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Voice Within; Michael' Light - New Year & Making Changes - Jan 12, 2012 - Teleconference Henry Zeringue
Subject: Lightline Teleconference  2012-01-12
Teacher. Voice Within, Michael, Light
T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Divine Parents, we ask you to join us this evening to connect us in your circle of love and friendship as we are here. We ask for guidance, wisdom, inspiration and anything else you want to throw at us tonight, we are ready for it all. We thank you for the blessings we receive daily and we thank you for these times we live in that we may become better adept at living in these challenging times of economic conditions and weather conditions, social upheavals and what have you. Thank you for this opportunity to come here this evening and connect with you all.

Voice Within: Greetings my friends this evening, this is the Voice from Within here to connect with all of you on a soul level, a level of inner trust and inner understanding. It is a new year upon you and once again; you begin this new year with ideas and notions of how to change things in your life. Some of you have even made decisions to do such, to take a more active part in your life. To that idea I will speak this evening, not so much about what you are doing but how you are activating these decisions, how you are using your adjutants, the power within to help bring a clearer understanding and meaning into your life.

Your ability to use courage for example, and I am not talking about the courage to do something you don't want to do, it's more [along] the lines of courage to do what you must do, courage to do what you feel and sense inside of your thinking. A lot of times courage is misunderstood and not used very much. It is not bravery to do something which you must do. That is something else altogether. To do what you must do is to make a decision and to follow through with that decision, to have the ability to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, to do what must be done.

You know what I am speaking of. By now all of you are working with the inner guidance, the Inner Spirit and the ability to work with this Inner Spirit demands a certain amount of attention and responsibility to discern what it is that needs to be done in your life and allowing yourself to be led, to be guided on how this must be done, oftentimes in new territory. It is a strange sensation which you encounter, kind of like you are alone and must traverse this task wholeheartedly and trust in its outcome, trust that you will be able to follow through till the outcome. Certainly this is true of decisions, important decisions to allow yourself to grow. Many times to accept new things you must be willing to allow your hold on other things to lessen. A lot of times it's tremendously difficult to grab onto something new when your hands are full holding stuff that is not quite serving you well but with which you are familiar and therefore have grown attached.

Moving forward in courage, you don't think of courage in a human sense but it is completely and totally a human sense. When Michael lived His life on this planet as Jesus, as a man born of this realm, it was not his God-like ability which made his life what it was necessarily as it was his ability to utilize all of his humanness possible. One of the greatest things that Michael used was courage, the courage to stand apart from his fellows, courage to love people, to love one another, the courage to bring a notion, an idea, and a behavior of the Father, the Paradise Father, and live a life which exemplifies a man knowing God and showing how God can know man. This took tremendous courage.

Normally, a Creator Son does not live the type of life that Michael lived as Jesus of Nazareth on the planet. It is this experience of this life which he lived which completed his ability to govern and rule his own universe. In Nebadon, particularly in Salvington, Michael is a brilliant Creator Son. As Jesus of Nazareth, he was a wise man who used his inner guidance with courage and as that man you have an example for yourself for your own life to live as wise individuals with courage, the courage to do what you must do, the courage to grow, to challenge yourself to grow, and the courage to accept others that do not grow as fast as you do, the courage to recognize others on the planet as your brothers and sisters, courage to love those who you do not see eye to eye with, and the courage to distinguish between a persons behavior and that person, to be able to truly love that person even if you cannot tolerate their behavior and in time pray for that soul, that person, for that person to have the ability to allow you to express your displeasure with their behavior, the courage to live your life as you are being led to live it as an individual for in the ideal sense you are a large family of individuals.

It is true there are many sheep. There are many who blindly follow, never questioning, never qualifying in your life what it is that is correct, what guidance you are following, whether it is guidance from the inside or you are just doing what you are told, not that there is any value placed on doing what you are told, but that in doing what you sense and feel within, what you know you must do for yourself, others cannot tell you. Part of the dawning spirituality within all of you is this ability to tap into the spiritual powers which lie within, which lie within the mind circuit, these personality spirits, these spirits which activate aspects of the personality.

