, of divine reality, and that level is the level of love, not the mushy human kind of love that has to do with your needs but the kind of love that opens up a place in you to better understand your fellows, to see clearly.

I say it is a divine reality because love comes from the Divine, it comes directly from God though you. The ability to bring forth this love brings one closer to the relationship with the Father, the relationship in which the human will eventually, at a particular time, will become one with this Fragment of God. Of all the important inroads to discovering what must be done for this phenomenon to occur, you will find that the phenomenon of love is the most important inroad to realizing this divine reality.

You say: How do I achieve more love in my life? I say open up and ask for it and it shall be given to you. By opening up you are letting go of stress, you are letting go of things that are on your mind that you are indulging in. Let these things go to allow the grace of love to enter within. Love is a powerful and tremendous energy; like a beautiful day it fills one with a sense of belonging, a sense of recognition, a sense of realness. This is what everyone needs and what each one of you want. It is what every human being wants and needs, this divine glue, this thing that connects us together one to another as friends, friends in a large family, friends in a universal family.

This love gives you the ability to share yourself with others, to share things you have that others need. This source of love resides within the reality consciousness of the Eternal Father. The same love exists within the Thought Adjuster though the powerful connection of love also comes from the Father through the Thought Adjuster to you so that you are hard wired with a connection to the central and divine universe of Paradise.

All of the many aspects of divine love are the myriads of realities which access this love, faith, hope, intention, will power, decision making. This ability of spirit to reside within a non spiritual being and gradually bring this non spiritual being to an awareness of his existence is an act of love. Your openness, your ability to allow spirit to access your very private mind is also an act of love. The more you begin to reside in love, the more you begin to feel connected with all things which are real.

So breathe in this love, and on the exhale share this love with others for it is the sharing of this love which enables you to receive this love. Love and light are similar, they allow you to experience so much more. Just as light allows you to see and understand and create awareness within your yourself, so does love begin to support the fledgling spiritual being within you, attempting to fill you to the capacity of fullness, of spiritual realness. The interesting thing about love is that it doesn't require a tremendous intellectual ability; it just requires a need, a mere human need to reveal itself within you whether that need is within yourself or without you.

So in your meditations, consider the light of love as a focus. Bring in this loving nature and feel one with the great spirit which resides within us all and experience that you are truly a child of God. Know that as you experience this, realize that everyone else can experience this also as a child of God and begin to see each other as children of God for the awesomeness and the power, the might of God, is much greater than all of the children put together, that love can instantly traverse the space from Paradise to your heart instantaneously by opening up to this. So as the heart pumps blood and allows you to live this life, open up this heart to love and it will begin to show you the spiritual life, the greater life which resides within.

You can call love anything you wish to call it, but once it is given to someone else it is immediately identified as such. Thank you, have a wonderful week and we will see you shortly again. Go in peace.

Light: [Mark] Hello and greetings to all, I am Light and I am overjoyed to be granted the opportunity to take advantage and build upon the foundation that we have going here but I will take a slightly different tack and change the direction to offering some very practical measures that one may take to be effective in this working with love. As was said, it could be a very useful technique to focus on breathing in the love, taking in the goodness. Utilizing the vehicle of your body to do so brings you into the focus of the moment by intentionally breathing in the goodness, your focusing the body, the mind, and the spirit.

In doing this and in exhaling this goodness, it passes through you. It is altered and forever transformed by you. You may add to this goodness with your own sense, your own flavor of reality, then you may project it out as a matter of your own free will choice, as a matter of your intention made real. In so projecting this love it becomes amplified through you, it becomes given a life that is both yours and the Creators who provides the basis of all this love. At this point you are acting as close to spiritual principles as you may as a mortal of the realm, that is, consciously drawing into your being the goodness that surrounds you, paying attention to this act, being in the moment of the act, and then choosing to channel your intention and focus your desire out to others.