These spiritual attributes of the mind will also guide you because all spirit works as one. They work as one within you. Though they are different, they are coordinated and then it dawns on you that in a greater sense it is up to man to become coordinated with each other, workable, so that you are not wasting energy, resource, and time, but that you are functioning in a smooth fashion. All of your lives are bestowed with blessings and grace so that opportunities avail themselves, present themselves to you and the necessary love and grace are also given to you. All of these important tools lie within; they live within the adjutant spirits, the Spirit of Truth and the Adjuster circuit. These various spiritual circuits orchestrate harmoniously within you to bring you to a greater awareness and understanding within your consciousness of who you are, what you are doing and what you are becoming.

I thank you for allowing me these words to share with you this evening. I trust that all will be well this week with all of you. I will allow this space to be used by others, thank you.

Michael: Good evening my friends, it is I Michael, your brother in arms as it is. I envision us all interlocked, hand to hand, arm to arm as one family, learning to live harmoniously on this planet. Right now there are many many groups of you who share a harmony. The next step is to get groups to share in harmony with other groups, to expand and enlarge this concept of the the group trust, the groups happiness, and the groups growth.

I share with all of you today and abundance of love, an abundance of mercy and blessing, especially for this year, for your ability to grow a little closer to me and to grow a little more into who you are, into who you are becoming. We continue to hold you in peace and we continually intend that you begin to trust one another and in that trust be able to live in peace, to live with respect for everyone. Believe it or not, groups are not that far off on your world. Most of the problems arise from individuals and groups being taken advantage of and this not being tolerated, communication stopping, and these old behavior patterns resurfacing.

It definitely is time for new behavior patterns, new social mores, a cleansing if you will, a cleansing of understanding, a cleansing of compassion, and the ability to let go and grasp a greater life of loving and a greater sense of happiness for when all are brought to the same level it is easier to grasp the human condition, to see each other as an equal, not that someone is outpacing you in something else. True peace is when you are satisfied with what you have and thankful and everyone is working together for the greater good. Once that is achieved, then that greater good begins to shift to a greater and better personality, it shifts to the greater good of God, it shifts to the awareness and understanding that you are divine children. This is slowly revealing itself. If it is able to reveal itself to a few individuals, it is able to reveal itself to many. Once a few individuals begin to accept its behavior within themselves then many will accept this behavior.

You are living in times which are like leaven to bread or leaven to flour. You live in times which have a potential to grow exponentially, to quicken. You live in times which are ripe for a spiritual harvest.  Know that we hold each of you in love and trust. No matter what you do, this is how we see you and hold you. I hold a whole universe of beings like you in love and trust and peace, knowing that you will do what you need to do, that you will grow into a greater understanding of my likeness and my being, that you will truly find the Christ within you. You will be able to bring forth this transformation from within. Everything is in place. You are getting lessons from the inside as well as the outside.

Life itself is a great lesson. Do not lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with this life. The stage is set my friends for the final play of the old way. It is in its last dying finale, ready to give birth to the dawn of a new age, to the birth of consciousness, to the birth of understanding and compassion, to the abundance of love and to the maintenance of happiness. Go in peace my friends. Know that I am never far from you, I am as near as your thought. Thank you for allowing me these few words.

Light: Greetings my friends, it is I, Light, a personality of wisdom and light, the ability to diminish the darkness. This is I with my direct connection to the giver of life, sharing this light and life with you all this evening. As you courageously move forward in this new year, this new year of conviction, this new year of hope that mankind will grow closer to the resemblance of the family it will become one day, that this great human experiment will begin to reveal its spiritual nature, reveal its light. I pray that all of you have the courage to bring forth this light when needed.

You live in times of tremendous despair and discrepancies between people. Many are depressed and not motivated. These are areas that need light, they need hope. We pray that this world provides more light and more hope for its occupants, that you hear the cries from within are the same cries that are on the outside. When you are able to comfort the cry for help within, then you are able to help with this external cry, the voice on the lips of those in need. You can feel it within their soul. Do not allow pride to distract you, use a little more courage. Courage has tremendous light.

It is good to be able to share a few words and thoughts with you, to check in as it is, within your souls to shed more light, more understanding, to bring more spiritual sustenance to the human hunger, the hunger for righteousness and happiness, the hunger to live and express your lives to their fullest, the hunger to see smiles on the faces of everyone and the hunger for an understanding that we can love and respect each other.

Go in peace my friends, have a great week and we will see you shortly, thank you.