This is your prayer, this is your petition to the Divine, and this is your action to accommodate this petition, this is your part of the equation that you may offer. So I strongly urge you to consider this most powerful of tools that you may now utilize from your toolbox, but this demonstration of the focus of mind, body, and spirit in one act is profound and this channeling of love is something that you will delight in growing accustomed to and mastering. I encourage you to pursue this little exercise and show yourself just how good it feels.

It is indeed my pleasure to be offered the opportunity to converse with you so freely and to draw in and tie together some of the elements which have been introduced and discussed into a practical exercise which you may execute at your choosing. I now step aside, it has been my pleasure to be with you. Thank you and farewell.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I Machiventa Melchizedek. It is good to be here this evening to share in this vein of reference with you. I wish to speak of the very planet you live on, the earth. This spinning orb revolving around your sun is a reflection of the divine mind of love. On this earth which started out its life as a hot and molten mass has transformed over time into this beautiful display of life, complete with water, flora and fauna, trees and flowers and animals. The exquisite beauty of all of these elements in balance, this is the divine intention of this world you live on.

Out of the aspects of divine love has this been created for you, the sapient animal of the realm indwelt of an aspect of the Eternal Divine. The stage has been set forth for the outplay of divine love on this world and time is of little importance in the sense that one day, this divine love will show forth through each heart breathing life on this planet. Those days you call Light and Life, those permanent days which will reflect the divine intention will become manifest in all life on this world. There are tremendous aspects to love. There is beauty, the harmony of things and there is change, there is transformation, there is the revolving cycles of time.

Just like hard granite rock eventually wears down and becomes the minute particles of clay in a lake bed, so do the ego minds of the humans transform in time and render themselves pure in spiritual light and love. Sometimes it is important to look at the large picture in which your very small part plays a very big hand in the flow and steady movement of bringing the divine intention of reality to bear upon this sphere. Ladies and gentlemen, you are all beacons of light tonight, here in this eternal circle of friendship and love, intending, as children of divinity, for this world to become a better and yet a great place to be for all life which will live here eventually.

In your small part, know that you are becoming one with the essence of the Creator, one with the breath of the Mother, and one in the feast of Michael's table; the goodness and divine bounty is yours. The work which is ahead of you is real. Do not fear for there is no danger. You are but beacons of light on this sphere as in the next. Rejoice that you have been given life, that you have been given an opportunity to come here to this earth and make it a better place. I thank you this evening, go now in peace.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Jonathan and I'm here to witness to you that there is so much love, there is enough love from me even to be here and to remind you of my love for all of you. It is an extraordinary gift to be able to be here among all of my friends. Indeed my heart is with you and I am bound with you in that circuit of love we share together. It is my desire to make my presence known and my love for you and for this endeavor that you are involved in, that we are involved in. I cherish my association with each of you and that is all I desire, to simply share those words with you tonight. Thank you, my love to you all.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I Michael here this evening with a heart full of love for all of you, for all of you who are not here this evening also, for this whole world you call home. Be inspired by the life I have lived on this earth to show you that as a human, it is possible to love everyone, to show them the respect they deserve, to ignore them when they are being unruly, and to remain focused on the Father, His love for us all. I come here with my arms wide open to embrace all of you so that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am real and my spirit is alive and well on this world and that you live in times of great change and great transformation, particularly now.

The time is right to begin to concentrate and begin to focus on that which you must do. When the situation permits and allows itself, present me to others, present my life, what I stand for, the primacy of the Father and the necessary relationship of love between each and every one of you. Do not forsake me because of mistakes, because of misunderstandings, because of assumptions. Do come to me as that little child with an open heart and a peaceful and inquisitive mind and one day, with your help, my message of eternal and divine love for all will reign supreme on this world. I trust that it will be so and I trust that you will become my eyes and my hands and my voice. In spirit we will guide you, in spirit and human endeavor we will surely achieve this.

Thank all of you this evening. Go now in peace with open hearts and a renewed sense of service, thank you.